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Monday, August 28, 2017

Is it True (YES) or False (B.S.)?


  • Orange juice made from concentrate has more vitamin C than fresh squeezed. (B.S.) 
  • Pearls will melt in vinegar. (Yes) 
  • When "I Love Lucy" premiered on TV, Lucille Ball was barely 18 years old. (B.S., actually believe it or not Lucy was 40 and Desi was 35) 
  • The original 13 colonies were partly financed by money won from playing the lottery! (Yes) 
  • Dr. Suess had 7 children from two wives. (B.S., Suess did have two wives but no kids. His motto was "You have 'em, I'll amuse 'em") 
  • People who have night jobs weigh more on average than people with day jobs. (Yes, unless your name is Keith Richards) 
  • During the first year puppies grow 100 times faster than human infants do. (B.S., but they do grow 10 times faster) 
  • Only about one third of the episodes of "Gilligan's Island" are actually about the castaways getting off the island. (Yes) 
  • Without food coloring Coca-Cola would be clear. (B.S., actually it would be green) 
  • According to the Kleenex people, the average person blows his nose 256 times a year. (Yes) 
  • Only one person survived The Alamo. (Yes) 
  • Bill Gates never went to college. (B.S. He attended college - he just dropped out) 
  • Only 5% of babies are actually born on their due date. (Yes) 
  • Van Halen is the only major recording group to have a number one album after changing lead singers. (B.S., AC/DC did with "Back in Black," plus Pink Floyd, Genesis and several others) 
  • Cats urine glows in the dark under a black light. (Yes, but human urine does not) 
  • According to experts, the game you have the greatest chance of winning in a casino is Blackjack. (Yes, but you really have to know how to play well) 
  • Nobody has any idea where Mozart is buried. (Yes)

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