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Wednesday, October 17, 2018


For God's Sake - Don't Call Poopsie Slime!

It's definitely one of the popular items expected to be on many children's Christmas wish lists this year. It's Poopsie Slime Surprise, but a family from Florida is warning about a lurking danger for the kiddies! Shari Leveille and John Corbett picked up the slime-making kit for their kids last week and were shocked when they found a phone number on a collectible milk carton that came with the toy, which connected them to a phone sex line! When the couple called the number and were greeted by a message asking if they "want me to send you a sexy pic of me?" MGA Entertainment, the company that makes Poopsie Slime Surprise says they are working to fix the problem adding, "Providing safe and wholesome play experiences are of upmost priority to us. Upon learning about this issue, we immediately implemented a course of action. We are offering an ultra-rare exchange product to anyone who currently has a Bessie Cowpie, at no expense to the customer. We are also talking with retailers to address whether this one particular character is currently on stores shelves, particularly since it's an ultra-rare style." (WSRZ)

Shark Tank + Naked Man = Oh Boy!

Toronto police are looking for the man who jumped naked into the massive shark tank at Ripley's Aquarium, and then took a swim among the 14 sharks to cheers and jeers before barely escaping. After his unexpected one-man show last Friday night, he was told police were on their way and then yanked on his pants, held his shoes in his hand and fled with a woman - leaving his hoodie and T-shirt behind. Police issued an alert and a photo of the man, although only showing his face. While the stunt was greeted largely with merriment by onlookers and on social media, the aquarium is not amused. Peter Doyle, general manager of Ripley's Aquarium of Canada said, "We hope to have this gentleman apprehended and charged to the fullest extent of the law, because what he did was foolish and dangerous. And it was definitely premeditated and intentional." Monday night the story took an unpleasant turn when police said the swimmer is believed to also be a man wanted for a serious assault two hours before and a few miles away. Police said David Weaver, 37, of Nelson, B.C., is wanted for mischief for the nude swim as well as assault causing bodily harm after a man was attacked outside Medieval Times dinner and show. (National Post)

Maybe Lay Off the Squirrel Brains

If you need another reason to not eat squirrel brains, a new report says a 61-year-old man in New York developed an extremely rare and fatal brain disorder after he ate squirrel brains. In 2015 the man was brought to a hospital in Rochester, New York, after experiencing a decline in his thinking abilities and losing touch with reality. He also lost the ability to walk on his own. An MRI of the man's head revealed a rare disease called vCJD, a fatal brain condition caused by infectious proteins called prions. Only a few hundred cases of vCJD have ever been reported, and most were tied to consumption of contaminated beef in the United Kingdom in the 1980s and 1990s (what they called mad cow disease back then). His family said he liked to hunt, and it was reported that he had eaten squirrel brains which ultimately did him in. Another problem with vCJD is that diagnosis may be delayed, in part, because it's so rare and is not "on the tip of the physician's mind" when assessing a patient. (Live Science)


It's a plot line straight out of Gilligan's Island! An innovative Floridian, his sharp-eyed niece, and some high-tech images combined for one of the more unusual rescues after Hurricane Michael. When Ernest Gee and his wife were trapped on their property in Youngstown, Gee used downed trees to spell out the word HELP in the yard. On Saturday, three days after the storm hit, niece Amber Gee was poring over satellite map images from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration to check on relatives' homes when she spotted the SOS. Gee, who credits her uncle with "thinking outside the box," alerted the Dade County Sheriff's Department, who cut through downed trees and made it to the home around 2am Sunday to rescue Ernest Gee, his wife, and a friend staying with them. (USA Today)

Clearly There Are Not Enough Guns in New York City

Well one thing's clear. New York City needs more guns. For the first time in decades there were no shootings in New York City on Friday, Saturday or Sunday! Mayor Bill de Blasio attributed it to the NYPD's strategy, training and continual push to get better. Shooting incidents citywide have dropped this year as compared to last year. Blasio said, "Isn't that amazing? You know, when you think about the history we came from and the challenges that had to be overcome by this NYPD, it's absolutely extraordinary." There have been 600 shootings across all five boroughs so far this year as of Oct. 7. It's a 2 percent drop compared to the same time period in 2017. NYPD Commissioner James O'Neill called the shooting free weekend "something all New Yorkers can be proud of." On the other hand, what a sad comment on our society when we get giddy because our largest city went three whole days without shooting anyone! (PIX 11)

Where Have All the Insects Gone?

