Is There Anything We Won't Sue For?

Is there anything American's won't sue each other for? Does anyone take any responsibility for their own mistakes anymore? In Idaho, Jan Duff is suing Minico High School because she tripped over the speed bump outside the school's stadium. She says the area was poorly lit and the speed bumps are the same color as the black asphalt. The school district says the lighting near the speed bump is just fine and that its location is "so obvious the plaintiff knew it existed." It adds that it was "her own negligence in failing to keep lookout and awareness of her surroundings" that led to her fall in September 2015. But Duff and husband Curtis Duff want damages for past and future pain and suffering, permanent impairment, disfigurement, mental anguish, a decrease in the enjoyment and value of life, inconvenience, and past and future medical expenses. Her husband also claims to have suffered the loss of companionship and consortium. It's unclear whether she was on her phone or in some way distracted, or whether anyone else has tripped over the bump, but the district adds that it cannot be held liable under the state's recreational use statute. (

Well, At Least Your Tax Dollars Didn't Go to Tuxedos

This is interesting. Former President Obama used the same tuxedo and shoes the entire time he was in the White House - and nobody noticed. Speaking at Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference, former first lady Michelle Obama contrasted the close attention paid to her outfits to the apathy that greeted her husband's formal attire. She said, "This is the unfair thing. You talk about Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers - no matter what we do, he puts on that same tux. Now, people take pictures of the shoes I wear, the bracelets, the necklace -- they didn't comment that for eight years he wore the same tux, same shoes." Mrs. Obama joked that the president was proud of having kept the same outfit for so long saying, "He's like, 'Mmm, I'm ready. I'm ready in 10 minutes. How long did it take you?' I'm like, 'Get out of here!'" The Huffington Post notes that Michelle Obama may have been exaggerating about her husband having the same tux for his entire presidency, but not by much: Photos suggest that he acquired a new jacket between the state dinner with France in 2014 and the one with Japan in 2015. (Atlanta Journal-Constitution)

Never Kidnap the Children of a Sharp Shooter

Two kidnappers in India grabbed the wrong person - a 21-year-old Delhi University student who was driving a taxi. The victim's sister-in-law, 32-year-old Ayisha Falaq, says, "I just took my gun and shot them." Turns out she's a competitive sharpshooter and added, "I shot one in his leg, the other in the waist." It all started when the kidnappers beat the man for not having more money on him, and they called his brother at 1:00AM demanding 25,000 rupees or "we will kill him." Little did they know that the young man's older brother was a competitive marksman - and that his wife had taken up shooting after the birth of their second child. After the kidnappers abruptly changed the meeting spot to confuse the police, Falaq and her family were able to pull up behind their vehicle and show them the money. Using a second car, they trapped the kidnappers, who "got scared" and started screaming. Falaq pulled her pistol from her purse to show that she was armed, and says they began shooting at her. She returned fire. They missed but she hit both men, slowing their attempted escape on foot without causing life-threatening injuries. Police now have the two men in custody. (

I'm Just Sittin' at My Desk...Gettin' Struck by Lightening!

New York business owner Nick Gemayel says he's "just happy to be alive" after being struck by lightning while sitting at his office desk! This happened in Rochester while NIck was inside his auto repair shop as severe thunderstorms rolled across the area. He says he saw a bright flash of light from the office's light switch, heard a loud crack, and then the lights went out. Gemayel says it was a few minutes before he realized his left hand was blistering from getting hit by the bolt that arced through the light switch. The garage's manager was standing outside the shop door when he saw the bolt strike the sidewalk in front of the building. He wasn't injured. Gemayel was treated at a hospital and released. (WHEC-TV)

Will Trump Get Mooned in Britain?

You're probably aware there are lot of people in Britain who don't want Donald Trump visiting. The government, however, has other plans and has reaffirmed its commitment to afford the President all the luxuries of a state visit when he arrives later this year. Meanwhile, there's a new campaign underway to welcome the President - just not in the way he is expecting. This campaign wants large groups of people to moon the president at public appearances. The campaign is being fronted by a poster that makes reference to the president's comments about London Mayor Sadiq Khan and asks Brittons to "Show Your Rump to Trump!" (Metro)

You Big Baby!

A woman in the U.S. has given birth to a baby girl so big she already looks like a toddler. Chrissy Corbitt delivered her baby girl Carleigh a week early and by cesarean section and she weighed 13 pounds- 5 ounces! The good news is she's awfully big but she's also healthy and doing all the things babies do. Speaking about the birth, Chrissy said, "When the doctor was pulling her out of me I just start hearing them all laughing and excited in the operating room. They were throwing out numbers and when they showed her to me and said 13lbs 5ozs, I couldn't believe it." (Metro)

What the What?

Meanwhile, in Port St. John, Florida, some deranged CVS shopper apparently decided to show one of his homemade porn videos on his phone to a cashier and store manager! Deputies said the incident happened when the man went to pay for a can of beer. While pulling out cash, he also pulled out his phone and displayed the video clip to the 21-year-old woman at the register. In the video, the man was apparently committing a lewd act on himself. The cashier's mother later told reporters, "It was disturbing. He kept pushing the phone towards her while she was cashing him out." Deputies found the man but he was not arrested explaining it would be a very hard case to prove. The spokesman for the sheriff's office said if charges are to be pursued, it would only be a misdemeanor count because the women in this case were both adults and the man did not forcefully make them watch the video. So CVS has at least banned the guy from the store so that means if he does come back, he can be arrested. (ClickOrlando)


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