Shake Shack is heating things up. They're bringing back their Hot Chicken sandwich for the fourth time, in addition to a new Spicy Shackmeister Burger, spicy fries and spicy cheese fries.
A new product aimed at the gamer crowd: Caffeinated Cup-O-Noodles! Two flavors: garlic and black pepper yakisoba - which contains shrimp, pork, egg and cabbage - and curry, which uses a base of pork and vegetables.
Apparently, the French-sicle-a popsicle made out of ketchup-was apparently quite the buzz up in Canada over the summer. Thankfully, it didn't make its way down here. Did it?
In Southern California, one restaurant is offering a Doughrito-a giant breakfast burrito with eggs, sausage and cheese inside... as well as a donut!
Of course Ed Sheeran would come out with his own hot sauce, called "Tingly Ted's."
The newest flavor of Pringles? "Everything Bagel," with flavor notes of sesame and poppy seeds followed by hints of cream cheese blended perfectly with the tastes of toasted onion and garlic.


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