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Tuesday, June 13, 2017


Jedediah Bila Announces Her Engagement on The View. Jedediah Bila made a big announcement on The View Monday: She's engaged! "Can anyone in the audience see anything different about me?" Bila asked as she flashed her diamond engagement ring. The timing of her proposal couldn't have been better, as Sunny Hostin had told her Friday, "You should get married already!" After re-watching a clip of that conversation, Hostin said, "I'm no Nostradamus, but people at this table need to start listening to me!" Bila joked, "You know what I love about Sunny? I'm the one that got engaged, but this is her moment!" Bila added that she loves her ring -- although "the band is a little big." Even so, it helped Bila "hide it" on her way to the table. "It's a little big, so I will have to get it adjusted." The proposal came as a surprise. Bila's fiance took her to a bed and breakfast over the weekend to pop the question. "The only sign that something was up is that he's always late to get ready. I'm always dressed and he's taking forever. He was fully dressed an hour early," she said. "I was like, 'Something's happening.' I didn't know what it was, but...He's stuck with me. Bottom line." Before moving on, Joy Behar, Whoopi Goldberg and Sara Haines each toasted the bride-to-be. Haines and Hostin stood up to hug Bila as Goldberg watched them in amusement. "It doesn't matter if I love you," she told Bila, who joined the show full-time last year. "He's marrying you!" Bila's fiance is named Jeremy; she has not publicly revealed his last name. The TV personality also did not reveal whether they've set a wedding date at this time. (Eonline)

Arrow Star Tyler Ritter Announces the Birth of His First Child. Arrow star Tyler Ritter and his wife Lelia Parma have welcomed their first child! The 32-year-old actor announced the birth of his first born, a son named Benjamin Parma Ritter, via Instagram on Sunday. Along with a cuddly photo of the father and son duo, Tyler wrote in the sweet post, "It's a new dawn, it's a new day, it's a new life. He's Benjamin Parma Ritter. And we're feeling good." The baby boy is the first grandson of the late comedy legend John Ritter, who was survived by his four children, Tyler, Girls actor Jason Ritter, Stella Ritter and Carly Ritter. Tyler married Argentinian film director all the way back in 2007. Last week, the proud papa-to-be posted a happy birthday message to his lady love, showing the couple on the beach. The post had the caption, "Feliz cumpleanos to the love of my life. We have a lucky muchacho on the way who has the fortune of calling you his "mamá", but he's waiting it out so this day can be all yours!" In 2015, Tyler was cast on the hit show NCIS as the brother of character Abby Sciuto. He's appeared in both NCIS and NCIS: New Orleans. Then in 2016, the actor nabbed the role of Adam on the fourth season of Freeform's comedy Young and Hungry. He was also on the fifth season of Arrow as Detective Billy Malone. Tyler's father was known for his turn as Jack Tripper in Three's Company and as an overprotective dad 8 Simple Rules. He died in 2003. In 2016, the actor opened up to Entertainment Tonight about the loss of his father. "I had lived a sheltered and blessed life up until 2003 when I lost him and two grandparents within three-and-a-half months," Tyler said. "I was just in survival mode. I studied and tried not to think about it, but that didn't work. It came back violently and forced me to deal with it. Now, I have moments where I'm at peace with it and moments where it'll creep up and hit me, but I have tools to deal with that, whereas I used to push everything away." We have a feeling that John would be pretty proud of his son today! (Eonline)

Selena Gomez reveals why she decided to go public with The Weeknd. You do you, Selena GLAMOUR's resident basic bitch with an Instagram obsession (follow me: @LeanneBayley). Fluent in emoji's & Gilmore Girls trivia Selena Gomez opened up about her relationship with new beau Abel, aka The Weeknd. In a recent interview on Ryan Seacrest's TV show, the star revealed the reason why she decided to go public with The Weeknd: "It's really hard when I would want to spend so much time hiding things. It's too much pressure, and I think everyone gets over everything eventually. I just want to be happy. If that's me just being myself, then I don't really care." Selena also opened up about putting herself and her relationships first, over her career: "I've been doing this for so long and I needed a second to breathe. When I did that, I came back and I had it for a while, and I think it's safe to say I feel like I have a whole album put together at this point. I wanted to make sure my life was balanced and happy and healthy first." Good for you girl! After all she did look extremely happy next to her man at the Met Gala. Let's throwback shall we? (British Glamour)

Katy Perry ranks former lovers during Big Brother-style livestream. Look away, lads. While we've all been no doubt enjoying the glorious weather this weekend, catching up with friends and swigging beers in the sunshine (with any luck), Katy Perry has been promoting her new album, Witness, by taking part in a Big Brother-style experiment, live streaming her whole weekend for the world to watch. Among calling for an end to her Taylor Swift feud, and undergoing an intense therapy session, Katy got personal about her ex flames. Really personal. During the 72-hour livestream, James Corden joined Katy and asked which of her exes were "best or worst in bed." LOL. An initially reluctant Katy shouted "No!" before James ensured her they'd work "on the notion that they're all good." Asking her to choose between John Mayer, Diplo and Orlando Bloom, Katy declared "They're all amazing lovers and I would have sex with all of them after I get out of this place!" Eventually, Katy dished the dirt, and ranked Diplo - who she dated for a short time in 2014 - at the bottom, her most recent lover Orlando Bloom in second and John Mayer - who she had an on-off relationship with in 2015 - at the top. Go, John Mayer! (British Glamour)

Anderson Cooper is rooting for Kathy Griffin following her controversial Donald Trump photo, which led the comedian to get fired from their New Year's Eve special on CNN. "She and I have been friends for a long time and I want nothing but good things for her," Cooper, 50, said during an event at the Comercia Theater in Phoenix Arizona on Friday, June 9, via USA Today. "I don't want anybody's career to be destroyed because they do something unfortunate and inappropriate, but yeah, I thought what she did was inappropriate," he continued. "You know, I think I said that I thought it was completely inappropriate and I didn't approve it in any way, and I think when you're friends with somebody, you can say that." Late last month, Griffin, 56, faced backlash when photos surfaced of her holding a bloody, decapitated head that resembled POTUS, 70. In addition to her CNN firing, she lost an endorsement with Squatty Potty. Cooper initially responded to the incident via Twitter. "For the record, I am appalled by the photo shoot Kathy Griffin took part in," he wrote on May 30. "It is clearly disgusting and completely inappropriate." Griffin apologized for her actions and held a press conference with her attorney Lisa Bloom in Woodland Hills, California, on June 2. "A sitting president of the United States and his grown children and the first lady are, I feel personally, trying to ruin my life forever. You guys know him. He's never going to stop," she said at the time. "I don't think I will have a career after this. I think, I'm going to be honest, he broke me." (US Weekly)

David Hasselhoff's daughter, Hayley, has been charged in her DUI case and we've learned her blood alcohol was off the charts. Law enforcement tells TMZ ... Hayley blew a .14 last month when cops found her passed out in her Mercedes on an L.A. freeway off-ramp. The legal limit in California is .08. As we first reported ... she had to be taken to a hospital before she was booked. Now, the city attorney has officially charged Hayley, and if convicted she faces up to 6 months in jail and a $1,000 fine. That sentence is almost unheard of though for first, and even second-time offenders. (TMZ)

