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Tuesday, August 1, 2017


Women's Health analyzed the "slippery" ethics of women:

  • 81% of women consider themselves "do gooders" 
  • 18% of average women admit they do the right thing only when it's convenient 
  • 50% of women feel guilty for weeks after doing something wrong 
  • 29% of women feel better after confessing dubious behavior to a friend 
  • 59% of women think they're more ethical than their coworkers 
  • 27% of women think they're more ethical than their friends 
  • 25% of women think they're more ethical than their guy 
  • 21% of women think they're more ethical than their parents 
  • 41% of women have pirated flicks or tunes off the Web 
  • 42% of women have stolen something from a bar or restaurant 
  • 20% of women did not notify the clerk when they were undercharged 
  • 19% of women admit they would lie in court to protect a friend or relative 
  • 26% of women say they would go to the police if their BFF confided she had committed a hit and run 
  • 30% of women say their boss has asked them to do something shady 
  • 63% of that 30% say they did the shady thing their boss asked 
  • 45% of women have quit a job because they thought the boss was unethical 
  • 68% of women have dumped a guy they thought was unethical 
  • 48% of women lie while flirting 
  • 18% of women have cheated on their spouse 
  • 48% of women would tell a married friend if they saw his or her spouse fooling around

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