Friday, September 22, 2017


Woman Told: You Will Be Killed - And She Is

Emma Kelty was traveling through Brazil's northern region on a mission to kayak the 4,000-mile length of the Amazon River. Along the way a Peruvian guide told her she would have her boat stolen and be killed. He was actually just joking with her and being sarcastic - but then that's exactly what happened. Just one day after remarking that she'd come across dozens of men in motor boats armed with arrows and rifles near Coari - an area known to be frequented by river pirates and drug traffickers - Kelty sent out a distress signal and then went silent. Authorities now believe the 43-year-old British woman had pitched her tent on the banks of an Amazon tributary when she was approached by men who shot her and threw her body in the river. A man and two 17-year-olds are in custody while police search for four other suspects who may have tried to sell Kelty's electronic devices. A search for Kelty's body is also underway. (Guardian)

Do NOT Sleep With Your Baby! Why is This Hard?
Not quite sure what's up with this "co-sleeping" with infants trend. It's not only creepy - it's damned dangerous. Just ask 32-year-old Leslie Neuman, the Michigan mom who's now facing criminal charges after her infant son died in a co-sleeping episode. Prosecutors say Neuman had been drinking before she tucked 6-month-old Connor Kleeman into bed with her. When she woke up, He wasn't breathing and paramedics were unable to revive him. The Wayne County Medical Examiner ruled the baby had become "wedged" between the bed and the wall, and died of accidental asphyxiation as a result of "bed sharing." Neuman was arraigned on Monday on charges of involuntary manslaughter and second-degree child abuse. Last year, Neuman had been warned in a class for new mothers about the dangers of "co-sleeping." She was enrolled in the class run by Child Protective Services after a tipster told authorities it looked like she was going through drug withdrawal. Her lawyer says she's been punished enough. (Detroit News)

So What's the Best Food On a Plane?
So what's the best food to order on a plane? According to renowned chef and frequent flyer Anthony Bourdain - nothing! He tells Travel and Leisure magazine: "You're not digesting your food on the plane, which is why you feel like a horribly bloated beach ball when you get off." Plus, the food itself is pretty lousy, "edible at best," because of the unique circumstances of air travel. Airplane meals have to be prepped in advance, and freeze-frying and reheating don't do wonders for taste. What's more, "every food tastes completely different than it does on the ground, so they have to make adjustments to it," he says, referring to the changes our sense of taste goes through in a pressurized cabin. Bourdain's advice - he does recommend a Scotch on the rocks - which is echoed by another famous chef, Gordon Ramsay, who says, "I worked for airlines for 10 years, so I know where this food's been and where it goes, and how long it took before it got on board." (Travel and Leisure)

Tattoo Regret
It's a classic love story. Malakye Brooks was in love with his girlfriend. They went on vacation together, had too much to drink one night and she suggested he get a tattoo of her "with my boobs out" on his back. So they found a tattoo parlor and four hours and $500 later, there it was - his beautiful topless girlfriend plastered across his back for the world to see. While the tattoo in itself may have later given him pause, what really makes it sting is shortly after, she dumped him. He says these days people either find it hilarious or look at him like he's an alien. It is unclear if Malakye's unnamed ex-girlfriend will mind having her chest permanently inked on a man she is no longer dating. (Metro)

Can't Afford Your Mortgage? Get Creative! Seattle...a new startup called Loftium launched on Monday and they're not really selling anything. What they will do is give you up to $50,000 for a down payment on a house. In exchange, you've got to be willing to rent out a room in that house for up to three years on Airbnb. It's all the brainchild of 29-year-old Yifan Zhang who recently realized she could cover the mortgage on her new townhouse by renting out the spare bedroom on Airbnb. Loftium uses an algorithm to figure out how much value your spare room has and determine the amount of money it will give you for a down payment. In return, new homeowners agree to continuously list an extra bedroom on Airbnb for one to three years, sending about two-thirds of that rental income back to Loftium. Zhang says, "It's for the people who don't have the parents to help or the high income to save while paying rent." Laura Coe, 29, is closing on a home in Seattle today (Friday) with the help of $9,000 from Loftium - money it would have taken her time to save. She says, "It allowed me to get in now. In its first week, Loftium had 50 home-buyers lined up. If all goes well Loftium may expand to other cities including Denver and Chicago, in the coming year. (New York Times)

Winning the Lottery, Then Making the Worst Possible Choice
Pedro Quezada should have the Cinderella story to beat them all. He moved to the US from the Dominican Republic about 30 years ago, worked 15-hour days at his bodega in Passaic, New Jersey, but then lady luck struck and he won a $338 million Powerball jackpot in 2013. But now he's in jail, charged with sexually assaulting a child. Passaic County prosecutor Camelia Valdes said the child was between 11 and 14 years old when the assaults occurred. Police believe the girl was the only victim. Quezada, 49, could face up to 20 years in prison if convicted. (PIX 11)

Damn Yankees!
Both players and fans were shaken Wednesday after a foul ball hit a young girl in the face during a game at Yankee Stadium. The game between the New York Yankees and the Minnesota Twins was delayed for several minutes while the girl, who was hit by a 105mph line drive from Yankees third baseman Todd Frazier, was rushed to a nearby hospital. Her father told reporters it was too early to tell whether she'll need surgery. Frazier, who took a knee while the girl was taken away, had tears in his eyes when he spoke to reporters after the game. He told ESPN, "I thought of my kids. I have two kids under 3 years old and I just hope she's all right." Several other players were in tears as the girl was taken away. She had been sitting with her grandparents about five rows up. After the game, players said more teams should follow Major League Baseball's recommendation to install more protective netting. (ESPN)

What the What?
Here's your lawsuit of the year. In California, 30-year-old Ryan Flores tried to rob a Starbucks armed with a knife and a fake gun. Now he's planning to sue 58-year-old Cregg Jerri - the customer who stopped him! Jerri hit Flores in the back with a chair and then stabbed Flores multiple times with Flores own knife as the two scuffled. Flores' mother, Pamela Chimienti, says, "The guy, in my opinion, went from a Good Samaritan to a vigilante. Stabbing somebody that many times, it doesn't take that many stab wounds to get somebody to succumb to you." She says her son had 17 stab wounds, lacerations, and defensive wounds. Jerri was slashed in the neck before getting the knife away from Flores and needed six stitches. Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer says Jerri was not charged in connection with the incident and the idea of suing him for allegedly using excessive force is "ludicrous." Flores, who wore a Transformers mask during the attempted robbery, was charged with second-degree robbery and assault with a deadly weapon and has been in jail since the July incident. (San Francisco Chronicle)


  • 27% of drivers admit checking their Facebook page while operating their vehicle. 
  • Bad breath is the most common kissing turnoff. 
  • Studies show wearing lavender or having a lavender air freshener will make people trust you. 
  • 35% of men say they never adjust the thermostat without asking their wife first. 
  • 12% of people cannot recall the name of the first person they kissed. 
  • When it comes to losing things, men are three times more likely to lose their hearing than women.


52% of women like theses on men. What is it? Tattoos.


  • So far, two teenagers have announced that they're running for governor of Kansas in 2018. 
  • A federal appeals court heard arguments on Friday to make public draft indictments of Hillary Clinton from the Whitewater scandal in the 1990s. 
  • Yoko Ono threatened to sue the maker of a lemonade drink that they named John Lemon. They caved. 
  • Taco Bell is going to phase out drive-through windows at 350 of their restaurants and then, at those locations, will start serving alcohol. 
  • Bernie Casey, best known for Revenge of the Nerds and as the star of I'm Gonna Git You Sucka, has died at the age of 78. 
  • Sean Penn is going to try his hand at television, starring in a new Hulu series, "The First." 
  • The National Enquirer has issued a formal apology to Judge Judy after publishing false claims about her and her family. Among the wrong allegations was that she was suffering from Alzheimer's. 
  • Melissa Joan Hart has deleted a post where she was complaining about how Hurricane Maria had ruined her family vacation. 
  • Former major leaguer Raul Mondesi has been sentenced to eight years in prison for corruption during his time as mayor of San Cristobal in the Dominican Republic. 
  • 12-year-old ventriloquist Darci Lynne won the latest edition of "America's Got Talent." Her first Vegas show is November 3. By the way, the ratings for this year's America's Got Talent were the highest they've been in three years. 
  • White giraffes have been caught on video for the very first time. 
  • Wednesday night was Rosh Hashanah, the arrival of the Jewish New Year.

"Hey, let's see what's playing at the movie theater this weekend.......



On this date in 1692, the last 8 witches were hanged in Salem. After that, no one ever double-parked their brooms again.

In 1776 that Nathan Hale uttered those famous words, "I regret I only have one life to lose for my country." He had a promising career ahead of him as a motivational speaker if he hadn't been hanged.

On this date in 1789, Congress created the position of Postmaster General, to help in the slowing down of rapidly delivered mail. Up until then, he didn't have an office and had to store all the mail in his garage.

In 1792, the French Republic was proclaimed. In an amazing coincidence, the Proclaimers released their new album, "French Republic."

On this date in 1903 that Italo Marchiony was granted a patent for his invention: the ice cream cone. And today is not a national holiday. Go figure. Funny, but if I think about that story too fast, I get an ice cream headache. A survey commissioned by Dairy Queen reveals that regardless of how it is served, many Americans sure love ice cream. Of those adults who say they eat ice cream at least once a month:
65% prefer ice cream in a cup
28% prefer ice cream in a cone
7% didn't care
Dipped coating or syrup is the topping of choice -- more than half (53 percent) enjoy adding it to their ice cream

On this date in 1949, the Soviet Union exploded their first atomic bomb. At the time they denied it was a bomb and were trying to blame a very large dog.

In 1950, General Omar Bradley was promoted to a five-star general because he was so spicy.

On this date in 1964 "The Man from U.N.C.L.E." debuted on TV. In a weird coincidence, my Uncle Mann came over to watch it with me. I was very confused.

In 1986, a Federal Judge ruled that computer chips were covered by copyright laws. But not potato chips.

On this date in 1987, the second NFL player's strike began. Fans quickly rallied and began organizing pools on when the strike would end.


Tom Felton, who you hated as Draco Malfoy in Harry Potter, turns the big 3-0. Ages Type-castius! Another year and he'll be old enought to get a rent-a-broom. Nowadays he's on CW's "The Flash."

Scott Baio turns 57 today. Yep, he's a 57-year-old Chachi! Yes, he started out as Cha-chi in Happy Days... and, last time we checked, he's still there.

Joan Jett celebrates birthday number 59. Oh, yes and she still loves rock and roll. How could you possibly have a mid-life crisis after her career? How could there be anything left in your system to get out of?

