From over-the-top crystal to personal grooming items, wedding registries can run the gamut, but here are 10 shocking items real couples have actually registered for.
  1. PediPaws. Yes, the nail clipper for dogs. 
  2. A bike. What?! 
  3. A deck of Uno playing cards. 
  4. Shake Weight. And no, it wasn't a joke. 
  5. Diapers and other baby items (apparently just to see what people would think). 
  6. A video game system. 
  7. Glassware service for 50. They registered for 50 wineglasses, margarita glasses, martini glasses, champagne glasses, beer mugs and highball glasses, for a total of 300 pieces of glassware! 
  8. A Chi flatiron and hair dryer. 
  9. A volleyball net set. 
  10. Frozen pizza. 


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