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Thursday, June 8, 2017

Born On This Day...

In 1625 Astronomer, Giovanni Cassini (discovered 4 satellites of Saturn)

In 1671 Italian composer, Tomaso Albinoni

In 1772 Engineer, Robert Stevenson (designed and built lighthouses)

In 1810 German composer, Robert Schumann (Frauenliebe und Leben)

In 1813 Naval officer, David Dixon Porter (Union commander-Civil War)

In 1829 English painter, Sir John Everett Millais

In 1844 Actor, William Jason Ferguson (witnessed Lincoln's assassination)

In 1847 Ida Saxton McKinley, wife of President William McKinley

In 1867 American architect, Frank Lloyd Wright

In 1910 Cartonnist, Charles C. Beck (Captain Marvel) [d: 11-22-89]

In 1910 Sci-fi writer, John W. Campbell [d: 7-11-71]

In 1914 U.S. weightlifter, Joseph de Pietro (Olympic-Gold-1948)

In 1916 Scientist, Francis Crick (co-discovered DNA) [d: 7-28-04]

In 1917 U.S. Supreme Court Justice, Byron R. White (1962-93) [d: 4-15-02]

In 1918 Actor, Robert Preston (Music Man, The Last Starfighter) [d: 3-21-87]

In 1921 Actress/singer, Alexis Smith (Jessica-Dallas) [d: 6-9-93]

In 1923 Actor, Myron Healy (Doc Holliday-Wyatt Earp) [d: 12-21-05]

In 1924 Actor/songwriter, Sheldon Allman (Mr. Ed theme) [d: 1-22-02]

In 1924 Comedian/impressionist, George Kirby [d: 9-30-95]

In 1925 Former first lady, Barbara Pierce Bush (1989-93) (92)

In 1925 Baseball player, Del Ennis (Phillies) [d: 2-8-96]

In 1927 Comedian/actor, Jerry Stiller (Stiller & Meara, Seinfeld) (90)

In 1930 Actress, Dana Wynter (Airport, Invasion of Body Snatchers) [d: 5-9-11]

In 1933 Comedian/talk show host, Joan Rivers (Joan Rivers Show) [d: 9-4-14]

In 1934 Actress, Millicent Martin (Alfie, Nothing But The Best) (83)

In 1937 Astronaut, Bruce McCandless (STS-41B, 31) (80)

In 1939 Football Hall-of-Famer, Herb Adderley (Packers, Cowboys) (78)

In 1939 Actor, Bernie Casey (Boxcar Bertha, Rent-A-Cop) (78)

In 1940 Singer, Sherman Garnes (Frankie Lymon & the Teenagers) [d: 2-26-77]

In 1940 Singer, Nancy Sinatra (These Boots Are Made For Walkin') (77)

In 1941 Singer, Clarence Haskins (Funkadelic) (76)

In 1942 Singer, Chuck Negron (3 Dog Night) (75)

In 1943 Actor, Colin Baker (Doctor Who) (74)

In 1943 U.S. hurdler, Willie Davenport (Olympic-Gold-1968) [d: 6-17-02]

In 1944 Actor, Don Grady (Robbie-My Three Sons) [d: 6-27-12]

In 1944 Singer/songwriter, Boz Scaggs (Lowdown, Lido Shuffle) (73)

In 1947 Writer, Sara Paretsky (70)

In 1950 Actress, Kathy Baker (The Right Stuff, Picket Fences) (67)

In 1951 Singer, Bonnie Tyler (Total Eclipse of the Heart) (66)

In 1953 Drummer, Alex Van Halen (Van Halen) (64)

In 1955 Actor, Griffin Dunne (American Werewolf in London, After Hours) (62)

In 1955 Singer, James Jonathan Sylvers (The Sylvers) (62)

In 1957 Cartoonist, Scott Raymond Adams (Dilbert) (60)

In 1958 Comedian/actor, Keenen Ivory Wayans (In Living Color) (59)

In 1960 Singer, Mike Hucknall (Simply Red) (57)

In 1961 Playmate/actress, Ursula Buchfellner (October-1979) (56)

In 1961 Former baseball player, Kevin Gross (Dodgers) (56)

In 1962 Keyboardist, Nick Rhodes (Duran Duran, Arcadia) (55)

In 1964 Track & field athlete, Butch Reynolds (53)

In 1965 Actor, Frank Grillo (Zero Dark Thirty, Prison Break) (52)

In 1965 Keyboardist, Neil Mitchell (Wet Wet Wet) (52)

In 1965 Singer, Rob Pilatus (Milli Vanilli) [d: 4-3-98]

In 1966 Actress, Julianna Margulies (Carol Hathaway-ER, The Good Wife) (51)

In 1966 Singer, Doris Pearson (Five Star) (51)

In 1967 Actor, Dan Futterman (Vincent-Judging Amy) (50)

In 1968 Actress, Sarah Malin (Stephane Prescott-Another World) (49)

In 1970 Singer, Nicci Gilbert (If You Love Me-Brownstone) (47)

In 1970 Actress, Kelli Williams (Lindsay-The Practice) (47)

In 1971 Actor, Mark Feuerstein (Jake-Good Morning Miami) (46)

In 1971 Actor/singer, Matthew Kaminsky (The Four Postmen) (46)

In 1972 Bassist, P.J. Farley (Trixter) (45)

In 1976 Actor, Eion Bailey (Dawson's Creek, Band of Brothers) (41)

In 1976 Tennis player, Lindsay Davenport (41)

In 1977 Rap performer, Kanye West (40)

In 1978 Actress/TV host, Maria Menounos (Entertainment Tonight) (39)

In 1981 Folker singer, Sara Watkins (Nickel Creek) (36)

In 1984 Actress, Torrey Devitto (Pretty Little Liars, Chicago Med) (33)

In 1985 Guitarist, Kevin Skaff (A Day to Remember) (32)

In 1989 Guitarist, Jesse Lawson (Sleeping with Sirens) (28)

In 1992 Rap singer, Skizzy Mars (The Red Balloon Project) (25)

In 1994 Actor, Nick Benson (Derrick Westerly-Summerland) (23)

In 1999 Singer, Millie Thrasher (Sweet Suspense) (18)

In 2001 Actress, Esther Zynn (The Other Kingdom) (16)

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