On this date, in 1543 England's King Henry VIII married his sixth and last wife, Catherine Parr, who outlived him. That was a lot harder than it sounds.

In 1682 William Penn signed his first deed with the local Indians. The deal was handled by Century 17 Realty.

On this date in 1859, the Paper Bag Manufacturing Machine was patented by William Goodale in Massachusetts 

On this date in 1933, Congress passed the first minimum wage law (40 cents per hour). Really? Tell the boss we have a raise coming! 
  • You hear that, guys, they've been cheating us all these years. 
  • See! I told you we should be getting a raise. 
  • Wow, it's up that high? Someone should tell our boss. 
  • I just wish they hadn't put in that radio announcer exemption. 

Also in 1933, the Screen Actors Guild held their very first meeting. Everyone there acted interested... not necessarily well, but they tried. I've always found it funny that a profession focused on looking youthful would have a union with the acronym "SAG."

In 1960, the Soviet Union's Sputnik 5 is launched with 2 dogs. Well, that's not very nice. I'm sure they would have been preferred to have been called "lady cosmonauts."

The Rolling Stones made their first appearance together in 1962. 45 years later, Mick Jagger is still dancing around on the stage... although, he does wear support lip gloss.

On this date in 1984, New York became the first state to require a seat belt when driving. And if you ever saw them drive, you'd know why. The slogan that swept the state was, "Buckle up this!"


Topher Grace, forever to be remembered as Eric from "That 70s Show," turns 39 today. Of course, Donna went on to prison and "Orange is the New Black."

Michelle Rodriguez turns 39. She's both fast and furious. We have a feeling they're going to keep making those movies until they have to change the titles to "The Slow and Mildly Perturbed."

Figure skater Kristi Yamaguchi gets a 4.6, 4.6 and 4.6 today for her birthday number 46. That's where I stopped counting.

Richard Simmons turns 69 today. The flaming exercise guru is always a concern during fire season. He's such a big flame, on his birthday, the candles try to blow him out.

Christine McVie of Fleetwood Mac fame turns 74 today, which would explain why she doesn't tour with the group anymore.

It's Bill Cosby's 80th birthday. If you're going to his party, pass on the drinks. Ironically, it's on International Slip 'em A Mickey Day.


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