The insects are disappearing from an American rainforest-and scientists are terrified! A study published this week in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences found that there has been a staggering decline of biomass in Puerto Rico's El Yunque rainforest over the last 40 years. Sweep samples caught 4 to 8 times fewer insects and other arthropods than a previous expedition in 1977-and sticky traps on the forest floor caught up to 60 times fewer creatures. The researchers say there have been parallel declines in the numbers of frogs, lizards, and birds that eat insects, signaling that life in the rainforest is dying out from the bottom up. University of Connecticut invertebrate conservation expert David Wagner said, "This is one of the most disturbing articles I have ever read. The gravity of their findings and ramifications for other animals, especially vertebrates, is hyper-alarming." As El Yunque is well-protected as part of the US National Forest System, the study's researchers attribute the problem to climate change -and increased exposure to extreme temperatures in particular. (Newser)

What the What?

In Greensburg, Pennsylvania, 24-year-old Jesse Vaughn Lawson was on the run with a warrant out for him alleging burglary and receiving stolen property. He might have gotten away if he had been smarter than a four-year-old. Sheriff's deputies in Westmoreland County had been looking for Lawson and when they checked at an apartment in Greensburg, Lawson's girlfriend told them she hadn't seen Lawson in five days. Too bad for him her little boy was more than happy to help. The toddler told deputies, "Come on, I'll show you," and led them to an electrical closet where Lawson was hiding. Now our friend faces additional charges of flight to avoid apprehension, child endangerment and a drug offense. (WJZC-TV)


  • If you're a doctor, you are most often late for a doctor's appointment.
  • If you're average, you have nine keys, three of them are completely useless.
  • When asked what they wanted to be when they grew up, 70% of elementary school boys said they would rather be a bartender than the President.
  • If this is an average year, over 20,000 kids under 18 will be injured using a sled during the winter months.
  • Adults are three times more likely to yell at someone in the morning, compared to at night.
  • Most of the time when you're eating ice cream, you're sitting on the couch.
  • According to a recent survey, 85% of women admit to re-wearing dirty clothes once a week.


New York City experienced its first shooting-free weekend in 25 years last weekend.

In France, they're creating a new TV show where contestants would have sex together first, then decide if they like each other.

Tina Turner has a new book out, telling her life story. Among the bigger revelations -- she attempted suicide once while married to Ike Turner. He took her to a brothel on their wedding night. He ordered goons to shoot up her house when she filed for divorce. In recent years, she's had a stroke and a kidney transplant.

Stephen Hawkings' final book, "Brief Answers to the Big Questions," came out yesterday.

The 2018 NBA season got underway last night.

Taco Bell is bringing back their "Steal a Base, Steal a Taco" promotion for the World Series. If someone steals a base, it means a free taco for you!

As far as the breakup goes, Pete Davidson got back the $100,000 engagement ring he had bought for her, while Arianna will keep the pet pig they had gotten together.

Stormy Daniels' defamation lawsuit against the president has been tossed out.

Michael Buble says that story about him retiring from show biz was just tabloid fodder.

A spokesperson for Melania Trump is asking people to boycott Atlanta rapper T.I. because of his promotional album video that shows a woman resembling the first lady stripping in the oval office.

Sunday night's premiere of "The Alec Baldwin Show" on ABC earned a mere 0.4 rating among adults 18-49. Even with Robert De Niro as a guest, it was still the lowest-rated program in the demo of any broadcast network -- including the CW.

They're talking about taking an Amy Winehouse hologram on a tour, performing her hits. Would you go?

Hulu is producing at 10-part series with the Wu-Tang Clan, called: "Wu-Tang: An American Saga."

The half-sister of Julia Louis-Dreyfus was found dead of a drug overdose. It happened in August, we're just finding out.

The world's oldest woman at 129 says her long life is a punishment from God.

The Los Angeles Angels are giving managerial candidates a two-hour written exam.

Kate Middleton's sister, Pippa, gave birth to a baby boy yesterday. Almost 9 pounds!

Lady Gaga has confirmed she's engaged!


Time to get out there and hit those "After Boss's Day Sales!"

Felicity Jones turns 35. She starred in "Rogue One: A Star Wars Story." That's the Star Wars movie where not a single life insurance agent would go near any of the characters.

Eminem is 46 today. Plain and peanut.

I've got to say, one of his biggest crimes, is that, everything he says, always rhymes! Oh my, it's contagious!
For old times' sake, he's going to celebrate by marrying and divorcing his wife again.
Time to turn the baseball cap around the right way.
Wyclef Jean, one-time Fugee, turns 49 today. Actually, he was a Fugee lots of times.

