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Monday, July 16, 2018


  • Netflix is the new King of TV, picking up 112 Emmy nominations... more than any other network. 
  • The last operating Sears store in Chicago closed forever yesterday. 
  • Scarlett Johansson has dropped out of a role in which she was going to play a transgender man following a backlash from the LGBT community. She was set to play 1970s Pittsburgh crime boss Dante "Tex" Gill, who was born Jean Gill, in "Rub & Tug." 
  • Nancy Sinatra, the first wife of Frank Sinatra, died over the weekend. She was 101. 
  • Character actor Roger Perry died Thursday at his home in Indian Wells, CA, after a battle with prostrate cancer. He was 85. Perry was a guest star on the "Star Trek" TV series in a memorable first-season episode in 1967, "Tomorrow Is Yesterday," playing Captain John Christopher. 
  • Even though it was canceled amidst controversy, "Roseanne" picked up two Emmy nominations. 
  • It's now illegal to get married in Missouri if you're 15-years-old. 
  • Mira Sorvino claims in an interview that a Hollywood casting director gagged her with a condom when she was 16 years old. 
  • They knew some of President Obama's Twitter followers were fake accounts. But when Twitter clamped down on the bots and the fakes, he lost over 2 million followers. 
  • Former NBA player Charles Oakley is being accused by a Las Vegas casino of trying to cheat while gambling. 
  • Arizona state Representative Paul Mosley bragged to a police officer that he sometimes drives more than double the speed limit - after he was pulled over for going 97mph in a 55mph zone near Parker, Arizona, on 27 March. He told the cop he had legislative immunity. 
  • Uganda is actually considering a 5 cent-a-day tax to use social media. 
  • Production began in Toronto this month on the sequel to "It", "It: Chapter 2." While filming for Downton Abbey, the movie, will begin later this summer. 
  • The buzz on Tom Cruise's latest Mission: Impossible movie is good. 
  • SNL's Pete Davidson is now a bleached blonde. 
  • Fans of Kylie Jenner have started a GoFundMe for her, to help raise $100 million and put her over the top, so she can become a billionaire. 
  • Former NBA star Kevin Garnett is heading for divorce after 14 years of marriage. 
  • The very last Blockbuster video store open is the one still operating in Bend, Oregon. The two others in Alaska closed last week. 


On this date in 1212, the battle of Las Navas ended Moslem power in Spain. And of course, what happened in Las Navas stayed in Las Navas.

In 1439, the British government tried to stop an epidemic by passing a law that made it against the law to kiss.
  • Most of the population said, "Oh yeah? Well, kiss this!" 
  • The kissing law paved the way for the bumper sticker, "I'll give up kissing when you pry my lips off my cold dead face." 
  • Needless to say, it never caught on. 
  • When lip locking is outlawed, only outlaws will lock lips. 
  • It would have made "The Bachelorette" a felony. 

On this date in 1769, Father Serra founded Mission San Diego, the first mission in California. The patron saint was Shamu.

In 1790, congress established the District of Columbia as the seat of the U.S. government. And you know what always goes in seats -- asses!

On this date in 1935, the very first parking meter appeared on a street in Oklahoma City. Before the day was over, three horses had received tickets.

In 1945, the U.S. exploded its first atomic bomb in the desert of Alamogordo, New Mexico. It was known as Project: Oops!

On this date in 1951, J.D. Salinger's "Catcher In The Rye" was published. I'll be honest -- I didn't know Rye had a baseball team.

In 1979, Saddam Hussein became president of Iraq. We all know how that one ended.


Happy Amazon Prime Day. Sorry about your credit card balance.

We're more than midway through July!

Luke Bryan celebrates birthday number 42 today and has officially quit counting.

Corey Feldman, who starred in "Goonies" and "Stand By Me" turns 47, in spite of his best efforts.

Will Ferrell turns 51 today, going on 13.
  • I'm sure he'll think of something special to do. 
  • Bet you didn't know that his father, Lee, was a longtime keyboardist and saxophonist for The Righteous Brothers. 
  • He's probably the most successful alum of "Saturday Night Live" if you don't include Howie Minklestein. 
  • Critics predict his birthday party will be tired and predictable. 

Michael Flatley turns the big 6-0 today. He's known as "the Lord of the Dance," not to be confused with (jock's name) who you, of course, know as the "Lord of the Dense."

Stewart Copeland of "The Police" turns 66. He's the drummer of the group and Sting's sparring partner.

Former Dallas Cowboys football coach and "Survivor" contestant Jimmy Johnson celebrates on the 75-year line today. For years, I thought he was the only coach that wore a helmet. Then I realized that was his hair.

World Snake Day -- A recent survey found only about 3% of men are afraid of snakes.

Music Calendar...

In 1959 The Coasters record "Poison Ivy" in New York.

In 1963 The Beach Boys record "In My Room" and "Catch A Wave."

In 1966 Eric Clapton, Jack Bruce and Ginger Baker form Cream.

In 1966 "Summer in the City" by the Lovin' Spoonful enters the U.S. top 40 chart.

In 1966 "Hanky Panky" by Tommy James & The Shondells hits #1 on the U.S. top 40 chart and stayed there for 2 weeks.

In 1969 Janis Joplin appears on TV's "The Dick Cavett Show."

In 1971 The Hollies begin recording "Long Cool Woman (In A Black Dress)" at the Air Studios in London.

In 1972 Smokey Robinson appears with the Miracles for the last time during a show in Washington, DC.

In 1973 Bob Dylan releases the soundtrack to "Pat Garrett & Billy the Kid" which contained "Knockin' On Heaven's Door." Dylan also starred in the film with Kris Kristofferson.

In 1973 A David Bowie TV special airs on NBC.

In 1976 After 6 years, Loggins & Messina announce their break-up.

In 1976 Boz Skaggs' album "Silk Degrees" is certified gold.

In 1977 "Da Doo Ron Ron" by Shaun Cassidy is #1 on the U.S. top 40 chart.

In 1980 Donna Summer and Bruce Sudano are married in Los Angeles.

In 1980 "No Nukes," a film documentary of the New York Musicians United For Safe Energy, premieres.

In 1981 Harry Chapin dies of a massive heart attack when his car is struck by a tractor-trailer on New York's Long Island Expressway.

In 1981 Jefferson Starship's album "Modern Time" is certified gold.

In 1986 After 28 years with Columbia Records, the label declines to renew the contract of Johnny Cash.

In 1986 Dolly Parton's theme park "Dollywood" opens in Tennessee.

In 1987 "The Doors Live At The Hollywood Bowl," a video recorded at a Doors concert in 1968, is released.

In 1989 Pebbles marries producer Antonio "L.A." Reid.

In 1991 Miles Davis is awarded the Knight of the Legion of Honor medal by the French Culture Ministry in Paris.

In 1992 The Charlie Watts Quintet walks off the set of "Late Night With David Letterman" over "artistic differences" with his producer.

In 1992 Fleetwood Mac's "Don't Stop" is played when Bill Clinton accepts the Democratic presidential nomination.

In 1993 A judge in Buenos Aires dismisses a complaint against the members of Guns N' Roses for drug possession. A police search of the band's hotel rooms had only turned up only vitamins.

In 1994 Luciano Pavarotti, Placido Domingo, and Jose Carreras perform at a televised concert at Los Angeles' Dodger Stadium.

In 1995 Sinead O'Connor drops out of Lollapalooza because she was pregnant.

In 1996 Dolores O'Riordan of the Cranberries accepts an undisclosed settlement after a London newspaper reported she appeared on stage without panties.

In 1996 Styx drummer John Panozzo dies of a gastrointestinal hemorrhage at his home in Chicago at age 47.

In 1996 Tonic's album "Lemon Parade" is released.

In 1996 Def Leppard's album "Slang" is certified gold, while Joan Osborne's CD "Relish" goes triple platinum.

In 1997 The Presidents of the United States of America give a free concert at Seattle's Ballard nightclub to mark its closing.

In 1997 Madonna's album "Like A Prayer" is certified quadruple platinum.

In 1998 Foghat canceled two weeks worth of concert dates so lead singer Dave Peverett could be with his wife, who was having cancer surgery.

In 2012 Jon Lord, former keyboardist for Deep Purple, dies at 71.

In 2014 Johnny Winter, the Texas blues guitarist who added his own unique current of electricity to songs like "Highway 61 Revisited," "Johnny B. Goode" and "Jumpin' Jack Flash" dies. He was 70.

Today In History...

In 1212 The Battle of Las Navas de Tolosa ends Moslem power in Spain.

In 1439 The British government tries to stop an epidemic by passing a law against kissing.

In 1769 Father Serra founds Mission San Diego, the first mission in California.

In 1790 Congress establishes the District of Columbia as the seat of the U.S. government.

In 1861 The first major battle of the Civil War, Bull Run, is fought.

In 1862 David Farragut becomes the first rear admiral in the U.S. Navy.

In 1894 Black miners in Alabama are killed by striking white miners.

In 1918 Russia's Czar Nicholas II, his empress and their five children are executed by the Bolsheviks.

In 1927 Augusto Sandino declares war against U.S. occupation of Nicaragua.

In 1935 The first automatic parking meter is installed in Oklahoma City, OK.

In 1945 The U.S. explodes its first atomic bomb in the desert of Alamogordo, New Mexico.

In 1951 J.D. Salinger's "Catcher In The Rye" is published.

In 1956 The Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey Circus perform its last show under canvas.

In 1957 Marine Major John Glenn sets a transcontinental speed record when he flew a jet from California to New York in 3 hours, 23 minutes.

In 1964 In accepting the Republican presidential nomination in San Francisco, Barry M. Goldwater said, "Extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice" and "moderation in the pursuit of justice is no

In 1969 Apollo XI, the first manned ship to land on the moon, is launched.

In 1971 Jeanne Holm becomes the first female Air Force general. Newspaper stories describe her as a "pert blonde."

In 1973 During the Senate Watergate hearings, former White House aide Alexander Butterfield reveals the existence of President Nixon's secret taping system.

In 1979 Saddam Hussein becomes the president of Iraq succeeding Ahmed Hassan al Bakr.

In 1980 Ronald Reagan wins the Republican presidential nomination at the party's convention in Detroit.

In 1981 President Reagan issues a policy statement expressing determination to stem the spread of nuclear weaponry around the world.

In 1986 Lawrence B. Mulloy, director of the space shuttle's solid rocket booster program at the time of the Challenger disaster, announces he was retiring from NASA.

In 1987 Former White House political director Lyn Nofziger is charged with violating federal ethics laws in a 6-count indictment.

In 1988 The Rev. Jesse Jackson arrives in Atlanta for the Democratic national convention, telling supporters he was seeking "shared responsibility" with nominee-apparent Michael Dukakis.

In 1990 "Into The Night starring Rick Dees" premieres on ABC-TV.

In 1990 Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev and West German Chancellor Helmut Kohl announce that Moscow had agreed to drop its objection to a united Germany's membership in NATO.

In 1991 Leaders of the Group of Seven nations holding their economic summit in London issue a communique calling for a "new spirit of cooperation" in the international community.

In 1992 Bill Clinton delivered his acceptance speech a day after winning the Democratic presidential nomination in New York.

In 1993 The Mississippi River overruns a levee at West Quincy, MO, closing the Bayview Bridge, the only bridge across the river to Illinois for more than 200 miles.

