Born On This Day...

In 1592 Indian emperor, Shah Jahan (built Taj Mahal)
In 1779 American Naval hero, Stephen Decatur
In 1779 Explorer, Zebulon Pike (sighted Pike's Peak in Colorado)
In 1855 Manufacturer, King Camp Gillette (safety razor)
In 1874 Physiologist, Joseph Erlanger (shock therapy)
In 1875 Filmmaker, James Stuart Blackton (introduced animation)
In 1876 German Chancellor, Konrad Adenauer
In 1895 Female balloonist, Jeannette Piccard
In 1906 Bandleader/cornetist, William "Wild Bill" Davison [d: 11-14-89]
In 1908 Actor, George Dolenz (Count of Monte Cristo) [d: 2-8-63]
In 1910 Actor, Hugh Brannum (Mr. Greenjeans-Captain Kanagaroo) [d: 4-19-87]
In 1911 Actor, Jean-Pierre Aumont (Cat & Mouse, Happy Hooker) [d: 1-30-01]
In 1914 Inventor, Aaron Lapin (Reddi-Wip whip cream) [d: 7-10-99]
In 1914 Actor, George Reeves (Superman-Adventures of Superman) [d: 6-16-59]
In 1918 Astrologer/author, Jeanne Dixon (Gift of Prophecy) [d: 1-25-97]
In 1923 Sun Records founder, Sam Phillips (discovered Elvis) [d: 7-30-03]
In 1923 Human rights activist, Robert Bernstein (Random House) [d: 5-27-19]
In 1924 Actress, Beatrice Winde (The Doctors) [d: 1-3-04]
In 1926 Game show host, Robert Earle (G.E. College Bowl) [d: 6-5-19]
In 1926 Poet, W.D. Snodgrass [d: 1-13-09]
In 1926 Civil rights leader, Hosea Williams (MLK) [d: 11-16-00]
In 1926 Football player, Claude "Buddy" Young (Colts) [d: 9-5-83]
In 1928 42nd U.S. vice president, Walter Mondale (1977-81) [d: 4-19-21]
In 1931 Choreographer/dancer, Alvin Ailey [d: 12-1-89]
In 1931 Actor, Robert Duvall (Godfather, Great Santini, The Natural) (91)
In 1932 Singer, Johnny Adams (Reconsider Me) [d: 9-14-98]
In 1932 Football Hall-of-Fame coach, Chuck Knoll (Steelers) [d: 7-13-14]
In 1938 Monarch, King Juan Carlos I of Spain (84)
In 1938 Football Hall-of-Famer, Jim Otto (Raiders) (84)
In 1940 Bassist, Athol Guy (The Seekers) (82)
In 1941 Singer, Grady Thomas (Funkadelic) (81)
In 1942 Actor, Cliff Potts (Little Women, Lou Grant, Silent Running) (80)
In 1942 Broadcast journalist, Charlie Rose (CBS, Charlie Rose Show) (80)
In 1942 Actor, Dany Saval (Moon Pilot, Boeing Boeing) (80)
In 1944 U.S. runner, Tommie Smith (Olympic-Gold-1968) (78)
In 1945 Football coach, Sam Wyche (Bengels, Bucks) [d: 1-2-20]
In 1946 Actress, Diane Keaton (Annie Hall, Godfather, First Wives Club) (76)
In 1947 Football player, Mercury Morris (Dolphins) (75)
In 1948 Baseball player, Charles Oliver Hough (74)
In 1948 Actor, Ted Lange (Isaac Washington-The Love Boat) (74)
In 1950 Guitarist, Chris Stein (Blondie) (72)
In 1953 Actress, Pamela Sue Martin (Nancy Drew, Fallon-Dynasty) (69)
In 1954 Basketball player, Alex English (2000 points in 8 seasons) (68)
In 1954 Drummer, Bryan Hitt (REO Speedwagon) (68)
In 1957 Trumpeter, Vincent Calloway (Midnight Star) (65)
In 1958 Baseball player, Ron Kittle (64)
In 1959 Actor, Clancy Brown (The Shawshank Redemption, Starship Troopers) (63)
In 1960 Songwriter/bassist, Philip Thornalley (The Cure) (62)
In 1961 Country singer, Iris DeMent (61)
In 1962 Actress, Suzy Amis Cameron (Twister, Blown Away, Titanic) (60)
In 1963 Drummer, Grant Young (Soul Asylum) (59)
In 1965 Actor, Ricky Goldin (Doug-Hail to the Chief, Another World) (57)
In 1965 Actor, Vinnie Jones (The Big Bounce, X-Men: The Last Stand) (57)
In 1966 Drummer, Kate Schellenbach (Luscious Jackson) (56)
In 1968 Actor, Carl Evans (Guiding Light, Jonathan-90201) (54)
In 1968 Dancer/choreographer, Carrie Ann Inaba (Dancing with the Stars) (54)
In 1969 Bassist, Robbie Crane (Vince Neil Band) (53)
In 1975 Actor, Bradley Cooper (A-Team, American Hustle, Guardians of the Galaxy) (47)
In 1978 Actress, January Jones (Mad Men, X-Men: First Class) (44)
In 1980 Actor, Garette Patrick Ratliff (The Mighty Ducks) (42)
In 1981 Actress/singer, Brooklyn Sudano (Vanessa-My Wife and Kids) (41)
In 1987 Actor, Jason Mitchell (Straight Outta Compton, Broken City) (35)
In 1996 Basketball player, Tyler Ulis (Kentucky Wildcats, Suns) (26)


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