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Wednesday, June 21, 2017


The View's Sara Haines Is Pregnant With Baby No. 2. Sara Haines is ready to expand her family! As "Hot Topics" kicked off Tuesday morning on The View, moderator Whoopi Goldberg revealed that somebody in the audience had some big news to share. After anticipation, viewers learned that Sara was pregnant with her second child. "You guys want to know what I'm having? It's a girl! It's a girl!" Sara shared with her co-hosts before being showered with pink silly string. "You guys knew. I've been having a rough time so I've had like crackers brought out to me and ginger ale." She added, "To anyone that's been in the studio audience, you probably could have picked up on it as well." After being congratulated by all the ladies including Joy Behar, Sunny Hostin and Jedediah Bila, Sara expressed how excited she was to raise a baby girl of her own. "I was so excited, so excited," she shared. "I'm very much looking forward to it because I grew up with -- I have a brother but I had two sisters. I think I'll get the female experience way more than the little boy experience." Sara and husband Max Shifrin are already proud parents to a 15-month-old son named Alec Richard Shifrin. In fact, the proud mom often shares stories about parenting and family on the morning show. As for having two children close in age, Sara joked that one of her co-workers pushed her to move things along. "Sunny warned me about the date on these eggs so I went back in," she joked. "I don't have the privilege of time. I'm an older mommy." Congratulations to the couple on their big news! The View airs weekday mornings at 11 a.m. ET/10 a.m. CT/PT on ABC. (Eonline)

There's another baby on the way for Sara Haines and her husband Max Shifrin. "We are so excited to add to our little family," Haines, 39, tells PEOPLE exclusively. "I was hoping for a girl, but Max is a little scared, I think." Haines wed Shifrin, a lawyer, in November 2014. The couple has a 15-month-old son, Alec Richard, and a 14-year-old Chihuahua named Trixie. While she's been able to keep her pregnancy a secret for the most part, it hasn't been easy hiding her belly every day on live TV. "I think people are starting to guess," says Haines, who is due in December. Plus, she's been battling morning sickness. "With baby Alec, I was nauseous but never to the point it imposed on my daily life," Haines recalls. "It was my first pregnancy and I think the adrenaline of being on national TV overtook the feeling of being really nauseous." "This time, I'm super sick. I have to eat through the commercial breaks and they bring me rice crackers and ginger ale. Nothing overrides the nausea." Her food cravings are also different when it comes to her second pregnancy. "Pizza and bagels were my go-to foods with Alec," Haines shares. "I crave weird things [now]. Rice crackers have saved me, and sour candies have helped." While Haines can't wait to have a daughter, she says her husband is a little apprehensive. "He's feeling a bit nervous about how to parent as a father to a little girl," she explains. "Max has been surrounded by mostly male relatives. He has a brother, all male cousins and only nephews." Despite her rough morning sickness, the ABC star can't wait to become a mom for the second time. "I haven't been feeling great, but it will all be worth it!" Haines says. (People)

Sofia Vergara Dishes How She's Most Different From Joe Manganiello. With everything that makes them fit well together, Sofia Vergara can laugh about her differences with Joe Manganiello. The Modern Family actress chatted with E! News at the premiere of The Female Brain where she opened up about her relationship with her handsome hubby and how they're different. "The cultural difference!" she told us. "I am Colombian and he's American-Italian. The cultural differences sometimes are really funny between us." Vergara laughed as she continued, "There's many differences. Physically, he's a lot stronger than me!" But despite any difference, the couple -- who got married in November 2015 -- is very in love and very happy. The actress told E! News' Giuliana Rancic at the 2017 SAG Awards, "We feel like we're newlyweds." And when asked what Manganiello loves most about his wife, she replied with a giggle, "I think everything!" He would definitely agree. Earlier this year, the Magic Mike star told Cosmopolitan U.K., "Sofia and I have always put each other's well-being first, and that's how I knew she was the one." He's continued to prove those strong feelings with her time and time again. In fact, he one time wrote her a 40-page book! "I wrote her a book as a gift for our first anniversary," he recalled. "It was about how we met -- as well as our courting -- and was about 40 pages long." So, it came as no surprise when he noted, "I love my wife a lot." Can you say #CoupleGoals?! (Eonline)