In 1994 The first of 21 pieces of the comet Shoemaker-Levy 7 collide with Jupiter.

In 1995 William Barloon and David Daliberti, the two Americans who were jailed in Iraq for crossing the border from Kuwait, are set free.

In 1995 William Barloon and David Daliberti, the two Americans who were imprisoned in Iraq for crossing the border from Kuwait four months earlier, are released.

In 1996 President Clinton tells the National Governors Association he was granting states new powers to deny benefits to recipients who refuse to move from welfare to work.

In 1996 Russian President Boris Yeltsin meets a day late with Vice President Al Gore, easing some of the concerns about his fragile health.

In 1997 Green Beret commander Henry Shelton is named chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

In 1998 Researchers map the genetic pattern of syphilis bacterium which could ultimately lead to a vaccine and eradication.

In 1999 Stanley Kubrick's final film, "Eyes Wide Shut" starring Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman, makes its debut.

In 2000 Families and friends of the victims of the TWA Flight 800 explosion break ground for a new memorial on the Long Island shore not far from where the plane went down, killing all 230 onboard.

In 2001 During a landmark 3-day summit, nuclear rivals India and Pakistan fail to reach an accord on their 50-year dispute over Kashmir.

In 2002 The Irish Republican Army issues an unprecedented apology for hundreds of civilian deaths over 30 years.

Born On This Day...

In 1723 English painter, Joshua Reynolds

In 1746 Astronomer, Giuseppe Piazzi (discovered the first asteroid-Ceres)

In 1821 Religious leader, Mary Baker Eddy (founded Christian Science)

In 1872 Norwegian explorer, Roald Amundsen (discovered of South Pole)

In 1887 Baseball player, "Shoeless" Joe Jackson (Cleveland, Chicago)

In 1888 Actor, Percy Kilbride (Pa Kettle-Ma & Pa Kettle movies)

In 1888 Physicist, Frits Zernike (phase-contrast microscope)

In 1896 Trygve Lie, first secretary-general of the U.N. (1946-52)

In 1903 Actress, Mary Philbin (Christine-Phantom of the Opera) [d: 5-7-93]

In 1907 Popcorn king, Orville Redenbacher [d: 9-19-95]

In 1907 Actress, Barbara Stanwyck (The Big Valley, Thorn Birds) [d: 1-21-90]

In 1911 Dancer/actress, Ginger Rogers (Kitty Foyle) [d: 4-25-95]

In 1915 Actor, Barnard Hughes (Mr. Merlin, Doc Hollywood, Blossom) [d: 7-11-06]

In 1917 Actor, William Bishop (Steve-It's a Great Life) [d: 10-3-59]

In 1920 Baseball player, Larry Jansen (New York Giants) [d: 10-10-09]

In 1924 TV hostess/panelist, Bess Myerson (I've Got A Secret) [d: 12-14-14]

In 1925 Jazz pianist/composer, Nathaniel "Nat" Pierce [d: 6-10-92]

In 1926 Actress, Jane Hylton (Guinevere-Adv's of Sir Lancelot) [d: 2-28-79]

In 1932 Former U.S. Attorney General, Richard L. Thornburgh (86)

In 1933 Singer, Sollie McElroy (Flamingos) [d: 1-15-95]

In 1936 Guitarist, Buddy Merrill (Lawrence Welk Show) (82)

In 1939 Singer, William Bell (Tryin' To Love Two) (79)

In 1939 Actor, Corin Redgrave (Excalibur) [d: 4-16-10]

In 1942 Singer/songwriter, Desmond Dekker (pioneer of reggae music) [d: 5-25-06]

In 1942 Tennis Hall-of-Famer, Margaret Smith-Court (76)

In 1943 Football coach, Jimmy Johnson (Hurricanes, Cowboys, Dolphins) (75)

In 1944 Drummer, Tom Boggs (The Box Tops) [d: 5-5-08]

In 1948 Actor, Ruben Blades (Color of Night, The Devil's Own) (70)

In 1948 Violinist, Pinchas Zukerman (70)

In 1949 Singer/keyboardist, Alan Fitzgerald (Night Ranger) (69)

In 1952 Drummer/composer, Stewart Copeland (Police, Animal Logic) (66)

In 1956 Actor, Jerry Doyle (Michael Garibaldi-Babylon 5) [d: 7-27-16]

In 1957 Actress, Faye Grant (Greatest American Hero, V) (61)

In 1958 Dancer, Michael Flatley (Lord of the Dance) (60)

In 1960 Actress, Leila Kenzle (Fran Devanow-Mad About You) (58)

In 1961 Actress, Kimberly Jean Foster (Dallas, All My Children) (57)

In 1963 Actress/model, Phoebe Cates (Gremlins, Lace) (55)

In 1964 Bicyclist, Miguel Indurain (4-time Tour de France) (54)

In 1965 Actor, Daryl Mitchell (John Larroquette Show, Ed) (53)

In 1967 Actor/comedian, Will Ferrell (SNL, Night at the Roxbury) (51)

In 1968 Football player, Barry Sanders (1988 Heisman, Lions) (50)

In 1969 Actress, Rain Pryor (T.J. Jones-Head of the Class) (49)

In 1971 Actor, Corey Feldman (Bad News Bears, Stand by Me, Goonies) (47)

In 1971 Singer/songwriter, Ed Kowalczyk (Live) (47)

In 1976 Country singer, Luke Bryan (42)

In 1978 Singer, T.J. Jackson (3T) (40)

In 1979 Actress, Jayma Mays (Glee, Ugly Betty) (39)

In 1987 Actress, AnnaLynne McCord (90210) (31)

In 1990 Singer, James Maslow (Big Time Rush) (28)

In 1991 Actress, Alexandra Shipp (Straight Outta Compton, X-Men: Apocalypse) (27)

In 1996 Singer, Luke Hemmings (5 Seconds of Summer) (22)

In 1996 Singer, Keaton Stromberg (Emblem 3) (22)

In 1999 Rapper, Zayion McCall (R.O.D.) (19)

In 2004 Actress, Amiah Miller (Richie Rich) (14)


Kate Upton Is Pregnant With Her and Justin Verlander's First Child. Baby on board for Kate Upton! The 26-year-old Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model and husband and Houston Astros pitcher Justin Verlander, 35, are expecting their first child. Upton revealed the news on Saturday, posting on Instagram a photo of herself standing on a balcony of a room at the W South Beach hotel and sporting a baby bump while wearing a red and white pantsuit. "#PregnantinMiami @justinverlander," she wrote. Verlander has not commented publicly on the news. Upton is currently in Miami for Swim Week. She is set to mentor models taking part in Sports Illustrated Swimsuit's #SISwimSearch event and also attend other events, such as a fashion show. Christie Brinkley, who is also there, congratulated Upton in person over her pregnancy and told her she's going to make a wonderful mom, E! News has learned. Fellow model Irina Shayk, gave birth to her own first child, a daughter, with Bradley Cooper last year, commented on Upton's pregnancy announcement with heart and kissing face emojis. Upton and Verlander got married got married in Italy last November, days after his team won the 2017 MLB World Series. Upton may have hinted at her pregnancy back in April, when she posted on Instagram a shadowy photo of herself posing in the desert on a trip to Israel, writing, "You'll find out soon enough." (Eonline)

Amanda Seyfried Dishes on Her Secret Wedding With Thomas Sadoski. First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes baby...but before that, brunch. In March 2017, Amanda Seyfried, 32, and fellow actor Thomas Sadoski, 42, quietly tied the knot. Later that month, the Mean Girls and Mamma Mia! star gave birth to their first child, a daughter. In an interview with Net-A-Porter's weekly digital magazine PorterEdit, posted on Friday, Seyfried opened up about her and Sadoski's secret wedding ceremony. She said it took place in Topanga, California, a small community in the Santa Monica Mountains popular with artists that is often used for weddings. "We got married in Topanga, March last year. Just the two of us," she said. She said the two did not have a wedding reception and instead had brunch at the neighborhood cafe Cheebo on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles, located about 25 miles away from the ceremony space and right by where the couple lives. "And afterwards, I was like, 'Can we just go to Cheebo?' It was awesome," the actress said. The actress was nine months pregnant when she and Sadoski tied the knot. "I really wanted to have rings on in the hospital, you know? And what if something goes wrong, and he's not legally my husband?" she said. She said she bought a dress at Free People for the wedding, adding, "But I never picked any f--king flowers!" "I get married all the time. I was in a wedding dress last week!" Seyfried also said, referring to her movie roles. Seyfried also said she wants to have more children with Sadoski. "I definitely want more babies," she said. "Maybe three? Or four? Or five?" To see the full interview with Seyfried read PorterEdit at and/or download the Net-A-Porter app for iPhone, iPad and Android. (Eonline)

Jennifer Garner Recalls Dealing With Tabloid Scrutiny While Married to Ben Affleck: "I Could Cry." Jennifer Garner faced a scary few years of living under intense tabloid scrutiny while married to Ben Affleck and living with him and their three children. In an interview with CBS Sunday Morning, Garner recalled how for a solid decade, there were five or six cars, sometimes as many as 15 to 20 on weekends, outside of her home, all looking for some information on the family. "And looking back on that...I really feel the stress of it. I really I could cry talking about it," she said. In 2013, the actress testified before the California State Assembly Judiciary Committee about paparazzi harassment, saying that there were typically as many as "15 cars of photographers" outside the family's home. Her testimony helped push forth an anti-paparazzi bill that protects children. Garner had made similar comments about the paparazzi cars on the Dr. Oz show in 2016 and said the legislation "has made things better." On CBS Sunday Morning, Garner also talked about how tabloid scrutiny has affected her love life. "What I think I've learned is that the scrutiny in your private life puts a pressure to make something happen," Garner said. "You feel a pressure to hurry up and get married, 'cause you think that'll end the, 'Are they engaged? Are they not?' And that's true in the reverse, as well. If there is any inkling of trouble, if the tabloids decide there's trouble, it can create trouble." Garner and Affleck split in 2015 and filed for divorce last year after almost 12 years of marriage. Garner was previously married to Felicity co-star Scott Foley for three years. "But to be honest, public scrutiny, everyone says, 'Oh, you've had to go through this in public,'" Garner added. "The public isn't what's hard. What's hard is going through it." (Eonline)

How Chris Pratt and Anna Faris Have Moved on Since Their Split -- Even if Their Fans Haven't. Can you believe it's been one year since Chris Pratt and Anna Faris have separated? The fan-favorite former couple, parents of 5-year-old son Jack, announced their split in August 2017 after eight years of marriage. Pratt filed for divorce the following December, listing July 13, 2017 as the official date of separation from Faris. "Divorce sucks," Pratt told EW earlier this year. "But at the end of the day, we've got a great kid who's got two parents who love him very much. And we're finding a way to navigate this while still remaining friends and still being kind to one another. It's not ideal, but yeah, I think both of us are actually probably doing better." Both have moved on since the split. In June, photos surfaced pf Pratt picnicking with Katherine Schwarzenegger, daughter of Maria Shriver and Arnold Schwarzenegger. Faris stepped out with new boyfriend Michael Barrett months after the divorce filing. Will she or Pratt ever marry again? "I need to figure out what the purpose is," Faris, who was previously married to actor Ben Indra before Pratt, said on Dax Shepard's podcast in March. "Like is it safety for your children? Is it convention? Is it so other people respect your relationship more? For me, I'm just not quite sure where it fits, especially when it feels so easy, of course, to get married and then there's the untangling in terms of like the state being involved." Meanwhile, Faris and Pratt are dedicated to co-parenting their son. Jack mostly spends his time with his mom in L.A. and with his dad on his farm in Washington State. "He's surrounded by so much love," Faris told E! News' Zuri Hall in January. "We constantly reinforce what a great kid he is." "I think the key is surrounding him with a lot of joy and happiness, which he has a ton of," she said. (Eonline)

