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Wednesday, June 7, 2017


When it comes to kissing, women much prefer the tender kiss. Women also like it when men are spontaneous in their kissing. That's the word from a "Kiss and Tell" survey from a SoftLips Lip Conditioning Balm survey. Want more? 

  • 40% of respondents are uncomfortable when someone they've just met tries to kiss them when saying hello or goodbye; more women than men indicate that this lip maneuver makes them feel uncomfortable (49% women, 30% men). 
  • Those from the Northeast are most likely to indicate that they greet very close friends with a kiss (42%). 
  • About one-third (37% total; 32% males, 41% of females) will only greet immediate family members with a kiss; those from the Midwest (42%) and the South (41%) are more likely to say this. 
  • An air kiss is more likely to come from women (15%) than men (10%); fewer men and women express their preference for the double-cheek kiss as a casual greeting (7%). 
  • 45% of women and 27% of males admit that they kiss their pets. 
  • Tender kisses (42%) and lustful, passionate kisses (40 percent) rank the highest on the list of favorite types of kisses for both sexes; however, women consider the tender kiss to be the best (48%), while men prefer the lustful, passionate pucker (46%). 
  • Women favor spontaneous kisses more than men (38% women, 31% of men). 
  • One in 10 Americans prefer the kiss-and-make-up variety of kiss. 
  • Women favor lots of small kisses more than twice as much as men (12% versus 5%). 
  • Only 8% of all those surveyed -- equal among men and women -- feel that the "you may now kiss the bride" kiss was one of the best kinds of kisses. 
  • More than half (58%) of men believe that the woman can make the first move for a first kiss. 
  • 22% admit that their first "real" kiss happened when they were between 11 and 13 years old. 
  • The most common age for a first "real" kiss to have happened was between the ages of 14 and 16 (37%), with 18% getting their first memorable smooch between 17 and 19 years old. 
  • 4% of Americans are still waiting for their first real kiss. 

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