Bill Cosby is launching his defense in his sexual assault trial with one of his most powerful weapons ... his wife. Camille Cosby walked arm-in-arm with her husband Monday as they entered the courthouse. Camille has been MIA for the entire first week of the trial. Conventional wisdom ... if you don't have a supporting spouse in the peanut gallery, it looks like you did something wrong. The defense hinted it's considering calling its famous client to the stand, but that would be extremely doubtful, especially because of statements he made during his deposition. (TMZ)


Find Out Who Beat Beyonce for the No.1 Spot on Forbes' 2017 List of the World's Highest-Paid Entertainers. Forbes has just released its list of 2017's highest paid entertainers. Taylor Swift took the top spot as the highest paid celebrity last year with a whopping $170 million paycheck. However, she dropped to No. 49 this year with an income of around $44 million in 2017 -- a 74% year-over-year decrease. This year, Sean "Diddy" Combs sees the No.1 spot, coming in right above Beyonce. The rapper and businessman can chalk up his $130 million year to his Bad Boy Family Reunion Tour, a partnership with Ciroc vodka and selling one-third of his Sean John clothing line (which went for an estimated $70 million). Forbes has just released its list of 2017's highest paid entertainers. Taylor Swift took the top spot as the highest paid celebrity last year with a whopping $170 million paycheck. However, she dropped to No. 49 this year with an income of around $44 million in 2017 -- a 74% year-over-year decrease. This year, Sean "Diddy" Combs sees the No.1 spot, coming in right above Beyonce. The rapper and businessman can chalk up his $130 million year to his Bad Boy Family Reunion Tour, a partnership with Ciroc vodka and selling one-third of his Sean John clothing line (which went for an estimated $70 million). Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling returned to the list at $95 million, followed by Drake who racked in $94 million. The rapper jumped significantly from his No.69 rank in the 2016. He more than doubled his fortune thanks to his Summer Sixteen and Boy Meets World tours as well as endorsements with massive brands like Apple, Nike and Sprite. Real Madrid's Cristiano Ronaldo rounds out the top five as the highest paid soccer player in the world with $93 million. It's also notable to mention that The Weeknd, who covers Forbes' latest issue, made the top 10 for the very first time, coming in at No.6 with $93 million. Howard Stern ($90 million), Coldplay ($88 million), James Patterson ($87 million) and LeBron James ($86 million) round out the top 10. Kylie Jenner made the top 100 for the very first time this year, too, becoming the youngest list member. She landed the No.59 spot after earning a small fortune from endorsements, Keeping Up with the Kardashians and her ever-growing Kylie Cosmetics line as well as and clothing lines. Big sis Kim Kardashian, on the other hand, lands at No.47. To see the full list, head over to Forbes. (Eonline)

Kate Middleton Supports London Bridge Attack Victims During Surprise Hospital Visit. Kate Middleton is showing her support for the victims of the London Bridge terror attack. On June 3, eight people were killed and more than 48 were injured when a group of terrorists drove a van across the London Bridge in an attempt to run over pedestrians. Of those 48 injured, 14 were admitted to the King's College Hospital where the Duchess of Cambridge visited Monday to pay her respects. Not only did Kate visit with six patients, she also spoke with doctors and nurses who were all involved in helping the victims of the atrocity. Kate gave her nod of appreciation, telling the staff "well done," before asking them about their training and whether they felt prepared to deal with the emergency. "What was really noticeable on Saturday night was the amount of female patients that were involved," the head of nursing, Lynne Watkins-Hulme, said. "That was quite traumatic for the staff. We are not used to so many females being injured." She continued, "We are used to seeing people who are stabbed. But to have six women who were stabbed, multiple times -- it was just the amount of people -- that was upsetting." After the three assailants drove their car into pedestrians on the London Bridge, they continued the attack by stabbing restaurant and pub-goers in the nearby Borough Market. All three were shot and killed by police at the scene. Kate also discussed the situation with Nick Moberly, the hospital's chief executive and professor Julia Wendon. She was then introduced to two of the hospital's team leaders trained to deal with major incidents, Jane Bond of Gold Command, Silver Command's Mark Madams and the clinical director and consultant in emergency medicine Dr. Malcolm Tunnicliff. "We are one of the busiest hospitals in western Europe for dealing with penetrating injuries, but it was the volume and it is usually young men that stab each other, and there were quite a lot of ladies who were stabbed," Tunnicliff reiterated Watkins-Hulme's statements. "We got through a lot of kit in an hour and a half. Probably what we go through in a week." Tunnicliff was very appreciative for the Duchess' visit. "It is nice when you have got someone like the Duchess of Cambridge who comes along," he said. "It gives the patients a lift, it gives the staff a lift that they're being recognized. And actually, all staff in the NHS want these days is just to be recognized for what they do, because they get knocked for so much. Someone like that coming along and recognizing that, it is a massive lift." Prince Charles and his wife Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, paid a visit to the police and one of the hospitals treating other victims of the attack last week. Camilla praised the first responders as "Britain at its best." Meanwhile, Prince William attended the FA Cup Final last month during which he honored the victims of the Manchester suicide bombing at Ariana Grande's concert May 22 that killed 22. Kensington Palace posted a photo of the prince at Wembley as well as a pic of a note he penned. It read: "We will never fear coming together to celebrate all that unites us. In memory of the friends and family taken from us in Manchester." (Eonline)

Gwyneth Paltrow brings her website to life at Goop event. There were organic paleo wraps and matcha smoothies, crystal readings and aura photography, hydrating IV drips and an "oxygen bar," $72 aromatherapy candles and $90 vitamin packs, plus lectures on gut health, mothering, self-help and sexual awareness: It was Gwyneth Paltrow's Goop website come to life. Paltrow hosted the inaugural "In Goop Health" event Saturday in Culver City, California, where about 600 women spent the day chatting, learning, eating, shopping and generally indulging in the designer-wellness lifestyle touted by Another such event is planned for January in New York, Paltrow said. She described the gathering as a "summit focused toward being and achieving the optimal versions of ourselves." It offered a full day of programming at three price levels: $500, $1,000 and $1,500. The top tiers included fitness classes and lunch or cocktails with Paltrow and featured panelists. All guests had access to lectures, organic foods and pampering treats like manicures, face massages, a hairstyling bar and goodie bags. There was an extra charge for IV drips and B-12 injections. Between lectures, women mingled in the "Goop Hall" of shopping and sustenance. Food stands handed out kefir bowls and bee-pollen smoothies. A "pharmacy" sold health books and Goop-branded vitamins. The "Clean Beauty Apothecary" carried Goop-branded cosmetics. Other shops had kitchen gadgets and workout wear for sale, including a $195 Goop sweat shirt. "I didn't really know what to expect, but I'm definitely impressed," said 44-year-old Dawn Watts, a self-described "avid Goop reader" who traveled from New York to attend the event. "You can't take advantage of all of the offerings because they booked up too quickly... That's the only thing that's been disappointing." She was in line to get a blow-dry, but missed out on the crystal reading and aura photography. Brandi Bakewell of Los Angeles was taking a cellphone picture of her aura photo to explain to her friends what she was up to on Saturday. A therapist who subscribes to the Goop newsletter, Bakewell said she came to the Goop event for her own health and to enhance her holistic approach toward patients. "It's the opportunity to have all of these leaders within the field come together in a one-day, one-stop shop," said the 43-year-old. "I can actually see the products, feel them; hear the speakers, see them and think, 'Do I want to buy this book?'" She noted that she is African-American among the overwhelmingly white crowd. "I just think it's about people not knowing about it," she said. The speakers included physicians, psychologists, sex experts and celebrities such as Cameron Diaz, Nicole Richie, designer Tory Burch and model Miranda Kerr. Forty-seven-year-old Elizabeth Van Winkle bought a ticket to the event -- "not something in my wheelhouse at all" -- because a friend who works for Goop told her it would be fun. "The tickets are expensive, you know what I mean?" she said as she waited in line for a B-12 shot. "These are people who wear $100 yoga pants." Still, she said she loved the food and was inspired by the speakers. She even tried the aura photography. (PageSix)

