It was on this date in 1810 that Columbia gained its independence from Spain. It was the richest kind... I had no idea the sportswear company was ever run by Spain.

In 1859, admission was charged for a major league baseball game for the very first time. They had to pay 50 cents to get in. The same amount I wouldn't pay to see the (your team of abuse) play. These days, that's the down-payment on a bottle of water. Today, that doesn't even cover the tax.

The very first college track meet took place on this date back in 1876. In an amazing display, one student who was about to shot put backed into the javelin throwing and won the long jump!

On this date in 1881, Sioux Indian leader Sitting Bull surrendered to the U.S. government. Yeah, just what our government needed -- more bull! He surrendered after they were promised they could open as many casinos as possible.

It was on this date in 1969 that we set foot on the moon for the very first time! Some of us are old enough to remember watching it live on TV, but won't admit it. Neil Armstrong was the one who uttered the words, "That's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind" and the equally famous, "Moonwalk? I'll show you a moonwalk!"

Here's a look back at the giant leap we made for mankind:
  • Apollo XI had a crew of three: Mission commander Neil Armstrong, Michael Collins and Edwin E. "Buzz" Aldrin. 
  • They blasted off from Kennedy Space Center in Florida at 9:32am, Wednesday, July 16, 1969. Apollo XI reached the moon's orbit on Sunday, July 20. Aldrin and Armstrong then transferred into a lunar module for the final leg of the journey, and touched down on the moon at 4:18pm July 20. 
  • Aldrin piloted the lunar module, which had just 40 seconds of fuel left when they landed. 
  • Armstrong set foot on the surface more than six hours later, at 10:56pm. 
  • The crew returned to Earth four days later, splashing down in the Pacific Ocean southwest of Hawaii at 12:50pm, July 24. The last trip to the moon was on Apollo XVII in 1972. 
  • Armstrong uttered these now-immortal words after he made history: "That's one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind." Communication was lost in the split second between "for" and "man," which is why many people think he said, "One small step for man." 

Time to play Name That Moon!
  • What would you see if (insert any name) dropped his/her pants? (a full moon) 
  • He was Lucy Carmichael's boss? (Mr. Mooney) 
  • Frank Zappa named his daughter this? (Moon Unit) 
  • Jim Carrey starred this 1999 comedy about Andy Kaufman? (Man On The Moon) 
  • Cher won an Oscar for her role in this 1987 film that co-starred Nicolas Cage? (Moonstruck) 
  • Thousands of teens get their tans at night by _____!" (Moon Bathing) 
  • Lucky Stars cereal has plenty of these? (Yellow Moons) 
  • This Pink Floyd album become the longest charted album ever to appear on Billboard's Hot 200 albums chart? (Dark Side of the Moon) 
  • Loise Chiles played Dr. Holly Goodhead in this 1979 James Bond thriller? (Moonraker) 
  • She's a health therapist on NBC's sitcom "Frasier?" (Daphne Moon Crane) 
  • This is a tasty graham cracker treat? (Moon Pie) 
  • This 1961 number one hit was by the Marcels? (Blue Moon) 
  • Bruce Willis and Cybil Shepherd starred in this 1985 TV series? (Moonlighting) 
  • This was a 1969 top ten hit from Creedence Clearwater Revival? (Bad Moon Rising) 
  • You wouldn't want to get caught making it? (Moonshine) 
In 1985, John Howard set the land speed record for a bicycle at 152 miles per hour. Upon breaking the record, his exact words were: "Great! Now, help! The brakes won't work!"

On this date in 1985, $400 million in treasure was found in a shipwreck off Florida. That'll now buy you a 2-bedroom rambler there.


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