Born On This Day...

In 1443, Pope Julius II (1503-13)
In 1612, English poet/philosopher Samuel Butler
In 1795, Scottish essayist/historian Thomas Carlyle (French Revolution)
In 1849, Tribal chief Crazy Horse (the last great Sioux Indian tribe chief)
In 1860, Businessman George Hormel (Hormel Meat Packing Co.)
In 1861, Actress/singer Lillian Russell (The Great Mogul)
In 1866, Russian painter Wassily Kandinsky (pure abstraction)
In 1875, German poet, Rainer Maria Rilke (Duino Elegies)
In 1881, Scottish historian Thomas Carlyle
In 1892, Spanish dictator, Francisco Franco
In 1889, Cowboy actor Buck Jones (Down Texas Way)
In 1889, Actress Isabel Randolph (Mrs. Nestor-Our Miss Brooks)
In 1895, Chinese philosopher, Fung Yu-Lan
In 1908, Biologist A.D. Hershey (viruses that infect bacteria) [d: 5-22-97]
In 1912, World War II pilot Gregory "Pappy" Boyington [d: 1-11-88]
In 1915,Jazz pianist/composer, Eddie Heywood [d: 1-2-89]
In 1920,Actor, Michael Bates (A Clockwork Orange, Patton) [d: 1-11-78]
In 1921, Actress/opera singer Deanna Durbin (100 Men And A Girl) [d: 4-13]
In 1924, Scientist, Frank Press (mechanics of earthquakes) [d: 1-29-20]
In 1928, Actress Dena Dietrich (Ehtel-The Ropers, Adam's Rib) [d: 11-21-20]
In 1930, British actor/comedian Ronnie Corbett (Two Ronnies) [d: 3-31-16]
In 1933,Actor, Horst Buchholz (Magnificent Seven, Sahara) [d: 3-3-03]
In 1933, TV host Wink Martindale (Tic-Tac-Dough, Gambit) (87)
In 1934, Actor Victor French (Mark-Highway To Heaven) [d: 6-15-89]
In 1937, Actor/producer Max Baer Jr. (Jethro-Beverly Hillbillies) (83)
In 1937, Philanthropist Stewart Rawlings Mott [d: 6-12-08]
In 1940, Singer, Freddy Cannon (Palisades Park, Action) (80)
In 1941, Tennis player Marty Riessen (79)
In 1942, Bassist, Bob Mosley (Moby Grape) (78)
In 1944, Singer/bassist Chris Hillman (Byrds, Flying Burrito Brothers) (76)
In 1944, Drummer/keyboardist Dennis Wilson (Beach Boys) [d: 12-28-83]
In 1946, Cartoon voicist Sherry Alberoni (Josie & the Pussycats) (74)
In 1948, Singer, Southside Johnny [Lyon] (& the Asbury Jukes) (72)
In 1949, Actor Jeff Bridges (King Kong, Jagged Edge, Iron Man) (71)
In 1949, Actress Pamela Stephenson (Superman III, SNL) (71)
In 1951, Sports columnist Skip Bayless (69)
In 1951, Guitarist Gary Rossington (Lynyrd Skynyrd, Rossington-Collins) (69)
In 1951, Actress Patricia Wettig (Nancy Weston-thirtysomething) (69)
In 1952, U.S. astronaut Ronald M. Sega (STS-60, STS-76) (68)
In 1955, Country singer Brian Prout (Diamond Rio) (65)
In 1955, Jazz singer Cassandra Wilson (65)
In 1956, Basketball player Bernard King (Knicks, Nets) (64)
In 1957, Baseball player Lee Smith (all-time major league saves leader) (63)
In 1962, Singer/songwriter, Vinnie Dombroski (Sponge) (58)
In 1963, Ukrainian pole vaulter Sergey Bubka (Olympic-Gold-1988) (57)
In 1964, Actress Chelsea Noble (Days Of Our Lives, Kate-Growing Pains) (56)
In 1964, Actress, Marisa Tomei (My Cousin Vinny, The Paper, Only You) (56)
In 1969, Rap singer Jay-Z (51)
In 1973, Actress/model Tyra Banks (Martin, Dancing with the Stars) (47)
In 1974,German tennis player, Anke Huber (46)
In 1977,Country singer, Amie Comeaux [d: 12-21-97]
In 1981, Country singer Lila McCann (39)
In 1984, Wrestler, Brooke Adams (aka Miss Tessmacher) (TNA) (36)
In 1984, Actress Lindsay Felton (Jenny-Thunder Alley) (36)
In 1985, Baseball player Carlos Gomez (Mets, Brewers, Rangers) (35)
In 1987, Actor Orlando Brown (Family Matters, That's So Raven) (33)
In 1989, Motorcycle racer, Ryan Dungey (AMA) (31)
In 1992, Singer, Adam Ackerman (4Count) (28)
In 1994, Singer, Niykee Heaton (Bad Intentions) (26)


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