Debby Boone is celebrating her 61st birthday and still lighting up lives... Her hit "You Light Up My Life" is not to be confused with the old standard, "You light up my wife!"

Former Dodgers manager Tommy Lasorda turns the big 9-0 today. He's still hanging around the clubhouse these days. He may be lost, but he's there.

The first day of Autumn officially arrives today (3:02pm EDT, in the Northern Hemisphere, in the Southern Hemisphere today is the beginning of spring), but you'll have to wait for cooler air to invade the U.S.

Music Calendar...

In 1958 Private Elvis Presley boards the USS General Randall at the Military Ocean Terminal in Brooklyn, NY. The ship arrives in Bremerhaven, West Germany 9 days later.

In 1958 "To Know Him Is To Love Him" by the Teddy Bears enters the U.S. top 40 chart.

In 1964 The long-running musical "Fiddler on the Roof" opens on Broadway.

In 1964 The Rolling Stones appear in a taped segment on TV's "Red Skelton Show."

In 1965 Roger Daltry is almost tossed out of the Who when he punches Keith Moon after a Scandinavian concert.

In 1965 San Francisco rock group, the Great Society with singer Grace Slick, makes its stage debut at the Coffee Gallery in North Beach, CA.

In 1966 The Supremes record "I Hear a Symphony."

In 1966 Marvin Gaye appears on TV's "Where The Action Is."

In 1966 The Rolling Stones begin their last British tour of the sixties.

In 1967 The Beatles appear on the cover of Time magazine.

In 1969 Karen & Richard Carpenter (The Carpenters) sign with A&M Records.

In 1969 Diana Ross & The Supremes appear on "Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In."

In 1972 David Bowie performs in the U.S. for the first time at Cleveland's Music Hall.

In 1976 Bob Dylan's album "Hard Rain" is certified gold.

In 1977 Elvis Presley appears on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine.

In 1978 Linda Ronstadt's album "Living In The U.S.A" is certified gold and platinum.

In 1978 REO Speedwagon and the Little River Band perform on NBC-TV's "The Midnight Special."

In 1979 Joe Walsh announces his bid for the U.S. presidency.

In 1980 John Lennon signs with Geffen Records to release "Double Fantasy."

In 1983 The Everly Brothers perform for the first time together in ten years, after breaking up during an onstage argument in California.

In 1983 Kiss releases the album "Lick It Up."

In 1984 Michael Jackson attends a dinner in Washington, DC, honoring youths who'd written anti-drunk driving essays.

In 1984 "Missing You" by John Waite is #1 on the U.S. top 40 chart.

In 1985 The first Farm-Aid concert takes place in Champaign, IL, organized by Willie Nelson, Neil Young and John Mellencamp.

In 1988 USA Today quotes Def Leppard's Joe Elliot on Neil Young, "He can't sing or play guitar. I wouldn't cross the street to see him play for free."

In 1989 Irving Berlin, one of America's most prolific songwriters, dies in New York at age 101.

In 1990 Little Richard performs in his hometown of Macon, GA, for the first time in 30 years. The city names a street after him.

In 1992 "Hangin' With Mr. Cooper" premieres on ABC-TV with a theme song performed by En Vouge.

In 1993 "Dreamlover" by Mariah Carey is certified gold and platinum.

In 1994 Visa announces plans to issue a Rolling Stones credit card.

In 1998 Bassist Sean Yseult confirms that White Zombie had disbanded.

In 1998 The Smashing Pumpkins announce that their 15-city charity concert tour had raised $2.8 million various groups in the U.S. and Canada.

In 1998 The albums "...Hits" by Phil Collins and "Dizzy Up The Girl" by the Goo Goo Dolls are both released.

In 1999 Shania Twain wins Best Entertainer, and the Dixie Chicks pick up Best Vocal Group, at the CMA Awards.

In 1999 Destiny's Child album "The Writing's On The Wall" is certified platinum while Santana's CD "Supernatural" goes double platinum.

In 2001 Isaac Stern, the master violinist who saved Carnegie Hall from the wrecking ball, dies at age 81.

In 2002 Sting receives an Emmy for the A&E documentary, "Sting in Tuscany: All This Time."

In 2003 Dave Clark 5 singer Mike Smith undergoes surgery in Spain to repair three broken vertebrae in his neck.

In 2004 CBS-owned stations are fined a total of $550,000 by the FCC for airing Janet Jackson's exposed right breast during the Super Bowl halftime show.

Today In History...

In 1656 In Patuxent, MD, the first all-female jury hears the case of a woman accused of murdering her child. The jury votes to acquit.

In 1776 During the Revolutionary War, Captain Nathan Hale is hanged as a spy by the British after uttering, "I regret I only have one life to lose for my country."

In 1789 Congress authorizes the office of the Postmaster-General.

In 1792 The French Republic is proclaimed.

In 1862 President Lincoln issues the preliminary Emancipation Proclamation, declaring all slaves in rebel states should be free as of January 1, 1863.

In 1903 Italo Marchiony is granted a patent for the ice cream cone.

In 1927 Gene Tunney successfully defends his heavyweight boxing title against Jack Dempsey in the famous "long-count" fight in Chicago.

In 1949 The Soviet Union explodes its first atomic bomb.

In 1950 Omar Bradley is promoted to the rank of 5-star general, joining an elite group that included Dwight Eisenhower and Douglas MacArthur.

In 1950 The first non-stop transatlantic flight by jet is completed.

In 1958 Sherman Adams, assistant to President Eisenhower, resigns amid charges of improperly using his influence to help an industrialist.

In 1964 "The Man from U.N.C.L.E." premieres on NBC-TV.

In 1969 Willie Mays of the San Francisco Giants hits his 600th career home run, during a game against San Diego.

In 1975 Sara Jane Moore attempts to shoot President Ford outside a San Francisco hotel, but misses when a civilian bystander grabs her arm and deflects the shot.

In 1980 The 10-year-war between Iran and Iraq begins.

In 1982 San Francisco's famous cable cars make a final run before shutting down for a 20-month $60 million renovation.

In 1986 A Federal Judge rules computer chips are covered by copyright laws.

In 1986 In an address to the UN General Assembly, President Reagan criticized the Soviet Union for arresting U.S. journalist Nicholas Daniloff.

In 1987 The Dow Jones Industrial Average rises 75.23 points. (At the time, the largest one-day gain ever recorded.)

In 1987 The second regular-season NFL player strike begins.

In 1988 The government of Canada apologizes for the World War II internment of Japanese-Canadians, and promised compensation.

In 1991 The London newspaper The Mail publishes an interview with former intelligence agent John Cairncross, who admitted being the "fifth man" in the Soviet Union's notorious British spy ring.

In 1992 President Bush vetos a family and medical leave bill.

In 1992 The UN General Assembly votes to expel Yugoslavia.

In 1992 Former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger denounces as a "flat-out lie" an allegation that he and other officials had known American servicemen were left behind when the war in Southeast Asia ended.

In 1993 Forty-seven people are killed when an Amtrak passenger train derailed and crashed into Bayou Canot near Mobile, Alabama.

In 1994 Pope John Paul cancels a trip to the U.S. to allow more time to recover from hip-replacement surgery.

In 1995 An AWACS plane carrying U.S. and Canadian military personnel crashes on takeoff from Elmendorf Air Force Base near Anchorage, Alaska, killing all 24 people aboard.

In 1995 Lawyers in the O.J. Simpson trial rest their case.

In 1995 Time Warner strikes a $7.5 billion deal to buy Turner Broadcasting.

In 1995 Publishing tycoon Steve Forbes announces a latecomer bid for the Republican presidential nomination.

In 1996 VMI's Board of Visitors votes, 9-8, to end its 157-year-old male-only admission policy.

In 1996 Actress Dorothy Lamour dies at her North Hollywood home at age 81.

In 1997 Sportscaster Marv Albert goes on trial in Arlington, VA, on charges of sodomy and assault.

In 1998 The Pentagon approves $5 billion in warplanes for Israel.

In 1998 The U.S. and Russia agree to help Russia privatize its nuclear program and stop the export of scientists and plutonium.

In 2000 Kraft Foods recalls taco shells, confirming they contained genetically engineered corn not approved for human consumption.

In 2001 Miss Oregon Katie Harman is crowned Miss America 2002 in a patriotic telecast from Atlantic City, NJ.

In 2002 Thousands of Palestinians march to protest Israel's siege of Yasser Arafat's headquarters.

In 2003 Actor Gordon Jump (Mr. Carlson-"WKRP in Cincinnati") dies at age 71.

In 2004 In Haiti, the death toll from Tropical Storm Jeanne tops 1,000.

Born On This Day...

In 1515 Queen Anne Of Cleves (King Henry VIII of England's fourth wife)

In 1694 Author, Lord Chesterfield (introduced Gregorian calendar to England)

In 1788 Dramatist/playwright, Theodore Edward Hook

In 1791 Physicist, Michael Faraday (principle of the electric motor)

In 1885 Film director, Erich von Stroheim

In 1901 Surgeon, Charles B. Huggins (cancer researcher) [d: 1-12-97]

In 1901 Actor, Allan "Rocky" Lane (voice of Mr. Ed, Red Ryder) [d: 10-24-73]

In 1902 Actor, John Houseman (Kingsfield-The Paper Chase) [d: 10-31-88]

In 1903 Social reformer, Howard Jarvis (CA tax protester) [d: 8-12-86]

In 1913 Orchestra leader, Leroy Holmes (Tonight Show, 1956-57) [d: 7-27-86]

In 1914 Actress, Martha Scott (Dallas, Bionic Woman, Our Town) [d: 5-28-03]

In 1920 Singer, Jack Russell (Your Show Of Shows) [d: 3-17-04]

In 1920 Baseball player/manager, Bob Lemon (Indians/Yankees) [d: 1-11-00]

In 1923 Cartoonist, Jack Berrill (Gil Thorp) [d: 3-14-96]

In 1927 Baseball manager, Tommy Lasorda (Los Angeles Dodgers) (90)

In 1928 Actor, Eugene Roche (Foul Play, Slaughterhouse 5) [d: 7-28-04]

In 1930 Dancer/singer/model, Joni James (87)

In 1932 Boxer, Ingemar Johansson (world heavyweight champion, 1959) [d: 1-30-09]

In 1935 U.S. fencer, Harriet King (Olympics-1972) (82)

In 1936 Actor/comedian, Art Metrano (Uncle Rico-Joanie Loves Chachi) (81)

