Born On This Day...

In 1785 King Louis XVII Of France (1793-95)
In 1813 Nathaniel Currier, lithographer (of Currier & Ives)
In 1844 Publisher/explorer Adolphus Greeley (founded National Geographic)
In 1845 Physicist, Wilhelm Rontgen (discovered X-rays) (Nobel, 1901)
In 1847 German chemist Otto Wallach (Nobel 1910)
In 1863 Businessman/engineer Sir Henry Royce (founded Rolls-Royce)
In 1868 American schoolteacher Patty Smith Hill (wrote Happy Birthday)
In 1879 Photographer, Edward Steichen (pioneered American photography)
In 1892 Author, Thorne Smith
In 1899 Actress, Gloria Swanson (Sunset Boulevard)
In 1902 Architect, Erwin Wolfson (designed the Pan-Am building) [d: 6-26-62]
In 1906 Jazz clarinetist, "Pee Wee" Russell [d: 2-15-69]
In 1907 Actress/dancer Mary Treen (Joey Bishop Show) [d: 7-20-89]
In 1912 British Prime Minister James Callaghan [d: 3-26-05]
In 1914 Actor, Richard Denning (Hawaii Five-O) [d: 10-11-98]
In 1914 Singer, Snooky Lanson (Your Hit Parade) [d: 7-2-90]
In 1914 Author, Budd Schulberg (On The Waterfront) [d: 8-5-09]
In 1916 Film executive Jack Warner (co-founded Warner Bros.) [d: 4-1-95]
In 1917 U.S. Secretary of State Cyrus R. Vance (1977-80) [d: 1-12-02]
In 1920 Bandleader, Richard Hayman (Theme of the Three Penny Opera) [d: 2-5-14]
In 1923 U.S. poet Louis Simpson (Good News of Death) [d: 9-18-12]
In 1924 Jazz singer Sarah Vaughan (Broken Hearted Melody) [d: 4-3-90]
In 1927 Newspaper columnist Anthony Lewis (New York Times) [d: 3-25-13]
In 1930 Actor, David Janssen (The Fugitive, Harry O) [d: 2-13-80]
In 1931 Songwriter, John Marascalco (Good Golly Miss Molly) [d: 7-5-20]
In 1932 Baseball player Wes Covington (Milwaukee Braves) [d: 7-4-11]
In 1932 Singer/songwriter "Little" Junior Parker [d: 11-18-71]
In 1934 Choreographer, Arthur Mitchell [d: 9-19-18]
In 1935 Actor, Julian Glover (For Your Eyes Only, Indiana Jones) (88)
In 1936 Actor, Jerry Lacy (Play It Again Sam, Dark Shadows) (87)
In 1937 Blues singer/guitarist Johnny Copeland [d: 7-3-97]
In 1939 Auto racer Cale Yarborough (4-time Daytona 500 winner) (84)
In 1940 Actor, Austin Pendleton (What's Up Doc, Short Circuit) (83)
In 1940 Actress/model June Wilkinson (Pajama Tops) (83)
In 1942 Drummer, Mike Smitty Smith (Paul Revere & the Raiders) [d: 3-6-01]
In 1942 Actor, Michael York (Logan's Run, 3 Musketeers, Austin Powers) (81)
In 1946 Actor, Carl Weintraub (Cagney & Lacey, Air Force One) (77)
In 1947 Actor, Tom Sullivan (If You Could See What I Hear) (76)
In 1947 Actor, Chick Vennera (High Risk, Milagro, Beanfield War) [d: 7-7-21]
In 1950 Keyboardist/songwriter Tony Banks (Genesis) (73)
In 1950 Opera singer Maria Ewing[d: 1-9-22]
In 1952 Actress, Pamela Roylance (Sarah-Little House on the Prairie) (71)
In 1952 Actress, Maria Schneider (Last Tango In Paris) [d: 3-3-11]
In 1953 Alpine skier Anne Marie Moser-Proell (6-time World Cup winner) (70)
In 1953 Guitarist, Wally Stocker (The Babys) (70)
In 1958 Actor, Michael O'Leary (Rick Bauer-Guiding Light) (65)
In 1959 Keyboardist, Andrew Farriss (INXS) (64)
In 1962 Reality star Vicki Gunvalson (Real Housewives of Orange County) (61)
In 1963 Football player Randall Cunningham (Eagles, Vikings) (60)
In 1963 Jazz saxphonist, Dave Koz (60)
In 1963 Director/actor Quentin Tarantino (Pulp Fiction, Hateful Eight) (60)
In 1964 Singer/songwriter Clark Datchler (Johnny Hates Jazz) (59)
In 1964 Drummer, Derrick McKenzie (Jamiroquai) (59)
In 1966 Actress, Paula Trickey (Black Scorpion, Pacific Blue) (57)
In 1967 Actress/model Talisa Soto (License To Kill) (56)
In 1969 Actor, Kevin Corrigan (Pearl, The Departed, Goodfellas) (54)
In 1969 Actress, Pauley Perrette (NCIS, Broke) (54)
In 1970 Singer, Mariah Carey (Hero, Without You, Anytime You Need) (53)
In 1970 Drummer, Brendan Hill (Run-Around, Hook-Blues Traveler) (53)
In 1970 Actress, Elizabeth Mitchell (The Santa Clause 2, Lost) (53)
In 1971 Actor, Nathan Fillion (Firefly, Castle, The Rookie) (52)
In 1975 Singer, Fergie (Black Eyed Peas) (48)
In 1975 Actor, Corey Page (Dead Man on Campus) (48)
In 1984 Actress, Emily Ann Lloyd (Sarah-Something So Right) (39)
In 1984 Actor, Jon Paul Steuer (Star Trek: TNG, Grace Under Fire) [d: 1-1-18]
In 1986 Surrogate baby, M (Sara Whitehead/Melissa Stern) (37)
In 1988 Actress, Kerri Anne Darling (Alli-Another World) (35)
In 1988 Singer, Jessie J ("Nobody's Perfect") (35)
In 1988 Actress, Brenda Song (The Suite Life of Zack and Cody) (35)
In 1995 Actress, Taylor Atelian (Ruby-According to Jim) (28)
In 1995 Singer, Jordi Whitworth (Overload) (28)


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