Dude - Like Your Mom is So Cool!

Her name is Yuni Shara and over in Indonesia, she's quite a popular singer. She's also courting controversy big time after revealing in an interview that she joins her sons when they watch pornography as a guide and to teach them sex education. Yuni said that she doesn't want to be an old-fashioned parent and instead want to be one that is more open-minded. Furthermore, the 49-year-old single mother said that she is worried about the various kinds of pornographic content that can be easily accessed and watched by her sons. So rather than them watching porn secretly, Yuni said that it is better for her to be there and educate them about sex education. She said that sometimes she would ask them questions like, "How do you like watching porn like this?" and that they would then reply with, "Mom, don't be like this," to which Yuni will then reply with, "This is just something normal bro." Right. (Oddely.com)


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