On this date in 1683, William Penn signed a treaty with the local Indian tribe. The chief told the "Has anyone got a Penn?" joke three times during the ceremony.

Napolean's wife, Josephine, was born on this date back in 1763. She managed the family finances, which always left him a little short.

On this date in 1836, Congress approved the "Deposit Act," which contained a provision for turning over surplus federal revenue to the states. Like that's ever a problem anymore.

In 1848, Antoine Joseph Sax was awarded a patent for the saxophone. It was all he thought about. He was a regular sax maniac.

On this date in 1868, Christopher Latham Sholes received a patent for the typewriter. Ironically, on that same day, a quick brown fox jumped over a lazy dog. Here's some quick typewriter trivia:

  • Of course, he won the award for neatest patent application that year. 
  • The very first typewriter was the size of a dining room table, had only capital letters, and the paper inside the machine was not visible to the typist. 
  • The first practical typewriter was invented by Christopher Latham Sholes, and was marketed by the Remington Arms company in 1873. 
  • The first novel ever written on a typewriter: "Adventures of Tom Sawyer." 
  • Not as much thought as you may think actually went into the arrangement of the letters on a standard typing keyboard. The letters were arranged in such a fashion to let salesman to reach over and quickly spit out "typewriter" on the demo model - a word that can be spelled entirely on the first line. 
  • Smith & Corona introduced the first portable electric typewriter in 1957 in Syracuse, NY, weighing in at a hefty 19 pounds. 

In 1888, Abolitionist Frederick Douglass received one vote from the Kentucky delegation at the Republican convention in Chicago. That made him the first black candidate nominated for president. Always the optimist, he wrote a victory speech, just in case.

The first-ever National Lip-Reading Tournament was held in Philadelphia on this date in 1926. The winner was either Lorie Stootson or Larry Stetson.

On this date in 1938, Marineland opened up in Florida. They never have opened a Navy-land, Armyland or Air Force Land.

In 1955, Walt Disney's animated feature "Lady And The Tramp" was shown for the first time. People were amazed -- who knew dogs ate spaghetti?

On this date in 1970, Chubby Checker was arrested for possession of marijuana. That explains how he got so chubby.

On this date in 1992, John Gotti, convicted of racketeering, was sentenced to prison for most of our lifetime and all of his.


Selma Blair turns 45 today. Whatever you do, don't sit next to her in first class.

Singer Chico Debarge, who's biggest claim to fame so far has been us mentioning him on the radio, turns 51 today.

Frances McDormand celebrates her 60th birthday today. She has done a lot but I'll always think of her as that pregnant sheriff in "Fargo." "Oh, yah, sure, uh-huh, yah."

Former Journey session musician and former American Idol judge, Randy Jackson, turns 61 today, dog! These days, he's not up to much... just a lot of formering.

U.S. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas turns 69 today, but is expected to appeal. 

National Pink Day -- This is the traditional color of romance. Pink encourages a sense of soothing familiarity and relaxation. That's why so many emergency rooms use pink on their walls. But it's also a perfect shade for encouraging passion in your closest relationships.


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