Born On This Day...

In 1367 King Richard II of England (invented the handkerchief)
In 1412 French patriot/saint, Joan of Arc
In 1799 Fur trader/explorer, Jedediah Smith
In 1811 Author, Charles Sumner (leading Reconstruction Senator)
In 1822 Archaeologist, Heinrich Schliemann (discovered the city of Troy)
In 1838 German composer, Max Bruch
In 1854 Detective, Sherlock Holmes (according to Arthur Conan Doyle)
In 1864 Baseball Hall-of-Famer, Bancroft "Ban" Johnson (American League)
In 1871 Russian composer, Aleksandr Scriabin
In 1878 American writer/poet, Carl Sandburg (The Prairie Years)
In 1880 Silent screen cowboy actor, Tom Mix (Dick Turpin)
In 1882 Samuel Rayburn, U.S. Speaker of House (1940-57)
In 1911 Comedian/actor, Joey Adams (Back That Fact) [d: 12-2-99]
In 1912 Actor/comedian, Danny Thomas (Make Room For Daddy) [d: 2-6-91]
In 1913 Actor, Tom Brown (Ed O-Connor-Gunsmoke, Mr. Lucky) [d: 6-3-90]
In 1913 Actress, Loretta Young, (The Farmer's Daughter) [d: 8-12-00]
In 1918 Singer, Sylvia Syms (Hello Dolly, Dream Girl) [d: 5-10-92]
In 1920 Voicist, Henry Corden (second voice of Fred Flintstone) [d: 5-19-05]
In 1920 Reverend, Sun Myung Moon (Unification Church) [d: 9-3-12]
In 1920 Baseball Hall-of-Famer, "Early" Wynn (Cy Young-1959) [d: 4-4-99]
In 1921 Public opinion analyst, Lou Harris (Harris Poll) [d: 12-17-16]
In 1924 Bluegrass singer/guitarist, Earl Scruggs (Flat & Scruggs) [d: 3-28-12]
In 1925 Automaker, John DeLorean (DeLorean) [d: 3-19-05]
In 1926 Auto racer, Pat Flaherty [d: 4-9-02]
In 1929 Singer, Wilbert Harrison (Kansas City) [d: 10-26-94]
In 1930 Actor, Vic Tayback (Mel-Alice, Portrait of a Stripper) [d: 5-25-90]
In 1931 Author, E.L. "Edgar" Doctorow (World's Fair) [d: 7-21-15]
In 1934 Country singer, Bobby Lord (Ozark Jubilee) [d: 2-16-08]
In 1935 Singer/saxophonist, Nino Tempo (Deep Purple) (87)
In 1935 Singer, Paul Wilson (The Flamingos) [d: 5-6-88]
In 1936 Tennis Hall-of-Famer, Darlene Hard [d: 12-2-21]
In 1937 College football coach, Lou Holtz (Notre Dame) (85)
In 1937 Singer/songwriter, Doris Troy (Just One Look) [d: 2-16-04]
In 1939 Swimmer, Murray Rose (Olympics-3 Gold-1956) [d: 4-15-12]
In 1941 Singer/songwriter, Sandy Denny (Fairport Convention) [d: 4-21-78]
In 1944 Actress, Bonnie Franklin (Ann-One Day at a Time) [d: 3-1-13]
In 1944 Author, Henry Kravis (The Money Machine) (78)
In 1944 Pianist/composer, Van McCoy (The Hustle) [d: 7-6-79]
In 1946 Singer/guitarist, Syd Barrett (Pink Floyd) [d: 7-7-06]
In 1946 Football player, Harold Jackson (Eagles, Patriots) (76)
In 1948 Astronaut, Guy S. Gardner (STS-35, STS-27, STS-62-A) (74)
In 1951 Singer/songwriter, Kim Wilson (Fabulous Thunderbirds) (71)
In 1953 Guitarist, Malcolm Young (AC/DC) [d: 11-18-17]
In 1955 Actor/comedian, Rowan Atkinson (Never Say Never Again, Mr. Bean) (67)
In 1957 Astronaut, C. Michael Foale (STS-45) (65)
In 1957 Golf Hall-of-Famer, Nancy Lopez (3-time LPGA Championship) (65)
In 1958 Actor, Scott Bryce (Facts of Life, Murphy Brown) (64)
In 1959 Singer, Kathy Sledge (Sister Sledge) (63)
In 1960 Golfer, Paul Azinger (PGA Championship, 1993) (62)
In 1960 British TV chef, Nigella Lawson (62)
In 1960 Football player/commentator, Howie Long (Raiders/Fox) (62)
In 1960 Actress, Andrea Thompson (Talia-Babylon 5, Jill-NYPD Blue) (62)
In 1962 British runner, Philip Brown (Olympic-Silver-1984) (60)
In 1962 Guitarist, Michael Houser (Widespread Panic) [d: 8-10-02]
In 1962 Football player, Sean Landeta (Giants) (60)
In 1964 Football player, Charles Haley (49ers, Cowboys) (58)
In 1964 Bassist/drummer, Mark O'Toole (Frankie Goes to Hollywood) (58)
In 1967 U.S. boxer, Larry Donald (Olympics-1992) (55)
In 1968 Actor, John Singleton (Boyz N the Hood, Poetic Justice) [d: 4-28-19]
In 1969 Actor, Norman Reedus (The Walking Dead) (53)
In 1970 TV host, Julie Chen (Big Brother, The Talk) (52)
In 1970 Model/volleyball player, Gabrielle Reece (52)
In 1976 Actor, Johnny Yong Bosch (Adam-Mighty Morphin Power Rangers) (46)
In 1976 Actor, Danny Pintauro (Jonathan-Who's The Boss) (46)
In 1982 Actor, Eddie Redmayne (Fantastic Beasts) (40)
In 1984 Comedian, Kate McKinnon (Saturday Night Live) (38)
In 1986 Singer, Alex Turner (Artic Monkeys) (36)
In 1996 Actress, Courtney Eaton (Mad Max: Fury Road) (26)
In 2003 Rap singer, MattyB (19)


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