Ziggy Marley turns the big 5-0 today, mawn. He has a tradition of blowing out the candles on his cake and then inhaling the smoke.

Mike Judge turns 56 today. He gave us Bevis and Butthead and King of the Hill, but will like him anyway.

Country singer Alan Jackson turns the big 6-0 today... and is thankful, on a daily basis that he has absolutely no connection to Tito Jackson, LaToya Jackson and Janet Jackson.

Comedian Bill Hudson is 69. So what? Hey, he fathered Kate Hudson, so we'll always owe him for that.

George Wendt, forever known as Norm from "Cheers", celebrates the big 7-0! And if you just yelled out, "Norm," everyone's going to know you're older than you've been saying. One of the most famous people ever to come out of a bar, besides Lindsay Lohan.

Wear Something Gaudy Day -- How much is too much jewelry? Where's the line between style and gaudy bling?


On this date in 1492, Columbus sighted the isle of San Salvador. Or is that he met a guy named Sam Salvador. One of those. It was a huge day for the San Salvador Chamber of Commerce.

Richard Johnson, one of our country's earlier vice presidents, was born in 1781. As a boy, he vowed to one day become famous... but instead, he chose to be a vice president.

On this date in 1879, Georgia adopted its state flag, but shhhh... it never told the flag it was adopted.

In 1888, Thomas Edison filed for a patent on the "optical photograph" -- the motion picture.
There were some that opted to wait for the book to come out.
His first movie was called, "The Sneeze." Critics called it "exciting, but hopefully not contagious."
Shortly afterwards, he trademarked the phrase, "$8 for a bag of popcorn." He was a forward thinker.
Critics called it "jerky, poorly acted and in black and white."
Remember, his first movie showed someone sneezing. The only cost to shoot it was hiring an actor and whatever the price of pepper was at the time.

On this date in 1904, the bank of Italy opened its doors. What's the big deal? It became known as "Bank of America." Or, if you prefer, "Indigenous People's Bank."

In 1931, Al Capone was convicted of tax evasion. Like THAT was the worst thing he ever did.

On this date in 1933, Albert Einstein arrived in the U.S., a refugee from Nazi Germany. It also marked the first time anyone ever said the phrase, "Great job, Einstein!"

In 1964, the song "She's Not There" by the Zombies entered the U.S. top 40 chart. It wasn't easy having a group called the Zombies. People kept trying to hit them in the head.

On this day in 1983, the EPA issued a report warning of the "Greenhouse Effect." Good thing we listened...

Hollywood Squares premiered way back in 1966

Music Calendar...

