"Today's the Day to Celebrate National Spam Day!"

Trash! Actually, there is no National Spam Day. But July 5th is actually "National Canned Meat Day." That sounds so much better.

"McConnell & Schumer Reach 'Eminently Fair' Deal on Trump Trial!"
Truth! The bipartisan resolution gives Democrats and Republicans equal time to ask questions and is considered fair by both parties. It's weird. Like they're almost trying to get along and compromise and stuff. What's up with that?

"Rolling Stones Planning World Wide Tour in 2022!"
Trash! But if they're looking for a name for a future tour, how about "Rockers in Walkers?"

"The Weeknd Spent $7 Million of His Own Money for Halftime Show!"
Truth! Yep - apparently that's what it took to make it look the way he wanted!

"Johnny Depp to Host New Kids Show on HBO Max!"
Trash! Yeah, they're going out on the skinny branches at times, but they recognize a bad idea when they hear one.

"The All Peanut Butter Cookie Diet!"
Trash! Well, there is one, but it's for gaining weight.

"Tampa Fans Ignore Covid Warnings and Party Like Crazy!"
Truth! Of course they did.

"Jesse Ventura is Calling for a Maximum Wage!"
Truth! The former Minnesota governor says there should be no billionaires and $12 million a year should be the most anyone makes.


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