In 1939 Explorer, Junko Tabei (first woman to climb Mount Everest) [d: 10-20-16]

In 1944 Actor, Frazer Hines (Jamie-Dr. Who) (73)

In 1945 Actor, Paul Le Mat (John-American Graffiti, The Burning Bed) (72)

In 1949 Football player, Harold Carmichael (Eagles, Super Box XV) (68)

In 1951 Singer/songwriter, David Coverdale (Deep Purple, Whitesnake) (66)

In 1954 Actress/model, Shari Belafonte (Julie-Hotel) (63)

In 1956 Singer, Debby Boone (You Light Up My Life) (61)

In 1956 Bassist, Doug Wimbish (Living Colour) (61)

In 1957 Singer/songwriter, Nick Cave (Bad Seeds) (60)

In 1957 Hockey player, Mark Johnson (Olympic-Gold-1980) (60)

In 1958 Opera singer, Andrea Bocelli (59)

In 1958 Actress, Lynn Herring (Lucy Coe-General Hospital) (59)

In 1958 Singer/guitarist, Joan Jett (I Love Rock 'n Roll) (59)

In 1959 U.S. figure skater, Tai Reina Babilonia (58)

In 1959 Baseball player, Wally Backman (Mets) (58)

In 1960 Actor, Scott Baio (Chachi-Happy Days, Charles In Charge) (57)

In 1961 Baseball player, Vincent Coleman (Cardinals) (56)

In 1961 Actress, Bonnie Hunt (Only You, Jumanji, Life with Bonnie) (56)

In 1961 Actress, Catherine Oxenberg (Dynasty, Acapulco H.E.A.T.) (56)

In 1963 Actor, Stuart Fratkin (Beans Baxter's Woodshop) (54)

In 1969 Comedian/TV host, Sue Perkins (Great British Bake Off) (48)

In 1970 Actor, Chris Tallman (The Thundermans, Reno 911!) (47)

In 1971 Singer, Big Rube (Society of Soul) (46)

In 1984 Actress, Laura Vandervoort (Ted, This Means War) (33)

In 1985 Actress, Tatiana Maslany (Orphan Black) (32)

In 1987 Actor, Tom Felton (Draco Maffoy-Harry Potter movies, Flash) (30)

In 1993 Actor, Chase Ellison (Tooth Fairy, Mysterious Skin) (24)

In 1994 Baseball player, Carlos Correa (Astros) (23)

In 1999 Actress, Erin Pitt (Silent Hill: Revelation) (18)

In 2000 Actor, Michael Rainey Jr. (Orange is the New Black, Power) (17)

In 2002 Actor, Cody Veith (Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn, Walk the Prank) (15)


Janet Jackson Is "Not in a Position" to Start Dating Again as She Continues Tour. Janet Jackson is single and not so ready to mingle. As the "All for You" singer continues her State of the World tour across the country, speculation is brewing that the Grammy winner is rekindling her romance with Jermaine Dupri. But according to a source, these two are just friends and nothing more. "Jermaine and Janet have remained friends through all these years and never lost touch. They had a period when they broke up and didn't talk for a bit but overcame that and found friendship again," an insider shared with E! News. "Jermaine has a crazy love for Janet and they have been speaking more since the breakup. Janet and Jermaine trust each other and they have history." And before things start to sound like more than just friends, E! News has been told they are not in a relationship. "Janet is really not in a position to get involved with someone at this time," our source explained. "She is open though for something more down the line. They are in the talks of working on some new projects." A rep for the "Rhythm Nation" singer could not be reached for comment. Instead of focusing on dating and boyfriends, Janet remains devoted to continuing her tour as a single mom. Recently, Janet's makeup artist Preston Meneses teased fans about what they can expect when the singer arrives in their hometown. "She is happy and is in good spirits. I think the world is going to get something really special from her," he shared. "She's really excited. We all are -- a lot of us have been working together for years so when we come together, it's just like being with your family and when you work with your family, things just come easy and it's a wonderful experience. Right now, I just feel like the universe put us all together for another moment. I think it's going to be a very successful tour." Find out if Janet is coming to your neck of the woods online now. (Eonline)

Olivia Newton-John Talks Second Fight With Breast Cancer on Today: "I'm Not Going to Be One of Those Statistics." After 25 years in remission, Olivia Newton-John learned her breast cancer had returned and spread to her lower back in May. Today's Natalie Morales sat down with the Grease star in her hometown of Melbourne, Australia to discuss how she's fighting cancer a second time around. The early signs of the cancer's return weren't entirely clear to Newton-John. The actress and singer had been performing at the time and thought that the pain she experienced while walking was due to sciatica. "I would kind of grit my teeth and take a couple of aspirin and go on," she told Morales. Unfortunately, she was wrong. "I guess I was sort of surprised," she said in regards to learning the news. "And I never would have associated because, in my mind, it was over. I had finished with it." Newton-John has been relying on both photon radiation and natural remedies like herbal supplements and meditation to fight the cancer. She also said that she's used medical cannabis to deal with the severe pain she feels when walking. "People have this vision from the '60s of people just sitting around, you know, getting stoned, and I think it's not about that," she told Morales. "This plant is a healing plant. I think we need to change the vision of what it is because it helped me greatly and it helped with pain and information." Of course, she also has the support of her husband John Easterling and her daughter Chloe Lattanzi. "My husband was there with me. He's been my rock," she said. "He's just an incredible person. He's totally confident that I'm fine and I'm going to last a long time." Newton-John told Morales that she doesn't look at the prognosis or statistics around her cancer because "I think that can be really depressing, and I'm not going to be one of those statistics. I'm going to be fine." However, she acknowledged that the cancer is something that she will "probably deal with" the rest of her life. "I think you can live with cancer like you can live with other things if you take care of yourself," she said. However, Newton-John is using her cancer experiences to help others. She supports the Olivia Newton-John Cancer Wellness and Research Center -- a public hospital that offers cancer treatment and conducts research and clinical trials. "Without that experience, I wouldn't have grown and had the desire or the passion to help other people who are going through it and the compassion to understand what it's like when you're going through cancer," she said. "So, it's been an amazing journey. Having it happen again, I thought to myself I've done it before. You know I got through this before and I can do it again." When asked what she's learned from her experience, Newton-John said, "I think it taught me I'm stronger than I thought I was. Because even though you have a team around you and people are helping you, really in the end, it's up to you. Believe you can do it and to go through it." She also told Morales that she considers herself a cancer thriver versus a cancer survivor. "A survivor sounds like someone clinging onto a lifeboat," she said. "To me a thriver is someone that's already off the boat and on land." (Eonline)

Supportive hubby! Justin Timberlake gave a sweet shout-out to wife Jessica Biel ahead of the final episode of her show The Sinner on Wednesday, September 20. "It's the finale of The Sinner & I'm so proud of my wife. You could say she killed it," the 40-year-old joked to his more than 62 million followers. "I wouldn't use such an obvious pun, but you could." Biel, 35, plays Cora Tannetti in the USA Network drama. The 7th Heaven alum opened up about producing the show and teased a possible season 2 in an interview with Variety. "Generally it never occurred to me that we'd have such great ratings," she said. "It felt like something we'd never seen before. The characters were an absolute dream for a creative and challenging experiment, and with a woman at the front of it all-and kind of an unlikable woman-it seemed like a good challenge and it seemed like something new." She added: "We're kind of starting from scratch in terms of what a second season could look like." Biel and the "Mirrors" singer tied the knot in 2012 and are parents of son Silas, 2. Timberlake opened up about their relationship in an interview with Ellen DeGeneres in 2013. "Every once in a while I can catch a glimpse of her when she doesn't see me looking and I have this moment when I'm like, 'If you never make a good decision, if you only make bad decisions for the rest of your life, you made one really good decision,'" he said at the time. "It's nice to marry your friend, it's nice to marry your best friend. It suits me." (US Weekly)

The "mystery man" dating Laurence Fishburne's wife, Gina Torres, is a "cowboy type" father of six from Utah. We're told that Torres met divorced entrepreneur Kevin Wright on the beach in Dana Point, Calif., in mid-August -- and that they have since become a serious couple. Sources say that Wright wasn't even aware of who the former "Suits" star was when they first met. But they bonded over the fact that they have both recently left long relationships: Torres has split with Fishburne after 15 years together, and Wright ended a 20-year marriage within the past two years. A source close to the new couple told us, "I think when you've been married a long time and you become single, you look for someone that has what your ex was missing. I think [Torres] finds in Kevin what she didn't find in [Fishburne]. He's the opposite of a Hollywood guy -- he's just a cowboy type. He's an 'I'm going to go ride my horse' type of guy." Former real estate exec Wright has lived in Montana and Utah. Sources say that Wright knew that Torres -- who is set to be the star of an as-yet-unnamed "Suits" spinoff -- was separated when they struck up their romance. On Wednesday, Page Six revealed that Torres and a "mystery man" -- who turned out to be Wright -- were spotted passionately kissing while having lunch at Sweet Butter cafe in Los Angeles last week. Later on Wednesday, Torres said in a statement, "With heavy hearts, Laurence and I quietly separated and began the dissolution of our marriage in the early fall of last year." She added, "There are no bad guys here. Only a love story with a different ending than either one of us had expected." Torres and "Black-ish" star Fishburne were married in 2002, appeared together in two "Matrix" films and played a married couple in NBC's "Hannibal." They last appeared together in public in 2015 and have both made multiple solo red-carpet appearances since then. Wright and a rep for Torres declined to comment. (Page Six)

Rachel Bilson stepped out in Los Angeles on Wednesday, amid reports that she and longtime partner Hayden Christensen had called it quits after nearly 10 years together. The 36-year-old Hart of Dixie star was seen shopped at Sweet Williams children's clothing store, wearing a black and white patterned blouse and blue jeans. She accessorized her look with dark shades, tan shoes, and a black messenger bag. Earlier in the day, reports hit that Bilson and Christensen had separated nearly two weeks ago. The pair, who met on the set of their 2008 film Jumper and are parents to 21/2-year-old daughter Briar Rose, have had a series of ups and downs in their time together. They were first engaged in 2008, but called off their engagement in August 2010. They would end up reconciling just three months later. Rachel Bilson's Celebrity Crush Might Surprise You! Mamarazzi's Minute with The Moms has Rachel Bilson giving answers to their rapid fire questions, including her surprising Celebrity Crush! Though the two were notoriously private, Bilson opened up about their relationship in a 2013 interview with Cosmopolitan. "I'm a really good girlfriend -- I always put all that first in my life. I'm definitely the person who would make him his favorite dinner to come home to," Bilson said at the time. "I love to cook, so we make dinner at home a lot and watch movies." Most recently, she posted a photo of him on Instagram in April, wishing Christensen, "Happy Birthday Handsome." In 2015, the Star Wars star opened about naming their daughter Briar Rose. "There's a Disney reference there I suppose," he said of her uncommon name. "The original Sleeping Beauty is called Briar Rose. Rachel -- we both love Disney -- but Rachel especially was very keen on the name." Their camps have not responded to requests for comment. (People)