   In 1960 Dion and the Belmonts break up.
   In 1960 "New Orleans" by Gary U.S. Bonds enters the U.S. top 40 chart.
   In 1960 "Save The Last Dance For Me" by the Drifters hits #1 on the U.S.
           top 40 chart and stayed there for 3 weeks.
   In 1964 "She's Not There" by the Zombies enters the U.S. top 40 chart.
   In 1964 "Do Wah Diddy Diddy" by Manfred Mann hits #1 on the U.S. top 40
           chart and stayed there for 2 weeks.
   In 1965 The Rolling Stones' album "Out Of Our Heads" is released.
   In 1965 The musical "On A Clear Day You Can See Forever," with a score by
           Burton Lane and lyrics by Alan Jay Lerner, opens on Broadway.
   In 1967 A memorial service is held for Beatles manager Brian Epstein at New
           London Synagogue.
   In 1967 "Hair," the musical, opens at New York Public Theatre.
   In 1969 Joan Baez is arrested in a blockade of an Army Induction Center.
   In 1969 The Kinks begin their first U.S. tour in 4 years.
   In 1969 Led Zeppelin's album "Led Zeppelin II," containing the single "Whole
           Lotta Love," is released. Also, the band begins their third U.S.
           tour at New York's Carnegie Hall.
   In 1970 "After Midnight" by Eric Clapton and "The Tears Of A Clown" by
           Smokey Robinison & the Miracles both enter the U.S. top 40 chart.
   In 1970 "I'll Be There" by the Jackson 5 hits #1 on the U.S. top 40 chart
           and stayed there for 5 weeks.
   In 1975 Maurice Gibb (Bee Gees) marries his second wife, Yvonne Spencely.
   In 1975 David Bowie's single "Fame" is certified gold.
   In 1977 Lynyrd Skynyrd's album "Street Survivors" is released.
   In 1978 Neil Diamond and Barbra Streisand record "You Don't Bring Me
   In 1981 Harden My Heart" by Quarterflash and "Young Turks" by Rod Stewart
           both enter the U.S. top 40 chart.
   In 1981 "Arthur's Theme (Best That You Can Do)" by Christopher Cross hits #1
           on the U.S. top 40 chart and stayed there for 3 weeks.
   In 1983 Michael Jackson appears on the cover of People magazine.
   In 1984 Blues singer Alberta Hunter dies at the age of 89.
   In 1986 "Sid & Nancy," the film biography of Sex Pistols bassist Sid Vicious
           and his girlfriend, opens nationally.
   In 1987 "Lost In Emotion" by Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam is #1 on the U.S. top 40
   In 1988 The Traveling Wilbury's single "Handle With Care" is released.
   In 1990 Eric Clapton's album "Crossroads" is certified platinum.
   In 1991 The Judds announce Naomi Judd's retirement from Country music due
           to chronic hepatitis.
   In 1991 John Mellencamp is hospitalized in Seattle after suffering dizzy
           spells. His doctor later attributes the problem to "too much coffee,
           stress and not enough breakfast."
   In 1994 Billy Joel performs the opening concert at Cleveland's Gund Arena.
   In 1994 The album "No Quarter" by Jimmy Page & Robert Plant is released.
   In 1994 Neil Diamond's album "Love At The Greek" is certified double
           platinum, while Billy Joel's album "An Innocent Man" goes platinum
           for the seventh time.
   In 1995 Bruce Springsteen joins Joe Grushecky and the Houserockers on stage
           at The Stone Pony in Asbury Park, NJ. It was the club where
           Springsteen began his career.
   In 1995 Sting's former financial adviser, convicted of cheating the singer
           out of $9.4 million, is sentenced in a London court to six years in
   In 1997 The TV series "Players" starring rapper Ice-T debuts on NBC.
   In 1997 Warren G files suit against Garth Brooks alleging that Brooks
           infringed on the rapper's trademarked circled "g" logo.
   In 1997 More than 2000 jam into an Aurora, Colorado, church for John
           Denver's funeral service.
   In 1998 The Wilkinsons made their first official appearance on the Grand
           Ole Opry.
   In 1998 "One Week" by Barenaked Ladies is #1 on the U.S. top 40 chart.
   In 1999 Johnny Cash is readmitted to Baptist Hospital in Nashville,
           suffering from pneumonia. He nearly died from it a year earlier.
   In 1999 Santana's album "Supernatural" jumps to #1 in retail sales. It was
           the group's first #1 release in 28 years.
   In 2000 John Lennon's piano, used to compose "Imagine," tops the list of
           items available on a live and Internet Beatles auction.
   In 2001 Oscar-winning songwriter Jay Livingston dies at age 86.
   In 2001 Rapper Jay-Z pleads guilty in a New York court to stabbing producer
           Lance "Un" Rivera in December, 1999.
   In 2008 Four Tops lead singer Levi Stubbs dies in Detroit. He was 72.

Today In History...

In 1492 Columbus sights the isle of San Salvador.

In 1777 British forces surrender to American troops in Saratoga, NY, in what

proved to be a major turning point in the Revolutionary War.

In 1887 Gustav Kirchoff, discoverer of the laws of spectroscopy, dies.

In 1888 Thomas Edison files for a patent for the optical photograph, the

first movie.

In 1894 The Ohio National Guard kill 3 lynchers while rescuing a black man.

In 1904 The Bank of Italy (Bank of America) opens its doors.

In 1919 The Radio Corporation Of America (RCA) is created.

In 1931 Chicago mobster Al Capone is convicted of tax evasion and is

sentenced to 11 years in prison. (He was released in 1939.)

In 1933 Albert Einstein arrives in the U.S., a refugee from Nazi Germany.

In 1939 Frank Capra's "Mr. Smith Goes To Washington," starring Jean Arthur

and Jimmy Stewart premieres in Washington, DC.

In 1941 The U.S. destroyer Kearny is torpedoed by a German submarine off the

coast of Iceland, killing eleven.

In 1945 Colonel Juan Peron stages a coup in Buenos Aires, becoming the

absolute ruler of Argentina.

In 1957 Britain's Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip visit the White House.

In 1957 French author Albert Camus is awarded the Nobel Prize in literature.

In 1966 TV's "Hollywood Squares" premieres.

In 1973 An Arab oil embargo begins in retaliation for American aid to

Israel. It lasts until March, 1974.