Who needs dinner and a movie when you can go to an awards show. Chrissy Teigen and John Legend had a special date night at the Tony Awards in New York City on Sunday where Legend won a GOT for his work as an associate producer on Jitney, the best revival of a play winner. The model immediately took to Twitter to congratulate her hubby on winning three out of the four awards it takes to claim the coveted EGOT title. Now with a Grammy, an Oscar and a Tony, Legend only needs an Emmy to complete one of Hollywood's hardest feats -- and highest honors. The couple looked stunning on the red carpet as they smiled and posed for photos together. Teigen, 31, dazzled in a curve-hugging white gown with gold embellishment, while Legend kept his look classic in a sleek black tux. If you're wondering why the couple is attending the Broadway award ceremony, Teigen has the answer for you. "I am in new york for the Tony's because I am a famous broadway actress and it makes sense," she joked on Twitter. And as "one of Broadway's biggest stars" she was a little upset to see her seat had not been properly reserved her during rehearsals Sunday morning. "WHY HAS MY SEAT RECENTLY BEEN SAT IN!? As one of Broadway's biggest stars on Broadway's biggest nights I am appalled," she tweeted. The couple has been award show regulars this year, attending the Golden Globes, Screen Actors Guild Awards and the Oscars together. However, Legend, 38, flew solo at the Billboard Music Awards in May because his wife "not trying to force my back into a dress" after a weekend in Las Vegas with her sister. The 71st annual Tony Awards, hosted by Kevin Spacey, will air live on CBS on Sunday, June 11 from New York City's Radio City Music Hall. (People)

It seems that the new hallmark of a certified supermodel is no longer what we once thought it to be. While an array of international Vogue covers, a star role on every major catwalk of fashion week, a handful of high-profile campaigns, and your very own collaboration collection with some luxury fashion brand are nice and all, they're no longer enough to demonstrate your true posing prowess. As all the new Insta It-Girls know, you haven't truly made it until you land that sportswear brand endorsement, something Kendall Jenner, Gigi, and Bella Hadid have all easily attained. And over the weekend, Bella fulfilled her contractual obligations in style, stepping out in one Nike-branded athleisure look after the next. Late Sunday night, the model shared a throwback photo of herself celebrating her return to NYC after a whirlwind trip through Paris on behalf of the sports apparel company. In the shot, Bella plugs some of the brand's apparel in a white windbreaker and matching track pants and sports bra with a whole lot of thick gold chain layered around her neck and a pair of silver sunglasses with rose-tinted lenses. She also used the opportunity to highlight another one of her many lucrative endorsement deals, her topless billboard campaign for Calvin Klein. On Friday, Bella jetted off to Paris to help launch the new Nike Cortez sneaker, a white shoe featuring a red swoosh and blue stripe along the soul, at the Nike Store Forum Des Halles. Of course, this comes right after the debut of her new ad in promotion of that particular sneaker style which shows the model skateboarding down a steep driveway in a red sports bra with wraparound ties, flared jeans, and the sneaker in question, paying homage to Farrah Fawcett for the 45th anniversary of the shoe. And naturally, the model found ways to seamlessly work the sportswear brand into her many monochromatic, all-white Parisian looks over the weekend as well. First, upon jetting into the City of Lights, Bella kept things minimalistic in a crisp white jean jacket, white t-shirt, skinny white jeans, and a pair of white Nike high tops with a red swoosh. Once again, she found a way to simultaneously highlight three other brands she works closely with, wearing black Dior shades while carrying a black Givenchy handbag, with another bright red handbag slung across her shoulder from Off-White the brand she represented at the CFDAs last week. And on Saturday she did it all over again, attending the French Open in another heavily branded look, wearing the same Cortez sneakers with a Nike tennis skirt and bra top with some type of spandex shrug top over the top. At this point, we're not even sure calling Bella's outfits athleisure is accurate, the new look for summer 2017 seems to be straight up gym rat chic. (People)

Former anchor of NBC's "Today" Tamron Hall says she's ready to end "male dominance" in the media. At Soledad O'Brien's PowHERful Foundation event, Hall told Page Six, "This is important for me because, in the end, all of these industries are dominated by men, and if we cannot support each other as women, who will?" She added, "It is always important for me to help another woman, another sister." Hall left NBC in February after her show "Today's Take" was canceled to make way for Megyn Kelly. (Page Six)

1-800-Flowers may be in hot water after one of its vases imploded in a customer's hands ... so claims the customer in a new lawsuit. Martha Nippert claims she suffered a "severe and debilitating laceration of a tendon in her middle finger" when a flower-filled vase delivered to her home shattered in her hands. She says when the flowers were delivered she removed the arrangement from its packaging and took it to her kitchen sink, adding fresh water -- up to the halfway point on the vase. She says she put her hands on the vase to carry it to the dining room, and that's when it imploded. Nippert says the injury was devastating, in no small part because she's a professional illustrator and designer and lost work. She also says the surgeon told her she'll never regain full range of motion. That's not all. She says she couldn't nurse her newborn because she was on pain meds. And it was virtually impossible for her to do simple household chores with only her left arm. We've reached out to 1-800-Flowers, so far no word back. (TMZ)


Christina Grimmie's Family Thanks Fans on One Year Anniversary of Her Death. One year after Christina Grimmie's shocking murder, her family has taken to social media to thank fans and the world for their continued support. "We want to take this moment to say thank you to Christina's legion of fans worldwide and all the partners who contributed and are still contributing to her legacy," read the statement. "Your prayers, love, encouragement and support have been felt by us as a family and we are humbled and deeply appreciative." Grimmie was just 22 when she was shot by a deranged fan after a concert in Orlando while signing autographs. The singer had gained notoriety on NBC's The Voice in 2014. She came in third place during the show's sixth season, while under the guidance of celeb mentor Adam Levine. The statement continued, "We too, are still healing, but know that we love each and every one of you. Thank you for your support!" In April, Carson Daly made a special announcement about the beloved contestant during a live episode of The Voice. "As you know, family is very, very important to us here at The Voice and last year we tragically lost one of our own, the incredibly talented and beautiful Christina Grimmie," he explained. "Tonight, in memory of our good friend and along with Christina's family, we're honored to help announce the creation of the Christina Grimmie Foundation, benefiting those impacted by gun violence and families just like her own affected by breast cancer." The late Grimmie was also honored by the Humane Society in April. E! News previously reported the story at the time of the event. "It is with a heavy heart that we can confirm that Christina has passed and went home to be with the Lord. She was shot at her show in Orlando and, unfortunately, didn't survive the gunshot wounds," her publicist confirmed. The singer was taken to a local hospital in Orlando, Fla., after being shot by a male suspect, who proceeded to shoot himself. Members of the band Before You Exit were signing autographs after a concert at Orlando's Plaza Live when a male shot Grimmie. "Upon arrival officers found the male suspect, who was deceased and one victim who was gravely injured. That victim, singer Christina Grimmie, was transported to the hospital with critical injuries," the Orlando Police tells E! News. (Eonline)