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner are keeping it together for their kids. Just days after Affleck came to support his new girlfriend Lindsay Shookus at the Emmys on Sunday, the Justice League star was spotted alongside his ex-wife at a school function for their kids on Wednesday. The duo, who have remained dedicated to keeping a united front for their kids -- Violet, 11, Samuel, 5, and Seraphina Rose, 8 -- dressed casually for the event and were seen walking amicably side-by-side around the school. Affleck and Garner broke off their 10-year marriage in June of 2015, and officially filed for divorce in April. "We go forward with love and friendship for one another and a commitment to co-parenting our children whose privacy we ask to be respected during this difficult time," they said in a joint statement at the time. Meanwhile, Affleck and Shookus, a producer on Saturday Night Live, made their relationship award show official for the first time at the 2017 Emmys on Sunday. The couple, who went public with their romance in early July, sat together at the star-studded ceremony, though they skipped the red carpet earlier. (Shookus took to the stage with her SNL colleagues when the show won outstanding variety sketch series.) Affleck accompanied Shookus to the HBO afterparty, where they sat with Curb Your Enthusiasm's Larry David and Jeff Garlin. One day earlier, the love birds joined David for a pre-Emmys date in Hollywood. The couple took their relationship public three months after Affleck and Garner, 45, coordinated their divorce filings following nearly two years of separation. A source told PEOPLE in July that Shookus was staying at Affleck's home. Another insider added then: "The friendship's been going on for a very long time but this is newer waters for them. They've been trying to take it slow but it's progressing quickly. Their feelings are strong." Ben Affleck Is 'Enjoying His Summer' With Lindsay Shookus as They Vacation in Maine, Says Source Ben Affleck & Lindsay Shookus Spotted At Liquor Store Twice Over The Weekend The two have been spending time together on both coasts since, stepping out for coffee runs, casual breakfast dates and nights out. They recently vacationed in Maine together and were spotted heading to a movie theater in N.Y.C. earlier this month. Just last weekend, the couple was spotted getting cozy as they watched the U.S. Open men's finals at the Arthur Ashe Stadium in N.Y.C, where Rafael Nadal defeated Kevin Anderson. (People)

Audrina Patridge Files for Divorce From Corey Bohan and Seeks Domestic Violence Restraining Order. It's over between Audrina Patridge and Corey Bohan and their split appears to be ugly. The Hills star on Monday sought a temporary domestic violence restraining order against her husband and on Wednesday filed for divorce, court records show. The two have been married for 10 months and share a 1-year-old daughter, Kirra Max. "Audrina's number one priority is her daughter and she asks for privacy at this time," Patridge's rep told E! News in a statement on Thursday. A hearing has been scheduled for October. Patridge and Bohan have been together on and off since 2008. They have not commented about their split, which comes as a surprise as the family has appeared happy and united in Instagram photos as recently as August. Patridge wed Bohan, a professional BMX rider, in November 2016 in an intimate ceremony in Hawaii in front of 100 of their closest family and friends, five months after the reality star gave birth to Kirra and a year after the couple got engaged. (Eonline)

Gwyneth Paltrow to Her Haters: ''If You Want to F--k With Me, Bring Your A Game'' Gwyneth Paltrow isn't worried about her haters and naysayers. The 44-year-old actress and Goop CEO opened up to The Hollywood Reporter about the future of her ever-growing company as well as her acting career, reminding her critics that in either case, baseless rumors aren't going to bring her down. "I'm interested in criticism based on fact, not on projections," she said. "If you want to f--k with me, bring your A game." Still, Paltrow recognizes the challenges (and the benefits) she faces being a celebrity in the world of entrepreneurs. "[Being a celebrity] makes it much more difficult. For the business I'm creating, it's an obstacle I always have to overcome," she explained. "For example, Reese [Witherspoon], who is a dear friend, has this quickly growing Draper James [clothing] business, and she leverages her celebrity in a great way for her brand." Of course, we all think of Paltrow as the high-brow A-lister who gets vaginal steams and pays thousands of dollars for luxurious sex toys -- a judgment stemming from what she sells and advises on Goop. But she promises there's a separation. "For this model -- where I'm trying to make Goop bigger than me and its own brand -- you become inextricably linked," she explained. "I'm a target in a way most entrepreneurs are not." Paltrow also counts her blessings. "When we need to leverage my celebrity, it opens doors," she admitted. "I don't know many young entrepreneurs who can call [Disney CEO] Bob Iger, [Facebook COO] Sheryl Sandberg or [Airbnb founder] Brian Chesky, and they are kind enough to waste a little bit of their day to help me. So in that respect, my celebrity has been a huge asset." And for these reasons, Paltrow only continues to grow Goop. She recently opened a brick and mortar shop in the Brentwood area of Southern California, started her own brand of vitamins and published her first issue of Goop magazine. What else could she possibly do? Well, television. "What we are thinking of doing is a TV show with the working title The Radical Wellness Show," she revealed. "I would be going into the field and talking to any number of doctors, scientists, civilians, people in crisis in Flint, Michigan, where there is something to uncover and confront about wellness. We would want it to feel more Vice-y in its vibe, but we're just in the brainstorming phase." So what does this mean for Paltrow's acting career? "I need to be here right now," she said of her company. "I went to Atlanta to do Avengers 4, so I'm in and out for that, and it's weird to go back and forth. We're growing fast, and balls are dropping all the time. But honestly, I was on set and thought, 'You sit here for two hours sipping tea, Robert Downey Jr. and Don Cheadle are making me laugh hysterically -- why the hell did I give this up?'" Though we may miss her on the big screen more than previous years, we won't be missing her fashionable moments -- something she naturally inherited from her late father, Bruce Paltrow. "My mom [Blythe Danner] was never into clothes or interiors -- she is an incredible artist but very internal," Paltrow explained. "My dad loved art, was a painting major in college; he loved beautiful things and clothes." (Eonline)

Let's just say Tony Orlando will NOT be knocking three times on a ceiling anytime soon -- not with his left hand, anyway. The '70s pop star -- who sang 'Tie a Yellow Ribbon' and "Knock Three Times" -- sliced the tip of his middle finger clean off in a garage door accident at his home in Branson, Missouri. Tony's son, John, tells us he was calm and collected -- way more than you'll be when you see the damage. He found the tip of the finger, picked it up and drove himself to a hospital ... like a boss! We don't know yet how the surgery turned out, but gotta say ... his manicurist is gonna be pissed. (TMZ)

Anthony Michael Hall Sentenced to Three Years Probation for Assault Against Neighbor. Anthony Michael Hall has found himself in legal hot water over an altercation with a neighbor. E! News can confirm the Breakfast Club star was charged with felony assault and "serious bodily injury" and could serve up to seven years in prison. According to the court documents, Hall used "violent force" against his neighbor outside their Playa del Rey condominium in September. He allegedly broke the neighbor's wrist and back during the confrontation, TMZ reports. The L.A. county superior court released the documents, charging Hall with the felony assault. His sentence was increased from four to seven years in prison due to the addition of a bodily injury charge. We're told the arraignment date has not yet been set. Interestingly enough, this is the second time Hall has had a legal issue with a neighbor. In 2011, the former '80s teen star was taken into custody after a confrontation with another resident at his Westside L.A. condominium complex. Sources said the dispute began when Hall had a fit and started ripping up plants in the condominium's common area. When the neighbor came out of his unit to see what the commotion was, Hall yelled profanity at him and threatened to "beat [him] to a pulp." Shortly thereafter, Hall followed through on his threats and went pounding on the neighbor's door to challenge him to a fight. The neighbor then called the cops and Hall was booked on suspicion of disturbing the peace. UPDATE: Anthony Michael Hall plead no contest in relation to a November 2016 altercation with his next-door neighbor, E! News has learned. He entered the plea of one misdemeanor count of assault with force likely to produce great bodily injury. The actor was sentenced to three years of summary probation and 40 hours of community service. (Eonline)

Boyfriend of Murdered Reality TV Star Loredana Nesci Sentenced to 16 Years to Life. Robert Reagan has been charged formally with one count of murder with a knife in the death of Loredana Nesci, the Los Angeles District Attorney's Office said on Friday. If convicted as charged, he faces a possible maximum sentence of 26 years to life in state prison. Loredana Nesci, an LAPD officer-turned lawyer who starred in the SundanceTV reality show Loredana, Esq. has been found dead at age 47 while her longtime partner, Robert Reagan, has been arrested on suspicion of murder. Police said in a statement obtained by E! News that around 7:20 a.m. on Wednesday, they received an emergency call from a "distraught male." Officers arrived at the Redondo Beach home Nesci shared with Reagan and their 5-year-old son Rocco Nesci-Reagan and found the reality star's body. They are investigating the incident as a homicide. "A resident of Redondo Beach, Robert Reagan, 51 years of age has been arrested in connection with this homicide," police said in the statement. Reagan has not commented. He is being held on $1 million bail, police records show. Nesci appeared to have been stabbed or shot, Los Angeles South Bay-based newspaper The Daily Breeze quoted police as saying. The couple had had "an altercation" before the incident, the outlet reported, adding that their child was not home at the time. Nesci, often dubbed "The Legal Diva," grew up in Connecticut and got her bachelor's degree from the University of Connecticut in Storrs. She moved to California in 1996 and worked as a Los Angeles police officer. During her time on the force, she helped the FBI handle what is now dubbed the famous North Hollywood shootout of 1997, according to her website bio. She went to law school years later and graduated with her Juris Doctorate from Quinnipiac University in Hamden, Connecticut in 2002. She worked as a lawyer and returned to California two years later, where she opened her own practice. In 2008, she began hosting her own radio show on KCAA 1050 AM. Her reality series premiered on the SundanceTV channel in March 2014 and documented her life at home and on the job. Nesci often posted photos and videos of her son and the family's two dogs, Louie and Toukie, on her Instagram page. The family also has two cats. Her friends are working to try and find homes for the pets. UPDATE: Robert Reagan was sentenced to 16 years to life in prison for the 2015 murder of his girlfriend, reality TV star and model Loredana Nesci, according to local reports. Weeks prior, he was found guilty of second-degree murder. "I will never know what Loredana ever saw in you," a letter written by Nesci's brother Robert and read in court reportedly said. "She wasted years of her life, gifted you with so much money, and foolishly believed in your stories. You told her lie after lie." "You were never grateful but, just like any other con man, you tried to dig deeper and get more out of her for doing nothing," the letter continued. "And when she was finally going to leave you, you gutted her like a farm animal." (Eonline)