Halsey Gushing About G-Eazy Will Break Your Heart: "I Love Everything About Him." Halsey's words are crushing our hearts. Just last week, the Grammy-nominated songstress revealed to her devoted fans that she and her longtime boyfriend and fellow performer G-Eazy had decided to take some time apart. However, the timing of interviews can sometimes be cruel. Case in point: Marie Claire's August issue interview with the songstress, for which she served as the month's cover star. In between discussing her humble beginnings and fiercely swift rise to fame, the 23-year-old New Jersey native gushed about the rapper, who was still very much her boyfriend at the time of the sit-down -- at least that's very much how it sounds. "He's out of his f--king mind," she candidly told the magazine of her beau. "I love everything about him." However, our hearts truly cracked in half when she began to describe how they spent their time together "playing roles." "If we wake up and we're in the mood to be old-school, I'll put on a sundress and a hat, and he'll wear his hair slicked back and his shirt tucked in, and we'll get in his '65 Mustang and drive down to Malibu and go eat in a cafe by the beach and sing Amy Winehouse in the car," she described to Marie Claire, noting their other scenarios might involve a cabin in the woods or a fancy car and jewels. "I've had partners who don't want to play along. It feels stupid. I love curating an experience, changing it up. And he's so that way with me," she continued explaining. "I haven't found someone who matches every version of me until him. Like, he's my left sneaker. For every version of him, there's a version of me to match." There it is -- a dagger through the heart. While it sounds like things were copacetic between the two, a source revealed to E! News that there was conflict bubbling behind the scenes. "They both tried to remain strong to ensure their work commitments together went smoothly, but ultimately called it quits after too much fighting," the insider explained. "The trust was lost between the pair when they were apart, and it got too difficult for both of them." Though they're both busy on the road this summer, a future reconciliation is not entirely out of the question. As the source noted, "They are taking time apart to heal right now, but both definitely miss each other." The August issue of Marie Claire hits newsstands July 19. (Eonline)

This Is How Jennifer Aniston Is Moving on From Her Divorce With Justin Theroux. February wasn't the easiest of months for Jennifer Aniston. With her and Justin Theroux having lived separate lives for some time, she had grown used to rattling around their $21 million Bel-Air mansion alone. But after she and the Leftovers actor announced the official end of their two-year marriage this February, proclaiming their plan of "continuing our cherished friendship,," the permanence set in. As the Internet, and her fan base, collectively lost their minds "things got stirred up again," a confidante explained to E! News. "She knows in due time she will feel tremendously better but is really going through the motions right now." Still, even in the earliest days of their break up, she was confident in her recovery. "Jen knows she is strong and knows things will smooth over in time," noted the source. "She's been through this before." Having lived and learned from her previous divorce from that other guy, Aniston is making an effort to ensure this is a more mellow separation. There will be no swipes at anyone's Billy Idol-style locks or remarks about a missing sensitivity chip. Though, of course, it helps that Theroux, 46, didn't immediately -- and very publicly -- move on with an attractive costar, posing as a happy family on the cover of a national magazine. So already things are looking up. And while there's no denying the end of any can be tough to bear, the Hollywood stalwart is tougher and she will be just fine, thanks. "She has her group of friends that are her family, and they have rallied around her," one insider told E! News in February. "She has a lot of love in her life." And she's open to letting just a little more in. Some five months after the split was revealed, the 49-year-old Friends alum is dipping her toe ring-clad foot back into the dating pool. "She isn't seeking out a relationship," explains a source, "but if it happens, she's open to it." While she's far from ready to tote a plus-one down the red carpet, Aniston is deep into the exploratory stage of dating. Us Weekly identified two potential suitors as a tech titan recently split from his wife and "an industry creative she met when they started working on a project together." Not on the list of possibilities: ex-husband Brad Pitt. To the dismay of those still shipping the early aughts pair, an insider insisted to E! News in February, "Rekindling is not even a conversation. She has always thought that chapter is sealed and so far in the past." Up until now, her type could best be summarized as a fellow celebrity with looks, talent and drive to match her own (see: Theroux, Pitt, Vince Vaughn), but this time around she's trying to go off-script. Though the closest person to a Hollywood outsider that she's dated was model Paul Sculfor, her 2007 post-Vaughn fling who would go on to romance Cameron Diaz, "She would like to date a non-actor," says the source, "and see where it goes." No matter the pick, expect the romance to unfold slowly. "She's a bit wary of dating in general," notes the source, "and really wants to take her time getting to know people. Jen's all about hanging out with friends right now that she trusts and is comfortable with." Thankfully, she has a dedicated crew willing to weed out any paramours who aren't up to snuff. Her ride-or-dies include manager Aleen Keshishian, actress Andrea Bendewald, producing partner Kristin Hahn and longtime yoga instructor Mandy Ingber (all present and accounted for at the low-key birthday she enjoyed days before announcing the breakup) along with Jimmy Kimmel, Jason Bateman, Ellen DeGeneres, Portia De Rossi and, of course, BFF Courteney Cox. As one might expect the latter was truly there for her when it seemed her love life was D.O.A. (Sorry, not even a little bit sorry.) And, according to Aniston, she's the ideal person to have when you're going through the tough stuff, for instance, the end of a seven-year romance. "There's absolutely no judgment in Court," she explained to More in 2014 of her dearest friend. "You'll never feel scolded. She's extremely fair, ridiculously loyal and fiercely loving." Generous and inviting, too. "I've slept in her guest bedroom a lot," Aniston admitted. "Without giving away too much of my private stuff, all I can say is she's been there for me through thick and thin." A bed at Cox's oceanside Malibu home was at the ready in those early winter weeks, with the duo gathering for Sunday night dinners with pals whenever possible. Aniston has leaned on the Cougar Town alum "the most" following the split, an insider told E! News in February. "Courteney's been at her house many times and has been by her side through all of it." Or just a quick few taps away. Cox recently revealed to Us Weekly that the two maintain a text chain with fellow Friends star Lisa Kudrow, though she shares it's primarily filled with quips. At times, she admitted, "It's too much pressure!" Even when she manages to come up with the perfect line for her comedy-adept pals, sometimes it falls flat: "You have something funny to say and you say it but then you send the text and they don't get it." In recent months, she's had the opportunity to try out her material on Aniston in person. When the Smartwater brand ambassador was ready to face the cameras, Cox was by her side, first at a June benefit dinner for NRDC Malibu and then at AFI's Lifetime Achievement Award gala honoring George Clooney. She was also on hand for a May outing to West Hollywood eatery Craig's, where they laughed with DeGeneres and de Rossi over glasses of wine. "She seemed really happy to be with Courteney and catch up," an onlooker said of Aniston. "Everyone was in good spirits." The same could be said of a late March Tahitian vacation to mark the 40th birthday of Kimmel's wife, Molly McNearney. (Aniston also made an appearance at the comedy writer's L.A. bash.) "It was a relaxing week of yoga, paddle boarding, tanning on the beach and boat trips," says an insider, adding that throughout the getaway Aniston "seemed relaxed and at ease." That's a fair assessment of where the Emmy winner is at these days. With her untitled morning show drama series with Reese Witherspoon still in the pre-production stages (and her musical comedy Dumplin' set for a 2018 release), she's spending the bulk of her summer in Montreal filming Netflix's Murder Mystery with Adam Sandler. "She's happy to be back to work," says the source. Even more thrilled to be hunkering down in the Canadian city. Though much of her time is spent on set, "She really likes it there and has spent weekends in town getting to know the city and hanging out with friends." Stepping out for a cast dinner and catching a movie at a local theater has proved a welcome respite from her regular routine of at-home yoga sessions, dinners at West Hollywood's Sunset Tower and hanging with pooches Dolly, Sophie and Clyde at her Bel-Air spread. Says the source, "She's just enjoying the summer in a new city and taking a break from her L.A. life." And if news that Theroux has been exploring options of his own (he was seen lounging with self-described "Bffffff" and Maniac costar Emma Stone at France's famed Hotel du Cap Eden Roc in May and a confidante tells E! News he's "casual dating") have made their way north to her Canadian enclave, she remains unbothered. Save for a potential run in at an April birthday party for Kimmel and McNearney's 1-year-old son Billy Kimmel, the estranged spouses have had minimal contact, says an insider. Theroux has been filling his days back in New York (where he owns a Greenwich Village apartment) getting coffee with friends, climbing into the boxing ring at Gotham Gym and, much like his ex, "being social and meeting people from all walks of life," the confidante tells E! News. Whether any have piqued his interest remains of no consequence to Aniston. "They have completely moved on and are not looking back," the insider says, adding that the actors, worth a combined $240 million-plus, are quietly sorting out their financial affairs: "Jen and Justin are both moving on full speed ahead." For Aniston, that means diving into work, hanging out with her most trusted pals and entertaining the overtures of a few worthy suitors. Notes the original source, "She's very happy with where she is in her life." (Eonline)

Kristen Bell Shares Dax Shepard's Original Pickup Line: Relive Their Love Story. Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard are one of Hollywood's favorite couples, but their story didn't begin with love at first sight. During an Instagram Q&A on Thursday, Bell recalled meeting Shepard at a mutual friend's birthday dinner back in 2007. However, she admitted "there weren't any sparks." In fact, it wasn't until a few weeks later that the Frozen star felt a connection. "2 weeks later I saw him at a hockey game and he asked for the gum in my mouth," Bell wrote, "and I was like HELLO... " Bell even shared Shepard's original pickup line -- and it was a doozy. "Truly, his first text to me was: 'Hi. My name is Dax. I violated your privacy and got your number from Shauna. How do you feel about that?'" Bell recalled. "And I thought... what the hell?? This kid is sassy," she wrote. Still, it looks like the gesture won her over. The two tied the knot at the Beverly Hills courthouse in 2013 and are still madly in love. When asked to share her favorite quality in her husband, Bell couldn't pick just one. "3-way tie" she wrote. "His patience to let me ramble; His ability to make me laugh; His critical thinking skills and intelligence." Of course, like any marriage, their relationship takes work. When asked how the couple stays strong and happy, Bell replied, "We go to therapy; We respect each other's differences and don't expect the other person to change." The stars have two daughters: Delta and Lincoln. But does the Veronica Mars star want more kids? "Hell no," she wrote. "I can barely handle these two." (Eonline)

Jennifer Garner: Tabloid scrutiny put pressure on my private life. Three years after splitting from husband Ben Affleck, Jennifer Garner says that constant tabloid stories have put pressure on her private life over the years. "What I think I've learned is that the scrutiny in your private life puts a pressure to make something happen," the actress says in an interview with "CBS Sunday Morning" set to air on this weekend. "You feel a pressure to hurry up and get married, 'cause you think that'll end the -- 'Are they engaged? Are they not?' And that's true in the reverse, as well. If you are -- if you know, if there is any inkling of trouble, or if the tabloids decide there's trouble, it can create trouble." Garner, 46, tells CBS that over the past decade, the media's cars have lined her block looking for stories on her family. "I really feel the stress of it. I really -- I could cry talking about it," she says. But she added, "But to be honest, public scrutiny, everyone says, 'Oh, you've had to go through this in public.' The public isn't what's hard. What's hard is going through it." News of Affleck and Garner's plans to divorce came in June 2015 after 10 years of marriage. Following the split, Affleck was linked to a former nanny of the couple's three children. The stories went on for months. Affleck has been dating "SNL" producer Lindsay Shookus since last summer. (PageSix)

