It was on this date in 1787 that Congress established the Northwest Territory. Amazingly, they actually put it in the northwest.
  • Of course, today it's known by other names, like Micro-Beer Country and Legalized Pot Territory. 
  • If you have to ask which direction that is from here, we're sending you back to school. 
  • Of course, being congress, they first designated it in the south east. 

In 1793, French revolutionary writer Jean Paul Marat is murdered in his bath by Charlotte Corday. What made it even more agonizing was having to pose for that famous painting while he was being stabbed. Not to be insensitive, but talk about a tough ring to get out. OK, maybe I was insensitive...

On this date in 1865, Horace Greeley advised his readers to "Go West." It was a way to make sure only literate people went to the new frontier.
  • They did, his readership plummeted and he soon found himself out of a job. 
  • Actually, he said to go "West and rewax." 
  • He said they looked tiwed and they should west. (insert Elmer Fudd laugh here) 
  • Sadly, those already in California, drowned. 


It's Thursday... the 13th!

Director Cameron Crowe celebrates birthday number 60. He gave us "Fast Times at Ridgemont High," "Singles," "Almost Famous" and of course, "Jerry McGuire." He can actually show you the money.

Cheech Marin of "Cheech and Chong" fame turns 71 today. Far out, man...
  • He now rolls control-top joints. 
  • Just a matter of time before he wins the "Medicinal Marijuana Farmer of the Year" award. 
  • Once again, he'll be having a birthday party and at least one guest will go outside and knock on the door, yelling, "Dave?" 
  • I wouldn't eat any of that birthday cake if you had plans for tomorrow. 

Harrison Ford turns 75 today. While he has performed with lots of different actors, he prefers to play Solo. On his birthday, Calista Flockhart likes to hide behind a birthday candle, jump out and yell "Surprise!"

Captain Picard -- Patrick Stewart -- celebrates his 77th birthday today. He's rapidly approaching warp speed. Please don't buy him a comb for his birthday. It's been done.

National French Fries Day -- French fries are the most popular food ordered in American restaurants. 22% of all U.S. restaurant meals include french fries. 


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