On this date in 1798, the U.S. Marines were created by congress. So they have done one thing right. Congress actually did something!

On this date in 1804, Vice-president Aaron Burr mortally wounded former Treasury Secretary Alexander Hamilton in a pistol duel near Weehawken, New Jersey. It was probably for the better Hamilton lost the duel. I think it would have been a lot harder to write a musical called, "Burr."
  • Burr apologized and vowed that he'd get Hamilton's picture on the $10 bill and that someday, there'd be a hit musical about him. 
  • The loser not only died, but also had to appear on the $10 bill. 
  • Can you imagine that? A vice-president actually doing something? 

On this date in 1933, Congress passed the first minimum wage: 40 cents an hour! 40 cents? Hey, who's going to tell the boss it's gone up to 40 cents?

It was on this date in 1952, the Republican National Convention, meeting in Chicago, nominated Dwight D. Eisenhower for president and Richard M. Nixon for vice-president. That was back when the Republicans waited until their convention to announce the Vice-Presidential running mate... and when Republicans were still Republicans.

In 1962, a Russian Cosmonaut set the new record for spending four entire days in space. These days, that's just a long weekend at the International Space Station.

On this date in 1974, the World Football League played its first game.
  • Of course it went on to not exist. 
  • While the league struggled in it's early years, it wasn't long before it played it's last game. 
  • It was eventually the victim of global apathy. 

In 1979, the U.S. Space Station Skylab came crashing down to earth. However, even to this day, it's still higher up than the President's approval ratings.


It's a date of 1's and 7's: 7-11-17.

Of course, today is Free Slurpee Day at 7-11... between the hours of 11am and 7pm.

And, of course, it's Amazon Prime Day, but you knew that.

Rapper Lil Zane turns 35. Rapper Lil Kim hits 43. I always thought they should combine and form a group, called 2-Lil. Or is that 2-Lil too late?

Yes, Lil' Kim turns 43 today. No, that is NOT the leader of North Korea's nickname. Secondly, she's not as Lil' as she once was. At least she didn't go by the name Young Kim, so she doesn't have to change her name.

Debbe Dunning turns 51 today. In the 90s, she was the Tool Time Girl on "Home Improvement." Talk about a reputation challenger. Despite how it sounds, it was a respectable profession.

Richie Sambora celebrates his 58th birthday today, don't ask me how.
  • Somehow... He's now more than half-way there, but oh-oh, still livin' on a prayer. 
  • He's already into AARP territory. 
  • Dude, you once had Heather Locklear... what were you thinking? 

Mindy Sterling -- forever to be remembered as Frau Farbissina in Austin Powers -- turns 1-million years old today! Oh, sorry, I mean 64. She always had a thing for Evil... but only half a thing for mini-me. Maybe Dr. Evil will jump out of a cake for her.

Bonnie Pointer turns 67 today. She, of course, a member of that group, The Bonnie Sisters.


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