Kate Beckinsale's Alleged Stalker Has All Charges Dropped. A man was arrested at Tampa Bay Comic Con Saturday on suspicion of stalking Kate Beckinsale, who later made a scheduled celebrity guest appearance at the event. Terry Lee Repp, a 45-year-old resident of Iowa, was booked in jail that morning on a $500 bond after he turned up at the Tampa Bay Convention Center a couple of hours before the actress was set to take the stage for a Q&A session, police records show. She filed a police report against him. He has not commented. Police said in a statement that on Thursday, Repp was found inside the Tampa Convention Center during the Comic Con event and "has a history of following and harassing [Beckinsale] and came to Tampa in an effort to continue the harassing behavior." "Repp made physical contact with the victim during an event in Salt Lake City, Utah in 2016. During this encounter, Repp touched the victim's back and made a statement to the victim in reference to stabbing her," the statement said. "In a continuing effort to harass the victim, Repp also traveled to Houston, Texas in 2016, where [Beckinsale] was attending an event." "Repp was detained by the Houston Police Department and trespassed from the event. Repp appears to have an irrational obsession with [Beckinsale] and has traveled across the country in an effort to harass her. Repp's actions caused the victim substantial emotional distress and caused her to fear for her safety. Repp has been charged with stalking and was booked into Orient Road Jail." Beckinsale postponed her Comic Con appearance for several hours after Repp's arrest. She made no mention of him onstage. She also appeared to be in good spirits while talking to fans and taking photos with them and signing autographs at the event, while being guarded by security. UPDATE: The man arrested for allegedly stalking Kate Beckinsale will not face criminal prosecution. According to documents obtained by E! News, the Florida State Attorney's Office dropped all charges against Terry Lee Rep because authorities apprehended the individual prior to him making contact with the actress on July 29, 2017 in Tampa Bay. Beckinsale has not commented publicly on the matter. (Eonline)

Suge Knight is pouring fuel all over a legendary conspiracy theory by speaking out from jail to explain why he believes there's a good chance Tupac Shakur is alive. The notorious Death Row Records CEO spoke to Ice-T and Soledad O'Brien -- on the phone from the L.A. County jail -- when he dropped the bombshell. Suge told them something about Pac's hospital stay after the 1996 shooting just doesn't add up for him. TMZ got this exclusive clip from the special, "Who Shot Biggie & Tupac?" ... where Ice and Soledad lead an investigation into the unsolved murders and uncover new accounts of the shootings from people who were there. It airs Sunday, September 24 on Fox. And we'll get Ice-T's reaction to Suge's theory on Friday's TMZ Live. (TMZ)

Bernie Casey, the beloved and iconic co-star in "Revenge of the Nerds" and "I'm Gonna Git You Sucka," died in an L.A. hospital ... TMZ has learned. Bernie's rep tells us he died peacefully Wednesday, surrounded by loved ones. We're told he suddenly fell ill recently, and had spent the last few days hospitalized. He broke into Hollywood with roles in blaxploitation films, and went on to co-star in nearly 80 different projects -- most notably he was the national head of the Tri Lams in 'Nerds' ... and neighborhood activist John Slade in 'Sucka.' He was also in "Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure." Casey was totally a jack-of-several-trades, having also played in the NFL as a Pro Bowl wide receiver for the L.A. Rams in the late '60s. He also had a passion for painting and poetry. Bernie was 78. R.I.P. (TMZ)


Salma Hayek Donates $100K to Mexico's Earthquake Victims and Implores Fans to Help. Salma Hayek is helping the victims of the catastrophic earthquake in Mexico City that happened on Tuesday, and she's "imploring" fans to join her in aiding these families. "After the 1985 earthquake in Mexico City, I was evacuated from my building. A lot of my friends died, including an uncle that was very, very close to me," the 51-year-old actress recalls in a video on her Instagram. "I have lived through the aftermath of a disaster of this magnitude, and it's horrific." Hayek donated $100K to UNICEF, which as the star explains, has teams on the ground responding at the sites. "I implore to your hearts, to the goodness of your hearts and your compassion to help with anything that you can give," she says. "Please join me and contribute what you can and thank you. The tremblor came on the 32nd anniversary of Mexico's deadliest earthquake in modern history in 1985. Sadly, by Wednesday the death toll rose to at least 225, according to NBC News. Our thoughts and prayers are with the victims and their families. (Eonline)

Kevin Hart and his pregnant wife, Eniko, are putting his sex tape/extortion case on a side burner for at least one day because they're still putting on a super expensive baby shower amid the scandal. According to docs, obtained by TMZ, Kevin and Eniko are dropping serious cash for a 'Lion King' themed shower on Oct. 1 at the Calamigos Beach Club in Malibu. The venue will be decked out in leopard print and safari animals pics -- and a Hart family photo "with a silhouette of pregnant Eniko leading the way." They're also having an "Experience Bar" where guests can sample exotic foods and dress up like tribal warriors -- and a game show similar to "The Price Is Right" where guests can win prizes. All set to 'Lion King' music, of course. It don't come cheap -- according to the docs, the whole shebang is costing them $117,855. But that includes $1,500 for a chimp in a diaper ... so it's a steal. We're thinking Kevin's gift budget might go up slightly though. (TMZ)

Brooklyn Beckham isn't shying away from letting his love for Chloe Grace Moretz show. Making up for lost time, the 18-year-old photographer shared a sweet photograph of the 20-year-old actress on Wednesday, writing in the caption, "Thinking of this one xx." Moretz, who dated the son of David and Victoria Beckham for nearly a year before they split, also shared a photo of him on Wednesday, with a simple caption, "8.27.17 NY." Beckham, who recently started attending college in New York City, told The Cut that some of his classmates were a bit starstruck by him. "I like people from school, but there are a few fangirls in the school," he said. "Sometimes, I have to be like, 'I'm going to be with you for like, four years, so chill.'" PEOPLE confirmed in August that Beckham and Moretz were "hanging out" nearly a year after they split. On Sunday, Beckham shared a photo of himself watching TV and made it clear they were once again back on, wrote that he was "missing my girl," with Moretz tagged in the photo. (People)

After the heartbreaking loss of her beloved Ducky in August, Selma Blair has welcomed home a new love in her life -- Cappuccino Houston (or Cappy, for short). The Legally Blonde actress shared a sweet photo of her son Arthur Saint, 6, hugging their new addition. "And so we have begun another dog love adventure," Blair, 45, wrote in the caption. "Cappuccino Houston (Cappy) entered our lives a few weeks ago. She is a shy dog, and much patience and work is being done. But, already bonded with Arthur, she is a kind and dear girl." "She is almost still a pup herself," Blair continued. "And has already weaned her own babies. Now she has another needy young one. Arthur. And it is just what we all wanted. Thank you for all the help @angelcitypits#nkla #bestfriendsanimalsociety #cappythedog #adoptdontshop #savethemall #trainthemall #spayandneuteryourpets #stray #spiritofduckyandwink." Blair's dog Ducky died in August, with the Hellboy actress penning an emotional tribute to the 13-year-old Chihuahua-pug. "Run with the angels. We miss you so much. So much, sweet girl. Please send us our next dog. With the spirit of you and wink. Our hearts are broken," she wrote at the time. She asked for prayers, explaining, "[Ducky] had a terrible accident this evening. The vet recommended ending her suffering. But when her tail wagged, I couldn't do it." Earlier this year, Blair told PEOPLE of the close bond her son and the dog had. "They love each other very much, but it's very much brother and sister," the Cruel Intentions star said in March. "My boy just wants to squeeze her as tight as he can and play games and have pillow fights, and that ship has sailed for Ducky. But she's done great with it." Blair and her son had adopted Ducky in 2015 from the no-kill shelter, Best Friend Animal Shelter. (People)

Some famous friends will be on hand for Mika Brzezinski's latest "Know Your Value" event. Martha Stewart, Sarah Jessica Parker and Jane Pauley are among those expected Oct. 30 for an all-day conference at Manhattan's Grand Hyatt hotel. "Know Your Value" is based on the best-selling book by the co-host of MSNBC's "Morning Joe." The mission is to develop an "empowered community" for women in their personal and professional lives. Others who have appeared at "Know Your Value" gatherings include Sen. Kirstin Gillibrand of New York, Rachael Ray and Brooke Shields. Brzezinski published her book in 2011 and started the "Know Your Value" movement three years later. The Oct. 30 event is in partnership with NBCUniversal News Group. (Page Six)


America's Got Talent: Mandy Harvey, Shania Twain perform emotional duet. America's got talent, and so does Canada. Wednesday night's finale of the NBC competition saw country superstar (and Canada native) Shania Twain join America's Got Talent finalist Mandy Harvey, who ended up finishing season 12 in fourth place. She wowed the judges -- Simon Cowell, Heidi Klum, Mel B, and Howie Mandel -- and audiences all season long, starting with her first performance, which earned her the Golden Buzzer from Cowell. On that June auditions episode, the 29-year-old revealed she's been deaf since she was 10, performing barefoot and relying on vibrations to help keep beat. For the finale, Harvey and Twain collaborated for a duet of the latter's 1998 hit "You're Still the One" before Twain transitioned into a performance of her new single "Life's About to Get Good," from her upcoming album Now (out Sept. 29). (Entertainment Weekly)

