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Thursday, August 16, 2018

Alcoholism and your eyes

If you have blue eyes, you may want to be wary of beer, wine and cocktails. Genetic researchers at the University of Vermont say that people with blue eyes are genetically more likely to become alcoholics than those who have brown eyes. The study found that those whose eyes were light-colored had a higher rate of alcohol dependence than those with dark brown eyes, but those who had blue eyes had the highest rate of alcoholism. This held true even after age, gender, differences in backgrounds and locations were factored in. While the study showed an association between blue eyes and a greater incidence of alcoholism, it did not prove there is a cause-and-effect link. That is, blue eyes do not cause alcoholism.


There's a first time for everything, and usually it's the children who are pushing the parents. Kids want to grow up. Parents want to keep them little. The eternal struggle. Still, 92 percent of adults say kids today are growing up too quickly. Harris Poll conducted an online survey of 2,463 U.S. adults aged 18 and over, as well as 510 teens ages 13 to 17, to ask them the age they thought was appropriate for the "first time" for a myriad of experiences. Kids of yesteryear did this all the time, but today's kids are really missing out.

  • At what age should kids begin receiving an allowance? On average, adults agree it should be at age 10. 
  • When should a girl begin wearing makeup? On average, adults say 15 years old, while teens say 13. 
  • When should a child be allowed to stay home alone? Adults say 13.5 years old for their children, but admit that, on average, they were allowed to stay home alone when they were 12.5 years old. 
  • When should parents have "the sex talk" with their child? Parents say they should do it when their child is 12 years old, which is one year younger, on average, than when their parents gave them the sex talk. 
  • When should kids get their own cell phone? Parents with younger children say age 13 is about right. 
  • When should a teenager be allowed to go on a first date and have a first kiss? Teens say they are ready at age 16 go on a one-on-one date, and their parents agree. However, kids say they are ready for their first kiss at age 15, while their parents confess that they were 14.5, on average, when they had their first kiss. 
  • When should a teenager be allowed to go to a concert without a parent? While the adults answering the question went to their first concert at age 18, on average, they say their kids are ready at a younger age, 16.5 years old. 
  • When are teenagers ready to see an R-rated movie? Teens say they are ready at 16.5 years old (never mind that the definition of an R-rated movie is 17 or older unless accompanied by a parent), while their parents say 17 and their grandparents say 18.


This is the word we use at the end of any argument that we feel we are right about but need to shut you up. Never use "fine" to describe how a woman looks. This will cause you to have one of those arguments.

Five minutes
This is half an hour. It is equivalent to the five minutes that your football game is going to last before you take out the trash, so I feel that it's an even trade.

This means something and you should be on your toes. "Nothing" is usually used to describe the feeling a woman has of wanting to turn you inside out, upside down, and backwards. "Nothing" usually signifies an argument that will last "Five Minutes" and end with the word "Fine."


One of the best ways to soothe stress is to relax. But it can be a vicious circle. How can you fully and deeply relax when you feel so stressed? James Porter, president of says there are five truly therapeutic ways to relax at home that will have you smiling again. Five do-it-yourself ways to stop stress cold:

1. Listen more than you talk
When you really connect with another human being, your brain releases feel-good chemicals, such as dopamine and oxytocin. Listening to someone else actually causes your blood pressure to drop, according to Dr. James Lynch, an expert in mind/body medicine and a retired professor of psychiatry at the University of Maryland.

2. Take deep breaths
One of the best ways to deactivate the body's stress response is through deep breathing, according to Dr. Herbert Benson, professor of mind/body medicine at Harvard Medical School and co-author of the 1975 best-seller "The Relaxation Response." He says taking 20 deep breaths a day "with intention" will help you relax and decrease stress.

3. Meditate
The stress response is activated in a tiny section of the brain called the amygdala. Researchers from Harvard have shown that after eight weeks of daily meditation, the amygdala actually shrinks. "The smaller the amygdala became, the less stress subjects reported having," according to psychologist Sara Lazar.

4. Call a friend
When it comes to dealing with stress, emotional support from those we love is an important proactive factor, according to the American Psychological Association. The opposite is also true. There is a proven link between loneliness and many types of health problems, including high blood pressure, diminished immunity, cardiovascular disease and cognitive decline. Talking with a friend will not only help you relax and have fun, but also improve your health.

5. Take a nap
A short mid-afternoon nap will not only help reduce fatigue and make you more alert, but also make you feel more relaxed, says The Mayo Clinic. BTW: If you think watching television will help you relax and lower stress, you're wrong. In fact, it does just the opposite. Police dramas, sports and the news can actually induce stress.