Xscape fired up their fans when they announced a reunion a few months back, and now they're giving more -- a docuseries. Production sources tell TMZ ... the all girl R&B super group is filming in ATL and the show will air on Bravo. We're told it premieres in November ... when 'RHOA' returns so it can piggyback off the show. The show will follow all 4 members -- Kandi Burruss, Tiny Harris, LaTocha and Tamika Scott -- as they reunite to prepare for their first performance in over 20 years which takes place at Essence Festival later this month. VH1's mega-producer Mona Scott-Young, of the 'Love & Hip Hop' franchise, has signed on as executive producer. (TMZ)

The Weeknd Drops Spooky 'Secrets' Video. The Weeknd is invisible to the world in the latest video from his Starboy album. In the new Pedro Martin-Calero-directed clip for "Secrets," the singer appears to be a ghost to the formally dressed inhabitants of an imposing, futuristic building. As Abel Tesfaye wanders through the structure's mirrored halls and giant burgundy and white rooms, he watches as a woman writhes on a white bed while several men look on. There's also a subplot in which Weeknd is pursuing a woman who is the subject of another man's affection (fellow Canadian singer Black Atlass), but then again, could it actually be Abel? Hard to say. The eerie, Kubrickian journey ends with Weeknd walking through the snow outside the slab grey structure and peering up at a giant floating crucifix. (Billboard)

The Killers Debut New Song 'Run For Cover' In Atlantic City. The Killers have a new single called "The Man" coming out this week, presumably the first taste of a whole new album on the way, and we've already heard 12 seconds of it. But now we get to hear much more than 12 seconds of a totally different new song, "Run For Cover," which dates back to 2008's Day & Age sessions and which the band debuted live during a performance at the Borgata in Atlantic City on Saturday night (June 10). The galloping tune features the urgent chorus "Run for cover/ Run while you can baby don't look back/ You gotta run for cover/ Don't be afraid of the fear that's a plain eyed trap/ You know you're not the only one/ And don't look back just run for dover." (Billboard)

Former Spice Girl Geri Halliwell Prepping George Michael Tribute Single, 'Angels in Chains'. Two days before what would have been George Michael's 54th birthday, former Spice Girls member Geri Horner (nee Halliwell) will pay homage to the late pop icon with her first global music release in 12 years, "Angels in Chains." The single produced by longtime Michael collaborator Chris Porter will be available on June 23 through East West Records and profits from its sale will go to Michael's charity of choice, Child Line. The artist formerly known as Ginger Spice wrote the single and it also features some other members of Michael's extended musical family: Chris Cameron (Michael's musical director), guitarist Phil Palmer and backup singers Shirley Lewis, Lucy Jules and Jay Henry. "When I first heard the sad news of his passing, I was nine-months pregnant with my son Monty and I was full of emotions," Horner said in a statement announcing the song, described as a "heartfelt ballad... colored with lyrical references" to some of Michael's most beloved hits. "I didn't know quite what to do with my feelings so I put it in a song, which became 'Angels in Chains'. I feel very blessed to have the opportunity to work on this record with Chris Porter and the same team George had handpicked for his own projects. I am first and foremost a George Michael fan, so to be in the same studio with these amazingly gifted artists who have put their stamp of so many of my favorite records was a real privilege for me." The singer says the track is intended as a "beautiful, healing message" to anyone who has experienced the loss of a loved one. In the process I found how healing making this record had been not only for me but also for everyone involved," she says. "This is our way of saying goodbye to our friend and music idol, and I hope George's fans enjoy this as much as we have making it." Michael passed away on Dec. 25 at his home in Oxfordshire, England, at age 53 or what a coroner determined was natural causes as a result of heart disease and a fatty live. Horner's song is her first new music since the 2005 release of her third solo album, Passion. (Billboard)

Foo Fighters To Play Opening Of The Anthem, Washington D.C.'s New Venue. Dave Grohl says the club is set to become the 'number one venue in America.' Washington D.C. has two exceedingly good reasons to celebrate this coming Oct. 12. That's when Foo Fighters will headline the opening of The Anthem, the city's new highly-anticipated $60 million venue located within The Wharf, a new multi-billion dollar development complex situated along the banks of the Potomac River. The new music performance space will be operated by Seth Hurwitz's I.M.P., the D.C.-based independent promotions company which has a 30-year lease on the new property and also owns the city's storied 9:30 Club. "The new place is set to become the number one venue in America, I shit you not," Foo Fighters' Dave Grohl enthusiastically told Billboard after touring the site. "It has the illusion of a stadium, but the intimacy of a nightclub. It's perfect." Indeed the tri-level Anthem, which has a convertible capacity for shows raging from 2,500 to 6,000 with seated and general admission configurations, was meticulously designed in part by Monty Hoffman (of PN Hoffman, which developed the $2.2 billion Wharf with Madison Marquette) and I.M.P.'s Hurwitz. The club includes seven bars, an equal number of dressing rooms, glass windows that look out onto a stunning view of the Potomac River, retractable chandeliers, a full-service kitchen, tractor trailer bays that load directly onto the stage and unobstructed sight-lines. "From a production standpoint it's got everything an arena touring band would need, but offers a tighter vibe with an audience than those bigger rooms," said Grohl whose Foo Fighters just released "Run," a surprise single on June 1 (and which debuted at No 9 on the Billboard Rock Airplat Chart). "Every vantage point is the best seat in the house. I mean, they really put a lot of thought into the audience perspective. Doesn't matter where you are: on the floor, in a balcony, at the bar, you're going to feel close to the band." Landing anyone else other than hometown hero Grohl and his Foo Fighters (which also includes Taylor Hawkins, Nate Mendel, Chris Shiflett, Pat Smear and Rami Jaffee) for The Anthem's opening night was never really a question, at least for Hurwitz. "There was no Plan B," stated Hurwitz, whose I.M.P. also operates Merriweather Post Pavilion and the Lincoln Theatre. "It was always just the Foos. I texted Dave some photos of the venue after we started building it and asked him 'Who else should open it?' He said 'Nobody.' That was the end of it." The Anthem's 6,000 capacity gives the D.C. area a new large size venue that hits something of an underserved sweet spot between smaller venues like the 9:30 Club (1,200 capacity) or Constitution Hall (3,700) and a larger arena like the Verizon Center (18,000). Some artists, for example, may now choose to play one night at the Anthem rather than do multiples at the 9:30 Club or elsewhere. Melanie Cantwell, a veteran talent buyer for the 9:30 Club and Lincoln Theatre, has been named new club's booker; while Dori Armor, who was most recently VP of artists and touring at IMG Artists, was named The Anthem's GM and will run day-to-day operations. The Anthem's Oct 12 premiere also marks the opening of The Wharf, a three million square foot development that will have an impact on D.C's commercial, social and cultural landscape. With more than 20 artisanal restaurants, three hotels, two smaller venues, an outdoor event space, a yacht club, an ice skating rink, a volleyball area, a water taxi service, bike lanes and a range of office and living spaces (including affordable housing units), the development should help rejuvenate an under-used, picturesque and centrally located part of the Nation's Capital (a block from the Metro and nearby the National Mall and monuments), "Think of it as a jelly donut, the Anthem is the jelly in the middle," says Hoffman, whose company spent the last 11 years developing The Wharf, which stretches nearly one mile, across 24 acres of land and 50 acres of water that runs from the Maine Avenue Seafood Market to Fort McNair. 2017 has been something of a landmark year for I.M.P., which in addition to the opening of The Anthem, which is amidst a $55 million dollar renovation of the Merriweather Post Pavilion. The site, which is located between D.C. and Baltimore in Columbia MD., is undergoing a complete overhaul of the stage and backstage areas, concessions, seating, box office, VIP area and more. The amphitheater is also this season celebrating its 50th anniversary. Meanwhile, last year the 9:30 Club celebrated its 35th anniversary with the release of a 264-page coffee table book, 9:30: A Time and A Place, The First 35 Years and the launch of a public television program Live at 9:30. The venue has had a profound impact upon Washington Area's music scene and beyond. "I think I first went to the 9:30 club in 1984, probably to see a hardcore show, probably a local band. I was maybe 15 years old," says Grohl. "For a kid from the sleepy Virginia suburbs it was a total mindblow. It wasn't the greatest part of town, wasn't the most glamorous venue, but you could tell that the room had seen its share of history. The long hallway into the live room was basically like walking the gauntlet of the DC music scene. All of your heroes were there, sharing flyers, tapes, fanzines, stickers. It was heaven. It was the place to play in Washington DC. It was our Fillmore, our CBGB's, our Whisky." Grohl says a big part of his decision to play The Anthem opening comes down to Hurwitz. "The great thing about Seth, outside of knowing him personally for 30 years, is that he actually cares. He cares about the music. He cares about the audience. He cares about the band. And he knows what he's doing," he said. "To see him take pride in that and remain independent is inspiring. It's very 'DC' of him." The prospect of operating the Anthem seemingly has energized the already energetic Hurwtiz. "It's just been this wonderful, exciting and incredibly fun thing," says the promoter. "I can't wait for it to open." (Billboard)


