• Would you rather have all food taste like re-fried beans or have all people sound to you like Gilbert Godfrey? 
  • Would you rather have a utility belt that can shrink anything to the size of a quarter and restore it back to normal or own a hoverboard? 
  • Would you rather have no bones in your neck or feet that are turned backwards? 
  • Would you rather spend you last night on earth drinking with friends or having sex with your favorite movie star? 
  • Would you rather always have bad breath for which there was no cure, or always be 100 pounds overweight? 
  • Would you rather have a month of solitary confinement, or a month of being handcuffed to your spouse? 
  • Would you rather fall into a dumpster full of non-poisonous snakes, or be bitten on the leg by a pit bull? 
  • Would you rather be freed by the fire department after you got your hand stuck in the toilet bowl, or after your big toe got stuck in the bathtub faucet? 
  • Would you rather have everyone tell you exactly what they think of you, or have everyone constantly hit you up for a loan? 
  • Would you rather live in a world where all dirty words and vulgar expressions were censored with silly bleeps, buzzes, and cuckoos, or live in a world where it rained superballs. 
  • Would you rather stutter badly, or drool noticeably?


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