On this date in 1553, 15-year-old Lady Jane Grey was deposed as Queen of England after claiming the crown for 9 days. King Henry VIII's daughter Mary was proclaimed Queen. If he had been around, Steve Harvey would have hosted it.

American Inventor Samuel Colt was born on this date back in 1814. He was the guy who invented the "Colt 45" handgun. Guess that makes him a real father-of-a-gun.

On this date in 1848, the first Women's Rights Convention was held in Seneca Falls, NY. They wanted to have one earlier, but they weren't allowed. The first thing they overwhelmingly demanded: to stop having their conventions in Seneca Falls, NY.

In 1870, the Franco-Prussian War began. Not to be confused with the battle over Spaghetti-O's, the Franco-American war. I'm no history expert, but I believe that's the one where the French yelled out, "Franco!" and the Russians replied, "Polo!"

On this date in 1881, "Sitting Bull" surrendered to U.S. authorities. I didn't' even know he was French.

The very first parking meters in America were installed in Oklahoma City in 1935. The ones most happy about it were the meter maids, who for years, had nothing to do. They probably would have been much more effective if there had been streets.

On this date in 1952, a series of UFO sightings began over the White House. Well, that would explain a lot... Wait a minute. Isn't that when Nixon showed first showed up there as a Vice President? It's all beginning to make sense.

In 1961, TWA showed the very first in-flight movie. "The Crash of Flight 73" probably wasn't the best choice. All the other times they tried, they could only show it until the extension chord was too short.

On this date in 1978, Geoffrey Capes set a world record by throwing a 5 pound brick 146 feet. However, he still missed his boss.


Benedict Cumberbatch, whose name sounds like someone trying to get rid of all their scrabble pieces in two words, turns 41 today.

Anthony Edwards -- Goose, from Top Gun -- turns 55 today.
  • He'll always have the need for speed... right after he peed. 
  • He was also in E.R. in his post-hair days. 
  • Of course, as far as sex symbols go, Goose has been replaced by a Gosling. 

Brian May, the guitarist for Queen, hits the big 7-0 today and if you saw him play, you wouldn't know it. He will, he will rock you.

Commander Cody turns 73 today. I remember when he was a private. He was famous for "Hot Rod Lincoln," but my favorite CC song was -- "Stealin' at the 7-11." I'm surprised he hasn't retired from the military yet.

Singer Vicki Carr turns 76 today. Her big hit was, "It Must Be Him," which I believe is the theme of the Mel Gibson bio-pic they're working on.

Stick Out Your Tongue Day -- A recent study says women have twice the sensation in their tongues than men do. Had to see if this was true. Blindfolded my news gal and made her taste anything I put in her mouth. She got everyone right. Except the sausage dog treat. (Which by the way, she liked until she found out what it was!)

10 Tips For Taming Your Tongue
Author James O'Connor says that what we say and how we say it is a reflection of who we are. O'Connor, who founded the Cuss Control Academy in Lake Forest, IL, has written a book called "Cuss Control."
  • Recognize that swearing does damage 
  • Start by eliminating casual swearing 
  • Think positively 
  • Practice patience 
  • Cope, don't cuss 
  • Stop complaining 
  • Seek alternative words 
  • Make your point politely 
  • Think of what you should have said instead 
  • Work at it 


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