Owen Wilson, Cristela Alonzo Celebrate 'Cars 3' and Its Message of Empowerment at World Premiere. "It's not just about guy cars. There's really strong female characters in this film, too," said exec producer John Lasseter of the film's strong message of female empowerment. "You don't say no to Pixar," said Cristela Alonzo with a laugh as she walked the red carpet for the premiere of her latest film, Disney/Pixar's Cars 3, at the Anaheim Convention Center on Saturday. The rest of the cast, including Armie Hammer, Kerry Washington, Jennifer Lewis and Owen Wilson, echoed that sentiment. But cast and crew also highlighted at the event that Disney/Pixar's latest release puts a spotlight on themes of female empowerment and learning from past generations. "These are movies that have...meant a lot to kids, and now different generations of kids," said Wilson of being part of the Cars franchise as the voice of top racer Lighting McQueen for the past 10 years. "Now, I have two little kids. It's just exciting." The event also attracted the likes of Jimmy Kimmel, Adam Sandler, Johnny Knoxville and Soleil Moon Frye who brought their families to enjoy the festivities. Life-size replicas of the Cars characters lined the red carpet, but John Lasseter, the film's executive producer, said: "It's not just about guy cars. There's really strong female characters in this film, too." He highlighted the significance of Alonzo's female character in the film, with the star noting that Cruz Ramirez, a yellow car with a bubbly personality and dreams of being a racer, reflects her real life backstory of feeling that she was against the odds. "They (Lasseter and director Brian Fee) wanted to have that underdog feeling, which is something I've struggled with coming from stand-up and just really trying to make a path for myself in this career," Alonzo told THR. "Once I started talking to John Lasseter and Brian they knew that they wanted to tell that story, my story, through Cruz's eyes so every time I see Cruz, anytime that anybody sees Cruz, they have to know that they are actually seeing my story." And just as Disney/Pixar films have entertained generations, Fee says this film, along with Alonzo's character, puts "a piece of ourselves onscreen" by tying together the power of mentorship and generations that have come before and after us. In that vein, the film also gives a nod to the late Paul Newman -- whose recording outtakes from the original Cars film are used in the film as a tribute to the Hollywood icon and a way to bring back his character. Plus, two new characters were created based on racing legend Louise Smith, one of the first female racers, and Wendell Scott, the first African-American racer. "In their time, they were really facing incredible obstacles and are incredibly brave people, so when we do our research and we dig into these real stories, we're very inspired by what folks have already done out there," said co-producer Andrea Warren. Following the film screening, guests were treated to a private party at Cars Land in Disney's California Adventure park complete with a live band, a spread of food, including burgers, popcorn and cotton candy, as well as the opportunity to ride the Cars-themed attractions, including Radiator Springs Racers. Cars 3 hits theaters Friday. (Hollywood Reporter)

Ischia Fest to Honor Lily Collins for Work in New Netflix Film 'To the Bone'. Collins and co-star Alex Sharp will receive the festival's rising star awards. The Ischia Global Film and Music Festival will present the European premiere of To the Bone on July 15. Stars Lily Collins and Alex Sharp will be on hand to accept rising star awards at the Regina Isabella's outdoor theater by the sea. To the Bone, which originally debuted at Sundance and was picked up by Netflix, stars Collins as Ellen, a young girl with anorexia, with Sharp playing her confidante. Keanu Reeves also stars as the doctor who challenges Ellen to face her disease head-on. Marti Noxon wrote and directed the film, inspired by her own struggles with anorexia. AMBI Group's Andrea Iervolino and Monika Bacardi produced alongside Bonnie Curtis, Karina Miller and Julie Lynn. "To the Bone poignantly deals with a subject that affects so many young women in our society and highlights two very talented young actors -- Lily Collins and Alex Sharp -- who are indeed rising stars on the world stage," said the festival's honorary chair Mark Canton. Netflix circles back to Ischia after Ted Sarandos met with the Italian film industry there in 2015 before officially launching the streaming service in the country in October of that year. "After much controversy at the Cannes Film Festival over the participation there of movies meant directly for streaming rather than playing in cinemas, we are glad to announce the return of Netflix to Ischia and to continuing the debate on this important topic," said festival director Pascal Vicedomini. "This is also a chance to reintroduce Ted Sarandos and the great global players that will be attending our festival to the many production opportunities of Campania and Italy in general." Netflix will launch its first Italian-language series, Suburra, later this year. The Ischia Global Film and Music Festival takes place July 9-16 off the coast of Naples. (Hollywood Reporter)

