Advanced Regenerative Manufacturing Institute

The DoD MIIs seek to revitalize the U.S.’s domestic manufacturing capability through domestic public-private partnerships that enhance America’s strategic competitiveness while enabling the military of tomorrow. This is achieved through three primary activities hosted by the institutes:

- Advancing research and development (R&D) to promote American innovation while modernizing our military capabilities
- Growing manufacturing ecosystems to enhance the Nation’s competitiveness
- Furthering education and workforce development to train Americans of all ages and backgrounds for jobs of the future

The ability of the military to respond to an emergency depends on our Nation’s ability to produce needed parts and systems, healthy and secure supply chains, and a skilled U.S. workforce. The DoD MIIs connect organizations and activities to better enable the affordable, rapid transition and delivery of defense-essential technologies.

The ARM Institute is leading the way to a future where people and robots work together to respond to our nation’s greatest challenges and to develop and produce the world’s most desired products. Structured as a national consortium, ARM’s members span industry, academia, and government organizations. ARM integrates diverse industry best practices and institutional knowledge about robotics technologies across many disciplines to realize the promise of a robust manufacturing innovation ecosystem. Key focus areas include human-robot interaction, interoperability, artificial intelligence, reconfigurable, agile and flexible robotics systems, and easier technology adoption and risk reduction. ARM also works to prepare the U.S. workforce for Industry 4.0 careers working with robotics. In defining the robotics career pathways, ARM is working to expand the size, diversity, and skill set of the U.S. robotics workforce.


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