Born On This Day...

In 1468 Religious leader, Pope Paul III (1534-49)
In 1736 Ann Lee, founder of U.S. Shaker movement
In 1792 Italian composer, Gioacchino Rossini (Barber of Seville)
In 1840 Inventor, John Philip Holland (submarine building)
In 1860 Inventor, Herman Hollerith (first electric adding machine)
In 1896 Movie director, William W. Welmman (The High And The Mighty)
In 1900 Film director, Jean Negulesco [d: 7-18-93]
In 1904 Bandleader, Jimmy Dorsey (So Rare) [d: 6-12-57]
In 1908 French painter, Balthus [d: 2-18-01]
In 1908 Businessman, Earl A. Scheib (painted cars) [d: 2-29-92]
In 1916 Singer, Dinah Shore [d: 2-24-94]
In 1920 Actor, Arthur Franz (Sands Of Iwo Jima, The Caine Mutiny) [d: 6-16-06]
In 1920 Actor, James Mitchell (Palmer Courtlandt-All My Children) [d: 1-22-10]
In 1920 Actress, Michele Morgan (Joan Of Paris, Two Tickets To London) [d: 12-20-16]
In 1920 Poet/novelist, Howard Nemerov [d: 7-5-91]
In 1928 Actor, Joss Ackland (The Hunt For Red October, Lethal Weapon 2) [d: 11-19-23]
In 1936 Ex-astronaut, Jack Lousma (Skylab 3, STS-3) (88)
In 1936 Actor, Alex Rocco (The Godfather, The Simpsons) [d: 7-18-15]
In 1940 Singer, Gretchen Diane Christopher (The Fleetwoods) (84)
In 1944 Actor, Dennis Farina (Get Shorty, Law & Order) [d: 7-22-13]
In 1944 Actress, Phyllis Frelich (Sister Sarah-Santa Barbara) [d: 4-10-04]
In 1948 Fashion designer, Willi Smith [d: 4-17-87]
In 1952 Comedian, John Roarke (The Naked Gun 2, Fridays) (72)
In 1956 American serial killer, Aileen Wuornos [d: 10-19-02]
In 1960 Motivational speaker, Tony Robbins (64)
In 1964 Football player, Bruce Hill (Tampa Bay) (60)
In 1972 Actor, Antonio Sabato Jr. (General Hospital, Melrose Place) (52)
In 1972 Politician, Pedro Sanchez (52)
In 1976 Rap singer, Ja Rule (48)
In 1980 Actor, Peter Scanavino (Law & Order: SVU, The Good Wife) (44)
In 1984 Singer, Mark Foster ("Pumped Up Kicks") (40)
In 1984 Composer/video game developer, Lena Raine (40)
In 1992 Actor, Jessie Usher (Level Up) (32)
In 2000 Basketball player, Tyrese Haliburton (24)


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