Can You Stand For The Truth!

Ladies & Gentlemen the Secession from the Union by the Democrat Party took place on December 20, 1860. They wanted to keep slavery! The states rights argument is just not true! If we branded the Democrat Party a terrorist organization after the Civil War we wouldn't be going through any of the racial injustice we see today. The people who really should be taking a knee are the Democrats! The stars and bars flag belongs to them! If any reparations should be paid to anyone the DNC should make those payments. If you (Vote R.E.D.) Remove Every Democrat from office life will improve! This party wants statutes removed because they are Confederate Democrats. They want you to remain on the plantation and not think for yourself.  The Switch argument you keep hearing about is a switch in tactics.  Don't fall for it! If your teacher didn't teach you the truth about American History you should demand a refund!


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