Milo Ventimiglia almost quit acting to become a mechanic. Milo Ventimiglia hasn't always been all in with acting. The 39-year-old almost took a shockingly different route after his series "Gilmore Girls" was over. Ventimiglia told People that he was "going to be an auto mechanic" because he felt "the business was getting in the way" -- a career he'd considered earlier on in his life, too. He admitted to feeling "fed up" and like he "wasn't there yet in other people's eyes," but right before quitting he was cast in "Rocky Balboa" and the NBC series "Heroes," which he said, "kind of sent me on the next six, seven years." After "Heroes" was canceled but before Ventimiglia was cast in current NBC hit "This Is Us," he hit another bump that almost sent him out of the country. "I have dual citizenship with Italy," he told People. "I was like, 'I'm gonna sell everything, I'm going to fly to Rome, I'm gonna buy a motorcycle, I'm going to ride around until I can find a farm I can work on. I'm going to shave my head, I'm gonna grow a beard and I'm going to work on a farm ... just lead a very different life very far away.'" Nevertheless, Ventimiglia landed a big role on "This Is Us," and now it looks like he's here to stay. (PageSix)

Demi Lovato is one of the biggest popstars in the world, but she admits that it hasn't been easy transitioning from Camp Rock to "Confident." Speaking on Monday in Cannes, France to Susanne Daniels, YouTube's head of original programming, the singer, 24, says if she had a chance to start over again, she wouldn't have become involved in the entertainment industry so young. "I wouldn't start that young if I could do it over again," she revealed. "It was a difficult transition from child star to transforming into a mainstream artist. It's something that is very challenging." "You have to find your identity," she continued. "For so long you've been molded into something and then you're expected to figure out who you are very fast in front of the entire world." The "Cool for the Summer" singer is gearing up to introduce her fans to a different side of herself with a new YouTube docuseries called Demi Lovato: Simply Uncomplicated that premieres in the fall and follows her on a yearlong journey. "I feel like I'm at a turning point in my life -- I'm turning 25," Lovato said. "I feel like I've lived a lot longer than I actually have." (People)

Lorde Compares Friendship With Taylor Swift to Someone Suffering From an Autoimmune Disease. It's not easy to maintain a friendship with Taylor Swift. Just ask Lorde, who knows first-hand what it's like to call on of Hollywood's most followed (and scrutinized) celebs a best friend. The New Zealand-based pop star provided an interesting metaphor for their years-long friendship during an interview with The Guardian, comparing it that of someone who suffers from an autoimmune disease. "It's like having a friend with very specific allergies," Lorde admitted, referencing Swift's A-list status. "There are certain places you can't go together. Certain things you can't do. There are these different sets of considerations within the friendship. It's like having a friend with an autoimmune disease." But unlike some of her non-famous confidantes, having the 1989 artist in her circle comes with major perks. Lorde explained, "It's an element of wanting to stick together. Because it can be so scary to do this. These friendships, they're about having a hand put on your shoulder by someone who knows. They're about hearing, 'I've done it, too." She's since issued a social media apology, replying to a Twitter user who called the comments "incredibly ignorant." Lorde wrote, "didn't mention taylor, but regardless, i f--ked up & that was really insensitive. i'm sorry" Swift and Lorde's tight-knit bond dates back to 2013 when the "Shake It Off" songstress sent the then-rising star congratulatory flowers after a performance. From there, Lorde, 20, told late-night host Jimmy Fallon that the duo got to know each other over burgers in New York City, and the rest -- as they say -- is history. But prior to Taylor inducting the brunette beauty into her famous squad, Lorde made headlines for criticizing the singer for being an unrealistic role model. She told Metro Magazine in 2013, "Taylor Swift is so flawless, and so unattainable, and I don't think it's breeding anything good in young girls [who might think] 'I'm never going to be like Taylor Swift, why can't I be as pretty as Lorde?' That's f--king bulls--t." Lorde later said she "regret" her remarks, and apologized for "not thinking too hard before I speak." As it turns out, Swift had never even seen her bestie's mistaken diss, and in a Rolling Stone interview, Lorde revealed, "[Taylor] was like, 'It's fine. If all you've done is call someone perfect, it's not that bad.'" The pair has been inseparable ever since, with Swift hosting her friend's star-studded birthday celebration last November. Taylor also penned a heartfelt note to the birthday girl at the time, writing on Instagram, "Thank you for the music you make, the advice you give, the thoughts you provoke, and the way you've made my life more beautiful since the first day we met up in New York and ate burgers on a park bench and got attacked by squirrels. I. Love. You. So. Much. Ella." (Eonline)

