On this date in 1821, Spain officially ceded Florida to the United States, saying they didn't want to deal with all those bad drivers.
  • In other words, it was the day they handed us The Keys. 
  • Until then, most of the residents there spoke Spanish. Oh, wait. 
  • It was a turning point for the area, the residents put on their turn signals and they've been flashing ever since. 
  • They said, "The state and the lousy drivers that come with it are all yours." 

In 1841, the British humor magazine "Punch" was first published. It wasn't long until a high school senior spiked it at a party.

On this date in 1850, the Harvard Observatory took it's first picture of a star. It was Jeremiah Lohan, Lindsay's great-great-great-grandfather.

In 1938 Douglas "Wrong Way" Corrigan takes off from New York, saying he was headed for Los Angeles, but ends up in Ireland the next day.
  • You'd think he would have noticed that really large lake below him along the flight. 
  • And thus, FEMA was born. 
  • Ironically, his luggage ended up in the right place. 

On this date in 1954, construction began on Disneyland. Things went pretty slowly at first, until Walt Disney realized he needed more than just 7 dwarfs working on it. Or, some Mickey Mouse company building it.

Disneyland opened in 1955 with 18 major attractions. Today, there are more than 60 attractions in the Park. When Disneyland opened, Anaheim had five hotels and two motels with a total of 87 rooms. There were 34 restaurants in the city. Today, Anaheim boasts approximately 150 hotels and motels, with approximately 18,000 rooms and well over 450 restaurants. More than 400 million guests have passed through the gates of Disneyland Park since Opening Day in 1955. At the time, it cost $17 million to build it. Now, that's what you pay for a three-day pass.


Billie Lourd, Carrie Fisher's daughter, turns 25 today.

Luke Bryan turns 41 today. Country girl, shake it for him. Rap singer Sole turns 44. If nothing else, it's been ironic seeing his career flounder.

Former major league baseball player Robert Thigpen turns 54 today. I always use to confuse him with the kid that needed a bath in the comic strip, "Peanuts."

David Hasselhoff celebrates his 65th birthday today. I can't explain it, either.

Lucille Ball's daughter, Lucie Arnaz, turns 66 today. That seems kinda weird, naming a kid after yourself. Hey, I'm not alone on this. (Your name) Jr. agrees. Or, she's Lucille Ball's daughter, although every now and then, she acts a little Desi.

Gale Garnett turns 75. Her big hit was, "We'll Sing In The Sunshine" which, of course, she can't go out in anymore.

Donald Sutherland ("M*A*S*H"), Keifer's Dad, turns 82. You know him best as President Snow in "The Hunger Games." His son Kiefer plans to come over and celebrate his birthday for 24 hours in real time.


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