Hug Your Cat Day

 -- a day to let your cat know he's loved. 75 percent of cat owners are women, so try to make nice with these feline-taming tips.

  • Don't chase tail -- "It's a mistake to pursue a cat too aggressively," says veterinarian Lore Haug, of Texas A&M University. "Let the cat decide when it wants to be petted," she says. "It will let you know."
  • Skip the scent -- Lay off the cologne and cigarettes. Strong odors can freak out a feline.
  • Bring treats -- If the cat can smell the goodies on you, it will want to be near you. Oh, and bring flowers for the owner. Cats are very sensitive to their owners' emotions. If Mama's happy, Kitty's happy.
  • Invade her territory -- Find the sofa pillow or chair covered with fur -- that's the cat's spot. Eventually, it'll crawl up next to you. Scratch it gently on the neck and behind the ears, and wait for its mistress to join you.


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