Talk about melodrama! Lorde took to Twitter on Monday, June 19, to apologize for comparing her friendship with Taylor Swift to an "autoimmune disease." During a recent interview with The Guardian, the "Green Light" singer, 20, opened up about maintaining a close relationship with an A-lister like Swift, 27. "It's like having a friend with very specific allergies," Lorde told the British newspaper. "There are certain places you can't go together. Certain things you can't do. There are these different sets of considerations within the friendship. It's like having a friend with an autoimmune disease." Lorde's comment quickly made headlines, with one Twitter user noting that Swift's friend Selena Gomez suffers from lupus. "I wonder how @selenagomez feels about this. What an incredibly ignorant analogy to make @lorde," the fan wrote on Monday, June 19. The New Zealand native caught wind of the backlash and promptly apologized. "Didn't mention taylor, but regardless, i f--ked up & that was really insensitive. i'm sorry," she tweeted, adding an emoji of a red rose. Lorde and Swift have been close friends for years. Last November, the "Bad Blood" singer even threw a star-studded birthday party for her pal. "Had the best birthday party I've ever had tonight surrounded by my nyc family. all organized by tay who is as she says 'a mom with no kids'. i am ur kid and u love me so hard i could burst. here's to our 3 magic years of best friendship," Lorde gushed on Instagram at the time. (US Weekly)

He's no longer in vogue. Pop diva Madonna, 58, has traded in her sexy, decades-younger model boyfriend -- who had been living with her more than a year -- for a slightly older version, The Post has learned. The Material Girl split from toned boy toy Aboubakar "Brooklin" Soumahoro, 26 -- sending him packing from her Manhattan pad -- before moving on to 31-year-old model Kevin Sampaio, insiders dished. Onlookers assumed that Soumahoro, an Ivory Coast model, was just Madge's flavor of the week. But the relationship had secretly gotten serious, sources said. The beefcake fashion plate lived for more than a year at the singer's tony Upper East Side abode, got close to her kids -- and even pushed to parent them, causing domestic friction, the sources said. Madonna's ugly international custody battle over her oldest son, Rocco, with his father, British director Guy Richie, didn't help, insiders said. Soumahoro recently moved out of her home, according to the sources. The singer has since been spotted on a romantic getaway in Lisbon, Portugal, with Sampaio, Radar Online reported. Soumahoro is taking the breakup in stride, said one source, who noted that the model had a good run as the star's main man. Madonna -- whose lovers have included former Yankee slugger Alex Rodriguez, ex-basketball star Dennis Rodman and actor Warren Beatty -- met Soumahoro at a party in London years ago and was immediately smitten, sources said. Soumahoro moved to New York roughly five years ago to pursue a modeling career and later left to try his luck in London. He returned to the Big Apple when things got serious with Madonna. After Madonna booted Soumahoro, it took her a while to seriously commit to Sampaio, according to Radar Online. "Madonna did not want to go public with Kevin until now because she was just trying to get to know him better and she wanted to make sure that she could trust him," a source close to Madge had told Radar. "She was impressed by the fact that.?.?. he did not go running to the press and that he kept their romance private." In March, she was spotted at a Meatpacking District restaurant getting cozy with a mystery man -- who didn't appear to be Soumahoro or Sampaio. A rep for Madonna would say only, "Not true," when contacted by The Post and refused to elaborate. (Page Six)

Ballet stars Robert Fairchild and Tiler Peck call it quits. The real-life fairy tale marriage of ballet stars Robert Fairchild and Tiler Peck is over. Representatives for the New York City Ballet principal dancers tell The Associated Press the couple is splitting: "We can confirm that Tiler and Robbie have decided to part ways. They wish nothing but the best for each other as they move forward into their next phases, personally and professionally." The couple married in June 2014. After marrying, Peck, who has been on Broadway in the 2014 revival of "On the Town" and in "The Music Man," starred in the Susan Stroman-led musical "Little Dancer" in Washington, D.C., while Fairchild went to Paris and then Broadway for a Tony Award-nominated run in "An American in Paris." He was born in Salt Lake City and is the sister of New York City Ballet star Megan Fairchild, who starred on Broadway in "On the Town." Peck, born in Bakersfield, California, has been a guest on "Dancing With the Stars" and has designed leotards, skirts and tunics for Body Wrappers and received the 2016 Dance Magazine Award. Both returned to New York City Ballet and danced together in Christopher Wheeldon's ballet "American Rhapsody." They have also danced together in Wheeldon's "A Place for Us" and a New York Philharmonic's production of "Carousel." (PageSix)

