Cut down on those extra airline fees for luggage by learning how to pack everything in one suitcase. To pack efficiently, you need to pack differently. Dave Parker, managing director of the in-house travel agency at Orvis Travel, offers these tips on how to fit it all in one suitcase and still take everything you need. Top 10 tips to pack light:

1. Go wrinkle-free
Cotton/synthetic-blend fabrics are easy to wash and dry on the road. If you can do laundry, pack three wrinkle-free shirts, and you'll have enough for one week with no ironing needed. Also, plan to buy a shirt or two at your destination. It's one way to take home a practical souvenir.

2. Go ballistic
Choose a bag made of ballistic nylon cloth, a fabric that is strong, yet light in weight. If you start with a heavy bag, it's all downhill from there.

3. Choose a color
Think about color schemes when you pack. Make sure everything you bring is in the same palette so it all matches, including the shoes.

4. Think layers
Instead of a single heavy jacket, for example, take light layers that can be added and subtracted according to the weather. For cool climates, take a base layer of merino wool, a synthetic/cotton-blend shirt, a fleece vest and finally an outer layer shell to stop rain and wind. For cold climes, use a warmer base layer and a thicker fleece with long sleeves.

5. Ship ahead
It sounds extravagant, but if you're going to a single place where you need a lot of gear, such as waders, fly rods or skis, it's wise to ship it. The parcel services all have good tracking systems, and you'll know where your bag is ahead of time.

6. Think ounces
Take the smallest container/amount of toiletries possible, especially if you can replenish at your destination. There's no need to take 16 ounces of shampoo for a one-week trip. Get a couple of small, refillable plastic bottles, and fill them at home before you go.

7. Stay organized
use nylon bags or large, plastic freezer bags to compartmentalize. Put all the socks in one bag and your underwear in another. Knowing what you have helps you avoid over-packing.

8. Go high-tech
Instead of carrying a heavy book, download one to your MP3 player.

9. Think small
Unless you're a professional photographer, take the smallest digital camera you can. The picture quality will still be excellent.

10. Be practical
Wear your biggest/heaviest shoes on the plane and pack the lighter ones.


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