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Monday, July 17, 2017

Born On This Day...

In 1744 Elbridge Gerry, 5th U.S. vice-president (invented gerrymander)

In 1763 German fur trader/financier, John Jacob Astor

In 1891 Actor, Stanley Ridges (Possesed, Sgt. York, Mr. Ace)

In 1891 King Haile I Selassie (Ethiopia emperor, 1930-74)

In 1898 American photography pioneer, Berenice Abbott

In 1889 Novelist/attorney, Erle Stanley Gardner (created Perry Mason)

In 1899 Actor, James Cagney (Yankee Doodle Dandy) [d: 3-30-86]

In 1900 Actor, Marcel Dalio (Casablanca) [d: 11-20-83]

In 1905 Actor, William Gargan (Martin Kane, Ellery Queen) [d: 2-16-79]

In 1912 TV host, Art Linkletter (People Are Funny, House Party) [d: 5-26-2010]

In 1914 Actress, Lucille Benson (Lilly-Bosom Buddies) [d: 2-17-84]

In 1915 U.S. platform diver, Dorothy Poynton (Olympic-Gold-1932) [d: 5-18-95]

In 1917 Baseball Hall-of-Famer, Lou Boudreau (Indians, 1938-50) [d: 8-10-01]

In 1917 Comedian, Phyllis Diller (Boy, Did I Get a Wrong Number) [d: 8-20-12]

In 1918 Country singer/guitarist, Red Sovine [d: 4-4-80]

In 1920 Broadcast journalist, Bill Monroe (Meet The Press, 1975-84) [d: 2-17-11]

In 1922 Actor, Tetsuro Tamba (You Only Live Twice) [d: 9-24-06]

In 1927 Actor/comedian, Pat McCormick (Smokey & the Bandit) [d: 7-29-05]

In 1930 Baseball player, Roy McMillan (Reds, Braves, Mets) [d: 11-2-97]

In 1932 Composer, Vince Guaraldi (Charlie Brown TV specials) [d: 2-6-76]

In 1935 Singer, Diahann Carroll (Julia, Dominique-Dynasty) (82)

In 1935 Composer, Peter Schickele (5th of Beethoven) (82)

In 1935 Actor, Donald Sutherland (M*A*S*H, Ordinary People, Outbreak) (82)

In 1940 Actress, Phyllis Davis (Love American Style, Beatrice-Vega$) [d: 9-27-13]

In 1941 Former football player, Daryle Lamonica (Raiders) (76)

In 1942 Singer, Gale Garnett (We'll Sing In The Sunshine) (75)

In 1942 Former basketball player, Connie Hawkins (Suns/Globetrotters) (75)

In 1942 Former baseball player, Don Kessinger (Cubs) (75)

In 1942 Singer/keyboardist, Zoot Money (The Animals) (75)

In 1947 Duchess, Camilla Parker Bowles (second wife of Prince Charles) (70)

In 1947 Drummer, Mick Tucker (Sweet) [d: 2-14-02]

In 1948 U.S. backstroke swimmer, Cathy Ferguson (Olympic-Gold-1964) (69)

In 1948 Drummer, Brian Glascock (Motels) (69)

In 1949 Bassist, Geezer Butler (Black Sabbath) (68)

In 1949 Bassist, Mike Vale (Tommy James & the Shondells) (68)

In 1951 Actress, Lucie Arnaz (Kim Carter-Here's Lucy, Jazz Singer) (66)

In 1952 Actor/singer, David Hasselhoff (Knight Rider, Baywatch) (65)

In 1952 Singer, Nicolette Larson (Lotta Love, Let Me Go Love) [d: 12-16-97]

In 1952 Singer, Phoebe Snow (Poetry Man, Gone At Last) [d: 4-26-11]

In 1954 Chancellor, Angela Merkel (first female Chancellor of Germany) (63)

In 1960 Actress, Nancy Giles (Frankie Bunsen-China Beach) (57)

In 1960 Former football player, Scott Norwood (Bills) (57)

In 1962 U.S. archer, Jay Barrs (Olympic-Gold-1988, 92) (55)

In 1963 Singer, Regina Belle (A Whole New World) (54)

In 1963 Actress, Denise Miller (Billie-Archie Bunker's Place, Fish) (54)

In 1963 Finnish skiier, Matti Nykanen (Olympic-Gold-1984) (54)

In 1963 Baseball player, Robert Thigpen (White Sox) (54)

In 1964 Actress, Heather Langenkamp (Marie-Just the 10 of Us) (53)

In 1964 Country singer, Craig Morgan (53)

In 1965 Actor, Alex Winter (Bill-Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure) (52)

In 1966 Rap singer, Guru (Gang Starr) [d: 4-19-10]

In 1967 Gospel singer, Susan Ashton (50)

In 1967 Singer, Stokley Williams (Mint Condition) (50)

In 1968 Actress, Beth Littleford (The Daily Show) (49)

In 1968 Actress, Bitty Schram (Monk) (49)

In 1968 Actress, Alexandra Wilson (Josie-Another World, Homefront) (49)

In 1970 Model/singer, Mandy Smith (Bill Wyman's ex) (47)

In 1973 Dancer, Tony Dovolani (Dancing with the Stars) (44)

In 1973 Rap singer, Sole (44)

In 1976 Country singer, Luke Bryan (41)

In 1976 Actor, Eric Winter (Rex-Days of Our Lives) (41)

In 1982 Singer, Tash Hamilton (35)

In 1983 Actress, Sarah Jones (Alcatraz) (34)

In 1985 Singer, Tom Fletcher (McFly, Busted) (32)

In 1986 Actor, Brando Eaton (Dexter) (31)

In 1987 Singer, Jeremih Felton ("Birthday Sex") (30)

In 1990 Reality star, Mariahlynn (Love & Hip Hop: New York) (27)

In 1992 Actress, Billie Lourd (Scream Queens) (25)

In 1994 Actress, Jessica Amlee (Heartland) (23)

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