Following a Brooklyn premiere of Fergie's long-awaited second solo album, some were left wondering if it was inspired by her breakup with Josh Duhamel. Tracks on the new album, titled "Double Dutchess," include "Save It Till Morning," "A Little Work," "Love Is Blind," and "Love Is Pain." And Fergie admitted to Page Six, "There's a lot of my life, and my vulnerable side on the album." But she insists that the songs, written from the journals she has kept throughout her life, are about many relationships she has had, not just Duhamel, and the videos "amplify" events from her past. Fergie, 42, and Duhamel, 44, announced in September they had separated "earlier this year" after eight years of marriage. She and the "Transformers" star share a four-year-old son Axl, who she says is "the sun that we all revolve around," adding that she is staying strong after the split for him. "Now it is really about taking care of yourself, I have a son, and keeping the balance of life is very important, just checking in with yourself to make sure everything is balanced." The album is also a "visual experience," with the singer filming a video for each of the songs Beyonce-style, which will all drop on Friday, September 22. Of the album she said, "there's a weird religious tone to the whole thing. I am more spiritual than religious . . . It is also about my relationship with my god, my higher power, my universe whatever you want to call it, whatever it is, I've really had to call upon that throughout the making of this album." Fergie has been very open about her mistakes and overcoming drug addiction in the past, "Writing the song 'A Little Work', it was all about how everything is a battle with the mind, it is how you change things slowly, little by little, sometimes it is not the easiest way to go, but that's how we better ourselves. The song is definitely about a battle with myself and my own demons." The record also includes some killer Fergie upbeat club tracks including "You Already Know" featuring Nicki Minaj and "Hungry" featuring Rick Ross. There's also the cheeky song "M.I.L.F.$," accompanied by a video that features Kim Kardashian, Chrissie Teigen and Amber Valletta. Guests at Tuesday's Wythe Hotel VIP party for Fergie's new album included models Alex Lundqvist, Marquita Pring and Precious Lee, Cinema Society founder Andrew Saffir and Lady Kitty Spencer, the niece of the late Princess Diana. (Page Six)

Harry Styles Kicks Off His Tour With Rainbow Flag -- and His Fans Love It. Harry Styles kicked off his first solo tour with a message of love and equality. The singer, who rose to fame with One Direction, performed at the Masonic auditorium in San Francisco on Tuesday. A fan threw onstage a rainbow Pride flag, which Styles waved around before attaching it to his mic stand while performing his song "Woman." "Cried in the arms of a gay man standing by me when this happened. It was a beautiful moment and a wonderful show," wrote Twitter user @MarissaRachay. "Thank you @Harry_Styles." "Harry dancing on stage with an LGBTQ pride flag makes me feel safe. What a human being," tweeted user @harryfanboyz. "Thank you. I love you so much @Harry_Styles." Styles has long been a supporter of equal rights for women and the LGBTQ community. "That doesn't feel like politics to me," he said on the French talk show Quotidien in April. "Stuff like equality feels much more fundamental. I feel like everyone is equal. That doesn't feel like politics to me." In 2013, members of the anti-gay religious group the Westboro Baptist Church picketed a One Direction concert in Kansas City, Missouri. "Despite the company outside, I believe in equal rights for everyone. I think God loves all," Styles tweeted at the time. "Thanks for coming to the show though." Styles is set to perform in Los Angeles Wednesday, after which he will head to cities such as Nashville, Chicago, New York City, Boston and Atlanta. The first U.S. leg of his tour ends on October 14, after which he will take a short break before heading to Europe for more shows on October 25. Styles is scheduled to perform around the world on and off until July 2018. (Eonline)

Grammy Museum Honors David Foster at Record-Breaking Gala. "Not only is David a genius musician, he's a song guy. He's the best vocal producer around. He'll take a singer further than they think they can go," said Diane Warren. In a record-breaking evening that raised more than $1 million, the Grammy Museum honored superstar producer David Foster at its 3rd annual gala on Tuesday. Held at The Nuvo in Los Angeles, the event's proceeds fund the Grammy Museum and its educational and musical preservation programs. Calling Foster his "brother from a different mother" and "one of the most talented musicians in the world," Quincy Jones -- one of the few musicians who can claim more Grammys than Foster (27 trophies to 16)-presented Foster with the architects of sound award, recalling their long history back to working together on a Brothers Johnson record in the 1970s. Foster accepted his award, addressing what he called a "real crisis" with music education in schools. He went on to laud one of his high school band teachers who encouraged him to learn a new instrument every three months to ensure that Foster had at least a cursory understanding of as many instruments as possible. As a filmed piece noted, Foster has written, produced, arranged or played on songs that have cumulatively sold more than 500 million copies, including Whitney Houston's version of "I Will Always Love You," Earth Wind & Fire's "After the Love Is Gone," Natalie Cole's remake of "Unforgettable," Celine Dion's "Power of Love" and "All By Myself" cover, Josh Groban's "The Prayer" and hundreds of others. Diane Warren, who has had several of her songs produced by Foster, including Toni Braxton's 1996 smash "Un-break My Heart," told Billboard, "Not only is David a genius musician, he's a song guy. He's the best vocal producer around. He'll take a singer further than they think they can go." That ability was evident as singer after singer, including Pia Toscano, Ruben Studdard and Katharine McPhee (Foster swore the American Idol connection was coincidental), flexed their impressive vocal muscles during an hour-long tribute to Foster's work, that also included performers Shelea and Fernando Varela. Foster accompanied the artists on piano, while they recreated some of his biggest hits. "We debated about what to do and then, being a control freak, I decided to do it myself," Foster joked of the evening's entertainment. In addition to revenue raised from tickets purchased for the event, a lively auction earned more than half a million, including two house concerts by Foster that went for $225,000 each. The Grammy Museum also recognized Nathan Strayhorn, the recipient of the 2017 Jane Ortner Education Award, which honored K-12 academic teachers who use music in the classroom as an educational tool. (Billboard)

Concord Music Buys Savoy Label Group, Adding Jazz Recordings From Coltrane, Davis And Parker: Exclusive. The catalog deal brings more than 3,000 master recordings to the company. Savoy Records, founded in 1942, was home to some of the jazz world's most iconic artists, including Charlie Parker, Miles Davis, Dizzy Gillespie, John Coltrane and Dexter Gordon. The catalog also includes more recent recordings from such acts as Etta Jones, Bill Frisell, Larry Coryell, Andy Bey, and Milton Nascimento. Concord is already home to a tremendous number of top jazz titles through its start as a jazz label and its acquisition of the Fantasy catalog in 2004. The deal, the terms of which were not disclosed, also encompasses Savoy Label Group adult rock and alternative label 429 Records, which includes titles from Meat Loaf, Los Lobos, Robbie Robertson, Macy Gray, Dr. John, Bruce Hornsby and Boz Scaggs. Scaggs is the only artist involved in the sale who has a current contract with Savoy Label Group. He is expected to release a new album in 2018 through one of Concord Music's labels. Among Savoy Label Group's classical titles are works by Dutch violinist Andre Rieu, as well as recordings from the London Symphony and Philharmonic Orchestras, Berlin Symphony, and Moscow Philharmonic. Savoy Label Group's previous owner, Steve Vining, has entered a multi-year consulting and production agreement with Concord Music, which may include the delivery of new recording projects to the company. "Concord's enormous success in many of the same musical genre's SLG has pursued convinces me they will be outstanding stewards of both the rich catalog as well as the new recordings to come from our very talented artists," Vining said in a statement. Added Concord Music chief business development officer Steve Salm, who was the point person on the deal, "The addition of Savoy to Concord Music is consistent with our ongoing growth strategy, as it deepens our presence within a number of core genres. It also adds numerous classic recordings and another legendary brand to our great group of labels." In June, Concord Music purchased the Imagem Music Group for more than $500 million, helping make Concord the world's fifth largest integrated music company. Its recorded music portfolio, prior to this deal, includes more than 10,000 album recordings, while its publishing arm oversees more than 380,000 copyrights. (Billboard)

Yoko Ono Forces Polish Lemonade Company 'John Lemon' to Change Name. Her lawyers cited trademark infringement against her husband's name and personal rights, saying, "They were abusing and misusing the legacy of John Lennon to sell their soda." For decades, Beatles fans have accused Yoko Ono of breaking up the band. The veracity of such a claim is up for debate, but Ono Lennon did try to break up a lemonade company that was capitalizing off the name of her late husband, John Lennon. Ono Lennon's lawyers recently sent legal letters to John Lemon, a Polish lemonade company established five years ago that distributes to bars and restaurants in the United Kingdom and 13 other European countries, The Guardian reports. Her lawyers cited trademark infringement against her husband's name and personal rights, telling the East London Advertiser, "They were abusing and misusing the legacy of John Lennon to sell their soda." The musician and activist's legal team also cited a Facebook post by John Lemon Ireland that displayed a mural of Lennon holding lemons with the company's logo underneath. Other advertisements displayed round glasses that recalled Lennon's signature frames, along with the words, "Let It Be." Upon receiving the letters, John Lemon agreed to change its name to On Lemon. "All of us involved with this product are startups and we couldn't take on someone who is worth many, many millions," Mr. Lemonade Alternative Drinks founder Karol Chamera told the East London Advertiser. (Incidentally, "On Lemon" is remarkably similar to "Ono Lennon," though there's nothing she can do about that.) Hugo Balazinski of law firm KSP, which represented John Lemon, said the company concluded a settlement to avoid having its lemonade production banned. He noted, however, that John Lemon registered its trademark in 2014, while the John Lennon brand was not registered until last year. Ultimately, it proved a moot point -- when you've spent so many years engaged in bitter spats with Paul McCartney, you learn how to stand your ground, in court or otherwise. (Billboard)


Cher Launches Oscar Campaign for Interracial Couple's Doc. Cher has not given up on Edith Hill and Eddie Harrison's love story. Their union -- and the tragic fallout from it -- was the subject of the documentary short Edith+Eddie. The Hollywood Reporter has learned that the superstar performer and producer has boarded the project as an executive producer and will be involved in an awards campaign for the 29-minute film directed by Laura Checkoway. Hill was 96 and Harrison 95 years old when they were married, and the film bills the two as "America's oldest interracial newlyweds" at the time of their union in 2014. What could've been a heart-warming love story turned into something tragic as the two were separated by Hill's family in a bitter family feud. The couple had been sharing Hill's Virginia home until one of her daughters forcibly moved her to Florida, separating the couple. Their story snagged national headlines and, as the story goes, Cher saw a local news piece and jumped at the chance to get involved by offering to pay for Hill's medical expenses as well as costs associated with fixing up the couple's former Virginia dwelling so she could return to the home they had apparently hoped to share, living out their final days together. In an exclusive statement to THR, Cher says their story "touched my heart," hence why she's helping mount a campaign. "These are the cutest people I have ever seen and they were truly in love," she says. "What happened to them is horrible -- it's elder abuse and it's happening all over. We're hopeful this film can make a difference." Cher's awards push for the film comes close to 30 years after the release of 1987's Moonstruck, a film that garnered her a best actress Oscar. She joins Edith+Eddie executive producers Steve James, Gordon Quinn and Betsy Steinberg along with producer Thomas Lee Wright. It's Wright who is no stranger to the issue of elder abuse after having written the book The Family Guide to Preventing Elder Abuse: How to Protect Your Parents -- And Yourself. Edith+Eddie recently secured a place on Cinema Eye's "Shorts List" and has screened at the Camden Film Festival and Hamptons International Film Festival. Among its honors is the jury award for best documentary at the 2017 Palm Springs International Shortfest. A screening is planned for Washington, D.C., in the hopes of influencing federal policy on the issue. (Hollywood Reporter)