Billie Lourd has spoken out after it was revealed that her mother, Carrie Fisher, had cocaine and heroin in her system at the time of her death. "My mom battled drug addiction and mental illness her entire life. She ultimately died of it," Lourd, 24, said in a statement to People on Monday. "She was purposefully open in all of her work about the social stigmas surrounding these diseases." The autopsy report released Monday showed that Fisher had cocaine, traces of heroin, other opiates and Ecstacy in her system when she suffered a heart attack on an airplane that ultimately led to her death at age 60 on December 27, 2016. "She talked about the shame that torments people and their families confronted by these diseases," Lourd continued. "I know my Mom, she'd want her death to encourage people to be open about their struggles. Seek help, fight for government funding for mental health programs. Shame and those social stigmas are the enemies of progress to solutions and ultimately a cure. Love you Momby." Fisher long battled drug addiction and mental illness. She said she smoked pot at 13, used LSD by 21 and was diagnosed with bipolar disorder at 24. She was treated with electroshock therapy and medication. (Page Six)

Beyonce's twins were premature and are "under the lights" to normalize ... this according to sources connected with the family. We're told Beyonce did not go full-term ... which was not apparent on the surface. Beyonce announced her pregnancy February 1. TMZ broke the story ... the twins have been in the hospital since their birth a week ago Monday with a "minor issue." Our sources say the babies are "under the lights." They would not be more specific, but that often means the babies have jaundice because of elevated bilirubin levels. The lights are designed to lower bilirubin in the blood to eliminate the jaundice. The condition is common among preemies and in most cases not dangerous. (TMZ)

Tiger Woods says he's getting "professional help" for his issues with prescription medication in the wake of his DUI arrest -- but he's not describing the situation as rehab. "I'm currently receiving professional help to manage my medications and the ways that I deal with back pain and a sleep disorder," Woods said in a statement. "I want to thank everyone for the amazing outpouring of support and understanding especially the fans and players on tour." As we previously reported, Woods was arrested on May 31 in Jupiter, FL -- and was extremely out of it. He could barely stand up straight and couldn't tie his shoes. Woods blamed his state on a bad mixture of prescription medication. Woods going public about the professional help could well be a strategy in his pending DUI case. It's often used to show the judge that he's taking his problem seriously, which could affect sentencing. Woods was spotted out in Florida with his kids over the weekend -- so it doesn't appear he's in a live-in facility for his treatment. (TMZ)

Pretty unusual: Axl Rose and Tom Jones' party gets busted up. A booze-fueled party with Guns N' Roses rocker Axl Rose and veteran singer Tom Jones broke up at 6 a.m. after noise officials were called to shut it down. The celeb bar hosting the bash officially closed at 3 a.m. but wild man Rose, Jones, 77, and other stars were still downing drinks hours later. Two council noise officers arrived to try to call time at about 4:30 a.m. after complaints from neighbors. But it was another hour and a half before the revelers, who also included Kate Moss' ex-hubby Jamie Hince, finally stumbled out of the venue. Megastar Rose, 55, led the hell-raising in the early hours of Sunday in a bar at the Chiltern Firehouse luxury hotel and restaurant in central London. He and his band had belted out classics such as 1988 hits "Paradise City" and "Sweet Child O' Mine" at a heaving London Stadium gig on Saturday night. The booze then flowed as celebs at the party watched US boxing world champ Andre Ward's victory in his televised clash with Russian Sergey Kovalev. A source said: "The music was pumping. There was screaming, with boozy celebs cheering the fight from Las Vegas, which didn't start until 4:20 a.m. UK time. Axl was rooting for the US fighter and wasn't happy about noise complaints. It wasn't very rock 'n roll. The bar manager tried to argue it was a private party. The Westminster council officials were made to wait outside by -- security. Management eventually turned the music off but the shouting continued." The Chiltern Firehouse did not respond to calls for comment. (PageSix)

