Unrest In The Country I Love

I have posted some political replies on Facebook that have been removed by censorship or have left me unfriended by my so called “Fair Weather Friends.” There comes a time in the course of human events that you have to take a stand for the country you love. I served our great nation for 20 years in the United States Air Force. All the time knowing that I was an ambassador in “Blue” representing our nation. No one is perfect we all have flaws. I pray to God everyday to be a better person. I’ve witness a lot of history in my 67 years and a lot was good but some events were very tragic. Our country was horrified by a wave of assassinations, wars without a will to win, and a lot of political discourse, thanks to the likes of Jane Fonda and Bill Ayers. These anarchists and others tried their best to radicalized segments of our society. But despite the radical lefts best efforts some how we found a way to band together and find a way forward. When 911 hit our nation we experienced a wave of patriotism! We were all Americans, not tribal members, the next day we all flew the American Flag in solidarity. Our friends around the world flew our flag in support. What we have now is not a Black & White issue, we all feel the senseless death of a fellow American at the hands of a rogue police officer. There are No Angels Among Us, we are just mere mortals on this earth trying to find our way. This country was founded on the principals of law and order and justice for all. There are NO privileged people in our society, we are all equal. It’s how we choose as a person to exercise our god given rights that inspire future generations. Political parties who promote tribalism and hatred should be cast away into the dust bins of history. EVERYONE OF THE CONFEDERATE STATUES that are torn down does not erase history, it gives the party of hatred and tribalism more power. If you really want to do something for the injustice in our society and end racism in America, Don’t cast a Vote For A Democrat!


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