In 1977 West German commandos storm hijacked Lufthansa in Mogadishu Somalia

freeing all 86 hostages aboard and killing 3 of the 4 hijackers.

In 1978 President Carter signs a bill restoring U.S. citizenship to

Confederate President Jefferson Davis who died in 1889.

In 1979 Mother Teresa of India is awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for her

years of work on behalf of the destitute in Calcutta.

In 1983 The EPA issues a report warning of the "Greenhouse Effect."

In 1985 Italian Premier Bettino Craxi resigns in the wake of a dispute

concerning his handling of the Achille Lauro hijacking.

In 1985 French author Claude Simon wins the Nobel Prize for literature.

In 1986 The U.S. Senate approves and sends to President Reagan an

immigration bill prohibiting the hiring of illegal aliens and

offering amnesty to millions of illegal aliens who had entered the

U.S. prior to 1982.

In 1987 The first World Series game in a covered stadium is played at the

Minnesota Metrodome.

In 1987 First lady Nancy Reagan undergoes a modified radical mastectomy.

In 1989 A 7.1 earthquake strikes Northern California killing 67 people,

injuring 2500 and causing $7 billion in damage.

In 1990 In testimony before the U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee,

Secretary of State James Baker says that Iraqi President Saddam

Hussein "must fail if peace is to succeed."

In 1991 Entertainer Tennessee Ernie Ford dies in Reston, VA, at age 72.

In 1991 The Atlanta Braves win their first National League pennant.

In 1992 Japanese exchange student Yoshi Hattori, 16, is shot and killed by

Rodney Peairs in Center, LA, after Hattori and his American host

mistakenly knocked on Peairs' door while looking for a Halloween

party. (Peairs was acquitted of manslaughter.)

In 1993 In a CBS interview, Senate Minority Leader Bob Dole said he would

offer legislation restricting President Clinton's authority to send

troops to Haiti.

In 1994 Leaders of Israel and Jordan initial the peace treaty.

In 1994 Negotiators for the Angolan government and rebels agree to a peace

treaty to end their 19-year-old civil war.

In 1995 In the first known violent border clash in years, an armed North

Korean agent is shot to death just inside South Korea.

In 1995 A bomb explodes on a Paris subway car, wounding 29.

In 1996 Russian President Boris Yeltsin fires security chief Alexander

Lebed, one day after the former general was accused by rival of

building his own rogue army.

In 1997 The remains of Ernesto "Che" Guevara, who roamed the world as

revolutionary, were laid to rest in his adopted Cuba.

In 1998 A pipeline explosion and fire in southwest Nigeria kills some 700


In 1999 Former nurse Orville Lynn Majors is convicted of murdering six

patients at a western Indiana hospital. (Majors is now serving a

360-year prison sentence.)

In 2000 Israeli and Palestinian end an emergency summit in Egypt, agreeing

to publicly urge an end to the ongoing conflict.

In 2001 Israel's tourism minister, Rehavam Zeevi is shot to death in the

first-ever assassination of a serving Cabinet minister by


In 2003 Fire kills six people in a high-rise county building in Chicago.

Born On This Day...