Johnny Depp's Emails Detailing Financial Crisis Made Public in Ongoing Legal Battle. Johnny Depp's legal troubles are from over. Now just over five months after the A-list actor sued his former business managers for $25 million over allegations of fraud and mismanagement, The Management Group is firing back with a new set of evidence that claims Depp and his team were made aware of his crippling financial situation long before he reportedly learned about his $40 million debt. E! News obtained the legal documents filed by TMG, which include 11 exhibits of email correspondence between Depp himself, his sister Christi Dembrowski, and other lawyers, agents, managers and bankers regarding the movie star's accounts. In an email dated early 2010 and sent to Dembrowski by Johnny's main business manager, Joel Mandel, he wrote that his bank accounts were nearly $4 million overdrawn. Additionally, Mandel requested Depp's signature on documents to secure a $6 million loan, to which his family member replied, "was gonna get them to you this worries!" Other conversations between the parties often focused on an urgency to retrieve Depp's signature on other various documents related to his finances. Mandel reached out to Depp directly in December 2009 to express concerns over The Pirates of the Caribbean star's lavish spending habits. He advised his client to "take it easy on holiday spending" and "discuss some dollar limit" on participating in a Dillinger Museum auction. Mandel also asked to meet with Depp in person "to talk about where we are financially, what we have borrowed in order to sustain ourselves, what we have had to do to obtain those borrowings, what is now necessary to pay those borrowings back, and finally, to look realistically at income and expenses to work together on how to make sure that these are back in balance." The celeb responded one day later, explaining, "I am doing my very best on holiday spending, but there is only so much I can do, as I need to give my kiddies and famille as good as Christmas as possible, obviously within reason." Johnny also expressed his concern over flying commercial, claiming that because of paparazzi presence, it "would be a f--king nightmare of monumental proportions." Depp then pointed to his upcoming film projects as a monetary solution for his financial crisis. According to Johnny, he was set to earn $20 million for The Tourist, $35 million for Pirates Of The Caribbean: On Stranger Tides and $20 million for Dark Shadows. He also offered to sell personal belongings such as art, bikes, cars and property to offset the debt. Depp concluded, "I don't like being in this situation, but there wasn't a whole lot of choice, as The Rum Diary was a sacrifice we knew would be happening and the last proper paycheck was Public Enemies." TMG alleges, "Depp wants to deny this discovery because it will establish that TMG did everything within its power to make Depp, and all of his closest advisors, fully aware of Depp's financial condition. If TMG was trying to hide Depp's finances to cover-up their alleged misconduct, they would not have repeatedly advised Depp's long-term personal lawyer, Jake Bloom, and his longtime agent, Tracey Jacobs, regarding the situation." (Eonline)

Johnny Depp refused to sell private jet to fix financial ruins. Johnny Depp offered to sell his pricey possessions to fix his financial woes -- but refused to part with his private jet, because paparazzi on a commercial airliner would cause him a "f -- ing nightmare of monumental proportions," according to new court papers. The "Pirates of the Caribbean" star's desperate bid to climb out of debt was revealed as part of his ongoing $25 million lawsuit against his former business managers The Management Group and its principal Joel Mandel. Depp has accused them of mismanaging his money -- but Mandel and TMG have countersued, saying the actor was aware of his dire situation the entire time. In an email exchange from December 2009 that was just made public, Mandel warned the cash-strapped "Edward Scissorhands" actor to "take it easy on holiday spending" and told him they need to meet to "look realistically at income and expenses and work together on how to make sure that these are back in balance," according to the Hollywood Reporter. The famous dad of two, 54, wrote back a day later, saying he was "doing my very best on holiday spending but there is only so much i can do, as i need to give my kiddies and famille [sic] as good a Christmas as possible, obviously within reason." "What else can i do??? you want me to sell some art??? i will. you want me to sell something else??? sure... what???" Depp wrote. "i got bikes, cars, property, books, paintings and some semblance of a soul left. where would you like me to start???" But he was firm about not getting rid of his plane. "A commercial flight with paparazzis in tow would be a f -- ing nightmare of monumental proportions," he wrote. "I don't like being in this situation, but there wasn't a whole lot of choice, as THE RUM DIARY was a sacrifice we knew would be happening and the last proper paycheck was PUBLIC ENEMIES. i will do my best, joel," Depp added. Depp made a combined $75 million from "The Tourist" in 2010, the fourth "Pirates of the Caribbean" film and "Dark Shadows," according to the Hollywood Reporter. The award-winning actor has claimed his business managers squandered his Hollywood earnings by loaning out millions without his permission, failing to pay off other loans and incurring $8 million in unnecessary tax penalties. (PageSix)