Box Office: 'The Mummy's' U.S. Demise Puts Universal's New Dark Universe on Notice. The reboot, starring Tom Cruise, unraveled in its domestic debut with an estimated $32.2 million. Late last month, Universal Pictures announced the name of its new stable of interconnected films featuring the classic monsters that made the studio famous in days gone by -- "Dark Universe." It was a bold move, considering the first title in the series, The Mummy, was weeks away from hitting theaters. Universal got a good scare over the weekend when the Mummy reboot, starring Tom Cruise, opened to just $32.2 million to place No. 2 in North America behind holdover Wonder Woman. It is far from a monstrous start for a summer event film that cost $125 million to produce before a major marketing spend. The studio can certainly take solace in the fact that The Mummy awoke overseas with $141.8 million from 63 markets. It's Cruise's top foreign debut to date, but a film's U.S. performance still sets the tones for headlines. Alex Kurtzman directed The Mummy, which also stars Sofia Boutella as the Mummy, Russell Crowe as Dr. Jekyll and Annabelle Wallis. Executives at Universal insist that the Dark Universe -- the studio's answer to Marvel and DC's superhero cinematic universes -- does not rest on the success or failure of The Mummy, which was decimated by critics for turning an epic and sometimes campy tale into a modern-day action pic. The movie currently has a 17 percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes, the worst of Cruise's career behind Cocktail (five percent). "The Dark Universe is a continuation of a love affair the studio has had with its classic monsters. It is a Valentine to the genre that is in our DNA," says Universal domestic distribution president Nick Carpou. But the pressure is on. The studio will need to get the creative tone, and economics, right if the plan is to work. Universal insiders stress that each film in the series will have different budgets. The studio is already heavily touting Bride of Frankenstein, which Bill Condon is directing, for a Feb. 14, 2019 release. Universal and Condon, fresh off the $1 billion-plus success of Disney's Beauty and the Beast, have cast Javier Bardem as Frankenstein's Monster, though his female counterpart has not yet been announced. There's also an Invisible Man movie planned with Johnny Depp, and talk of a standalone Dr. Jekyll with Crowe, among others. (Crowe's Dr. Jekyll is set to provide the glue linking the films together, with his mysterious organization Prodigium charged with tracking the world's monsters.) And there are rumors that Dwayne Johnson could resurface in the "monsterverse" for a Wolfman reboot (he starred in 2002's Mummy spinoff The Scorpion King). "As each of these films is produced, each will have its own story to tell with unique aspirations. Each title will be its own entity," says Carpou. Box-office analysts agree The Mummy doesn't spell an early grave for the fledgling franchise. "I don't think Universal's Dark Universe will collapse because of The Mummy underperforming, but it should make the studio think twice about pumping so much money into their vastly expanding universe," says Jeff Bock of Exhibitor Relations. "There will be a lot riding on Bride of Frankenstein. And when I say a lot, I mean everything." Paul Dergarabedian of comScore adds that many Hollywood tentpoles unearth most of their treasure overseas, including Depp's 2017 summer tentpole, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales. Pirates 5 has earned an okay $135 million domestically to date, compared to nearly $393 million to date internationally. "Bad reviews and low aggregate scores combined with negative social media buzz definitely hurt The Mummy in North America, while simultaneously having almost zero impact on international returns. Sound familiar? It should," says Dergarabeidan. "If every potential universe banked its future on North American returns only, there may arguably be no movies with greater than a '2' after their title given this current climate. Thankfully for the Dark Universe and other big brands, the international component is the lifeline to a continued cinematic future and a creates a valid justification for further creative and monetary investment." (Hollywood Reporter)

Original "Mary Poppins" star Dick Van Dyke says he is certain the sequel, starring Emily Blunt, will be a hit after he filmed a cameo for the much anticipated new movie. The Hollywood icon -- who at 91 has just been cast as a lead in the upcoming movie "Capture the Flag" -- told Page Six, "I just got back from London, filming a cameo in the sequel for the new 'Mary Poppins.' People say sequels don't work, but the people behind it have their hearts in the right place. They insist it is not a sequel, it is an homage. Emily Blunt is a quite good Mary Poppins; she sings well. And they had re-created the original set of Cherry Tree Lane just perfectly that brought back a lot of memories. I was the only original member of the cast who is in it. It's like bookends for me. And Lin-Manuel [Miranda], who plays the lamplighter, dances very well, I was impressed." Van Dyke appears in the scene with the old banker (whom he also played in the original movie). He told us, "This time I play his son, who is not a nice guy. I got to jump up on a desk and do a song-and-dance number, and I thoroughly enjoyed it." Of the filming, he said, "You used to have to do a number of takes, but now they use four or five cameras and they get all the angles in one take, which at my age is certainly an advantage." Following criticism of his cockney ("Cor' blimey, Mary Poppins!") accent in the original, Van Dyke added, "They had a dialectician practically handcuffed to me, to make sure this time the dialect was right. I wasn't a cockney this time, but they still wanted to make sure the accent was right." His next movie "Capture the Flag" is a comedy about two veterans who compete in a continuous game of one-upmanship over "who gets to raise the flag" in their retirement community. Van Dyke said of the Brothers' Ink Productions movie, which starts filming soon, "It is about World War II and Korean veterans, the older guys, and it has a wonderful element of a comedy. The interservice rivalries are still there, they are constantly bickering. It moved me that they are kind of forgotten about, they are in an old folks' home. It seems to me like a story that has to be told. There are millions and millions of older people that have been forgotten, not only by the younger generation, but by the government." He continued, "I thought this is a story that's really got to be told. This is one of the best scripts I've seen in 10 years. It has drama, it is moving, and the behavior of some of these old coots really made me laugh." Of when they'll start filming, he added, "We are still putting the film together, but I said, we have to move fast, because the cast is all circling the drain." (Page Six)


Lindsay Lohan Joins Sky Comedy 'Sick Note' for Season 2. The series also stars Rupert Grint, Nick Frost and Don Johnson. Lindsay Lohan has joined Sky comedy Sick Note, starring Rupert Grint, Nick Frost and Don Johnson, for its newly announced second season. Sick Note follows the story of Daniel Glass (Grint), a compulsive liar stuck in a failing relationship and dead-end insurance job, under the thumb of his boss (Johnson). Lohan will join the show, which airs on Sky 1 in the U.K., for season two as the daughter of Johnson's character. The first season will air this fall, while the second season is currently shooting in the U.K. In the first season, Grint's character is wrongly diagnosed with a terminal illness by his incompetent doctor (Frost) who convinces him to hide the truth of his misdiagnosis from colleagues, friends and family in a lie that spirals out of control. The show is part of Sky 1's growing stable of edgier, grown-up comedies commissioned for the channel's 10 p.m. slot. Other shows in the fall lineup for that slot include Bliss, from David Cross, starring Stephen Mangan and Heather Graham; and action comedy Bounty Hunters, from Jack Whitehall and Freddy Syborn. Produced by British production firm King Bert, founded by producer Jo Sargent and writers and actors David Walliams and Miranda Hart, Sick Note is created and written by Nat Saunders and James Serafinowicz. Matt Lipsey (Little Britain) is directing. Said executive producer Sargent: "We are thrilled to be making a second [season] of this nail-biting comedy and very excited to be welcoming the extraordinary talents of Lindsay Lohan to our all-star cast." (Hollywood Reporter)

Everything Bachelor Nation Is Saying About Bachelor in Paradise's Production Suspension. Bachelor in Paradise has landed in some murky waters. The ABC reality show announced Sunday that it was halting production of its fourth season for unspecified allegations of misconduct. "We have become aware of allegations of misconduct on the set of Bachelor in Paradise in Mexico. We have suspended production and we are conducting a thorough investigation of these allegations," a statement from Warner Bros. read. "Once the investigation is complete, we will take appropriate responsive action." Meanwhile, many of the announced castmates were spotted by fans at the airport in Puerta Vallarta, Mexico earlier Sunday, confirming reports that contestants were headed home. As a source told E! News, production has been suspended "indefinitely." As questions and concern arise over the franchise, what does Bachelor Nation have to say? Plenty. Bachelor in Paradise alum Michael Garofola joked about the ordeal, using former FBI Director James Comey's now viral response while testifying during a Senate hearing to react to the news. Another former contestant on the reality show's second season, Clare Crawley, sounded off on the controversy. "I remember the days when the worst things that happened in paradise were fire ants and raccoons," Crawley wrote on Twitter. "I hope everything is ok!" Tanner Tolbert, who famously got engaged to Jade Roper on the show's second season before tying the knot in 2016, expressed his sympathy. "I feel bad for everyone involved... cast and crew... and that people aren't going to be able to enjoy an experience that meant so much to us," he tweeted. Season 1 competitor Marcus Grodd commented on reports with concern. "Hopefully everyone is ok in Paradise! How awful would it be if things are true?!" he wrote. "Prayers!" His former Bachelor in Paradise fiancee Lacy Faddoul was just as torn by the news. "Sad to see #BachelorInParadise is possibly cancelled. Roses must be dead." Meanwhile, current contestant Robby Hayes is keeping his lips sealed. "What happens in paradise, stays in paradise," he tweeted. "#NoComment." (Eonline)