   In 1711 America's first black poet, Jupiter Hammon
   In 1780 Richard Mentor Johnson, 9th U.S. vice-president (1837-1841)
   In 1848 Baseball Hall-of-Famer, William "Candy" Cummings (curve ball)
   In 1880 Industrialist, Charles Kraft (co-founded Kraft Foods)
   In 1886 Scientist, Ernest Goodpasture (developed mumps vaccine)
   In 1893 Actress, Spring Byington (Lily-December Bride, Daisy-Laramie)
   In 1901 John Paul I, 263rd Roman Catholic Pope [d: 9-29-78]
   In 1901 Actress, Irene Ryan (Granny-Beverly Hillbillies) [d: 4-26-73]
   In 1904 Comedian, Jerry Colonna (worked with Bob Hope) [d: 11-21-86]
   In 1905 Actress, Jean Arthur (Mr. Smith Goes To Washington) [d: 6-19-91]
   In 1906 Businessperson, Joseph A. Albertson (Albertsons) [d: 1-20-93]
   In 1906 Baseball Hall-of-Famer, William "Buck" Ewing (Giants) [d: 10-20-06]
   In 1909 Drummer, "Cozy" Cole (Cab Calloway, Louie Armstrong) [d: 1-29-81]
   In 1914 Actor, Robert Lowery (Pistols 'n Petticoats) [d: 12-26-71]
   In 1914 Cartoonist, Jerry Siegel (Superman co-creater) [d: 1-28-96]
   In 1915 Playwright, Arthur Miller (Death of a Salesman) [d: 2-10-05]
   In 1916 Actor, John Marley (Cat Ballou) [d: 5-22-84]
   In 1916 Cartoonist, Virgil Partch (Big George) [d: 8-10-84]
   In 1918 Actress, Rita Hayworth (Gilda, I'll Cry Tomorrow) [d: 5-14-87]
   In 1920 Actor, Montgomery Clift (From Here To Eternity) [d: 7-23-66]
   In 1921 Actor/comedian, Tom Poston (Mork & Mindy, Newhart) [d: 4-30-07]
   In 1922 Musician, Luiz Floriano Bonfa (founded bossa nova) [d: 1-12-01]
   In 1924 Football coach, Don Coryell (Chargers) [d: 7-1-10]
   In 1925 Actor, Jack Wagner (voice of Disney, Ozzie & Harriet) [d: 6-16-95]
   In 1926 Actress, Julie Adams (Away All Boats, Black Rose, Code Red) (92)
   In 1926 Actress, Beverly Garland (My Three Sons, Scarecrow & Mrs. King) [d: 12-5-08]
   In 1926 Astronaut, Karl G. Henize (STS-51F) [d: 10-5-93]
   In 1930 Columnist/talk show host, Jimmy Breslin (NY Post, Newsday) [d: 3-19-17]
   In 1932 U.S. weightlifter, Paul Anderson (Olympic-Gold-1956) [d: 8-15-94]
   In 1933 Astronaut, William A. Anders (Apollo VIII) (85)
   In 1938 Motorcycle daredevil, Evel Knievel [Robert Craig] [d: 11-30-07]
   In 1941 Country singer, Earl Thomas Conley (77)
   In 1941 Singer/guitarist/violinist, Jim Seals (Seals & Crofts) (77)
   In 1942 Singer/guitarist, Gary Puckett (and the Union Gap) (76)
   In 1946 U.S. pole vaulter/actor, Bob Seagren (Olympic-Gold-1968/Soap) (72)
   In 1946 Guitarist, Jim Tucker (The Turtles) (72)
   In 1947 Actor, Michael McKean (Lenny-Laverne & Shirley, Grand, SNL) (71)
   In 1948 Actress, Margot Kidder (Lois Lane-Superman, Amityville Horror) [d: 5-13-18]
   In 1948 Actor, George Wendt (Norm-Cheers) (70)
   In 1949 Comedian, Bill Hudson (The Hudson Brothers) (69)
   In 1950 Actor, Howard E. Rollins (Virgil-Heat of the Night) [d: 12-8-96]
   In 1955 Actor, Sam Bottoms (Apocalypse Now, East of Eden) [d: 12-16-08]
   In 1956 Astronaut, Mae C. Jemison (STS-47) (first black woman in space) (62)
   In 1957 Actor/comedian, Norm MacDonald (SNL, Norm MacDonald Show) (61)
   In 1957 Football player, Steve McMichael (61)
   In 1957 Actor, Vincent Van Patten (Apple's Way, Three For The Road) (61)
   In 1958 Playmate, Gig Gangel (January-1980) (60)
   In 1958 Country singer, Alan Jackson (Don't Rock The Jukebox) (60)
   In 1960 Golfer, Jay Delsing (58)
   In 1962 Animator, Mike Judge (Beavis & Butthead, King of the Hill) (56)
   In 1967 Singer, Rene Dif (51)
   In 1968 Reggae singer/songwriter, Ziggy Marley (50)
   In 1969 Golfer, Ernie Els (49)
   In 1969 Rap singer, Wyclef Jean (Fugees) (49)
   In 1970 Actress, Shauna O'Brien (Showgirls) (48)
   In 1971 Singer, Chris Kirkpatrick ('N Sync) (47)
   In 1972 Actress, Sharon Leal (Guiding Light, Boston Public) (46)
   In 1972 Rap singer, Eminem (The Real Slim Shady, 8 Mile) (46)
   In 1977 Bassist, Sergio Andrade (Lifehouse) (41)
   In 1979 Auto race driver, Kimi Raikkonen (Formula One-2007) (39)
   In 1980 Actress, Angel Parker (Lab Rats) (38)
   In 1980 Actor, Justin Shenkarow (Eerie Indiana, Matthew-Picket Fences) (38)
   In 1983 Actress, Felicity Jones (Rogue One: A Star Wars Story) (35)
   In 1985 Actor, Max Irons (Red Riding Hood, The White Queen) (33)
   In 1986 Singer, Chris Motionless (Motionless in White) (32)
   In 1992 Actor, Jacob Artist (Glee) (26)