Miles Teller sets the record straight about getting "arrested" over the weekend. "Don't believe everything you read" Miles Teller has denied the news that he was arrested for "public drunkness" in San Diego on Sunday, despite the city's police department confirming the incident. The Divergent star was allegedly taken to jail for four hours after being picked up by an officer who noticed that he "was showing signs of being under the influence of alcohol." In an official statement released by the San Diego police department, the same officer revealed that Teller was out partying with friends at the time but noted that the 30-year-old actor was "swinging from side to side, slurring words, and had bloodshot eyes," when he spotted him. The officer then decided to take Teller in "based on him not being able to care for his own safety." He was taken to a detox centre to sober up but according to the statement, the Fantastic Four actor was "uncooperative with the volunteer staff," which resulted in him being kicked out and arrested for public intoxication instead. However, Teller has since denied the arrest. Taking to Twitter, he told his 556K followers not to believe everything they read - "especially from a third party entertainment news source trying to get clicks." Whether it happened or not, Teller seems to have put it all behind him as he was spotted out in LA on a sushi date with his girlfriend, Keleigh Sperry, on Monday. (British Glamour)

No wonder Swizz Beatz went back to bed after learning he'd been sued for $42 million -- he thought it was BS, and now a judge agrees ... she's tossed the car theft lawsuit against him. The music producer scored the victory Monday, when the judge said the car leasing company, Metro-Gem, couldn't offer any facts to prove Swizz conspired to stiff the company. As we reported ... Metro claimed it plunked down millions so Swizz's company could acquire fancy cars. It sought $42 mil in damages, but the judge said no dice. Swizz's attorney, Mathew West, said, "This lawsuit was nothing more than an attempted shakedown of a public figure that had nothing to do with the facts. We are gratified, but not surprised, that the Court agreed with us." (TMZ)

Cedric the Entertainer's family suffered nausea, nosebleeds, vomiting and vertigo because the Southern California Gas Company allowed an environmental catastrophe to unfold ... according to the lawsuit he just filed. In the docs, Cedric says the Gas Co. is responsible for releasing massive amounts of natural gas, hazardous chemicals and toxic pollutants into the air, starting in October, 2015. In SoCal the disaster's known as the Porter Ranch gas leak. According to the suit, obtained by TMZ, the leak went on without interruption for nearly 4 months ... releasing around 100,000 tons of natural gas. The suit says that's 220 times greater volume than the amount of oil released during the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Cedric says the leak happened because the Gas Company failed to replace an emergency safety valve back in 1979. Aside from their medical issues, Cedric says the leak also hit him in the wallet ... as his property value has plummeted. We've reached out to SoCal Gas, so far no word back. (TMZ)

Prodigy, one half of Mobb Deep, has died in Las Vegas ... TMZ has learned. He's battled health problems for years, most notably suffering from sickle cell, but right now the cause of death is unknown. Prodigy was in Vegas over the weekend performing with the "Art of Rap" tour ... with Ghostface Killah, Onyx, KRS-One, Ice-T to name a few. Mobb Deep performed Saturday night. Prodigy and his partner Havoc formed Mobb Deep in NYC in the early 90s. Their biggest hits include "Quiet Storm" and "Shook Ones." He was 42. (TMZ)