Kate Winslet to Play Famed WWII Correspondent Lee Miller. eOne is financing the biopic and will distribute in its own territories. Kate Winslet is joining a growing cohort of British actresses set to play noted war correspondents. The Oscar winner is set to star as Lee Miller in an as-yet-untitled biopic about the famed American photographer, model, artist and correspondent who was a leading figure in documenting WWII for Vogue magazine, bringing images of the Nazi concentration camps and the atrocities that were committed to the attention of the world. The film-being fully financed by eOne, which will also distribute in its own territories-will be produced by Troy Lum and Andrew Mason of Hopscotch Features alongside Winslet herself, and will document Miller's life, as told by her son, Antony Penrose, in the only authorized biography The Lives of Lee Miller. Production is expected to being in 2018, with a director yet to be announced. "I am delighted to work with Kate Winslet, eOne and Hopscotch to share the life story of my mother Lee Miller," said Penrose. "Their integrity and respect for the truth has earned them the absolute trust of myself and my family and we have allowed access to all aspects of our lives and history through interviews, our personal papers and material held in The Lee Miller Archives and The Roland Penrose Archive, the latter being part of The Scottish National Gallery in Edinburgh." Earlier this year, Rosamund Pike signed up to star in A Private War as famed U.S. correspondent Marie Colvin, who reported from conflicts in Chechnya, Kosovo, Sierra Leone, Zimbabwe and Sri Lanka and died in 2012 while covering the civil war in Syria. In June, Carey Mulligan was announced as playing Australian reporter Kate Webb, who was held in captivity for 23 days during the Vietnam War, in On the Other Side. (Hollywood Reporter)

Oscars: Taiwan Selects 'Small Talk' for Foreign-Language Category. Hui-Chen Huang's intimate portrait of her mother won the best doc prize at this year's Berlin Film Festival. Taiwan has selected Hui-Chen Huang's documentary Small Talk as its official entry for the foreign-language category at the 90th Academy Awards. A Teddy Award winner for best doc at the Berlin International Film Festival earlier this year, Small Talk is a personal exploration of Huang's relationship with her lesbian mother A-nu. The film delves into A-nu's past as a Taoist priestess, as well as detail her romantic relationships, friendships and her role as a mother that was often absent. Small Talk was also part of the official selection at Taipei's Golden Horse Film Festival. The Academy Awards will be held March 4, 2018. (Hollywood Reporter)

Tom Cruise Partially Blamed for Plane Crash That Killed Two People on Set of American Made. The families of two men who died following a September 2015 plane crash on the set of American Made claim Tom Cruise is partially to blame for the fatal accident. Three of the pilots hired for the movie were involved in a plane crash during filming when their twin-engine Piper Smith Aerostar 600 went down in the mountains. Alan Purwin and Carlos Berl died on the scene, while Jimmy Lee Garland was left without feeling in the lower half of his body. According to new court documents provided to PEOPLE by The Blast, the estates of Purwin and Berl claim that Cruise and director Doug Liman's desire to film a "high-risk, action-packed motion picture" contributed to the circumstances that led to the accident. "The demands of filming in Colombia, together with Cruise's and director Doug Liman's enthusiasm for multiple takes of lavish flying sequences, added hours to every filming day and added days to the schedule," state the documents. Purwin and Berl's families are both suing the producers of the film -- Imagine Entertainment, Vendian Entertainment and Cross Creek Pictures -- for wrongful death and damages. They allege that the production companies ignored safety procedures before the flight in order to save time and money. "Lapses in planning, coordinating, scheduling, and flight safety that were the Defendants' responsibility resulted in an unqualified and unprepared pilot being pressed into service for a dangerous flight in a vintage aircraft across an unfamiliar mountain pass in bad weather," state the documents. Though Cruise and Liman are not named defendants in the lawsuit, the families allege they were "negligent" in allowing the flight to take place under such circumstances. The lawsuit also claims one of the executive producers on the film sent a formal complaint to the insurance company about Cruise and Liman. "DL [Director Liman] and TC [Cruise] [are] adding entire scenes and aerial shots on the fly. Had to bring in Uni Safety to help wrangle them. In the last 48 hours this has become the most insane s -- I've ever dealt with," it read, according to the lawsuit. In a separate email, Purwin called the film "the most dangerous project I've ever encountered." "You have no idea the exposure TC and the entire Aerial Team is realizing every time we get in the air," he wrote, according to the court papers. "There's a very 'thin line' between keeping all aerial activities safe and having an accident. Trust me on this!" The families go on to argue that Cruise could have piloted the plane, calling him "a well-qualified pilot very familiar with the Aerostar and the routing." The families are also suing each other, with Berl's family filing a suit against Garland, the only survivor. The original lawsuit was filed in April 2016. (People)


And the Winner of America's Got Talent Season 12 Is . . . And America's next top talent is... Oops, wrong iconic Tyra Banks' line, but the host did help crown a winner during Wednesday night's finale of America's Got Talent, which had 10 finalists vying for the season 12 crown: Evie Clair, Darci Lynne Farmer, Chase Goehring, Angelica Hale, Mandy Harvey, Preacher Lawson, Kechi Okwuchi, Diavolo, Light Balance and Sarah and Hero. So which act won the NBC reality series? Drumroll please.... After thousands and thousands of votes, congratulations are in order for Darci Lynne Farmer! The child ventriloquist, who earned Mel B's "Golden Buzzer" this season, continuously wowed audiences and the judges with her skills. While she only started developing her act two years ago, fans would have had no idea when she took to the stage Tuesday night. "This is what I think about you, Darci. When you can appeal to all ages is what you've done but this is what I believe," Simon Cowell explained. "The best part of doing this job is when you are there and you can say I was there at the beginning of someone's career and I witnessed a star. Tonight, again, I've just witnessed a star emerge because that's what you are. You are special, incredible, funny, talented. I think you're going to win." And sure enough, he was totally right. Farmer, who walked away with a $1 million prize, is already a winner on YouTube notching over 1.5 million viewers. Safe to say this is only the beginning. (Eonline)

America's Got Talent Winner Darci Lynne Farmer Has Big (And Cute) Plans for Her Prize Money. America's Got Talent has a new pint-sized winner. Darci Lynne Farmer, the 12-year-old singing ventriloquist was crowned champion of AGT season 12 and yes, she's still surprised. "It's more of a shock right now, it hasn't even hit me," Darci Lynne told E! News after the show. "I have no words, I'm speechless, but thank you America for voting for me -- it's crazy!" But where was her partner in crime, Petunia, during our interview? "She is so exhausted. She demanded a nap, I'm not even kidding," she joked. Darci Lynne has big plans for her prize money, including helping out at her church's mission program, and then, "I have to get my mom a dishwasher because it doesn't work and we need a new on," she said. Her final plan? Getting a pug. "I would love to get a pug. A puppy, a baby pug, I just want one so bad. I'm ready... I'm ready to take on the puppy life," she said. The judges, including Simon Cowell, Howie Mandel, Mel B and Heidi Klum weren't surprised that it was Darci Lynne who came out on top in the big finale. "It's interesting, in the last two Howie it's been really young 12-year-old girls whose lives have are changed forever," Howie said. "I think that's America saying we embrace the future, we embrace the purity of just that child-like fun, inspirational talent." Heidi said she predicted Darci Lynne's big win, "because she has the total package" with her singing, jokes and ventriloquism. America's Got Talent will return on NBC. (Eonline)

And the Big Brother Season 19 Winner Is . . . What a season, man. Big Brother season 19 just came to an end after one seriously exhausting summer. The finale started with Paul Abrahamian, Josh Martinez, and Christmas Abbott left in the house, but Josh strangely decided to take Paul to the final two, so it was the two guys up against the jury. After many questions, many answers we're not sure we believe, one montage of every single houseguest (minus Cody) declaring their trust in Paul, and then another montage of Josh explaining to every eliminated houseguest that he was just honoring his final three deal with Paul and Christmas, a winner was declared after the most perfect tie possible. It was four and four, with only Cody's vote to be read. Obviously, he picked Josh. Josh revealed to the jury Wednesday night that he's actually a huge Big Brother superfan, so it's not a shock that he knew exactly what he needed to do to win. As for this season's biggest and best showmance, Cody Nickson and Jessica Graf, they're still totally solid after Cody revealed that he wanted to marry Jessica. They both declared that their love is as real as ever, even after being apart for five weeks since Jessica was evicted, and still being apart on the live show as he was on the jury and she was not. "I'm waiting for this to all be over so I can actually go and hug her," Cody said. "I've been warned multiple times that I can't run across and like grab Jessica." "Well I think everybody on the outside world knows that I've literally been his biggest fan, his biggest supporter," Jessica told Julie before turning to Cody. "I've been rooting you on literally all day every day." So does she still want to be in a relationship? "Even more so," she said. And the cherry on top for Cody was that he also won America's Favorite Houseguest, meaning he's going home with $25,000. CBS has already renewed Big Brother for season 20, set to air in 2018, and recently announced that they will be launching their first-ever Celebrity Edition this winter, featuring celebs all living together in front of 24/7 cameras. (Eonline)

The Blacklist Premiere Sneak Peek: What Happens Now That Red's Secret Is Out? The season four finale was a major one for The Blacklist, finally confirming a long-held theory that Red (James Spader) is, in fact, Elizabeth Keene's (Megan Boone) father. (We knew it!!) So...what does that mean? Apparently, according to this exclusive premiere sneak peek, nothing good for the task force now that there's a new FBI director whose first order of business is to review all of the bureau's special operations. While it may be bad enough that Red's entire empire is gone, it's worse that now there may be a "perception problem" thanks to the reality of his relationship with Liz. "There was a DNA test between Reddington and Keene, and it's only a matter of time before I have to disclose the results of that test," Cooper (Harry Lennix) explains to his confused agents. "Raymond Reddington's her father." Cue the shock! In happier, less complicated but also possibly more complicated news, Samar (Mozhan Marno) and Aram's (Amir Arison) relationship is definitely and delightfully a thing. The clip starts with a steamy makeout sesh in the elevator that gets quickly interrupted by the opening of the elevator doors, with Ressler (Diego Klattenhoff) right on the other side. Secret coworker romances are just the best (on TV)! This is going to be fun. The Blacklist premieres Wednesday, September 27 at 8 p.m. on NBC. (Eonline)

