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Saturday, April 21, 2018

My Thoughts About Television's Early Years, When TV's Were Repaired With TV Tubes!

One of my friends on Facebook asked, Who remembers tv tubes in a television. I have to confess I do! Let me share a story....I remember the poor TV repairman who came to our house with two body size suitcases full of tv tubes. I guess he had to love his job. But I believe he would have had a better retirement outside of a wheelchair if transistors would have appeared on the market earlier. I'm sure he didn't look back at the good old days! He had such strong arms for such a very short man! He amazed me as a kid, we didn't have video games back then, so we had to get our thrills where we could. I have to say watching him taking his shit out of his station wagon was thrilling especially in the snow! Climbing our stairs with those body boxes was like conquering Mount Everest! What A Guy! That's What Makes America Great! :)

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Friday, April 20, 2018


Coffee is the most recognizable smell. Number two is Peanut Butter.

According to a recent survey, a firefighter is the most prestigious job in America.

79% of adults make love on their birthday.

A survey asked people what three things they could not live without. Number one was the Internet, followed by TV and number three was cuddling.

One in three women who color their hair never tell anyone.

Nearly 50% of us hang up on someone to take another call, even thought it drives us crazy when it is done to us.


  • The U.K. has announced a ban on all plastic cotton buds (Q-tips), straws and drink stirrers.
  • Charlize Theron put on 50 pounds for the role in her latest movie, "Tully."
  • A California State University/Fresno professor ranted about Barbara Bush being an "amazing racist." It's looking as though Randa Jarrar could soon be a former English professor.
  • Erin Popovich, the wife of San Antonio Spurs coach Gregg Popovich, passed away on Wednesday.
  • An image from that Southwest Airlines incident this past week shows that a a majority of passengers had their emergency oxygen masks on wrong. Since you don't pay attention to the video, the mask is supposed to go over your mouth AND nose... .not just your mouth.
  • Trump lawyer Michael Cohen has dropped his suit against BuzzFeed. Cohen had sued BuzzFeed for publishing the so-called Steele dossier about President Trump and Russia.
  • Karen McDougal, the former Playboy model, has been given the legal go-ahead to tell her story about an alleged affair with Donald Trump.
  • Amazon now has 100 million Prime members.
  • From the department of irony, Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar has been hospitalized twice over the past week for diverticulitis.
  • Yesterday marked the 25th anniversary of the deadly siege at the apocalyptic Branch Davidian religious sect outside Waco, Texas.
  • In Louisiana, a woman came home to find a stranger, naked, taking a bath in her bathtub while eating her Cheetos.
  • The NFL announced their full schedule for fall yesterday.
  • They did a study on the swearing habits of Americans. The average person makes it until 10:54am before uttering their first curse word. One in four Americans can't make it past 9am without swearing. Hell, yes.
  • CBS has announced 11 shows have been renewed for another season: Blue Bloods, Bull, Hawaii Five-0, Madam Secretary, MacGyver, NCIS: Los Angeles, NCIS: New Orleans, Survivor, The Amazing Race, 48 Hours and 60 Minutes.
  • A missing German submarine said to have taken the defeated Nazi leadership to South America has been discovered after being lost at sea for nearly 73 years. It was found just off the coast of Denmark.
  • Queen Elizabeth, who turns 92 on Saturday, has reportedly been "hit hard" by the loss of her corgi, Willow, 14, who was the last in a line that was descended from her original corgi Susan.
  • The NRA is lashing out at Dick's Sporting Goods for destroying unsold firearms.
  • Chipotle may start offering breakfast burritos.
  • L.A. Fitness is having their own P.R. nightmare, after two black men were kicked out of one of their gyms Monday night. Three employees have since been fired.
  • Starting May 1, you'll need a note from your doctor to bring your "emotional support animal" on board your Alaska Airlines flight.
  • The Obamas are having a swimming pool installed at their Washington, DC, home.


On this date in 1812, George Clinton became the first U.S. vice president to die in office:

That's a tough way to make it into the history books.

He became the other Clinton famous for something unfortunate happening in the White House.

Tough way to get a spot in the book. At least he led a good life and upheld the good family name of Clinton... for the next 180 years.

Since vice presidents don't do that much, it took over a month to realize it.

In 1836, the Territory of Wisconsin was established by Congress. Because, well, beer and really good cheese.

In 1861, a man began a 900-mile trip across America in a hot air balloon.

For a while, his future was up in the air.

He felt it would be faster than waiting for Jet Blue to be invented.

He was right, but just barely.

Boston's Fenway Park opened up on this date in 1912, with a special performance by the Yankees Suck singers.

The first pitch was thrown out by the ambassador from China, Yang Kee Suk.

There were Green Monsters before Stephen King came along.

Back then the crowds were kinder... for example, the big cheer was "Yankees mildly inhale."

Back then, the Green Monster was just a little Gremlin.

In 1940 RCA publicly demonstrated its new and powerful electron microscope. Why they used a microscope to encourage people to elect Ron is beyond me.

On this date in 1986, a survey indicated that 13 out of every 100 Americans was illiterate... whatever that means.

In 1987, the North Pole is reached by motorcycle. After arriving, the driver's first question: "So, uh, where's the gas station?"


It's 4-20. Which happens twice today, AM and PM.

Carmen Electra is 46 and never had an affair with Donald Trump. These days, that's a badge of honor. (Trivia: She was born Tara Leigh Patrick, but changed her name to Carmen Electra after it was suggested by Prince.)

Crispin Glover celebrates birthday number 54, forever to be remembered as young George McFly in the "Back to the Future" movies, which we've almost forgotten about.

Andy Serkis is 54 today. Precious.

Jessica Lange turns 69. I'm not saying anything about her moral character, but she was once picked up by King Kong.

Ryan O'Neal is celebrating his 77th birthday today. "Love is never having to say you're sorry."

George Takei, yeah, that guy, turns 81 today. So Sulu me. He was Sulu on 'Star Trek', where they spent the entire series going "where no man had gone before." We're going to stop there. Oh my!

National Look Alike Day -- Time to be a copycat and find someone you really look up to, and try to look like them.