Born On This Day...

In 1530 Ivan the Terrible (first tsar of Russia, 1533-84)

In 1707 King Louis of Spain (1724)

In 1783 Naval officer, Samuel Chester Reid (designed present American flag)

In 1819 Detective, Allan Pinkerton (founded Pinkerton Detective Agency)

In 1822 Humanitarian, Gardiner Hubbard (founded National Geographic Society)

In 1836 English writer, Bret Harte (Outcasts of Poker Flat)

In 1841 Swiss surgeon, Theodor Kocher (thyroid gland work) (Nobel-1909)

In 1850 Author/humorist, Bill Nye

In 1854 Inventor, Charles Sumner Tainter (co-invented radiophone)

In 1873 Industrialist, John Willys (developed the Jeep for the military)

In 1880 Inventor, Joshua Lionel Cowen (electric model trains)

In 1909 Tap dancer/actress, Ruby Keeler (42nd Street) [d: 2-28-93]

In 1909 Actor, Michael Rennie (The Day the Earth Stood Still) [d: 6-10-71]

In 1910 Inventor, Arnold Neustadter (rolodex) [d: 4-17-96]

In 1912 East German politician, Erich Honecker (Berlin Wall) [d: 5-29-94]

In 1912 Cartoonist, Ted Key (Hazel) [d: 5-3-08]

In 1913 Actor, Don DeFore (Thorny-Ozzie and Harriet, Hazel) [d: 12-22-93]

In 1913 Cartoonist, Walt Kelly (Pogo) [d: 10-18-73]

In 1916 Actor, Van Johnson (The Caine Mutiny, Rich Man Poor Man) [d: 12-12-08]

In 1916 Actor/director, Erich Jr. Von Stronheim (Sunset Blvd) [d: 10-26-68]

In 1917 Actor/producer, Mel Ferrer (War & Peace, Falcon Crest) [d: 6-2-08]

In 1918 Conductor, Leonard Bernstein (West Side Story) [d: 10-14-90]

In 1918 Actor, Richard Greene (Adventures of Robin Hood) [d: 6-1-85]

In 1919 4-time Alabama governor, George C. Wallace [d: 9-13-98]

In 1921 Irish novelist, Brian Moore [d: 1-10-99]

In 1921 Game show host, Monty Hall (Let's Make A Deal) (96)

In 1927 Tennis player, Althea Gibson (first black tennis champ) [d: 9-28-03]

In 1928 Country fiddler, Jerry Rivers (Drifting Cowboys) [d: 10-4-96]

In 1930 Actor, Sean Connery (007, Untouchables, Hunt For Red October) (87)

In 1930 Actor, Graham Jarvis (Charlie-Mary Hartman, Bob-Fame) [d: 4-16-03]

In 1930 Singer, Ray Pollard (The Wanderers) [d: 1-26-05]

In 1931 Governor, Cecil D. Andrus (Idaho, 1971-77) (86)

In 1931 TV host, Regis Philbin (Regis & Kathie Lee, Millionaire) (86)

In 1933 Jazz bandleader/composer, Wayne Shorter (Weather Report) (84)

In 1933 Actor, Tom Skerritt (Alien, Top Gun, Pickett Fences, Contact) (84)

In 1938 Actor, David Canary (Peyton Place, Bonanza, All My Children) [d: 11-16-15]

In 1938 Author, Frederick Forsyth (Day of the Jackal, The Odessa File) (79)

In 1943 Singer, Walter Williams (O'Jays) (74)

In 1944 Actor, Anthony Heald (Silence Of The Lambs) (73)

In 1946 Baseball Hall-of-Famer, Rollie Fingers (1974 World Series MVP) (71)

In 1947 Actress, Anne Archer (Fatal Attraction, Clear & Present Danger) (70)

In 1949 Country singer, Henry Paul (Blackhawk) (68)

In 1949 Actor, John Savage (The Deer Hunter) (68)

In 1949 Singer/bassist/actor, Gene Simmons (Kiss) (68)

In 1950 Singer/guitarist, Willy Deville (Mink DeVille) [d: 8-6-09]

In 1951 Singer, Rob Halford (Judas Priest) (66)

In 1954 Singer/songwriter, Elvis Costello (Everyday I Write The Book) (63)

In 1958 Film director, Tim Burton (Batman, Ed Wood, Mars Attacks) (59)

In 1958 Actor, Christian LeBlanc (Michael Baldwin-Young & Restless) (59)

In 1961 Country singer, Billy Ray Cyrus (Achy-Breaky Heart) (56)

In 1961 Actress, Ally Walker (Moon Over Miami, Profiler) (56)

In 1962 Guitarist, Vivian Campbell (Whitesnake, Def Leppard) (55)

In 1963 Actor/guitarist, Morgan Englund (Dylan-The Guiding Light) (54)

In 1964 Actor, Blair Underwood (Jonathan-LA Law, High Incident) (53)

In 1964 Actress, Joanne Whalley-Kilmer (Willow, Scarlett) (53)

In 1965 Football player, Cornelius Bennett (52)

In 1965 Tennis player, Kathleen Horvath (French Open Jr., 1980) (52)

In 1966 Rap performer, DJ Terminator X (Public Enemy) (51)

In 1967 Actor, Tom Hollander (Pride and Prejudice) (50)

In 1968 Actor, David Alan Basche (As the World Turns) (49)

In 1968 TV host, Rachael Ray (30 Minute Meals, Rachael Ray Show) (49)

In 1969 Actor, Cameron Mathison (Ryan-All My Children) (48)

In 1970 Country singer, Jo Dee Messina (47)

In 1970 Supermodel, Claudia Schiffer (Guess ads) (47)

In 1975 Actress, Michelle Beaudoin (Jenny-Sabrina the Teenage Witch) (42)

In 1975 Actor, Rhasaan Orange (Thomas-Days of Our Lives) (42)

In 1976 Actor, Alexander Skarsgard (True Blood, Tarzan) (41)

In 1977 Actor, Jonathan Togo (CSI: Miami) (40)

In 1978 Actor, Kel Mitchell (Mystery Men, Good Burger) (39)

In 1981 Actress, Rachel Bilson (Summer Roberts-The O.C.) (36)

In 1987 Actress, Blake Lively (Age of Adaline, Shallows) (30)

In 1997 Singer, Bryana Salaz (The Voice) (20)

In 1998 Actress, China Anne McClain (House of Payne, Descendants 2) (19)


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