Born On This Day...

In 1831 Inventor, John Pemberton (Coca Cola)
In 1838 Inventor/airship designer, Count Ferdinand Graf von Zeppelin
In 1839 Industrialist, John D. Rockefeller (Standard Oil)
In 1869 Playwright/poet, William Vaughn Moody (Death of Eve, Faith Healer)
In 1872 Composer/songwriter, Harry Von Tilzer (Tin Pan Alley)
In 1889 Actor, Eugene Pallette (Adventures of Robin Hood, Mark of Zorro)
In 1906 Banjoist, Joe Wolverton (Spike Jones) [d: 8-27-94]
In 1907 U.S. Secretary of HUD, George W. Romney (1969-73) [d: 7-26-95]
In 1908 Blues singer/saxophonist, Louis Jordan [d: 2-4-75]
In 1908 Nelson A. Rockefeller, 41st U.S. vice president [d: 1-26-79]
In 1913 Drama critic, Walter Kerr (New York Times) [d: 10-9-96]
In 1914 Singer, Billy Eckstein (Tenderly, A Fool In Love) [d: 3-8-93]
In 1917 Actress/panelist, Faye Emerson (I've Got A Secret) [d: 3-9-83]
In 1918 Actor, Craig Stevens (Peter Gunn, Invisible Man) [d: 5-10-00]
In 1923 U.S. sprinter, William Harrison Dillard (Olympic-Gold-1948) [d: 11-15-19]
In 1924 Blues performer, Johnnie Johnson [d: 4-13-05]
In 1928 Actress, Norma Donaldson (Young & The Restless) [d: 11-22-94]
In 1929 Author, Shirley Ann Grau (Keepers of the House) [d: 8-3-20]
In 1931 TV executive, Roone Arledge (ABC Wide World of Sports) [d: 12-5-02]
In 1931 Singer, Jerry Vale (You Don't Know Me, Have You Ever Looked) [d: 5-18-14]
In 1933 Actor/comedian, Marty Feldman (Young Frankenstein) [d: 12-2-82]
In 1935 Football player, John David Crow (Heisman 1957) [d: 6-17-15]
In 1935 Singer, Steve Lawrence (Go Away Little Girl, Lonely Guy) [d: 3-7-24]
In 1937 Actress, Barbara Ann Loden (Ernie Kovacs Show) [d: 9-5-80]
In 1940 Actress, Marcia Rodd (Alice-Flamingo Road, EJ-Trapper John MD) (84)
In 1942 U.S. Senator, Phil Gramm (R-TX) (1984-2002) (82)
In 1943 Former director of Planned Parenthood, Alyce Faye Wattleton (81)
In 1944 Drummer, Jaimoe Johanson (The Allman Brothers) (80)
In 1944 Actor, Jeffrey Tambor (Hill St. Blues, Hank-Larry Sanders Show) (80)
In 1946 Ballerina, Cynthia Gregory (New York Ballet) (78)
In 1947 Actress, Kim Darby (True Grit, Rich Man Poor Man) (77)
In 1948 Children's singer/songwriter, Raffi Cavoukian (76)
In 1950 Actress, Mary Ellen Trainor (Letha Weapon, Goonies) [d: 6-9-15]
In 1951 Actress, Anjelica Huston (Prizzi's Honor, Addams Family) (73)
In 1952 Football Hall-of-Famer, Jack Lambert (Steelers) (72)
In 1953 Actor, Jonathan Segal (Jonathan Brooks-Paper Chase) [d: 10-31-99]
In 1956 U.S. runner, Millard Frank Hampton (Olympic-Gold-1976) (68)
In 1957 Guitarist, Carlos Cavazo (Quiet Riot) (67)
In 1958 Actor, Kevin Bacon (Footloose, The River Wild, Apollo 13) (66)
In 1959 Actress, Lori Hallier (Santa Barbara) (65)
In 1960 Actress, Valarie Pettiford (Sheila Price-One Life To Live) (64)
In 1961 Bassist/keyboardist, Andy Fletcher (Depeche Mode) [d: 5-26-22]
In 1961 Country singer, Toby Keith [d: 2-5-24]
In 1962 Singer/guitarist, Joan Osborne (One Of Us) (62)
In 1965 Actor, Corey Parker (Lee Owens-thirtysomething, Flying Blind) (59)
In 1967 Actor, Marcus Chong (Street Justice, The Matrix) (57)
In 1967 Actor, Michael B. Silver (Leo Cohen-NYPD Blue) (57)
In 1968 Actor, Billy Crudup (Almost Famous, Big Fish, The Morning Show) (56)
In 1968 Actor, Michael Weatherly (Loving, NCIS, Bull) (56)
In 1970 Singer/guitarist, Beck (Loser) (54)
In 1970 Tennis player, Todd Martin (54)
In 1971 Actress, Wendy Benson (As The World Turns) (53)
In 1971 Actress, Amanda Peterson (Can't Buy Me Love, Windrunner) [d: 7-5-15]
In 1973 Actress, Kathleen Robertson (Clare Arnold-Beverly Hills 90210) (51)
In 1975 Guitarist, Stephen Mason (Jars of Clay) (49)
In 1977 Trumpeter, Tavis Werts (Reel Big Fish) (47)
In 1977 Actor, Milo Ventimiglia (Gilmore Girls, Heroes, This is Us) (47)
In 1979 Actress, Melissa Renee Martin (Molly Newton-Evening Shade) (45)
In 1982 Actress, Sophia Bush (One Tree Hill, Chicago PD) (42)
In 1998 Actor, Jaden Smith (After Earth, The Karate Kid) (26)
In 2001 Actress, Riele Downs (Henry Danger) (23)
In 2002 Singer, Makayla Phillips (America's Got Talent) (22)


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