Serena Williams Gets Emotional Over Losing Wimbledon Amid Post-Baby Comeback. Serena Williams says she was playing for all her fellow moms as she tried but failed to claim her eighth Wimbledon title on Saturday amid her post-pregnancy tennis comeback, while both she and her husband Alexis Ohanian assure fans she is "just getting started." About 10 months after giving birth to their first child, daughter Alexis Olympia, the 36-year-old athlete became the first mother in 38 years to reach a a Wimbledon final, but lost to Germany's Angelique Kerber at Saturday's match, 6-3, 6-3. "It was such an amazing tournament for me," Serena said after the match, getting emotional. "I was really happy to get this far. It's obviously disappointing but I can't be disappointed. I have so much to look forward to. I'm literally just getting started, so I look forward to it." "To all the moms out there, I was playing for you today," she said. Her husband, who cheered her on during the match, posted a heartwarming message on Instagram. "Days after our baby girl was born, I kissed my wife goodbye before surgery and neither of us knew if she would be coming back. We just wanted her to survive -- 10 months later, she's in the #Wimbledon final," Alexis wrote. "@serenawilliams will be holding a trophy again soon -- she's got the greatest one waiting at home for her -- and our family knows she'll win many more trophies, too. She's just getting started." Serena had suffered complications, including a pulmonary embolism that led to several surgeries, after giving birth to her daughter via C-section. She was bedridden for six weeks after her baby was born. At Wimbledon, she wore special compression leggings as a precaution. Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle attended the match, in what marked their first solo engagement. The latter duchess is a friend of Serena. Kate and Meghan later congratulated Angelique on her victory. Serena missed competing in last year's Wimbledon because of her pregnancy. Last weekend, she missed watching her daughter take her first steps because she was training for Wimbledon. Serena began her maternity leave in January 2017 after she won her record 23rd Grand Slam title at the Australian Open. She was nine weeks pregnant at the time. The tennis star returned to play tennis in December and lost an exhibition match at the Mubadala World Tennis Championship in Abu Dhabi. In March, Serena played her first official pro tennis match at the BNP Paribas Open in Indian Wells, California. She played in the French Open in May, winning her first major match since becoming a mom. She pulled out of the Grand Slam tournament in the fourth round due to an injury. She had told E! News that month, "In some weird way, I still want to be the best in what I do, whether it's fashion or tennis. I just want to be the best and I want to work the hardest. I also want to be the best mom. Why limit myself?" (Eonline)

Amanda Seyfried doesn't want to do sex scenes anymore. Now that she's married and a mother, Amanda Seyfried is much less eager to strip down for the camera. "I feel more empowered [since having a daughter]," Seyfried, 32, told PorterEdit in an interview released Friday. "I'll say 'No, I can't do that press trip, I'm spending time with my daughter.' 'Oh, you want my top off for that part? How about we scrap that sex scene altogether?' And 'No, I'm not wearing those thongs.'" The "Mamma Mia" star wants three or four more children with husband Thomas Sadoski, who she married in March 2017 when she was nine months pregnant with their daughter. Seyfried said she and Sadoski met when they were "both in bad relationships" (she was dating Justin Long and he was married to Kimberly Hope) but didn't pursue one another until they were both single. "[Sadoski] never flirted, never disrespected his wife," Seyfried said of their beginnings. "That was another reason why I thought, later on, that I could marry him." The couple married without any guests, nor a reception, which she says was the plan all along. "I really wanted to have rings on in the hospital," she said. "And what if something goes wrong, and he's not legally my husband?" Their whirlwind romance blossomed on the set of Broadway's "The Last Word" in 2016 with Shirley MacLaine, and they got engaged after just six months together. "It was amazing," Seyfried gushed of their courtship after Sadoski, 42, filed for divorce from Hope. "It felt healthy and freeing and clean. We can tell the story without any guilt." (PageSix)

Wife of Miranda Lambert's married boyfriend: He ghosted me. Miranda Lambert is caught in the middle of her boyfriend Evan Felker's divorce -- and now his estranged wife is accusing him of ghosting her while she was hospitalized. "I'm gonna be fine physically. Thank you for all your questions. I'll answer some more when I feel better, but right now -- I want to talk about real men," Staci Felker wrote on Instagram Thursday. Staci did not give any further details on her medical condition, instead opting to lash out at the 34-year-old Traveling Troubadours frontman. "Aside from the ghosting and just very real #psychologicalwarfare and torture that happened earlier this year," she fumed. "A man that I perfected homemade chicken soup for when he was sick, cared for him through soooo many sweating miserable days coming off benders decided to come calling when I was happy last week ... How dare I smile after all he did to try to break me?" Staci continued, "I took those calls, because that's what a wife does. I'm still his wife. I've done everything to be a good one because deep down I thought it might change things. Less than a week later, I was sent to the hospital and couldn't reach him. That's not a real man. That's not a country boy and certainly no cowboy. Not a husband I'll ever take back because I was scared and he was gone. Again." Lambert, 34, reportedly began dating Evan in February before he and Staci filed for divorce (and while she was allegedly still dating Anderson East), though their relationship didn't make headlines until April. The "Vice" singer famously split from husband Blake Shelton in July 2015. Lambert has since been fiercely private about her personal life. A source previously told Page Six, "She's trying to go Beyonce and let the music do the talking." Reps for Lambert and Felker did not immediately return requests for comment. (PageSix)

Ewan McGregor's Daughter Calls His Girlfriend Mary Elizabeth Winstead "Trash." Shade alert! Last October, it was revealed that Ewan McGregor had split from his wife Eve Mavrakis several months prior after 22 years of marriage and was romantically involved with his Fargo co-star Mary Elizabeth Winstead. Photos of the two kissing in a London restaurant went viral. Earlier this week, model Clara McGregor, the eldest of Ewan and Eve's four daughters, insulted Mary in an Instagram comment left under a photo of the actress at the 2014 Vanity Fair Oscars after-party, shared on a fan account. "Most beautiful and talented woman on earth???" wrote Clara, 22, quoting the account's profile description. "Oh man y'all are delusional. The girl is a piece of trash :) x." Ewan, 47, filed for divorce from Eve, 52, in January. In a Sun interview, she called the divorce "disappointing and upsetting," adding, "but my main concern is our four children are OK." Ewan and Mary, 33, who were last photographed together at the 2018 Tribeca Film Festival in April, have not commented publicly about their relationship. (Eonline)

Billy Bush's wife has filed for divorce ... TMZ has learned. Sydney Davis filed legal docs to end their marriage, citing irreconcilable differences. Sydney is asking for joint legal and primary physical custody of 13-year-old Lillie and 17-year-old Mary. Josie, their oldest daughter, is an adult. Billy will get visitation, according to her documents. As for spousal support ... Sydney wants it. FYI ... in addition to other assets, Billy scored a $10 million settlement when he left "Today." The couple separated last September ... nearly a year after the infamous "Access Hollywood" bus audio in which Billy laughed at Donald Trump's grotesque comments about women. He was fired from his anchor job at "Today" shortly after the audio became public. Billy and Sydney were married in 1998. (TMZ)

Selena Gomez's email was hacked and her identity was stolen, and the alleged culprit is a woman in New Jersey ... this according to the L.A. County DA. The prosecutor claims Susan Atrach accessed Selena's and her associate's accounts several times from June 2015 through February 2016, then allegedly stole digital property and stored media that she posted online and shared with others. Atrach was charged Thursday with 5 felony counts of identity theft, 5 felony counts of accessing and using computer data to commit fraud or to control or obtain money, property or data ... and one felony count of accessing and using computer data or taking supporting documentation without permission. She faces a max sentence of nearly 10 years if convicted. (TMZ)

Travis Barker got into a bad accident early Friday evening with a school bus ... TMZ has learned. Barker was driving a black Mercedes in Calabasas when witnesses say he was making a left turn and a school bus smashed into him ... the bus was also in the midst of a turn. Law enforcement sources tell TMZ no children were on the bus and Travis was not at fault. After the crash Travis was walking around and did not appear seriously injured, although he did seem dazed. There were passengers in Travis' car, including his son. We do not know their condition, but the collision was serious enough for Barker's air bags to deploy. The accident has created a mess on the street and police and other emergency vehicles have blocked off the area. (TMZ)

Alex Trebek's dog runs after a pedestrian who falls into the street. What is Alex Trebek is getting sued. Hanna Ketai claims she was walking her yellow lab down an L.A. street earlier this month when a "large black dog" -- from Trebek's property -- came running at her and tried to attack her. The docs -- obtained by TMZ -- claim Ketai screamed, turned away and fell on her hands and knees into the street. Ketai claims a large SUV was headed in her direction, but a witness helped her away from oncoming traffic and to safety. As a result of the incident, Ketai claims to have suffered physical, mental and emotional pain, worry and anxiety. She also says it has affected her work abilities. We reached out to a rep for Alex ... so far, no word back. (TMZ)

Pop-up celeb hotspot temporarily shut down by Health Department. Gitano -- a New York pop-up version of a hip Tulum, Mexico, beach bar -- was temporarily shut down by the authorities. The Health Department tells us it closed the jungle-themed spot -- which has seen guests such as Chlo Sevigny, Zachary Quinto and Christian Siriano since opening in Soho three weeks ago -- "for sanitary violations that could not be corrected during the inspection. The restaurant corrected the violations and was able to reopen." Food website Eater reports that authorities gave the 24,000-square-foot space 92 violation points on July 10, and 114 points on July 11 for infractions "ranging from insufficient refrigeration to improper sewage disposal." James Gardner, the founder and principal owner, tells us it closed for "three days at the request of the [Health Department] but quickly addressed all of the issues and [is] now back in action and fully operational." He adds that a "[New York State]-certified temporary water and waste solution [is] in place and [we] have now converted to the city mains connections and are 100 percent compliant with the DOH." The spot had a reopening Thursday with guests including Hamish Bowles, Jeremy Scott and model RJ King. But would-be clients who were affected by the shutdown were not happy. One said on Yelp, "I had a 6:45 reservation. 6 pm I received a phone call that the restaurant was closed due to 'construction' and I could not come in." Gardner told us, "We would like to apologize to our many guests who had reservations that were canceled as a result." He said that the restaurant takes the city's rules and regulations "very seriously." "We have worked closely with local government offices to make this miracle of a project a reality," he said, adding, "My concept of the world's first traveling restaurant is not a pop-up but is substantial, is built to last, to travel, and to meet the regulations of any municipality's full restaurant food-service regulations." (PageSix)

