Born On This Day...

In 1519 Queen Catherine de Medici (consort of King Henry II of France)
In 1710 Explorer/author Jonathan Carver (explored North America)
In 1721 Revolutionary, John Hanson (the first president of the Continental Congress)
In 1728 Mathematician/physicist Paolo Frisi (hydraulics)
In 1743 Thomas Jefferson, 3rd U.S. president (1801-1809)
In 1749 English inventor Joseph Bramah (Pick-Proof Lock, Hydraulic Press)
In 1771 British inventor Richard Trevithick (steam locomotive)
In 1816 British conductor/composer, Sir William Bennett
In 1852 Merchant, F.W. Woolworth (the "five-and-dime" king)
In 1892 Physicist, Sir Robert Watson-Watt (refined radar)
In 1899 Inventor/architect Alfred Mosher Butts (Scrabble)
In 1903 Actor, Rex Evans (Frankenstein Meets the Wolfman) [d: 4-3-69]
In 1906 Author/critic/playwright Samuel Beckett (Nobel 1969) [d: 12-22-89]
In 1906 Jazz saxophonist Lawrence "Bud" Freeman [d: 3-15-91]
In 1909 Writer, Eudora Welty (Optimist's Daughter-Pulitzer 1973) [d: 7-23-01]
In 1913 U.S. high jumper David Donald Albritton (Olympic-Silver-1936) [d: 5-14-94]
In 1919 Actor, Howard Keel (Kiss Me Kate, Clayton-Dallas) [d: 11-7-04]
In 1923 Actor, Don Adams (Agent Maxwell Smart-Get Smart) [d: 9-25-05]
In 1924 Director Stanley Donen (Bedazzled, Damn Yankees) [d: 2-21-19]
In 1927 Actress, Mari Blanchard (Son of Sinbad, Klondike) [d: 5-10-70]
In 1931 Auto racer Dan Gurney (first to win all 4 major categories) [d: 1-14-18]
In 1935 Actor, Lyle Waggoner (Carol Burnett Show, Wonder Woman) [d: 3-17-20]
In 1937 Actor, Edward Fox (M-Never Say Never Again, A Bridge Too Far) (86)
In 1937 Playwright, Lanford Wilson (Hot L Baltimore) [d: 3-24-11]
In 1939 Actor, Paul Sorvino (Dick Tracy, GoodFellas, Reds, Nixon) [d: 7-25-22]
In 1940 Singer, Lester Chambers (The Chambers Brothers) (83)
In 1942 TV/movie composer Bill Conti (Rocky) (81)
In 1944 Bassist, Jack Casady (Jefferson Airplane/Starship) (79)
In 1945 U.S. high jumper Edward J. Caruthers (Olympic-Silver-1968) (78)
In 1945 Actor, Tony Dow (Wally-Leave It To Beaver) [d: 7-27-22]
In 1945 Singer/guitarist Lowell George (Little Feat) [d: 6-29-79]
In 1946 Singer/songwriter Al Green (Let's Stay Together) (77)
In 1948 Bassist, Pieter Sweval (Brandy-Looking Glass) [d: 1990]
In 1950 Actor, Terry Lester (Young & Restless, Santa Barbara) [d: 11-28-03]
In 1950 Actor, Ron Perlman (Beauty & the Beast, Alien: Resurrection) (73)
In 1950 Actor, William Sadler (Die Hard II, Roswell, Iron Man 3) (73)
In 1951 Singer, Peabo Bryson (In My Arms Again, Whole New World) (72)
In 1951 Actor, Peter Davison (Doctor Who 1981-84) (72)
In 1951 Drummer, Max Weinberg (E. Street Band, Conan O'Brien) (72)
In 1954 Keyboardist, Jimmy Destri (Blondie) (69)
In 1955 Singer/bassist Louis Johnson (The Brothers Johnson) [d: 5-21-15]
In 1957 Comedian, Gary Kroeger (SNL) (66)
In 1957 Singer/songwriter Wayne Lewis (Atlantic Starr) (66)
In 1957 Actress, Saundra Santiago (Gina-Miami Vice, The Guiding Light) (66)
In 1962 Guitarist, Hillel Slovak (Red Hot Chilli Peppers) [d: 6-25-88]
In 1963 Chess champion Garry Kasparov (60)
In 1964 Actress, Page Hannah (Kate-Fame) (59)
In 1964 Actress, Caroline Rhea (Hilda-Sabrina The Teenage Witch) (59)
In 1965 Bassist, Lisa Umbarger (Toadies) (58)
In 1969 Actor, Harold Pruett (Parker Lewis, Party of Five) [d: 2-21-02]
In 1970 Actor, Rick Schroder (Silver Spoons, Lonesome Dove, NYPD Blue) (53)
In 1972 Singer, Aaron Lewis (Staind) (51)
In 1975 Singer, Lou Bega (Mambo Number 5) (48)
In 1976 Actor, Jonathan Brandis (SeaQuest, Never Ending Story) [d: 11-12-03]
In 1978 Actor, Kyle Howard (The Love Boat: The Next Wave) (45)
In 1980 Actress, Kelli Giddish (All My Children, Law & Order: SVU) (43)
In 1981 Actress, Courtney Peldon (Harry & the Hendersons, Boston Public) (42)
In 1985 Reality star Carmen Carrera (RuPaul's Drag Race) (38)
In 1985 Rapper, Ty Dolla Sign (Beach House) (38)
In 1988 Actress, Allison Williams (Girls) (35)
In 1990 Actress/singer, Lodovica Comello (Violetta) (33)
In 1991 Actor, Matthew Borish (Mikey-Hack) (32)
In 1991 Football player Josh Gordon (Browns) (32)
In 1992 Singer, Jessica Willis (The Willis Clan) (31)
In 1993 Football player Melvin Gordon (Chargers) (30)
In 1994 Actor, Darrell Vanterpool (Hal Munson-As the World Turns) (29)
In 1999 Singer, Liam Attridge (Forever in Your Mind) (24)


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