After 7 Years, Sam Waterston Returns as Jack McCoy for Law & Order: SVU Guest Role. Doink doink: Law & Order: SVU is getting an infusion of the mothership Law & Order when Sam Waterston guest stars in season 19. He joins previously announced new and returning SVU players Brooke Shields, Dean Winters and Philip Winchester. Waterston played attorney Jack McCoy from 1994-2010 on the original Law & Order series. He last played the character on SVU in the 2010 episode "Torch." He's appeared on SVU two other times, in 2000 and 2007. Waterston also played Jack McCoy on Law & Order: Trial By Jury in 2005. Since the original Law & Order ended, Waterston has kept busy with film and TV roles including The Newsroom and Miss Sloane. He currently stars opposite Martin Sheen, Lily Tomlin and Jane Fonda in Netflix's comedy Grace and Frankie where he plays Sol, the ex-husband to Tomlin's Frankie and husband to Sheen's Robert. In August 2017, Law & Order mastermind Dick Wolf, who was on hand to promote Law & Order True Crime: The Menendez Murders, revealed the rumored Law & Order revival was pretty much stalled. It's "nowhere" Wolf said. "I mean it's a nice thing to think about occasionally," he told press at the 2017 TCA summer press tour. "I would be very surprised if we went back." Law & Order: SVU premieres Wednesday, Sept. 27 at 9 p.m. on NBC. (Eonline)

Eric Decker Reacts to Getting Released From the New York Jets on Eric & Jessie: "It Is a Bummer." On to the next! Eric Decker got a surprising update about his football career in Wednesday's all-new Eric & Jessie. During a phone call with Jessie James Decker, the wide receiver broke the news that he was being released from the New York Jets and had no idea which team he would join next. "It is a bummer," the disappointed NFL star told his wife. "I felt like we were getting to a routine and I'm feeling great, so I felt like practice has been going well." But Jessie was there to offer words of encouragement. "Just have to just roll with it," she told him. "See where the next journey takes us." She added, "Growing up, I was a military kid. I moved 14 different times, so I will say, if we have to pick up and move somewhere else, it's going to be fine." Meanwhile, Jessie was busy working on new music for her upcoming album, Southern Girl City Lights. As she hit the studio in Nashville to record a duet called "Almost Over You" with country singer Randy Houser, two of her biggest fans, her husband and daughter Vivianne Decker, were on hand to show their support. "It's important for Vivi to see her mommy working," Eric said. "I think that gives her inspiration and respect for what her mother does." Too sweet! (Eonline)

Meet Charles Melton: Get to Know Riverdale's New Reggie. There's a new Reggie in town when Riverdale returns for season two. After the character was recast because of Ross Butler's prior commitments to 13 Reasons Why, Charles Melton was brought into the Riverdale universe as Reggie 2.0, and he's a face you're going to want to get to know. Lucky for you, E! News sat down to find out everything we could about the 26 year-old, from his favorite movie to his favorite milkshake flavor to his go-to picture face, and it's kind of hard to watch him play our little get to know you game without falling a little bit in love. His favorite movie is A Knight's Tale, you guys. A Knight's Tale! And for those of you who are still worried about getting used to a new Reggie, Charles wants you to know that he's doing his absolute best. "I'm gonna give my best work that I can to the role of Reggie, Melton says. "I understand if you're a little apprehensive, but you know, I'm going to do Reggie a service, an honor, you know, 'cause historically he's an iconic character, so I'm going to do my best so hopefully I'm going to stop getting the #notmyreggie comments." While those comments--which Melton says he's gotten a ton of on Twitter--are hurtful, he's trying not to let it bother him. "You really don't react to it," he says of dealing with online hate. "I mean you just, no matter how good things are, or how bad things could be, there's always going to be negativity or something like that going on, and you just gotta, you know, embrace it I guess. But don't let it dictate kind of like how you're going to live." Riverdale returns Wednesday, October 11 at 8 p.m. on the CW. (Eonline)

This Is Us fans, breathe easy -- despite his death, Jack will still be a major part of the show, his on-screen wife confirms. PEOPLE recently caught up with Mandy Moore, and the actress -- and newly announced Garnier spokesperson -- opened up about Milo Ventimiglia, his beloved character on the hit NBC series and the much-anticipated season 2. "Milo is No. 1 on the call sheet -- he isn't going anywhere," says Moore, 33. "He is our leader. We call him our actor department head. If you want to know what's going on in the show or have a question about something, Milo, without fail, has the answer." Justin Hartley Has Fake Spoilers for 'This is Us' Fans This is Us star Justin Hartley knowns the show's fans have an insatiable desire for spoilers so he is trying to help by making up some fake ones.

As for what we can expect from the new season, Moore says she thinks it's "better than ever." "We just watched the first three episodes with the cast the other night together and I think I was really struck by how it's equal parts touching and laugh-out-loud funny," she says. "I think it's better than ever. I'm really proud of it. Everybody just did such remarkable work across the board again, and I hope people are going to be happy with it." "We're all having so much fun and it's very emotional," she adds. "It's sort of our signature. If they're looking for a good weep, they won't be disappointed." Season 2 of This Is Us premieres Sept. 26 on NBC. (Hollywood Reporter)

'South Park' Mocks Trump's Incessant, Reckless Tweeting. The show never actually uses the "T" word, calling him the president, but it is clear that Mr. Garrison is still the character. Trump is back on South Park -- kind of. The Comedy Central cartoon made fun of the president's incessant tweeting, specifically about North Korea, in the episode titled "Put it Down.' Essentially, the most high-strung child is town (Tweek) is having a meltdown daily about the saber-rattling between the U.S. and North Korea, which is exacerbated by the show's version of Trump tweeting outlandish insults at Kim Jong-un, daring him to attack. The show never says "Trump," just calling him the president, but it is clear in his Twitter avatar it is still Mr. Garrison. In one instance, Tweek bakes cupcakes for the North Korea leadership in hopes of showing them the U.S. is not all like Trump. When the show's president learns of Tweek's nice deed, he tweets: "I know that kid Tweek, he's fucking with you North Korea. Get a clue. I bet he took a dump in the batter." Mixing in other dueling story threads about Erik threatening to commit suicide just for attention and other kids at South Park Elementary working on their campaign to stop distracted driving, the episode ends with everyone asking the president to take the pledge to put down his phone. In their song, random townspeople take the pledge that, should they ever become president, they won't be distracted by their phone. Hillary Clinton makes a quick cameo to take the pledge, to which the chorus replies "No one cares." Show creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone said before the season began they were going to lay off Trump jokes as last season became too heavy due to the actual presidential outcome. (Hollywood Reporter)

Kylie Jenner bailed on an interview with "Today" host Megyn Kelly, sources told Page Six, because she was spooked by potentially tough questions Kelly could ask. Kelly's interview with Kris Jenner and daughters Kim, Kourtney, Khloe and Kendall was taped earlier in the year and aired on Wednesday. Noticeably absent was youngest sister Kylie, who'd posted images of herself at the studio for the interview back when it was taped. A source tells us that before Kelly's questions began, "Kylie bailed," getting cold feet about facing the interviewer. "She was all set to do the interview with her sisters, and she arrived to the location, ready to go," a source tells Page Six. "Then she bailed at the last minute because she thought the questions were going to be too tough." A rep for Kylie did not get back to us. In her absence, Kendall defended Kylie, citing the 20-year-old's cosmetics line when asked about any haters the family has. "My little sister has an insane business . . . Anyone who says they don't want their kid to be like that . . . is insane to me," Kendall quipped. (Page Six)

U.S., Russia Spar Over Kremlin-Funded News Outlet. Russian authorities hint at investigations of U.S. journalists working in the country in the wake of the FBI questioning of a former correspondent with Sputnik. On Sept.19, three Democratic lawmakers urged the Federal Communications Commission to investigate if the Kremlin-funded news site and radio station Sputnik broke government regulations by broadcasting propaganda. The move came as more proof that diplomatic tensions between the U.S. and Russia have spilled over into the media industry. "In Washington, D.C., listeners need only tune their radios to 105.5 FM to hear the Russian government's effort to influence U.S. policy," reads a statement signed by Representative Frank Pallone of New Jersey, the top Democrat on the Energy and Commerce Committee, and Representatives Anna Eshoo (Dem-CA) and Mike Doyle (Dem-PA). Last week, the FBI questioned of Andrew Feinberg, Sputnik's former White House correspondent as part of a probe into whether the news outlet, which is part of the same Kremlin-funded media group as television network Russia Today, was involved in pro-Russian propaganda in the U.S. Simultaneously, the U.S. Justice Department ruled that Russia Today's U.S. servicing company needs to register as a foreign agent. Both Sputnik and Russia Today are seen as the Kremlin's international propaganda mouthpieces, even though they claim to supply "objective journalism" and "alternative viewpoints" instead. Earlier this year, Russia Today and Sputnik were banned from covering the presidential campaign of Emmanuel Macron, who said that the two outlets "act not like media, but like agents of influence and propaganda." "There is no doubt that Russia will respond to the FBI's investigation in a similar way and work of U.S. journalists in Moscow will be scrutinized," Margarita Simonyan, editor in chief of Sputnik and Russia Today, was quoted as saying by Russian state-run news agency RIA Novosti. "This is more than disgusting," she went on to say. "Freedom of expression is turning in its grave. It was killed by those who invented it." The Kremlin's reaction was in the same vein. President Vladimir Putin's spokesman Dmitry Peskov was quoted by RIA Novosti saying that the FBI's questioning of Feinberg testified to "problems with censorship and restrictions of the press" in the U.S. "This raises our concerns," he added. Russian experts say that the conflict, which is developing against the backdrop of the worst crisis in relations between Russia and the U.S. in decades and a series of diplomatic rows, may also lead mutual restrictions in the media. Relations between Russia and U.S. deteriorated earlier this year when a bill introducing new sanctions against Russia was passed. Previously, Russia had had hoped that the election of Donald Trump as U.S. president would help to improve mutual ties. The ongoing investigation into Russia's possible meddling with last year's presidential election has also done little to restore trust between the two nations. After the introduction of new sanctions against Russia, the U.S. authorities have all legal grounds to conduct all kinds of investigations aimed at discovering Russian propaganda, Viktoria Zhuravleva, head of the U.S. sector of the North American Research Center at the Russian Academy of Sciences' Institute for Economics and International Relations, told The Hollywood Reporter. "The media, as the main instrument of external influence for any state, unavoidably becomes the focus of this process," she went on to say. "So, more questioning, blocking of access and broadcast and expulsion [of Russian] correspondents [from the United States] are likely." (Hollywood Reporter)

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