Wood Harris -- who starred as Avon Barksdale on the hit HBO series "The Wire" -- won't face any criminal charges after allegedly pummeling his girlfriend, who is now threatening further legal action. The alleged incident went down back in April in Philly, when Harris' gf of 2 years, Anya Richardson, claimed he flew into a violent rage that landed her in the hospital. According to a police report, obtained by TMZ, Richardson claimed he struck her multiple times in the stomach, neck and ribs. Richardson also alleged he spat on her face and choked her. We reached out to Richardson, who tells TMZ ... Harris invited her to Philly where he was shooting "Creed II." She tells us they were in his hotel room when the unprovoked attack allegedly went down. She says she went to the hospital the next day and reported the incident to police the day after her hospital visit. We spoke to a rep for the Philadelphia D.A.'s Office who tells us ... they could not prove beyond a reasonable doubt a crime had occurred, so they declined to prosecute. Richardson's attorney, Alberto Ebanks, tells TMZ ... his client "feels there is little choice but to pursue alternative remedies to help protect other women from the threat of assault." A rep for Harris tells TMZ ... "The account by this woman is pure fabrication. Wood was never questioned by the authorities and that should speak to the authenticity of the accusation. No further comment." (TMZ)

Former 'Young and the Restless' Actor Corey Sligh Convicted of Child Molestation. Former soap actor Corey Sligh was convicted on one of two counts of child molestation in Georgia and is facing prosecution in Florida, according to local news outlet the Cherokee Tribune. The 30-year-old -- who appeared on CBS's Young and the Restless -- was found guilty on one count of molesting a child younger than 10 years old by a Cherokee County jury on June 28 while being cleared of another charge. Though he has not yet been sentenced, district attorney Shannon Wallace tells the Tribune that he faces five to 20 years in prison on the felony conviction. Chief assistant state attorney for Okaloosa County Florida, Bill Bishop, told the outlet that the one count of lewd and lascivious molestation regarding the same girl -- which he still faces in Florida -- carries a sentence of 25 years to life in prison if he is charged. The molestation by Sligh allegedly occurred in March 2016 and was reported by the child's parents to Cherokee Sheriff's Office detectives in September 2016. Sligh was arrested in October 2016 and charged with child molestation in his hometown of Canton, Georgia, at the time. He was released on a $22,000 bond that same day. According to Sligh's IMDb page, he most recently wrote for a TV movie titled Single Shelley in 2013 and starred in a web series called All About Lizzie the previous year. He is also credited for his role as a "creepy hallway partygoer" in a 2008 drama film titled God Is Dead. Radar Online reports that Sligh's sentencing is scheduled for August 20. (US Magazine)

Tekashi69 has been transferred to a high-security facility on Rikers Island known as the Contagious Disease Unit, ironically, to keep him in good health ...TMZ has learned. Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... the rapper was sent to the 140-cell portion of the NY jail, which is mainly used to house inmates battling illness. It's also used to house high-profile or celebrity inmates who, for their own safety, can't be in general population -- and Tekashi falls under that category. We're told 6ix9ine is being held in isolation and will have ZERO contact with other inmates ... even when he's taken outside for his hour of recreation. Inside the facility he'll only have contact with correctional officers. TMZ broke the story ... Tekashi will be locked up until his July 20 hearing, prior to his extradition to Texas where he's wanted for allegedly choking a 16-year-old. (TMZ)

Frank Sinatra's first wife, Nancy, dead at 101. Nancy Sinatra Sr., the childhood sweetheart of Frank Sinatra who became the first of his four wives and the mother of his three children, has died. She was 101. Her daughter, Nancy Sinatra Jr., tweeted that her mother died Friday and a posting on her web page said she died at 6:02 p.m. but didn't indicate where she died. "She was a blessing and the light of my life," her daughter said. Attempts to reach representatives for Sinatra Jr. late Friday were unsuccessful. Nancy and Frank Sinatra had been dating as teenagers and married at Our Lady of Sorrows Catholic church in Jersey City, New Jersey, on Feb. 4, 1939, just as Frank's singing career was about to take off. Three years before marrying the former Nancy Barbato, he had landed a 15-minute radio show on local station WAAT. During the marriage's early years, the Sinatras lived in a modest apartment in Jersey City, where their two eldest children were born. For a time she was employed as a secretary while her husband worked as a singing waiter. After Sinatra became a pop-music sensation in the 1940s, the couple moved to Los Angeles, where the singer would also become a movie star, raconteur, man about town and notorious womanizer. Nancy Sinatra left Frank after his affair with actress Ava Gardner became public knowledge. Weeks after the pair's divorce became final in 1951, Sinatra's ex-husband married Gardner, while Sinatra went on to raise the couple's three children: Nancy, Frank Jr. and Tina. After the gossip over the divorce and Gardner marriage died down, Nancy Sinatra devoted herself to family and numerous celebrity friends, largely withdrawing from the spotlight. She not only outlived her husband, who died in 1998, but her son, who died in 2016. She is credited, under the name Nancy Barbato, on the Internet Movie Database with just two TV and film appearances, in her daughter Nancy's 1975 concert film, "Nancy and Lee in Las Vegas," and in 1974 on her friend Dinah Shore's talk show. In later years she would become known as Nancy Sr., especially after daughter Nancy became a 1960s singing star in her own right with "These Boots Are Made For Walking" and other hit songs. She also remained friendly with her ex-husband, the latter being said to have put in requests over the years for pasta and other Italian food dishes she was known to be an expert at preparing. She never remarried. "There is no bitterness, only great respect and affection between Sinatra and his first wife," Gay Talese wrote in 1966, "and he has long been welcome in her home and has even been known to wander in at odd hours, stoke the fire, lie on the sofa, and fall asleep." Kate and Tommy have history. She honored Tommy on HBO's "Night of Too Many Stars" last November. The show was an autism benefit, and Kate congratulated Tommy -- a longtime advocate to help people with autism -- for releasing a line of clothes for "the differently abled." (PageSix)


Kate Upton will not be sidelined from modeling during her pregnancy ... at least if Tommy Hilfiger has his way. Sources directly connected to the famed designer says he would love it if Kate would model his clothes while she's carrying her first born. We're told Tommy just said the following ... "Our business is all about inclusiveness and diversity, and not just about 90-pound models." We're told Kate has an open invitation to model for him throughout her pregnancy. As we reported, Kate and hubby Justin Verlander announced they are going to have a baby. (TMZ)

Bruce Willis grinned and beared it during Saturday night's roast, but he was unprepared for the surprise guest of the evening -- his ex-wife Demi Moore. Bruce is the latest victim to be skewered by Comedy Central and Demi did not disappoint. One of her best lines ... "I look at our marriage like "The Sixth Sense" ... You were dead the whole time." Bruce and Demi were married from 1987 - 2000. They had 3 kids -- Rumer, Tallulah and Scout, and all of them were cackling in the audience. Cybill Shepard, who co-starred with Bruce in his breakout role -- "Moonlighting" -- also took her shots. The show is set to air July 29th on Comedy Central. (TMZ)

Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton Step Out for Their First Ever Solo Outing Together at Wimbledon. Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton take Wimbledon! For the first time, the royal sisters-in-law had a solo outing together as they teamed up to attend the Ladies' Single Final at the Wimbledon Championships on Saturday. The royal duo have appeared together at official royal outings along with their husbands, Prince Harry and Prince William, but Saturday's event marks their first ever joint appearance. The royals coordinated their outfits for the event. The Duchess of Sussex wore a summery blue-and-white striped shirt from Ralph Lauren with wide-leg cream pants, while Princess Kate opted for a white-patterned dress. Before the match, Meghan and Kate met with former female tennis champions and chatted with ball girls and boys to learn more about what it's like to participate in the iconic tournament. Then they took their seats in the royal box to cheer on the players, Angelique Kerber and Serena Williams, (a close friend of Meghan's. The Duchess of Sussex recently returned from her two-day tour in Dublin, Ireland, with Prince Harry -- their first overseas tour as a married couple. Meghan and Kate laughed and chatted as they sat next to each other. Just two weeks ago, the new mom joined Meghan to watch Harry compete in a polo match in Ascot, England. She was joined by husband Alexis Ohanian, who also accompanied her to Meghan and Harry's royal wedding in May. Meghan first met the tennis pro at the 2010 Super Bowl in Miami where they immediately hit it off. Williams opened up about their friending in Vanity Fair, saying: "Her personality just shines." Meghan has been a fixture at Wimbledon in recent years, but this year's event marks her first time attending as the Duchess of Sussex. She attended the tournament in 2016, around the same time she was set up on a blind date with future husband Prince Harry. Her royal sister-in-law, Kate Middleton, is also a veteran Wimbledon attendee. The avid player (she and Prince William have a court at home at Anmer Hall) regularly attends matches with William and sister Pippa Middleton. For Kate, watching Wimbledon was a family tradition growing up. "It is such a quintessential part of English summer," she said of the tournament last year. "I was really taken by Agassi and Sampras, Ivanisevic and Steffi Graf. That for me was my first memories." Now, both Kate and Meghan no longer have to wait in line for tickets, as they have a permanent spot in the royal box! (People)

Jane Fonda lobbies for working class women's rights. In one part of the Capitol on Thursday, Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh was meeting with more senators as he faces a contentious confirmation hearing. In another, the House was holding a circus-like hearing with FBI agent Peter Strzok. In a basement meeting room of the Capitol Visitor Center, there also was a lot of media interest: Jane Fonda, the star of Netflix's "Grace and Frankie" and the longtime political activist, was pressing lawmakers to expand protections for women domestic workers and farmworkers. One of her messages: The MeToo and Times Up movement is an opportunity for Hollywood to call attention to women in other industries who face pay inequity and sexual harassment. "We are here with the domestic workers and the women farmworkers and, as has been said, these women, often women of color, often migrants, immigrants, are very, very vulnerable and they work in a very isolated way and their voices are not heard," she said at a press conference. "Hollywood realized that we have the privilege of being able to stand alongside these most vulnerable women who don't have privilege and whose voices are not heard and lend our support to that. We are like repeaters, those towers at the top of mountains that can pick up signals in the valley and spread them out wider." Fonda was joined by other activists, including Ai-jen Poo of the National Domestic Workers Alliance, Monica Ramirez of the National Farmworker Women's Alliance and Fatima Goss Graves of the National Women's Law Center, as they met with lawmakers including Sen. Patty Murray (D-Wash.), Sen. Cory Booker (D-N.J.), Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) and Rep. Pramila Jayapal (D-Wash.). While the meetings on Capitol Hill were described as strategy sessions, the groups are pushing to expand Title VII of the Civil Rights Act to cover more categories of the labor force. Ramirez said that their goals should draw in all political background, as "sexual harassment ... is not a partisan issue." Fonda said that as she made the rounds on the hill, "It occurred to me that my father, Henry Fonda, who was an actor, is very present with me." He starred in the classic "The Grapes of Wrath," which showed the plight of a Depression-era family from the Oklahoma Dust Bowl as they migrated to California. She noted that the movie showed how the farm workers were "fighting for dignity and rights and risking their lives doing so. Now we have women farm workers who are even more vulnerable. So the issue of workers rights has been with me for a long time." In the 1970s, Fonda said she worked in the antiwar movement with Karen Nussbaum, co-founder of 9to5, which addressed problems faced by women office workers. "She would tell me these stories of what these women were having to endure, and I said, 'I've got to make a movie about this, and that became '9 to 5.'" It was clear, though, that she sees the #MeToo and Times Up movements, triggered by the Harvey Weinstein scandal, as turning points. "I never thought I would live to see a day when women were actually heard," she said. "I am very aware of the fact that in the beginning, this happened the way it did because the women who were speaking out were white, and they were famous," she said. Soon after, though, the National Farmworker Women's Alliance reached out to celebrities in Hollywood with the message, "We stand with you," Fonda said. Fonda said that "made us all realize that this notion that has become so important of intersectionality was now being fleshed out, that this was a new reality for many of us, and that it was going to be forever." "I think that there is a beautiful synergy that is happening now with celebrities in Hollywood being able to learn about the realities of working women who are far more vulnerable than we are, and this is going to be ongoing," she said. "This isn't something that is going to peter out. This is not a moment, it is a movement." Kavanaugh's nomination has triggered alarms among a number of progressive and civil rights groups that existing worker protections may be in jeopardy, as well as fears that his confirmation would lead to the overturning of Roe vs. Wade. At the press conference, Fonda at first was reluctant about weighing in on his nomination, worried that it would distract from the event. But pressed on the point, she said that if he is confirmed it would be a "catastrophe, frankly, if this nomination goes through, for everyone, for our children and unfortunately our grandchildren. But women's rights, worker's rights, will be shunted to the side, and that is just the beginning." Fonda continues to be a focus of some Republicans' attack ads, and President Trump and others are already targeting Hollywood in general as the out-of-touch liberal elite. She doesn't think industry activists should let it keep them from getting involved. "If we are being attacked it is because we are being effective," she said. "We are able to amplify the voices of the people that really need to be heard. That is really how we have to use our celebrity, is to raise the voices of all workers, and we can't be cowed by the attacks from the right." She added, "We have to understand that it is because we are doing our jobs as citizens, and I am very proud of what we are doing. It is important for us to know what we are doing, to listen very carefully so we will know what it is people are talking about, so we can be informed. But I say go -- go for it." (PageSix)