From the everyday to the exotic -- pasta to poutine -- the choices we have when eating out are almost endless. So what do we eat? 31% opt for American food, followed by Italian (23%), and Mexican (16%), according to a survey conducted by the Harris Poll. Those were the answers given by adults who were asked this question: "Thinking of food now, if you had the choice to go out to a restaurant and eat one type of food, which of these are you most likely to choose?"
Top 8 most popular restaurant cuisines:
  1. American (31%)
  2. Italian (23%)
  3. Mexican (16%)
  4. Chinese (14%)
  5. Japanese (5%)
  6. Middle Eastern (3%)
  7. Indian (2%)
  8. French (1%)


There are a lot of ways to tell things about a woman.... this could be the goofiest. A woman's eyebrows reveals her relationship appetite, according to self-proclaimed "web goddess" Serena.
  • Thick: She's naturally drawn towards action and adventure and is quick to look around. She finds it hard to have a permanent relationship with just one partner.
  • Thin: She has little interest in long term relationships.
  • Close-set: She's jealous.
  • Wide-set: She's inhibited and shy.
  • Curved: She's very sensual.
  • Triangular: She prefers to be your best friend rather than passionate mate.
  • Straight: She's very conventional and trustworthy. A gal to take home to meet the parents.

And for the guys too... (from our twisted sarcastic mind)
  • Unibrow: (one brow all the way across the forehead) He might be spending a little too much time at the gym or wrestling bears at the circus.
  • No Brows: He sits way too close to the camp fire.
  • Lifted or Pointed: He could be a Klingon.


(Brostrick) The following are annoying Facebook Status Updates that need to stop because we're all pretty much sick of Facebook.

The "Prayers Please" post
Can you be a little more specific? If I'm going to have a direct line into God for you He's gonna want some details. Stop.

The "I Have the Best Husband/Wife Ever" post
Do you now? Someone dost protest too much, methinks. Stop.

The "I Just Cleaned Out My Facebook Friends" post
Like we should be so grateful. Thank goodness I'm still here to see and read that you're still making bad decisions on the regular. Stop.

The "My Team is the Best" Rant When, Let's Be Honest, You Know the Bare Minimum About the Game In General
Provide just one stat and I'll believe you. Just one. And the color of the uniform doesn't count. You're foolish. We all know it. Stop.

The "De-Friend" and then the "Re-Friend"
Yeah, I'm all set, but thanks. Stop.

The "Witty Birth Announcement"
Yep, we see the extra pair of shoes in front of the fireplace. Stop.

The "I'm Deleting Facebook at the End of the Week" post
Crap or get off the pot. Stop.

The "I'm Checking in Everywhere I Go" post
We get it. You've been places, but I'm embarrassed for you when you checked in at Johnny Rockets. Stop.

The "Taking a Picture of Whatever Gross Growth on Your Body and Asking Your Friends to Identify What They Think is Wrong With You" post
First, you're gross. Second, use this time to travel to the ER and not uploading photos on Facebook. Third, stop.

The "Does Anyone Know What Time Walgreens Opens" Post
Um, this isn't Google. Stop being so lazy. Plus, this makes me question how good you could possibly be at your job. Stop.

The "Dog With the Black Eye" Post
Posting pictures of abused animals online? Cool. Stop.

The "Heathy Food You Just Made" Post
Nice. Now go back to binge eating in your dark basement. Stop.

The "Political Rant" Post
You literally know nothing. We all suffer from secondhand embarrassment for you. Stop.


A women's magazine raided your closet and came back with the stats:
  • 34% of women would rather get a dental cleaning than organize their bedroom closet
  • 10% of women hire a pro to tackle the mess
  • 25% of average woman's clothing never leaves the hanger, because it doesn't fit
  • 5% of women ad clothing to their closets every week
  • 69% of women say the bum economy has kept them out of clothing stores
  • 19 pairs of shoes are in the average woman's closet
  • 20% of women will never toss their wedding dress
  • 23% of women stash sex toys in their closet
  • 32% of women equally divide closet space with their guy
  • 24% of women hog most of the closet space
  • 56% of women admit to snooping in their guy's closet
  • 12% of women don't snoop in their guy's closet for fear of what they might find
  • 56% of women would rather have a walk-in closet than a diamond engagement ring
  • 15 months is the amount of time the average woman would go without set for a closet full of new clothes


Sitting at a desk all day can be a killer. Literally. So if you want a job that is good for your cardiovascular system and muscles, you need to get up and move. HealthGrove compiled data from the Compendium of Physical Activities to identify the occupations that burn the most calories. Navy Seals lead the list, followed by firefighters and steel mill workers. The list is based on the hourly caloric burn for the average American male who weighs 191 pounds and the average American female weighing 159 pounds. By comparison, this is how many calories per hour we burn doing other activities:
  • Running at 6.7 mph: Men burn 955; women burn 795
  • Walking at 3.5 mph: Men burn 391; women burn 326
  • Sleeping: Men burn 86; women burn 72

Top jobs that burn the most calories:

1. Skindiving (Frogman or Navy Seal)
Female Average Caloric Burn: 908.7
Male Average Caloric Burn: 1091.6

2. Firefighter
Female Average Caloric Burn: 681.5
Male Average Caloric Burn: 818.7

3. Steel Mill Work
Female Average Caloric Burn: 628.5
Male Average Caloric Burn: 755

4. Forestry
Female Average Caloric Burn: 605.8
Male Average Caloric Burn: 727.7

5. Farming
Female Average Caloric Burn: 590.7
Male Average Caloric Burn: 709.5

6. Coal Mining
Female Average Caloric Burn: 477.1
Male Average Caloric Burn: 573.1

7. Roofing
Female Average Caloric Burn: 454.4
Male Average Caloric Burn: 545.8

8. Crab Fishing
Female Average Caloric Burn: 340.8
Male Average Caloric Burn: 409.4

9. Construction Worker, Massage Therapist, Elder Care, Garbage Collector and Lawn Keeper (tie)
Female Average Caloric Burn: 302.9
Male Average Caloric Burn: 363.9


What you order on a date can definitely send a signal, whether or not it's one you're conscious of. Sure, the list below is mainly full of generalizations, but there's some truth to every stereotype...

  • Martini: If you're a guy, you're trying to impress (and it's probably working). If you're a girl drinking a dirty martini, you're a hot mess: the dirtier, the messier, the hotter.
  • Vodka on the Rocks: Too self-conscious to actually order a martini.
  • White Russian: Obsessed with The Big Lebowski, and probably The Daily Show. Or, you just like to drink dessert.
  • Bud Light: You're easy going, laid back, and at home at a sports bar. If you're a girl, you know how to hang with the guys.
  • Vodka Cranberry: When in doubt, you stick to what you drank in college.
  • White wine: You're definitely a woman. You're possibly a little uptight.
  • Prosecco: You're often a little uptight, but tonight you're looking to party.
  • Whiskey, neat: You're hot. Regardless of gender.
  • Jaeger: Secretly wishing you were hanging out with your buddies.
  • Vodka Gimlet: You're a huge dork, but you hope sort of in a cool way?
  • Appletini: You've left the kids with a sitter and you're ready to have fun!
  • Pimm's Cup: You're an Anglophile.
  • Old-Fashioned: Mad Men is your favorite show -- you either want to be, or sleep with, Don Draper.
  • Margarita, on the rocks: You've decided to have a good time tonight.
  • Margarita, frozen: You're in Cabo.
  • PBR: You're drinking quickly on your way to a non-profit fundraiser, followed by a poetry reading in a former industrial warehouse.
  • Tequila Shots: You're either getting laid, or just getting through it.
  • Long Island Iced Tea: You have a drinking problem.


Defuse the most dreadful situations with tips from these hostage experts. All relationships lovers, pals, the chick behind the counter at Starbucks, at some point involve conflict. Yet here's what's odd: In school, we learned so much; the periodic table, algebra, how to make a backing soda volcano but never how to argue. So we carry on like kids. "I'm taking my toys and going home." It leads to break-ups, bruised feelings, and ruined friendships. But there is a better way: Just ask the NYPD's Hostage Negotiation Team, which has developed a time-tested framework for dealing with conflict in any crisis. And if it can handle bomb threats and murderers, surely it can handle any dispute you might get into.

You say, "You're pissed, can we talk?" She says, "No, I'm pissed"
Don't rush to end the conflict. Be patient. Slow down. As ex-NYPD hostage negotiator Jeff Thompson cautions: "Avoid hurrying toward a resolution" it may not be the outcome you want. It's like sex: If one of you gets off fast, great. But what about the other?

You say, "Fair, I get that. Let me try to see this from your perspective." She says, "I thought we'd hang out, then you went radio silent. After dating a year, that's madding."
Show you're really listening. "People will tell you their problems if you just listen. Then you can use those insights to frame a solution," says Stanford's Margaret Neale, co-author of Getting (More of) What You Want. The best way to prove you're listening? Paraphrasing back.

You say, "So, what I did was really immature and disrespectful." She suspiciously says, "Right..."
Don't be a dick. Or, as the NYPD puts it, "Show respect." This manages the current crisis and preserves the relationship. "Most disputes are with people you know and will see again," says Neale, "so respect is critical.

You say, "I guess I'd feel the same if the tables were turned." She says, "It was pretty damn rude."
Chill, even if you're faking it. It's easy to lash out to "win" a fight even if it would be counterproductive. But stay calm and you'll have no ugly words to regret later.

You say, "I know it looks that way. Can I tell you what happened, from my perspective?" She says, "Ha, this'll be good."
Admit your motivation. "Be honest about your own interests," not just the surface argument, says Jeanne Brett, of the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University. If not, how can you ask anyone to be honest about theirs?"

Alcoholism and your eyes

If you have blue eyes, you may want to be wary of beer, wine and cocktails. Genetic researchers at the University of Vermont say that people...