Tuesday, October 16, 2018


The Latest "Living While Black" Atrocity

In St. Louis, Hilary Brooke Mueller decided she would attempt to block D'Arreion Toles from entering the condo building where he lives. His only "crime" - was apparently being a black man. Mueller, who was outside with her dog, repeatedly asked Toles what unit of the Elder Shire Lofts condominium complex he lived in. After he managed to get past her and into the building, she followed him into the elevator and all the way to his door, then she called police. About 30 minutes later, police arrived at the unit and told Toles that Mueller had reported being "uncomfortable" with his presence; he told police he rented the unit and had shown Mueller his key fob. He posted videos of the unbelievable encounter with Mueller on Facebook and she quickly became known as "Apartment Patty." Eventually her identity was uncovered and that led to getting her racist butt fired. Real estate management company Tribeca-STL, posted a statement on its website saying she had been fired. Neither Mueller nor the police have yet commented on the situation, but Toles told reporters he felt unsafe, even concerned he could end up like Botham Jean, the black man shot dead by a police officer in his own Dallas apartment. Even so, he asked supporters not to attack Mueller saying, "I am not upset with her. I am not going to go after her legally or anything like that. I wish her the best. I would still have a conversation with her." That's an amazing man. (KMOV)

Catholic Reverend in the Headlines. Wanna Guess Why?

A reverend for the Catholic Diocese of Salt Lake City was arrested after allegedly trying to pick up a prostitute. Two Salt Lake City police officers saw 63-year-old Andrzej Pawel Skrzypiec repeatedly driving around a parking lot. Officer Palmer and Officer Roop were working undercover as street prostitutes and at one point Skrzypiec approached Palmer and accused the officer of being a cop. Palmer denied the accusation and asked if Skrzypiec was looking for a date. Skrzypiec admitted he was and then asked Palmer and Roop to get into his vehicle. Skrzypiec later explained what he wanted to the undercover officers and he agreed to pay for the sexual encounter. A third officer was signaled and Skrzypiec was taken into custody. After reading the suspect his Miranda rights, Skyrzpiec told the two officers that they were too pretty to be prostitutes. He later denied making a sex deal and claimed he roaming the area to get a taco from a nearby taco stand. The Catholic Diocese of Salt Lake City's website says Skrzypiec is on temporary leave from his duties. (KUTV)

Well Grandpa Won't Be Flying Out for a While

It seems 56-year-old Hatam Hamad had a few too many during a flight from New Orleans to London and at one point in the flight allegedly exposed himself and slapped another passenger. Hamad, who has 25 grandchildren, was taken into custody when the plane landed at Heathrow Airport. In court, the prosecutor read a statement from Joel Vilmenay, the man who was assaulted, which described the bizarre incident. Vilmenay said he was flying with his wife and two children when Hamad walked down the aisle of the plane with his genitals hanging out, putting them "within three inches of my face." Vilmenay stood up to confront Hamad, who responded by "grunting" and then exposing himself to another passenger. He then back-handed Velmenay across the chest before he was escorted to the back of the aircraft, where members of the flight crew guarded him until the plane landed. Hamad initially pleaded not guilty but changed his mind and was given a six-week jail sentence suspended for one year after admitting to the assault. (WSRZ)

Stephen Hawking's Final Warning From Beyond the Grave

A new Stephen Hawking book comes out today and the late physicist has a warning that sounds straight out of a dystopian sci-fi movie. Hawking worries that genetic editing will allow the rich to turn themselves into "superhumans" who will eventually dominate the world and perhaps the universe. In the book Brief Answers to the Big Questions, Hawking writes: "Once such superhumans appear, there will be significant political problems with unimproved humans, who won't be able to compete. Presumably, they will die out, or become unimportant. Instead, there will be a race of self-designing beings who are improving at an ever-increasing rate." Looking further out, "if the human race manages to redesign itself, it will probably spread out and colonize other planets and stars." As for our No. 2 threat? Hawking says climate change. (Newser)

Mother of the Year - For Real This Time

For once we've got a real mother-of-the-year contender. In Queensland, Australia, 23-year-old Fiona Simpson was driving home with her 4-month-old daughter and 78-year-old grandmother when it started raining. As the rain started to come down harder, she pulled over. Then, it started to hail-and the hail shattered the window next to the infant. That's when Simpson decided to act as a human shield for the baby, shielding the girl with her own body and later trying to also help her grandmother when hail broke the front window of the car. The trio was caught in a "supercell thunderstorm," that caused giant hail and a tornado. Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk said or Simpson, "She's one of the bravest people I've read of lately," and recommend her for a hero award. Simpson says she's been overwhelmed with supportive messages since her story made headlines: "People are offering to help, offering to send me ointments and creams, offering to buy me a massage, a few insurance companies have offered to replace my car." (ABC Australia)

Sleep More! Earn Rewards Points!