Doctor Who star Jodie Whittaker is simply 'brilliant' on the cover of EW's Comic-Con preview issue. "Aw, brilliant!" As monologues go, that expression of joy, uttered by Jodie Whittaker in last year's special Christmas episode of Doctor Who, may not rank up there with the best of Shakespeare. Nonetheless, it was an exultation of huge cultural significance -- and one that sprang directly from the preferred vocabulary of the actress herself. "My two go-to words are 'Brilliant!' and 'Ace!'" says Whittaker, 36, while chatting with EW at a studio in the show's home city of Cardiff, Wales, this past May. "I'll try to get the Doctor an 'Ace!' in there somewhere." The "Doctor" in question is, of course, the titular character of Doctor Who. A two-hearted alien from the planet Gallifrey, this time-traveling, monster-battling hero has been played by a succession of actors in the show's 55-year history, thanks to the Doctor's ability to "regenerate" his physical form. Up until last December, the "Time Lord" was always depicted as male. But at the end of the Christmas episode, Peter Capaldi's so-called Twelfth Doctor regenerated into Whittaker's Thirteenth. It was that switch in sex that prompted the character's delighted "Aw, brilliant!" after he -- or rather, she -- saw herself reflected in a computer screen on the bridge of the Doctor's time-and-spacecraft, the TARDIS. The choice of Whittaker to play the lead role on Doctor Who represents a massive gamble on the part of new showrunner Chris Chibnall -- who'd previously cast Whittaker as a grieving mother on his cop drama Broadchurch -- and the BBC, which successfully revived the sci-fi series in 2005 following a lengthy hiatus. More than 18 million Doctor Who DVDs have shipped, 12 million action figures have been sold in the 13 years since its relaunch, and in 2013 a 50th-anniversary episode was screened in 94 countries. In the U.S., the show has become the flagship series for BBC America, which will premiere the new season this fall, simulcasting the first episode so it screens at the same time as in the U.K. There is a lot riding on Whittaker's ability to make audiences around the world fall in love with a female Doctor, as the actress is well aware. "There's no rules, and it's liberating," she says. "But it's equally terrifying." EW spent two days on the set of Doctor Who for this week's cover story, hanging out with Whittaker and the trio of actors who are playing the Doctor's new companions: Bradley Walsh, Mandip Gill, and Tosin Cole. Your writer also spoke with Chibnall who explained why he had made the decision to make the Thirteenth Doctor female once Whittaker's predecessor, Peter Capaldi, decided to leave the series. "I just felt the time was right," said Chibnall. "I think if the show hadn't done it, we would have been behind the world, and Doctor Who has got to be out front leading the world and being a great example of all the amazing things that are in the world. So, it wasn't even a question in my mind." But, much like the Doctor's bigger-on-the-inside timeship the TARDIS, there is so much more to see in this week's Comic-Con preview issue of EW. Like what? Like exclusive images from films and TV shows, including Shazam!, Godzilla: King of the Monsters, Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald, Halloween, The Walking Dead, Star Trek: Discovery, and the new, small-screen version of The Purge franchise. You'll also find one of our signature "Three Rounds" articles with the cast of The Magicians; a deep dive into M. Night Shyamalan's new film Glass; an oral history of the Wesley Snipes-starring superhero-vampire movie Blade; and profiles of It and Castle Rock star Bill Skarsgrd and graphic novelist-turned-She Ra and the Princesses of Power exec producer Noelle Stevenson. (Entertainment Weekly)

Melania Trump Channels Princess Belle for State Dinner in England. First Lady Melania Trump evoked the essence of Princess Belle when she ascended the steps of the Blenheim Palace in England on Thursday. While attending a state dinner, the First Lady dressed to impress, with the Queen being chief in mind. The First Lady's stylist Herve Pierre told the L.A. Times they chose the pale yellow hue for the custom J. Mendel gown after learning it's Queen Elizabeth II's favorite color. Similar to other styles modeled by FLOTUS, the chiffon dress included a cape detail and elegantly flowed to the ground. By her side was President Donald Trump, who was wearing a tuxedo for the black-tie event, which was also attended by Prime Minister Theresa May and her husband Philip May. Friday the President and First Lady were scheduled to meet Her Royal Highness for tea at Windsor Castle. This isn't the first time FLOTUS has turned heads with her fashion choices. The former model has mastered the art of balancing her penchant for glamour, with the conservative style expected of the First Lady. (Eonline)

Nobody Is More Excited for Sandra Oh's Emmy Nomination Than Ellen Pompeo. To say Ellen Pompeo is happy for Sandra Oh may be an understatement. The Grey's Anatomy star took to Twitter to celebrate Oh's historic Emmy nomination (a day late, but it was sure worth the wait). Oh, who was nominated for five Emmys for her work on Grey's Anatomy, picked up an Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series nomination for her performance in BBC America's Killing Eve. Oh is the first Asian American to ever be nominated in that category. "I was not on my phone yesterday and clearly missed ALOT!!! Congratulations @IamSandraOh this is beyond well-deserved and your history making is incredibly moving. Can't wait to hear your speech!! Which will have us in tears and laughing at the same time no I'm sure," Pomepo tweeted, punctuating the message with an emoji making a kissing face. Pompeo also retweeted her Grey's person's tweet reacting to the news and said nobody deserves the recognition more than Oh. "No one can touch this girl's dedication to story-telling or her talent," Pompeo tweeted. Pompeo and Oh played best friends and coworkers on Grey's Anatomy for 10 seasons. "I feel tremendous gratitude and joy with this nomination. I am thrilled for Phoebe Waller Bridge's nomination and for the entire cast/crew of Killing Eve. I share this moment with my community," Oh said in a statement. "PS. I think my mother at this moment may actually be satisfied." Oh will return for Killing Eve season two. The Emmys will air live Monday, Sept. 18 at 8 p.m. on NBC. (Eonline)

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West paid a little extra attention to North on Friday ... but Saint made it clear he was not to be forgotten. The proud parents went to their 5-year-old daughter's fashion show at a design camp she's been attending with a friend, where the kids get to design their own dresses and clothing. We're told Friday was the big show for the kids to reveal their designs to their moms and dads. As you can see ... North's is stylin'! Our sources say Kourtney also came to the show with her kids Mason and Penelope ... we're told Kim and Kanye took the whole crew out to eat at Carasoul after to celebrate. It's unclear what caused Saint's display of emotion as the family was leaving the show ... but we're going to guess it must have been the beauty of his big sister's design. Yeah, that has to be it. (TMZ)

If Ludacris had run out of places to lay his head inside his Bahamas vacation house, he had no need to worry, because there was a 400-square-foot elevated daybed outside waiting for him by the pool. Luda just crashed at the Ananda Estate on the island of Eleuthera. Sources tell us he was there for at least a couple of nights. The sprawling, 4-bedroom beachfront home is currently on sale for $10 million and rents for $3,600/night. It comes with an SUV, an ATV, 2 jet skis and a personal chef. There are also two chill spots next to the pool ... one with that huge daybed, and another with a sunken kitchen near a giant Buddha fountain. As for that 50 ft. infinity pool, seems like it'd be really hard to get out of ... and Ludacris looks like he agrees. If Ludacris had run out of places to lay his head inside his Bahamas vacation house, he had no need to worry, because there was a 400-square-foot elevated daybed outside waiting for him by the pool. Luda just crashed at the Ananda Estate on the island of Eleuthera. Sources tell us he was there for at least a couple of nights. The sprawling, 4-bedroom beachfront home is currently on sale for $10 million and rents for $3,600/night. It comes with an SUV, an ATV, 2 jet skis and a personal chef. There are also two chill spots next to the pool ... one with that huge daybed, and another with a sunken kitchen near a giant Buddha fountain. As for that 50 ft. infinity pool, seems like it'd be really hard to get out of ... and Ludacris looks like he agrees. (TMZ)

Justin Bieber wasn't traveling light when he took off for the Bahamas to pop the question to Hailey Baldwin ... he had a huge and pricey rock on him! We spoke with Jack Solow -- the owner of Solow & Co. -- about the backstory of Hailey's engagement ring. He tells us he originally met JB through his manager Scooter Braun, a close family friend of his, and Bieber reached out to him a few weeks ago about buying a ring. We're told he decided on a large, elongated oval-shaped diamond between 6 to 10 carats ... and Jack met Justin at his hotel in NYC to deliver it right before Bieber and Hailey left for the Bahamas. Solow wouldn't spill the beans on the final price tag, but sources tell us it was around half a mil. TMZ broke the story ... Justin proposed to Hailey Saturday night at their resort in front of the other guests, weeks after getting the blessing from her father. She said yes. (TMZ)

Carl Lentz -- the pastor at the Hillsong church who was inseparable from Justin Bieber -- appeared to have trouble congratulating Justin on his engagement, and we're told it's because the 2 have had a major falling out. Lentz was in Sydney, Australia Friday when the photog asked about Bieber, and it's pretty clear Lentz was uncomfortable. Sources connected to Bieber tell TMZ ... Justin became angry at Lentz a while ago and broke ties with the pastor. Justin and his fiancee, Hailey Baldwin, have both been active members of Hillsong and continue to patronize the church but, at least as far as Justin is concerned ... Carl is history. We contacted Lentz, who told us he will not comment on his personal relationship with Bieber. (TMZ)

