Ahh, the Buick GNX!

Do you know the Buick GNX? It isn't just a quick quarter-mile muscle car; it's also a quarter-million-dollar muscle car. A rare 1987 coupe was sold last week on eBay for $249,999, marking the second-highest price paid for the quickly-appreciating classic and an eBay record. Several have gone for over $200,000 this year, including one with 759 miles on the odometer that went for $236,000 and another with 8.7 miles that were auctioned at the Barrett-Jackson Las Vegas event in June a record $275,000. The eBay car was number 372 of the 547 built during the GNX's single model year and has been driven just 426 miles since. The seller, avid American muscle car collector Anthony Saia, told Fox News Autos he only put four of those miles on it during the seven years since he bought it from the original owner as an investment. The GNX name is short for Grand National Experimental. The car is powered by a turbocharged 3.8-liter V6 with over 300 hp and was produced through a collaboration between Buick, McLaren Engines, and ASC Incorporated. According to contemporary tests by Car and Driver, it was the quickest American car of the day to 60 mph and second in the world only to the Porsche 911 Turbo. (FOX News)


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