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Wednesday, July 5, 2017


Shocker! Wrong Place, Wrong Time!

Talk about being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Meghan Davidson was pregnant and just seven days from her due date when she decided to go for a walk in her neighborhood in Fort Myers, Florida. That's when the unthinkable and highly unlikely happened - lightning struck her in the head! A friend says, "We are just all praying for a miracle." Davidson was rushed to the hospital and delivered a baby boy who is fighting for his life while Davidson also remains in serious condition. Paramedics found Davidson on the ground, barely breathing. "Meghan is showing signs of improvement," a member of Davidson's church told reporters. (NBC2)

That Time Car Keys Saved Your Life

A mother in Amarillo, Texas, has become a social media hero after fighting off an attacker using car keys. Jessica Collins, 27, says she was punched in the nose by a man in the parking lot of her apartment complex at 2:30am after going out to her car to retrieve a phone charger. Fortunately her own mother had taught her a self-defense tactic years before from a women's TV documentary: Carry your keys between your fingers. So Collins punched the man in the neck with a right hook, stabbing him with those keys, and he fled, holding his neck. (Awesome) Collins immediately reported the incident to police who collected the assailant's DNA from her keys. Collins posted a picture of her face and keys on Facebook in the hopes of educating other women about the value of the self-defense technique. She wrote: "I am just trying to raise awareness so many women and girls these days don't pay attention or think (until) it's too late." The Facebook post had been shared 67,000 times. Her assailant remains at large. (KPRC)

Brave Boy - 1, Bear - 0

Up in Juneau, Alaska, 12-year-old Elliot Clark has earned himself eternal playground bragging rights after he heroically saved himself and three others from a charging brown bear. Elliot was walking single-file through the woods to a fishing hole with two adult relatives and his cousin when a brown bear charged the group. The two adults, including an uncle who was armed, were pushed to the side of the trail and the bear was suddenly on top of the boys. Elliot, who was next in line and in front of his unarmed cousin, fired multiple shots that brought the bear down at the boy's feet. His pump-action shotgun was filled with birdshot, which is typically used to scare, not kill, large animals like bears. Lucas, who was not present during the bear attack, says that two lucky conditions contributed to his son's deadeye reaction. Elliot didn't have a sling on his gun, so he was carrying it in a manner that allowed him to shoot quickly. And just one day before the incident, Elliot asked his father for permission to remove a plug from his gun that only allowed it three shots. "It's not just a matter of skill or preparedness. It can happen to anybody and it can go wrongly," Lucas Clark said. State Sen. Shelley Hughes praised Elliot's "bravery" on her Facebook page, where she also posted bear safety links. (Juneau Empire)

Death in Uber Ride

Seattle Police say a Coast Guardsman murdered his wife during an Uber ride and told the terrified driver to keep going! Jennifer Espitia was in the front passenger seat when she was allegedly shot in the head by husband Cameron Espitia during an argument. The driver actually thought the noise was a blown tire until he saw the woman slumped over and said he feared he would be next so obeyed Espitia's instructions to keep driving. After Espitia asked to be let out, the driver called 911. Police say that when they found the 31-year-old suspect he told them he "was not having a good night with his wife." They found a small pistol in an ankle holster. Espitia told police he had been drinking, woke up in bushes, and barely remembered being in the vehicle. He was charged with second-degree murder and bail was set at $3 million during a court appearance Monday. (Seattle Times)

No Twitter Suspension for POTUS

Following President Trump's latest tweet controversy - uh, that would be the one about him beating up the CNN logo with his fists - many have demanded Twitter ban the president for violating Twitter's own terms of use due to cyberbullying, harassment, and abuse. Newsday points out that some of Trump's tweets, like those against Morning Joe co-host Mika Brzezinski, do seem to violate this line in the Terms of Service: "You may not incite or engage in the targeted abuse or harassment of others." But Twitter ruled the president's tweets do not violate any rules. Trump himself responded to critics complaining his tweets aren't presidential: "My use of social media is not Presidential - it's MODERN DAY PRESIDENTIAL. Make America Great Again!" (Elite Daily)

About That Whole Foods Chicken Salad

If you recently bought "buffalo style chicken salad" at Whole Foods - got some bad news for you. It's being recalled, because it doesn't contain chicken. It contains Tuna. The retailer is recalling approximately 404 pounds of product that was mislabeled as chicken salad but is actually cranberry apple tuna salad. The affected packages were distributed to stores in New Jersey, New York, and Connecticut. If you have a 12.5-ounce plastic container of the aforementioned "chicken salad" from Willow Tree Poultry Farm in your fridge, check it for the number P-8827 inside the USDA's inspection mark to know if it is included in the recall. The USDA says there are no confirmed reports of any adverse reactions to the mislabeled salad yet, but tuna is a known allergen. (Mashable)

What the What?

With state-run parks and beaches in New Jersey closed over the holiday weekend because of a government shutdown ordered by Gov. Chris Christie, there was nobody on Island Beach State Park on Sunday - well except for the governor and his family. NJ Advance Media took aerial photos of Christie, his wife, and others soaking up the sun on the otherwise empty beach near the governor's official retreat. When told about the photos, spokesman Brian Murray admitted the governor had been on the beach, but claimed: "He did not get any sun." The spokesman added: "He had a baseball hat on." Christie told reporters that he was spending the weekend at the retreat with his family and commuting to Trenton by state helicopter. "That's just the way it goes. Run for governor, and you can have a residence there," he said. Fortunately a budget deal was reached in time for the beaches to open on July 4th. Doubt that will help Gov. Christie's approval ratings which are currently the lowest on record as he approaches the end of his term. (NJ Advance Media)

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