"Game-changer alert: Gas and electric cooking tops now under new cooking appliances regulation!"

 KDAZ-db News

The Department of Energy has proposed a new regulation for cooking appliances encompassing gas and electric cooking tops. This proposal has generated an outpouring of feedback, with the comment period ending on April 3. According to a revised analysis by the DOE, approximately half of currently marketed gas stove models in the US would disregard these regulations. Despite this, a measure from Gary Palmer, which prevents the Secretary of Energy from enforcing this proposal on gas stoves or any other rule that would restrict access to them, has been endorsed. This amendment passed with a vote of 251-181, with 29 Democrats joining the Republicans in approving it.
Meanwhile, Richard Trumka Jr., Chief of the Consumer Product Safety Commission, also recommended that gas stoves be banned due to health concerns. Although the CPSC has not proposed any rules outlawing gas stoves, it has officially requested information on possible health hazards associated with their use. Other Republican lawmakers have introduced bills rejecting any proposals that limit access to gas stoves, contending that Americans should have the freedom to choose whether or not to use them.


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