Twin Peaks Part 6 Finally Gave Us the Character We've Been Waiting For. Sometimes, TV dreams do come true. After 27 years, we finally -- finally! -- met Agent Cooper's mythical confidant Diane on Sunday night's Twin Peaks, and she was exactly who we thought she'd be, in the best way possible. Cole (David Lynch) and Albert (Miguel Ferrer) are still on their quest to find the real Agent Cooper, so Sunday night, Albert headed out on his own in the rain (about which he cursed Gene Kelly). He approached a blonde woman sitting at a bar and said, "Diane?" The blonde turned around, and it was none other than Laura Dern in a very cool wig. She said, "Hello, Albert," and that was it. That's all we got. This show is such a tease! Elsewhere, some dudes did some stuff, one of the dudes ran over a child in his truck, Hawk (Michael Horse) found a note in a bathroom stall door, several people were murdered with an ice pick, and Agent Cooper (Kyle MacLachlan) did some magical doodling for about half the episode. These are some of the questions we asked ourselves as it was all happening: How did it take this long for Dougie's wife to finally realize something was very wrong with the man who looks like her husband? He seems severely ill, and all you can do is put him in a suit and yell at him? We were going to ask why Dougie's wife is slightly horrible, but we're getting the impression that Dougie deserved it. Coop, however, does not. Who are these men? We asked this question several times, and we ask it every week, but Sunday night, really, who were those men? Who's the guy with the coin? Who's the guy who ran over the kid (which was truly devastating)? Why are they both such assholes? Why were we not able to understand/care what was happening in the coin flip scene, even after we rewatched it twice? What magic did Dougie/Cooper's doodles hold? It better be impressive because we watched him draw on those insurance claims for a VERY long time. Why does the boss of the guy at the desk want Dougie dead? Why was his hitman's preferred weapon an icepick? How much longer can we take Cooper as Dougie? Kyle MacLachlan is a treasure but this shtick is getting old. Diane had better find him fast. What has Diane been doing all these years? Were she and Cooper in love at some point? Did she get all of Cooper's messages? How did Albert know she was at that bar? What would it take to get an entire episode devoted to the life history of Diane? Where is this bar where smoking inside is still allowed? Would Laura Dern as Diane have showed up in the original series if it hadn't been canceled? Does old man Carl have some sort of supernatural ability? Can he bring that boy back to life, please? When will Shelly (Madchen Amick) have something more to do than hand out money to her troublesome daughter and pies to her best pie customer? When will we find out who Amanda Seyfried's father is? Why is Twin Peaks policeman Chad literally the worst? Is it bad that we're sort of hoping for his gruesome death? Where is Audrey Horne?! Twin Peaks airs Sundays at 9 p.m. on Showtime. (Eonline)

Should the Menendez Brothers Still Be in Jail? Lifetime Movie Star "Would Love to Seem Them Walk Free." "I would love to see them both walk free." Do you feel the same way about Lyle and Erik Menendez after watching Menendez: Blood Brothers? The Lifetime movie about the Menendez brothers and their 1989 murder of their parents, Jose and Kitty, aired on Lifetime Sunday night, and offered an empathetic take on the trial that enraptured the nation in the '90s, focusing on the alleged sexual abuse they suffered. And after playing Lyle, the older brother, star Nico Tortorella told E! News he'd love to see the brothers, who are both currently serving life sentences, get another chance in court after their three trials 25 years ago. "The judge ruled the sexual abuse case impossible between two men, sexual abuse had to be between a man and a woman and that is absolutely disgusting and that is the only saving grace for them to go back to retrial," Tortorella said. "I really do hope that this shines a light on this case in a way that hasn't been seen before, and gives people a space to really empathize." While Tortorella did say be believe the brothers should walk, he acknowledged that "a lot" of that is because he was playing Lyle. "But I think the ultimate ruling is so f--ked up...that something needs to be done about it. It's not OK. The actual ruling itself, to say that a gay man can't be raped, it's disgusting and it needs to be fixed." But does his costar Myko Olivier, who played Erik in the TV movie, also believe the brothers should be granted a retrial in 2020? "I do think there was something going on," Olivier said of Lyle and Erik's allegations of sexual abuse, which was used as their primary defense. "I don't necessarily believe abuse is an excuse for murder. They killed their parents and they should serve time for that. But is abuse an excuse, I guess?" And after watching footage from the trial and the brothers' emotional testimony about their abuse, Olivier said he doesn't believe Erik and Lyle lied on the stand, telling us, "I don't think they would be good enough liars to pull that off." Do you think the Menendez brothers should get another trial? What did you think of Menendez: Blood Brothers' take on the case? (Eonline)

Second Wives Club Recap: Katie Cazorla Throws Shawna Craig an Unforgettable Pool Party to Celebrate Her "Dirty 30." Girls just want to have fun! Sunday night's brand-new episode of Second Wives Club was all about letting loose for Shawna Craig, Katie Cazorla, Veronika Obeng and Shiva Safai, who traveled to the Virgin Islands in honor of Shawna's "dirty" 30th birthday. "I want Shawna to have the best time of her life, so I want to have a dirty 30, not a classy, good girl 30," Katie said. "I don't care if I have to crap it up on this island 'cause we're going to get dirty!" Meanwhile, back at home, Tania Mehra bonded with Morisa Surrey while dress shopping for her upcoming wedding. However, Tania couldn't escape the drama for long because once Shawna returned from the trip, she had questions for her friend about that awkward bodyguard situation. (Eonline)

Production for 'Bachelor in Paradise' has been suspended after allegations of misconduct were reported ... which puts a halt to filming for the upcoming season indefinitely. Warner Bros. execs for the show said Sunday that they had been alerted to some sort of misconduct on the set of 'BiP', which is currently shooting in Mexico. As a result of the allegations -- which at this point have not been made public -- WB has put a temporary halt to the show and is now investigating. They've said they will also take appropriate action upon completing the investigation. This season of 'BiP' is highly anticipated, especially after Nick Viall's recent stint on 'The Bachelor.' Some of his axed ladies like Raven Gates, Corinne Olympios and Taylor Nolan were cast, as was Amanda Stanton from Ben Higgins' season. Some of the guys cast were Derek Peth, Nick Benvenutti, Ben Zorn and DeMario Jackson. We've reached out to Warner Bros. for further comment ... so far, no word back. (TMZ)

