When you get in your car and turn on the ignition, how do you act? Are you fast and aggressive or safe and cautious? Allstate Insurance surveyed drivers nationwide and discovered each of us has a distinct driving personality. "We are constantly trying to gain a deeper understanding of the driving habits of Americans," said Todd DeYoung, vice president of marketing for Allstate Insurance Company. "The survey not only revealed the depth of Americans' opinions about driving-related issues, but it also produced unique personalities, or 'Car-ma' based on actual driving actions." The five driving personalities and the percentage of drivers in each category:

1. Auto-Bahners: 17 percent

Fast and aggressive, these drivers are most likely to get angry when someone cuts them off. They find driving exciting because it gives them a sense of freedom. Their average cruising speed is 71 mph, but some have driven more than 90 mph. It's no surprise that most Auto-Bahners have been pulled over by the police at least once in the past five years, and half of them have received a ticket for a moving violation. This group is also more likely to drive after having three or more drinks. Sixty-three percent of Auto-Bahners are men.

2. Auto-Matics: 23 percent

while they consider themselves to be safe and confident drivers, they are the least sure of themselves behind the wheel. Many don't even like to drive. Still, they're willing to take risks while driving, with 40 percent of Auto-Matics admitting they like to drive fast. Even though they don't enjoy driving, they love their car and confess the type of car they drive is important. They especially like it when other people notice their cars.

3. Auto-Nomous: 21 percent

Describing themselves as rugged and powerful, this group of drivers very much enjoys driving, gets a kick out of watching the scenery and considers their car a comfortable place. They take great pride in their vehicles, which they describe as powerful, safe and large. Most in this group drive a pickup truck or SUV. Two-thirds of Auto-Nomous drivers are men.

4. Auto-Pragmatics: 15 percent

Confident, but also cautious, this group purchases cars that are practical, less expensive and environmentally friendly. They consider themselves to be good drivers, but not fast or aggressive. Instead, they describe their driving style as safe or cautious. The top priority is to get there safely, not quickly. Sixty-nine percent of Auto-Pragmatics are women.

5. Auto-Pilots: 15 percent

Describing themselves as reliable, confident, smart and family-oriented, this group is most likely to have children under age 18. While they think they are safe and cautious drivers, they are not comfortable behind the wheel and don't particularly enjoy driving. While the majority are dependent on their car for their daily business, they would much rather have someone else drive if given the choice. Seventy-one percent of Auto-Pilots are women.


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