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In 1787 Congress established the Northwest Territory.
In 1793 French revolutionary writer Jean-Paul Marat is murdered in his bath by Charlotte Corday.
In 1863 Rioting against the Civil War military draft erupted in New York City; the violence resulted in about 1,000 deaths over 3 days.
In 1865 Horace Greeley advised his readers to "Go West."
In 1878 The Treaty of Berlin amended the terms of the Treaty of San Stefano, which ended the Russo-Turkish War of 1877-78.
In 1919 The first lighter-than-air transatlantic flight was completed.
In 1960 Massachusetts Senator John F. Kennedy won the Democratic presidential nomination at his party's convention in Los Angeles.
In 1967 5 days of race-related riots began in Newark, NJ, killing 27.
In 1972 George McGovern was nominated for president on the first ballot at the Democratic National Convention in Miami, Florida.
In 1974 The Senate Watergate Committee proposed sweeping reforms in campaign procedures to prevent another Watergate scandal.
In 1977 New York City experienced a 25-hour black-out after lightning struck upstate power lines.
In1978,1978, Henry Ford II fired Lee Iacocca as Ford Motor Company's president.
In 1979 A 45-hour siege began at the Egyptian Embassy in Ankara, Turkey, as 4 Palestinian guerrillas killed 2 security men and seized 20 hostages.
In 1980 A heat wave hit the South, recording record highs of 108 degrees at Memphis, Tennessee, and Macon, Georgia.
In 1981 The U.S. Supreme Court refused to block aerial pesticide spraying against the Mediterranean fruit fly in California.
In 1983 American schoolgirl Samantha Smith, touring the Soviet Union at the invitation of President Yuri V. Andropov, traveled to Leningrad, where she placed flowers on a World War II memorial.
In 1984 Sergei Bubka of the USSR pole vaulted a record 5.89 meters.
In1985In 1985 The New York Yankees retired Roger Maris (#9) and Elston Howard (#32) uniforms.
In 1987 Jury selection begins for the perjury trial of President Reagan's former aide and longtime confidant, Michael K. Deaver. Deaver was later convicted of lying under oath about his lobbying business.
In 1988 Final results of Mexico's recent presidential election are released, giving the victory to the governing party candidate.
In 1989 Washington, DC, attorney Thomas L. Root was rescued after ditching his plane into the Atlantic Ocean near the Bahamas.
In 1989 Cuba executed four military officers for conspiring to smuggle drugs to the U.S.
In 1992 Democrats open their 41st national convention at New York's Madison Square Garden.
In 1993, Race car driver Davey Allison died in Birmingham, AL, of injuries from a helicopter crash.
In 1994 Olympic skater Tonya Harding's ex-husband, Jeff Gillooly, was sentenced to two years in prison for his role in the attack on Nancy Kerrigan. He only served six months.
In 1994 President Clinton visited flood-stricken Georgia, where he announced more than $60 million in aid for Georgia, Alabama; in 1995, About 2,500 workers at the Detroit Free Press and The Detroit News went on strike.
In 1996 After battering the Carolinas, a weakened Hurricane Bertha moved north, spawning tornadoes and dumping rain from Maryland to Massachusetts.
In 1998 A jury in Poughkeepsie, NY, ruled that the Rev. Al Sharpton and two others had defamed a former prosecutor by accusing him of raping Tawana Brawley.
In 1998 Four young cousins in Gallup, NM, died after becoming trapped in a car trunk.
In 2000 New Hampshire Chief Justice David Brock was impeached by the Legislature, the first such action against an official in the state since 1790. He is later acquitted in a state Senate trial.
In 2002 Photographer Yousuf Karsh died in Boston at age 93.


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