Kris Jenner couldn't afford a tomato after Robert Kardashian divorce. Believe it or not, Kris Jenner once had to count her pennies before making even the smallest of purchases. The Kardashian family matriarch says in a new interview that when her late ex-husband, Robert Kardashian Sr., filed for divorce after her affair, he cut off her credit cards. "I didn't have anything," she shares on "OBJECTified," which aired Sunday. "I went to the market one day and my credit card didn't work. I had a market credit card and I'm like, 'I can't even buy a tomato.'" Jenner called her affair with a professional soccer player one of the "biggest regrets" of her life because of how it affected her and her kids, Kourtney, 39, Kim, 37, Khloe, 34, and Rob, 31. Kardashian filing for divorce left her devastated. "Because it made it real," she says. "Like, you think you're going to come through this period -- that was really hard for me." Although Jenner says she had the "happiest life you could've dreamt about," she felt something was missing, which is why she had the affair. "But when you're in something, sometimes people think the grass is always greener and that was like what I think I went through at some point." Jenner and Kardashian, who died of esophageal cancer in 2003 at the age of 59, were married from 1978 to 1991. (PageSix)

The estranged husband of "Long Island Medium" star Theresa Caputo apparently has a thing for platinum blondes ... because he's got another one by his side. Larry Caputo was spotted shopping with a mystery woman at the Bargain Hunt in Decatur, Alabama Saturday ... picking up some essentials and checking out their furniture selection. Sources at the store tell us Larry and the woman looked very much like a couple -- she often had her hand on his back and shoulder ... and he held the door open for her. We spoke with Larry last month, who told us he and Theresa have been living on separate coasts for months and were in the middle of divorce proceedings. He also said he'd moved on and found someone else ... so there's a good chance this is her. Theresa and Larry announced their split in December after 28 years of marriage, but were holding out hope for a reconciliation. Looks like that's officially no longer the case. (PageSix)

Former Kardashian nanny reveals Kris Jenner was a 'perfectionist'. As expected, working for Kris Jenner isn't easy. The famous momager's former nanny, Pam Behan, revealed on an upcoming Kim Kardashian-focused episode of "Scandal Made Me Famous" that working for the Kardashian family in the early '90s was stressful. "I liked Kris and I respected her for many reasons," Behan shared in a preview clip published by People. "She was not easy to work for because she was a perfectionist and she expected perfection." Behan's job including taking care of kids Kourtney, Kim, Khloe and Rob. She was also required to shuttle the kids to school and to their various activities. "On a daily basis, when she has a very long list and you're fighting L.A. traffic and taking kids to their events, and maybe possibly not everything on the list gets done," Behan explained. "There were a few moments where I got an earful." That "earful" would sometimes come with hurtful comments. "At first, I used to be just crushed when she would speak to me like that," Behan said. "But she vents, she speaks what's on her mind. She wasn't easy to work for, but I did enjoy my job." Behan worked for the family for five years. (PageSix)

Pacman Jones isn't feelin' Colin Kaepernick -- telling TMZ Sports he does NOT support the players who took a knee during the national anthem ... and wants them to find a different way to protest. Here's the deal ... we shot this clip-on Tuesday at LAX just a few hours before Pacman was attacked at the airport in Atlanta. The fight story kinda knocked this clip off our radar for a while (obviously), but it's still pretty good. "I'm all for standing for the anthem," Pacman told us ... "I have a couple of family members that have been over to Iraq." Pacman also explained that, to him ... social issues "don't have nothing to do with the national anthem" and players who want to make a change should "figure out another way." (TMZ)

Donald Trump Jr. laid one on his gf, Kimberly Guilfoyle, while vacationing in the South of France ... the first time they've put on any PDA in public. Jr. and gf K.G. relaxed at Nikki Beach in St. Tropez Friday ... where it looks like he mostly went unnoticed under his straw hat and sunglasses. Can't blame the dude for wanting to keep a low profile overseas with all the protests in England over his dad's visit. The couple snuggled up on a couch by the pool and Don also took a hit of a hookah, which we're guessing was filled with tobacco ... then again, who knows? The FOX News host and Prez's son have been dating for a while now. His wife, Vanessa, filed for divorce in March but says she has no issues over her estranged hubby's new romance. (TMZ)

Stormy Daniels didn't file for divorce, as far as we can tell ... which makes it all the more intriguing as to why she told Columbus, Ohio vice cops who arrested her she was no longer married. We got a copy of the arrest report when Stormy was wrongly busted for motorboating an undercover cop at Sirens strip club in Columbus. Check out question 14 in the biographical info section. Married? The answer -- No. Stormy married Glendon Miller Crain in January, 2015 ... this according to the marriage certificate obtained by TMZ. There is no official record that Stormy or Glendon tried to end their marriage ... which makes her answer on the arrest report all the more puzzling. Stormy's lawyer, Michael Avenatti, tells TMZ his client is indeed married ... but he said he was unaware the arrest report suggests otherwise. \We'll keep ya posted. (TMZ)


Taylor Swift Becomes the 'Third Wheel' in Fan's Marriage Proposal at 'Reputation' Meet-and-Greet. Taylor Swift's surprise was caught on film at a meet-and-greet at the Philadelphia stop on her Reputation world tour when a fan got down on one knee and proposed to the love of his life right in front of her. It was business as usual for Swift on Friday night (July 14) up until that moment: she spends time with fans at her shows before she packs up and moves onto the next city, but Philadelphia set itself apart thanks to this super romantic surprise that even caught the "Delicate" singer off-guard. Swift is visibly shocked and thrilled for her fans, and shared photos of the surprise in the hours after the life-changing moment: "They walk into the meet and greet and he says 'We met 5 years ago at the Red Tour' and then...." (Billboard)

A whole bunch of Prince memorabilia is about to hit the market. Two years after the musician's death, there is about to be a "deluge of Prince products" hitting the market, according to Rolling Stone. There was a legal tangle following the music legend's 2016 overdose, with disputes over ownership of his property and various people coming out of the woodwork claiming to be heirs. But with the disputes largely squared away, Rolling Stone says the icon's estate will be offering fans everything from a memoir and unreleased music to clothes, mugs, license plates, commemorative coins -- and, perhaps, even a Prince-themed hotel. The memoir, to be published by Spiegel & Grau, is to be based on 50 pages of handwritten journals written by the "Purple Rain" legend, padded out with photos and memorabilia, while there are said to be up to 1,000 unheard songs that could be released. The insiders charged with deciding what to put up for sale say they're "using [their] best judgment" to figure what Prince would have liked to see on shelves, and what he would have preferred to keep private. (PageSix)

Mandy Moore Returns to the Recording Studio One Day After Emmys Snub: ''No More Excuses.'' Mandy Moore is reclaiming her passion for music. The This Is Us star has long discussed her desire to get back in the recording studio, especially after taking time away from her first love to pursue acting. And on Friday, just 24 hours after she learned she did not receive an Emmy nomination for her beloved performance as Rebecca Pearson in the NBC drama, Moore hit the studio to sing it out. "Getting back to it," she captioned an Instagram video of a track she's been working on. "It's time. I miss it. I'm not scared anymore. No more excuses. No more allowing someone's else insecurities to dictate my relationship to music and singing. Boom. Also- this is just a little demo of something @themikeviola and I worked on yesterday... but still, it's a start!" The snippet gives fans a taste of what Mandy's new music might sound like, and to say we're excited is an understatement! Moore first rose to prominence in the early 2000s as a pop star, but her music career began to slow as she pursued endeavors in film and television. She's released six studio albums in all, most recently Amanda Leigh in 2009. And despite going unrecognized by the Television Academy when the 2018 Emmys nominations were announced, Mandy had nothing but wonderful things to say about her This Is Us co-stars and the eight nominations they received in all. "Couldn't be prouder of our #ThisIsUs family and our 8 #emmy nominations today," she gushed on Instagram. "Congrats to @miloanthonyventimiglia and @sterlingkbrown for their acting nods and @zoehaymakeup, @heatherplott, @ehmakeupartist and their teams for their makeup nom, @hvbahmet and her team for the costumes nod, #roncephasjones and #geraldmcraney for their guest actor noms, and the entire crew for our drama series nomination!! So much to celebrate!!" Fingers crossed a brand-new album is on its way sooner rather than later. (Eonline)

Ariana Grande's 'God Is A Woman' Is Here: Stream It Now. OK Arianators, get ready to roar! Ariana Grande has released her long-awaited new single, "God Is A Woman." The power-pop song went live at midnight across digital music services, a full week ahead of schedule. Grande previously explained the true meaning behind the track as "sexual female empowerment & how women are literally everything & the universe is inside of us." The pop star raps out a verse and hits these bold lyrics: "You, you love it how I move you/You love it how I touch you, my one/When all is said and done/You'll believe God is a woman." The single was written by Ariana, Max Martin, Savan Kotecha, Rickard Gransson, and ILYA (who also produced) and its official, Dave Meyer-directed music video will premiere at noon ET. "God Is A Woman" will appear on Grande's fourth album, Sweetener, which is scheduled to drop Aug. 17 and also feature lead single "No Tears Left to Cry" and the expected next release, "r.e.m." (Billboard)

Michael Buble Recalls Son Noah's "F--king Brutal" Cancer Diagnosis as He Returns to the Stage. Michael Buble is back. Nearly two years since the star was faced with his firstborn son Noah's cancer diagnosis, the Grammy-winning standards crooner has officially returned to the stage. It had been three years since his last studio album when the 42-year-old soon-to-be father of three released Nobody but Me in October 2016. As he recalled to London Evening Standard, just days after the album dropped, he got a text that would change the course of his family's life. The text was from his wife of seven years, Luisana Lopilato, with a photo of a surgical scan showing what they would soon learn was a tumor in their then-3-year-old's liver. At the time of the text, Buble was in London about to appear and perform on BBC One. Ever the professional, he pressed on through the performance and jetted home immediately after. The next seven months were spent in the hospital with their son, fearing for the worst at Children's Hospital Los Angeles. "You don't get reassurance -- you get the opposite," he told Evening Standard. "Everything that they tell you is the worst-case scenario." After a very private battle, Lopilato gave the public a welcomed update on the youngster's progress in April 2017: he was well. Noah returned home that month and just over a year later, he's about to become a big brother to a little sister as the couple is expecting again. Meanwhile, Buble is also easing back into the spotlight with his 10th studio album on the way and taking the stage on July 7 for a crowd of roughly 70,000 in Dublin followed by a headlining performance for British Summer Time in Hyde Park on Friday. Most importantly, he and his family can put the 2017 nightmare behind them. "He's perfect," the star told the London Evening Standard of his son today. "The most important thing was to get [the tumor] out, with clean margins. Because if you do, it goes from being this scary thing to just being tremendous odds. No one likes talking about percentages but, honestly, [we have] a percentage where we can live our life, and not live in fear every day. We know we're ok now. But, what we went through was f--king brutal." Nevertheless, his son overcame it all. "This boy is a hero," the singer told the newspaper. "He's my hero." (Eonline)

Gwen Stefani's camp insists Vegas residency is selling tickets. Gwen Stefani's team is fighting back against reports the singer's Las Vegas residency is bombing at the box office. "The reaction to [Stefani's] 'Just a Girl' residency has been nothing short of overwhelming," Caesars and Live Nation told "Page Six TV." A rep insisted that "ticket sales wildly surpassed everyone's expectations." Stefani's country singer beau Blake Shelton was spotted attending the sold-out opening night to support her. (PageSix)

