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Friday, July 14, 2017

Born On This Day...

In 1486 Italian painter, Andrea del Sarto

In 1868 Austrian scientist/immunologist, Karl Landsteiner

In 1869 Novelist, Owen Wister (The Virginian)

In 1893 Actor, Spencer Williams (Andy Brown-Amos 'n Andy)

In 1894 Animator, Dave Fleischer (Superman cartoons)

In 1898 Baseball Hall-of-Famer, Albert B. "Happy" Chandler

In 1901 Actor, George Tobias (Abner Kravitz-Bewitched) [d: 2-27-80]

In 1903 Actor/comedian, Ken Murray (Son of Flubber) [d: 10-12-88]

In 1903 Author, Irving Stone (Love is Eternal, Lust for Life) [d: 8-26-89]

In 1904 Polish novelist, Isaac Bashevis Singer [d: 7-24-91]

In 1907 Baseball player, John J. "Johnny" Murphy (Yankees) [d: 1-14-70]

In 1910 Animator, William Hanna (Hanna-Barbera) [d: 3-22-01]

In 1911 Actor, Terry Thomas (It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World) [d: 1-8-90]

In 1912 Folk singer, Woody Guthrie (This Land is Your Land) [d: 10-3-67]

In 1913 Gerald R. Ford, 38th U.S. president (1974-77) [d: 12-26-06]

In 1914 Cartoonist, Joe Shuster (Superman co-creater) [d: 7-30-92]

In 1915 Composer/author, Jerome Lawrence (Inherit the Wind, Mame) [d: 2-29-04]

In 1917 Broadcast journalist, Douglas Edwards (CBS) [d: 10-13-90]

In 1918 Film director, Ingmar Bergman (Cries & Whispers, Silence) [d: 7-30-07]

In 1918 Inventor, Jay Wright Forrester (random-access memory) [d: 11-16-16]

In 1918 Playwright, Arthur Laurents (West Side Story, Gypsy) [d: 5-10-11]

In 1923 Actor, Dale Robertson (Death Valley Days, Walter-Dynasty) [d: 2-27-13]

In 1923 Editor and publisher, Frances Lear (Lears) [d: 9-30-96]

In 1926 Actor, Harry Dean Stanton (Cool Hand Luke, Alien) (91)

In 1927 Broadcast journalist, John Chancellor (NBC) [d: 7-12-96]

In 1928 Actress, Nancy Olson (Absent Minded Professor, Pollyanna) (89)

In 1929 Drummer, Alan Dawson (Dave Brubeck) [d: 2-23-96]

In 1930 Actress, Polly Bergen (Cape Fear, Desperate Housewives) [d: 9-20-14]

In 1931 Actor, Robert Stephens (Uncle Kurt-Holocaust) [d: 10-12-95]

In 1932 Former football player/actor, Rosey Grier (Giants/Movin' On) (85)

In 1932 Country singer/guitarist, Del Reeves [d: 1-1-07]

In 1936 Singer, Gloria Lambert (Sing Along With Mitch) [d: 6-18-13]

In 1936 Astronaut, Robert F. Overmyer (STS-5, 51B) [d: 3-22-96]

In 1938 Political activist, Jerry Rubin (anti-Vietnam war) [d: 11-28-94]

In 1939 Singer/guitarist, Spencer Davis (Gimme Some Lovin, I'm A Man) (78)

In 1940 Guitarist, Dan Trammell (The Fireballs) (77)

In 1942 Singer, Jay Bird Uzzell (Smokey Places-Corsairs) (75)

In 1944 Actress, Lynn Loring (Patty-Fair Exchange, Barbara-The FBI) (73)

In 1947 Actor, Nick Benedict (Curtis-Days of Our Lives) (70)

In 1947 Sportscaster/former baseball player, Steve Stone (Giants) (70)

In 1952 Actor, Jerry Houser (Slapshot, Summer of '42, Class of '44) (65)

In 1952 Actor, Eric Laneuville (Larry-Room 222, St. Elsewhere) (65)

In 1952 Actor, Stan Shaw (Roots Next Generation) (65)

In 1960 Country singer/guitarist/songwriter, Ray Herndon (57)

In 1960 Actress, Jane Lynch (Glee) (57)

In 1961 U.S. hurdler, Judi Brown (Olympic-Silver-1984) (56)

In 1961 Actor, Jackie Earle Haley (Moocher-Breaking Away) (56)

In 1966 Singer/songwriter, Tanya Donelly (Belly) (51)

In 1966 Actor, Matthew Fox (Charlie-Party Of Five, Lost) (51)

In 1966 Singer/keyboardist, Ellen Reid (Crash Test Dummies) (51)

In 1967 Baseball player, Robin Ventura (White Sox) (50)

In 1968 U.S. diver, Mark Lenz (Olympic-Gold-1992) [d: 4-10-12]

In 1970 Drummer, Brett Bradshaw (Faster Pussycat) (47)

In 1970 Actress, Missy Gold (Katie Gatling-Benson) (47)

In 1975 Singer, Tameka Harris (Xscape) (42)

In 1975 Hip hop performer, Jaime Gormez (aka Taboo) (Black Eyed Peas) (42)

In 1975 Country singer, Jamey Johnson (42)

In 1979 Actor, Scott Porter (Friday Night Lights, Hart of Dixie) (38)

In 1985 Football player, Darrelle Revis (Jets) (32)

In 1986 Dancer, Peta Murgatroyd (Dancing with the Stars) (31)

In 1986 Singer, Dan Smith (Bastille) (31)

In 1987 Actress, Sara Canning (The Vampire Diaries) (30)

In 1987 Singer, Dan Reynolds (Imagine Dragons) (30)

In 1988 Fighter, Conor McGregor (UFC Featherweight Champion-2015) (29)

In 1994 Singer, Bibi Bourelly ("Riot," "Ego") (23)

In 1999 Singer, Camryn Magness ("Wait and See") (18)

In 1998 Actress/dancer, Erika Prevost (The Next Step) (19)

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