Born On This Day...

In 1804 British prime minister Benjamin Disraeli (1874-80)
In 1823 Scientist, Jean Henri Fabre (insect anatomy and behavior studies)
In 1829 Teacher, Laura Bridgman (who was blind, deaf, and mute)
In 1859 French poet, Gustave Kahn (free verse)
In 1872 Children's author, Albert Payson Terhune
In 1874 Juan Bautista Sacasa, president of Nicaragua (1932-36)
In 1879 Russian dictator, Joseph Stalin (1922-53)
In 1889 Scientist/geneticist, Sewall Wright (population genetics)
In 1890 Geneticist, Hermann Joseph Mueller (artificially induced mutations)
In 1891 U.S. Speaker of the House, John W. McCormack (1962-70)
In 1892 Golf Hall-of-Famer, Walter C. Hagen
In 1904 Engineer, Francis Bacon (hydrogen-oxygen fuel cells) [d: 5-24-92]
In 1905 Author, Anthony Powell (March Of Time) [d: 3-28-00]
In 1908 Sylvester "Pat" Weaver (created Today & Tonight Shows) [d: 3-15-02]
In 1911 Baseball Hall-of-Famer, Josh Gibson (over 800 home runs) [d: 1-20-47]
In 1917 German writer, Heinrich Boll (Group Portrait With Lady) [d: 7-16-85]
In 1918 U.S. Secretary of Treasury, Donald Regan (1981-85) [d: 6-10-03]
In 1918 U.N. secretary-general, Kurt Waldheim (1972-81) [d: 6-14-07]
In 1920 Songwriter, Luigi Creatore (Can't Help Falling In Love) [d: 12-13-15]
In 1922 Ventriloquist, Paul Winchell (Jerry Mahoney, Tigger) [d: 6-24-05]
In 1924 Football coach, Joe Paterno (Penn State) [d: 1-22-12]
In 1928 Actor, Ed Nelson (Peyton Place, Runaway Jury) [d: 8-9-14]
In 1934 Bandleader/composer, Hank Crawford [d: 1-29-09]
In 1935 Talk show host Phil Donahue (Phil Donahue Show) (86)
In 1937 Actress/activist Jane Fonda (Barbarella, Klute, Coming Home) (84)
In 1938 Actor, Larry Bryggman (John-As The World Turns) (83)
In 1940 Singer, Ray Hildebrand (Paul of Paul & Paula) (81)
In 1940 Singer/songwriter Frank Zappa (Mothers of Invention) [d: 12-4-93]
In 1941 Actor, Jared Martin (Dusty-Dallas, War Of The Worlds) [d: 5-24-17]
In 1943 Guitarist/songwriter Albert Lee (The Crickets) (78)
In 1943 Actor, Jack Nance (Twin Peaks) [d: 12-30-96]
In 1944 Conductor, Michael Tilson Thomas (New York Philharmonic) (77)
In 1946 Guitarist/singer, Carl Wilson (Beach Boys) [d: 2-6-98]
In 1947 Actor, Josh Mostel (City Slickers, Billy Madison, Big Daddy) (74)
In 1948 Actor, Barry Gordon (Gary-Archie Bunker's Place) (73)
In 1948 Actor, Samuel L. Jackson (A Time To Kill, Jackie Brown, Avengers) (73)
In 1948 Baseball player, Dave Kingman (Mets, Yankees, Giants) (73)
In 1952 Actor, Dennis Boutsikaris (Money Monster, Batteries Not Included) (69)
In 1953 Singer, Betty Wright (Cleanup Woman, Dance With Me) [d: 5-10-20]
In 1954 Tennis player/commentator, Chris Evert (NBC) (67)
In 1955 Actress, Jane Kaczmarek (Paper Chase, Malcolm in the Middle) (66)
In 1956 Country singer, Lee Roy Parnell (65)
In 1957 Actress, Lisa Gerritsen (Bess-Mary Tyler Moore Show) (64)
In 1957 Actor, Ray Romano (Everybody Loves Raymond, Mooseport) (64)
In 1959 Runner, Florence Griffith-Joyner (Olympic-3 Gold-1988) [d: 9-21-98]
In 1960 Baseball player/coach Roger McDowell (Mets, Orioles) (61)
In 1960 Baseball player, Andrew Van Slyke (Mariners) (61)
In 1962 Country singer, Christy Forester (Forester Sisters) (59)
In 1965 Actor, Andy Dick (NewsRadio, Less Than Perfect) (56)
In 1965 Actress, Danielle Von Zerneck (General Hospital) (56)
In 1966 Actor, Kiefer Sutherland (A Few Good Men, 24, Designated Survivor) (55)
In 1966 Actress, Karri Turner (Lt. Harriet Boumont Sims Roberts-Jag) (55)
In 1968 Actor, Khrystyne Haje (Simone-Head of the Class) (53)
In 1969 Actress, Julie Delpy (Killing Zoe, Crime & Punishment) (52)
In 1970 Singer, Delious Kennedy (All 4 One) (51)
In 1971 Singer, Natalie Grant ("Held," "Alive") (50)
In 1971 Singer/guitarist, Brett Scallions (Fuel) (50)
In 1974 Australian golfer, Karrie Webb (47)
In 1978 Actor, Michael Anthony Vitar (The Mighty Ducks) (43)
In 1982 Actor, Tom Payne (The Walking Dead) (39)
In 1982 Country singer, Luke Stricklin (39)
In 1983 Actor, Steven Yeun (The Walking Dead) (38)
In 1992 Football player, Ha Ha Clinton-Dix (Packers) (29)
In 1992 Rap singer, Anth Melo ("I Love It," "Take It Off") (29)
In 1996 Actress, Kaitlyn Dever (Last Man Standing, Bad Teacher) (25)
In 2003 Singer, Lexi Drew (L2M) (18)


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