Time to play YES OR B.S.!

Drew Barrymore's autobiography was called "Little E.T. Girl" (B.S., it's called "Little Girl Lost")

Mattel is the largest toy distributor in the world. (B.S., you would think, but it's McDonald's)

The first parking meter was installed in New York City in 1902. (B.S., it was Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, in 1935)

South Dakota is the only U.S. state with an active diamond mine. (B.S. - it's Arkansas)

Over 90% of new brides make their husbands get rid of things she doesn't want in the house. Number one on the list is his clothes. (Yes)

In the 1850's there were as many as 100 time zones in the U.S. (Yes, now there are only five)

20 percent of American men have spent leisure time reading a romance novel. (Yes)

The FBI will spend half a million dollars this year on sunglasses. (Yes)

Half of the peanuts grown in America are used for peanut butter. (Yes)

A 5-year U.S. Public Health Service study discovered that kissing can cause tooth decay. (Yes)

Kentucky Fried Chicken's Colonel Sanders was born in Canada. (B.S., he was born in Indiana.)

The last state to be admitted to the U.S. was Alaska. (B.S., it was Hawaii)

It takes 10 seconds for the sound of thunder to travel a mile. (B.S., it takes 5 seconds)

The Cast of Glee has had more songs enter the Billboard Hot 100 than any other artist in history! (B.S. - Used to be true. Now it's Drake with 208!)

The strongest muscle in the human body is the thigh. (B.S., it's the tongue!)

The most popular dog name in Poland is "Snoopy." (B.S., it's Burek)

A knucklehead is actually a type of Harley Davidson motorcycle engine. (Yes, produced from 1936 - 1947)

At a rate of one drop a minute, a leaking faucet can waste 900 gallons of water a year. (Yes)

Mariah Carey is the artist with the most Billboard Hot 100 No. 1 hits! (B.S. - Mariah's in second place with 18. The Beatles are still first with 20 No. 1 hits!)

The square root of 8 is 64 (B.S. it's 2.83. 8 x 8 = 64)

More shoplifters are caught in June than any other month. (B.S., more shoplifters are caught in December)

The potato was the first vegetable grown in space. (Yes)

America was the first country to give women the right to vote. (B.S., it was New Zealand)

Of all the presidents ever elected in the U.S., Joe Biden is only the second Catholic. (Yes. John F. Kennedy was the first)


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