Karma is a Patient Mistress

Tampa Bay police have arrested 44-year-old Jared Vaughn as the prime suspect in a 14-year-old rape case. According to police reports, the rape took place in 2007 when a University of Tampa student was walking back to her dorm after attending the popular Gasparilla Pirate Festival. DNA evidence was collected at the time but detectives did not find any matches so the case remained unsolved for more than a decade. But then Mr. Vaughn decided to submit his own DNA into one of those databases you find online that help you track down your family tree. He also opted in to allow that DNA to be accessible to law enforcement. A lab identified Vaughn as the possible suspect, so police officers traveled to West Virginia, where he now lives, to conduct another DNA, which brought a one-in-700-billion match. Special Agent Mark Brutnell of the Florida Department of Law Enforcement urged people to allow their DNA to be accessed by law enforcement.


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