Wednesday, August 9, 2017


Bad hair days can also mean bad mood days. You're not alone. Blame the place you live. ranked cities for all they contribute to bad hair, based on the national averages of humidity/wind/rain/sun, the hardness of the water, pollution levels and even the number of salons in the area ready to do the necessary repair work. Top 10 worst cities for bad hair days:

  • Corpus Christi, TX -- Why? It's hot, humid, has hard water and is home to only a few salons. 
  • Olympia, WA -- Why? The days are rainy and the air is humid. And you'll have a hard time finding anyone to even cut your hair since there are only 25 listed hairstylists in the city. 
  • Pittsburgh -- Why? It's polluted. Very, very polluted. And pollution has been known to cause premature balding, graying and dullness. 
  • Las Vegas -- Why? That desert climate -- dry and sunny -- will scorch your hair. 
  • Phoenix -- Why? It has the nation's most extreme climate and very hard water. 
  • Pensacola, FL -- Why? It's one of the wettest cities. Even worse, the salons cater to the retirement crowd--wash, curl, comb-out and lots of hair spray. 
  • Fresno, CA -- Why? It's sunny and polluted. 
  • Houston -- Why? It's hot, humid and has very hard water. 
  • Tucson, AZ -- Why? Too much sun and hard water. 
  • New Orleans -- Why? It's humid and wet.

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