Khloe Kardashian's Boyfriend Tristan Thompson Wants Them to Have "Five or Six" Babies: "He Wants to Have Kids Now." Is Kris Jenner getting another grandchild?! Khloe Kardashian had babies on her brain in Sunday's season finale of Keeping Up With the Kardashians after Kim Kardashian hinted that her sister would be the perfect surrogate to carry her third child. "Having another baby would mean everything to me," Kim said. "But the doctors definitely say it's like too dangerous for me to carry." The 32-year-old was open to at least exploring the idea, so she and Kim scheduled an appointment to meet with fertility specialist Dr. Andy Huang to discuss the possibility. However, Khloe received quite the scare when Dr. Huang checked out her uterus and told her he didn't see as many eggs as he would normally expect at her age. That surprise revelation prompted Khloe to wonder, "What if I can't get pregnant?" Dr. Huang advised Khloe to stop taking birth control pills and come back to see him again once the hormones were out of her body. Luckily, she had nothing to worry about because upon her second visit the doctor was able to see a number of follicles in her uterus. It was good news for Khloe, but it also made her consider having her own baby with boyfriend Tristan Thompson sooner rather than later. "Tristan and I definitely talk about starting a family," she said. "He wants to have five or six kids with me and that's lovely. We could start at one and we could grow from there. But now knowing I'm not on birth control is just like -- it's scary. It's like a really big step." Meanwhile, Kourtney Kardashian was back out on the dating scene and fully embracing the single life as Rob Kardashian celebrated his 30th birthday with his loving family and daughter Dream Kardashian by his side. (Eonline)

Shipping the 'Late Late Show' to London: 54 Staff, One Sofa, One Desk and One (Unused) Flinch Machine. The showrunner and exec producer for 'The Late Late Show With James Corden' explain the logistics of relocating an entire talk show from CBS Television City to central London for three episodes. When The Late Late Show With James Corden airs Monday night, there should be few noticeable signs -- perhaps barring a brief mention of jetlag and some extra makeup under the host's eyes -- that the show has just recently returned from its most audacious adventure so far. For three days last week, to coincide with its launch in the U.K. on Sky 1, the show skipped its L.A. digs at CBS Television City to relocate for three episodes to Westminster Central Hall, a giant church close to London's House of Parliament that has -- as Corden was delighted to point out in his preshow warm-up -- hosted the likes of Martin Luther King, Winston Churchill and Mahatma Gandhi. "It was a huge upheaval," admits showrunner Ben Winston, who says he and his colleagues were working with a whole new, U.K.-based team of lighting and camera operators. "When you usually start a show like this, you usually have five or six test shows. But the first time we were even in the venue with cameras was the day we made the first episode." With much of the technical team left in L.A., executive producer Rob Crabbe says that a "skeleton crew" of around 54 flew across the Atlantic, working alongside London-based co-producer Fulwell 73 (of which Corden is now officially a partner). "But we did bring the editors. We have to turn around the show in a relatively small window to feed it back to America to get it on in New York," he says. "We needed people we have a real shorthand with." To get the show packaged and ready in time, Winston says they took over a floor of the Hall and moved over four edit suits and editors. "Because they know what we do like, what we don't," he says. "But it's not just for the show: we shot five or six packages, and the U.S. team are used to knowing how to cut a David Beckham sketch or Mary Poppins musical. You've only got two or three days to turn it around and if you're working with a brand-new editor that's an impossibility." Alongside the 54-strong team, there were a few essential additions on the long-haul flight from LAX. "We actually shipped over the desk and the couch," says Winston, who admits the show has a "spare" desk in case anything ever happens. "And we shipped over the Flinch machine in case we wanted to play Flinch." Sadly Flinch never made it into the U.K. programming, meaning one of the Late Late Show's more elaborate pieces of equipment enjoyed two 11 hours flights and a week of luxury in Westminster Central Hall's basement. When the show's producers originally started to come up with the idea of a London edition -- which Londoner Corden admitted to THR was "always a dream" -- the plan was to do something a little smaller and more location-based than an entire studio setting. "We thought of doing one show from a pub, one show from James' parents' house and one show from a boat on the Thames, which would suit the house shows that we used to do," says Winston. "But we realized that it'd had become bigger -- it's in 155 countries every night -- and more of a variety show. So, therefore, if James is coming home to where he's always been well-known and loved, we thought, actually, let's go big on it. Let's do a big entertainment show every night." While Sky 1's arrival as the show's U.K. TV home may have been the catalyst that persuaded CBS to give the green light to the London shows, the team is keen to return, despite a turnaround that has most back on a flight to L.A. the day after the final episode shoots. "All of my family are here, so I'd love to do it once a year and come back for a week or two. We've really enjoyed it," says Winston. Adds Crabbe: "It'd be nice to meet our writers and other staff who said they're moving to London because they love it here so much." (Hollywood Reporter)

'Billy on the Street' Enlists Tina Fey, Julianne Moore, John Oliver for Wacky Prize Montage. One of the most shocking prizes is "a figurine set of Billy Crystal and Kevin Costner watching baseball together and jerking each other off." Some of Hollywood's biggest stars -- and a few lucky pedestrians -- receive some of the wackiest prizes yet from Billy Eichner in a montage from his show Billy on the Street. Tina Fey, Julianne Moore, Last Week Tonight host John Oliver, Anna Kendrick, Bill Hader and Sarah Jessica Parker are just some of the familiar faces receiving prizes in the clip. The truTV show features Eichner roaming the streets of New York testing people on pop culture trivia for prizes. The clip, which is titled "Billy's Favorite Prizes," is a compilation of the prizes he and his team have made over the past five seasons. One of the most shocking prizes is what Eichner describes as "a figurine set of Billy Crystal and Kevin Costner watching baseball together and jerking each other off." The unsuspecting winner of the prize is comically speechless. Another standout includes Brokeback Mountain-themed pot holders, which Eichner tells Fey she didn't win. Eichner explains that one of the pot holders reads, "You don't go up there to fish," while the other reads, "I'm not no queer," to which Fey replies, "These are nice. I wish I had won these." Kendrick is the lucky recipient of "the apostrophe from Lupita Nyong'o's name," while Parker receives a Tickle Me L. Ron Hubbard (a mishmash of the popular children's toy Tickle Me Elmo and the Scientology founder). Other prizes include a Build-A-Bear dressed as Rachel McAdams' character in Spotlight, earrings in the shape of the Google Chrome logo, a gingerbread house of O.J. Simpson's infamous Brentwood estate and more. (Hollywood Reporter)

TV Ratings: Tonys Lose Steam Without 'Hamilton' Buzz. The CBS telecast narrowly beats NBC's surging Stanley Cup Final in early returns. Last year's Tonys proved a tough act to follow. Sunday's show, which was hosted by Kevin Spacey and crowned Dear Evan Hansen and Bette Midler as the big winners, was down a steep 31 percent from 2016. Overnight returns from Nielsen have the CBS telecast averaging a 4.7 rating among metered market households, essentially tying the numbers from five years ago. That's still not likely to be enough to help it top the surging Stanley Cup final on NBC. No one expected this year's show to pull a bigger audience. Heat around the 2016 Tonys was rather unprecedented and, thus, presented an insurmountable ratings bar. By the time the Broadway kudos rolled around to crown Lin Manuel Miranda's Hamilton, the musical was already such a cultural phenomenon that it was credited with the 15-year viewership high. The 2016 Tonys, which averaged an 6.8 rating among households in overnight returns, ultimately fetched 8.7 million viewers and a 1.6 rating among adults 18-49. Like last year's show, Sunday's Tonys also faced Stanley Cup competition on NBC. Game 6 proved to be the championship game for the Pittsburgh Penguins, winning their second straight cup. Early returns have that game averaging an overnight 4.6 rating among households, a 20 percent boost from 2016. It will likely emerge as the night's top performer among adults 18-49 once final time-zone adjusted Nielsen returns arrive for the night. (Hollywood Reporter)

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