Kendrick Lamar and SZA were monumentally huge artists and that's what propelled the soundtrack for "Black Panther" ... not a 19-second clip an artist claims was a rip-off of her artwork. Kendrick and SZA just filed legal docs asking a judge to give Lena Iris Viktor the boot in her lawsuit which claims Kendrick and Co. ripped off her artwork in the music video for "All the Stars." Kendrick and SZA claim in the new docs ... even if the artwork in the video was a rip-off, she's not entitled to the profits they made from the song because "common sense and logic dictate that the alleged 19 second use of the artwork in the video" is not what generated the success of the song. The duo goes on to say the success of the album is the result of his "worldwide popularity as well as numerous accolades, including a Pulitzer Prize and dozens of Grammys." Kendrick and SZA also give credit for the album's success to the incredible cultural impact of the "Black Panther" flick. (TMZ)

Canceled San Francisco music fest drawing comparisons to Fyre Festival. A San Francisco music festival is being labeled the new Fyre Festival after canceling last minute when the venue pulled the plug. According to reports, XO Music Festival, run by promoter Sami Habib and touting headliners such as Ludacris, Bone Thugs-N-Harmony and Fabolous, failed to fulfill its contractual obligations. Contra Costa Event Park in Antioch, Calif., which was scheduled to host the fest this weekend, released a statement saying it was canceling "due to the promoters' lack of fulfilling contractual obligations." An e-mail obtained by Rolling Stone from the organizers to the performing artists said, "Unfortunately, ticket sales are currently below the level needed to proceed," but they oddly posted on their official Instagram Wednesday that "regardless of all the fake media. We are still planning our festival. The media is trying to cause issues for us for no apparent reason. We have worked to [sic] hard!" However, an official Web site reads: "Despite our best efforts to organize a fun event that would be enjoyed by thousands of people, the venues [sic] cancelation and the many negative media reports targeting the XO Music Festival unfortunately does not allow us to proceed with the festival at this time .?.?. Refunds have already been processed as of early this morning." Tickets reportedly ranged from $375 to $2,495. The Antioch police posted on its Facebook page that it had "received numerous comments, complaints and concerns" about the fest. GrowTix, which handled ticket sales for the event, reportedly said in a statement: "We are refunding all ticket holders immediately. This process has already started. Funds were never distributed to the XO festival and held by us in case of cancellation." (PageSix)


Scarlett Johansson Exits Trans Film Rub & Tug Amid Backlash. Scarlett Johansson will not play a transgender character on the big screen after all. Last week, news that she would play real-life transgender man Dante "Tex" Gill in a new movie called Rub & Tug sparked a backlash from members of the LGBTQ community and their supporters, who felt her casting stole an acting opportunity from transgender actors and highlighted an ongoing problem of lack of diversity in film. "In light of recent ethical questions raised surrounding my casting as Dante Tex Gill, I have decided to respectfully withdraw my participation in the project," Johansson said in a statement to Out magazine on Friday. "Our cultural understanding of transgender people continues to advance, and I've learned a lot from the community since making my first statement about my casting and realize it was insensitive. I have great admiration and love for the trans community and am grateful that the conversation regarding inclusivity in Hollywood continues. According to GLAAD, LGBTQ+ characters dropped 40% in 2017 from the previous year, with no representation of trans characters in any major studio release." Rub & Tug is based on the real-life story of Gill, who was born female and later lived life as a man. He became a crime kingpin, using his massage parlors as a front for prostitution in the '70s and '80s. He died in 2003 at the age of 72. "While I would have loved the opportunity to bring Dante's story and transition to life, I understand why many feel he should be portrayed by a transgender person, and I am thankful that this casting debate, albeit controversial, has sparked a larger conversation about diversity and representation in film," Johansson said. "I believe that all artists should be considered equally and fairly. My production company, These Pictures, actively pursues projects that both entertain and push boundaries. We look forward to working with every community to bring these most poignant and important stories to audiences worldwide." GLAAD said in a statement on Twitter, "Scarlett Johansson's announcement, together with the transgender voices who spoke out about this film, are game changers for the future of transgender images in Hollywood." Johansson's rep had previously told several media outlets, in response to the backlash, "Tell them that they can be directed to Jeffrey Tambor, Jared Leto and Felicity Huffman's reps for comment," referring to three stars who have played transgender characters onscreen. The news comes a year after Johansson sparked controversy for her role in the 2017 movie Ghost in the Shell, a film adaptation of a Japanese manga series. The director of both that movie and Rub & Tug is Rupert Sanders. He has not commented on the recent criticism over the actress' casting or about her exit. (Eonline)

'Fantastic Woman' Director Weighs in on Scarlett Johansson Transgender Casting Controversy. Sebastian Lelio, who directed trans actress Daniela Vega in the Oscar-winning film, says casting a cisgender star for a transgender role "may be aesthetically or ethically debatable, but it should never be prohibited." Chilean filmmaker Sebastian Lelio, who directed breakout transgender star Daniela Vega in the 2017 Oscar winner A Fantastic Woman, has weighed in on the controversy surrounding Scarlett Johansson's casting as a transgender man in an upcoming film. Johansson is set to play the lead in Rupert Sanders' Rub & Tug, a film about the true-life story of massage parlor owner Dante "Tex" Gill, who presented himself as a male and who may have been transgender man. After the project was announced on July 2, backlash to Johansson's casting spread on social media, with transgender actresses Trace Lysette (Transparent) and Jamie Clayton (Sense8, The Neon Demon) criticizing the choice on Twitter. OscarsSoWhite creator April Reign also called for Johansson to step away from the role, so to not take work away from trans actors. Speaking with The Hollywood Reporter about his own experience assembling A Fantastic Woman, Lelio said, "It's true [that] cultural representation has been scarce so far. And it's also true that the gesture of casting a cisgender actor to play a transgender role can be aesthetically or ethically debatable -- but it should never be prohibited." The director added, "When I decided to cast Daniela Vega to play Marina in A Fantastic Woman, it was an act of artistic freedom, not political correctness. I wasn't telling the world that transgender roles should be played by transgender actors. I was only doing what I felt was right for my film." One of THR's "Breakout Talents" at the 2017 Berlin Film Festival, Vega played a trans woman who deals with the prejudice and rejection of her dead lover's conservative family. Her work received a Platino award (the Latin American Oscars) for best actress and was labelled "a transformative performance" worthy of an Oscar nom in a THR guest column by Nick Adams, GLAAD's director of transgender media & representation. "Whenever the decision to cast Daniela Vega is interpreted as an authoritarian gesture, a gesture that tells people what to do, I always raise my hand and say 'No.' I'm not commanding anyone to do anything, I'm exercising my artistic freedom," the director said. (A Fantastic Woman has, since its release, helped push new gender identity legislation back home in Chile.) "If I said transgender roles should only be played by transgender actors, I would be implying that Daniela Vega shouldn't play a cisgender role. And I believe she has every right to play a man or a woman," he added. Lysette and Clayton specifically called out the lack of opportunity for transgender women to play cisgender roles in their tweets about Rub & Tug. "Actors who are trans never even get to audition FOR ANYTHING OTHER THAN ROLES OF TRANS CHARACTERS. THATS THE REAL ISSUE. WE CANT EVEN GET IN THE ROOM," Clayton said. "I sympathize with the drama of transgender actors who have little chances of exercising their craft," the director added. "But I'll never make myself available to join or empower any idea that aims to restrict one of society's most precious assets, which is the freedom of its artists ... When artistic freedom is threatened, that's a sign that society is becoming authoritarian, or moving towards behaviors and procedures that start to smell like fascism." Lelio, who recently shot his first English-speaking feature Disobedience -- a lesbian love-story starring Rachel Weisz and Rachel McAdams -- is now currently directing a remake of his own 2013 film Gloria with Julianne Moore in the lead role that won original actress Paulina Garcia a Silver Bear at the Berlinale. (Hollywood Reporter)

Blake Lively Is the BFF You Never Wanted in New A Simple Favor Trailer. It looks like Blake Lively's latest character is the BFF of your nightmares. As we've been trying to put together the pieces of the actress's upcoming, ultra stylish September thriller, Paul Feig's A Simple Favor, a newly released trailer just tossed a wrench into our developing theories on what exactly this story involves. In the new visual, we learn her character Emily Nelson and co-star Anna Kendrick's Stephanie Ward meet thanks to their sons, who request a play date. Emily quirkly obliges with a quip. "Does your kid drink? Maybe? It's never too late to start teaching them," she says in what sounds like a joke, but perhaps we can't be too sure. A session of gab between girls commences as the ladies sip on martinis and Emily asks Stephanie to trade confessions, but according to the rest of the trailer, this isn't a simple game of Never Have I Ever. Instead, after issuing "a simple favor" to Stephanie to come over, Emily goes missing. Cue the cop cars, pulsing mysterious music and overall air of intriguing unrest. Meanwhile, her husband's description of his spouse adds another layer to Emily's emerging riddle. "She's an enigma, my wife," he tells Stephanie. "You can get close to her. You never quite reach her. She's like a beautiful ghost." "She was not a normal person like you or me," another character warns Stephanie. "I've never seen such a beautiful girl want to be so invisible." Proof? She quickly demands her friend erase a photo of her. However, we're led to believe Stephanie may not be as innocent as she seems as the trailer includes a clip of what looks like an inappropriate dalliance with Emily's husband. Are the editors playing mind games with us -- or is that Emily? As she openly advises Stephanie, "You do not want to be friends with me. Trust me." While we're still weighting her trustworthiness, maybe we should heed her advice this time. A Simple Favor hits theaters September 14. (Eonline)

Downton Abbey Movie Is Officially Happening With Original Cast Returning for More Crawley Family Drama. It's time to return to Downton Abbey. The long-hyped movie is actually happening! The entire cast is expected to return for the film. Production is scheduled to begin during the summer of 2018. A release date has yet to be announced. You know what this means? More Dowager Countess burns! Series creator Julian Fellowes is writing the script and will serve as executive producer alongside Gareth Neame, Liz Trubridge and Nigel Marchant. Brian Percival, the director of the show's original pilot, is on board to direct the movie. "When the television series drew to a close it was our dream to bring the millions of global fans a movie and now, after getting many stars aligned, we are shortly to go into production," Neame said in a statement. "Julian's script charms, thrills and entertains and in Brian Percival's hands we aim to deliver everything that one would hope for as Downton comes to the big screen." Discussion of a movie happened even before the series officially wrapped up. In 2015, ahead of the series finale, Neame said there was interest in bringing the famous Crawley family back to life on the big screen. "Our position on that is we would be very interested in that. It is definitely something we're contemplating. It would be great fun to do. I think it would be a wonderful extension of everything that people loved about the TV show, but I can't confirm that it's definitely going to happen," Neame said. "We shall see." Downton Abbey became a crossover hit in the United States and United Kingdom, running for six years on ITV in the UK and PBS in the US. The series starred a sprawling ensemble cast that included, but was not limited to Hugh Bonneville, Laura Carmicahel, Jim Carter, Brendan Coyle, Michelle Dockery, Joanne Froggatt, Phyllis Logan, Rob James-Collier, Rose Leslie, Elizabeth McGovern, Lesley Nicol, Maggie Smith, Penelope Wilton, Lily James, Allen Leech and Matthew Goode. In a press release, Focus Features said the original principal cast will return. Over its six-year run, Downton Abbey won three Golden Globes, 15 Emmys, and a special BAFTA award. "Since the series ended, fans of Downton have long been waiting for the Crawley family's next chapter," Focus chairman Peter Kujawski said in a statement. "We're thrilled to join this incredible group of filmmakers, actors and craftspeople, led by Julian Fellowes and Gareth Neame, in bringing back the world of Downton to the big screen." (Eonline)


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