Japan is known for keeping some of the world's longest working hours, but some companies are starting to realize that their workers also need to sleep in order to be productive. One such company is actually encouraging employees to sleep more by rewarding them with points that can be spent at cafeterias and shops. CRAZY, a Tokyo-based wedding planning company, recently announced the implementation of a "sleep remuneration system." Workers who install the Sleep Analysis app on their smartphones and share their data with the company are eligible to receive points according to how many hours of sleep they get ever night. All employees have to do is place their smartphones by their beds and start the Airweave Sleep Analysis app, and it will take care of the rest. The software can track body movements during sleep, measure sleep depth and sleep time, among other things. If the app shows that an employee has slept the minimum of 6 hours per night, for five nights a week, they will receive 500 points ($4.50). If they manage to do that 6 times a week, they get 600 points ($5.40), and reaching the 6-hour threshold for a full week yields 1,000 points ($9). Employees also get a bonus of 1,000 points if they share their sleep data with the company for a full month, even if they don't meet the set sleep goals. (Oddity Central)

What the What?

In Bradenton, Florida, police arrested 22-year-old Hermes Callijas-Gasperin who allegedly pelted his mother with sausages because she accidentally bumped into him while making his dinner. According to the police report, the food fight erupted when Callijas-Gasperin demanded his mom make him dinner, and she said she was busy. When she did begin to cook his meal - sausages - she accidentally bumped into her son. He expressed his outrage by throwing the sausages at her, hitting her in the eye, and then put his hands on her neck and pushed her. Somebody wasn't raised right! (Metro)


According to a recent survey, almost half of women say a beautiful house is the ultimate status symbol.

When women were asked what food reminds them of their husband in another survey, one third of them said a potato.
People relax all the time on weekends, but rarely on weekdays.
A survey found that 31% of couples have never gone on a romantic trip together. And get this, the average couple only spends seven minutes a day being romantic.
When it comes to the holidays, almost half of us say that money is no object when it comes to staying in a hotel rather than with relatives.
According to one study, men can reduce their risk of a stroke by shaving every day.
When it comes to physical activity, more people end up in the emergency room because they were doing yoga.


The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have confirmed they're pregnant! Harry and Meghan say they're expecting the newest royal in the spring.

Paul Allen, co-founder of Microsoft and owner of the NFL's Seattle Seahawks and the NBA's Portland Trail Blazers, has died from complications of non-Hodgkins lymphoma, his family announced. He was 65.

Micheal Buble says he's quitting showbiz to focus on his family, after his youngest's battle with cancer.

Sears has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. They'll be closing 142 more stores before the end of the year.

BBC announced that its Dracula three-part miniseries set in 1897, which was first teased back in 2017, is at long last moving forward with Netflix.

"Keeping up with the Kardashians" has hit its lowest ratings ever.

Nepal has blocked 25,000 porn sites in a big crackdown. Reports that Tara Reid flew into a rage on a L.A. flight to New York flight, prompting the captain to toss her, and her little dog, off the plane. She allegedly loudly complained about being given the wrong seat.

"American Idol" season 6 contestant Antonella Barba has been arrested and charged with dealing heroin. That was the year Jordan Sparks won the competition.

Bill Coors died peacefully in his home over the weekend. He was 102 and spent 65 years with the brewing company.

Former 3 Doors Down bassist Todd Harrell has been sentenced to 10 years in prison for firearms violations.

The Diamondbacks are making the switch to synthetic turf at Chase Field next year.

A new study links memory loss to poor eyesight and hearing.

A U.S. postal worker reportedly stole $630,000 of stamps to sell to fund a gambling habit.

A study says Texas is among the best places to survive the Zombie Apocalypse.

What's Nick Cannon been up to? He's finishing his Master's Degree at Howard University and set to host a weekly late night show on FOX beginning next year.


For God's Sake - Don't Call Poopsie Slime! It's definitely one of the popular items expected to be on many children's Christ...