Adele Surprises Grenfell Tower Firefighters With Tea, Cake and Cuddles. Adele wanted to make these firefighters feel her love -- so she showed up with cake. In light of the recent Grenfell Tower blaze, which left 79 people presumed dead, the Grammy winner made her way over to the Chelsea Fire Station to thank a group of firefighters for their public service. Ever the gracious visitor, the famous songstress did not show up empty-handed. "She just turned up at the station and knocked on the window and said she has some cakes for us," Chelse Fire Station manager Ben King told reporters. "So we opened the door to her and then she took her sunglasses off and said: 'Hi, I'm Adele.'" The star kept the visit casual and comfortable by sitting down for a cup of tea with the firefighters and partaking in a moment of silence for the victims of the tragic fire. Before leaving, Adele smiled for photos with the group, including one shot that captured the star mid-laugh. Needless to say, the singer was more than welcome at the station. "Not everyday the wonderfully grounded and caring Adele pops into Chelsea Firestation for a cup of tea and a cuddle," King wrote on Instagram. Without publicizing her efforts, the "Send My Love" singer has been showing her love and support for the victims since the fire occurred on June 14. A day after the blaze, Adele discreetly paid a visit to the site of the fire reportedly with husband Simon Konecki. Fan sites also reported Adele asking if anyone needed help in between hugging fans and strangers. Currently, a criminal investigation is under way to determine the cause of the fire. Our thoughts are with all those affected by the incident. (Eonline)

Brooke Shields and Calvin Klein reunite 37 years later. Brooke Shields has signed on to work with Calvin Klein again -- 37 years after her iconic denim ad caused a sensation. The 52-year-old actress, who first starred in ads for the brand when she was a teen, is about to shoot another campaign for the fashion giant. Calvin Klein CEO Steve Shiffman revealed the plan at Time Inc's Cannes Lions Shakers & Stirrers event co-hosted by Fortune Executive Editor Adam Lashinsky. Shiffman said, "We are going to be working with Brooke again very soon." Shields appeared in her first ad for Calvin Klein jeans in 1980, at age 15, when she famously said, "What gets between me and my Calvins? Nothing." The ad became one of the most iconic fashion ads of all time. Calvin Klein new creative director Raf Simons debuted his first collection at Calvin Klein in February with a nod to Shields' then-controversial ad. The actress herself was sitting front row on the runway. (PageSix)

Pixie Geldof wedding bought in all the celebs. And Alexa Chung, Daisy Lowe and Harry Styles were in attendance Pixie Geldof has married her musician fiance, George Barnett, in an intimate ceremony in Deia, Majorca. The couple, who've been together for four years, were joined by famous friends including Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson, Nick Grimshaw, Daisy Lowe and Alexa Chung. BFFs Chung and Lowe were chosen as Pixie's bridesmaids. Pixie wore a tiered tulle gown with two-tone color detailing and she was given away by her father, Bob Geldof, as other members of the family sat in the audience. Pixie's brother-in-law, who was married to her late sister Peaches, was also in attendance with Pixie's two nephews. Congratulations to the couple. (British Glamour)

Nina Agdal has replaced Leo DiCaprio .?.?. with a puppy. The stunning Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue model, who recently split with the Oscar winner, was spotted over the weekend at Surf Lodge in Montauk "having a girls' night out," a spy said. But while the group "had dinner and mostly kept to themselves," Agdal was making the rounds and introducing a new friend. "Agdal does have someone new in her life -- a puppy named Daisy she was carrying around and introducing to people," said a source. (Page Six)

Ex-NFL lineman Ryan O'Callaghan -- who played for the Patriots and the Chiefs -- has come out as gay ... and says it was an NFL team staffer who helped save his life. O'Callaghan was selected by New England in the 5th round of the 2006 NFL Draft -- and protected Tom Brady in 2007, the year they won the AFC title and went to the Super Bowl. O'Callaghan tells he wrestled with his sexuality during his entire football career -- and used football "as kind of my cover for my life." "Football was the most masculine thing I could do," O'Callaghan told Cyd Zeigler. O'Callaghan says when he knew his football career was ending in 2011, he planned on killing himself. He wrote a suicide note and had guns -- but didn't go through with it. Fortunately, Kansas City Chiefs trainer, David Price, noticed he wasn't being himself and advised him to talk to the team's counselor. Ryan says he took Price's advice and it saved his life. He later came out to family and friends -- and got the love and support he needed. Now, O'Callaghan says he loves life and is glad he decided to go public. He also says he never faced bigotry from teammates and believes NFL teams are ready for openly gay players in the locker room. (TMZ)

Kim Kardashian responds to blackface criticism: 'I was really tan'. "I would obviously never want to offend anyone" Kim Kardashian-West is no stranger to sparking up controversial conversations, but her latest picture for her new beauty range has led to allegations of blackface. After tweeting a photo to promote her debut makeup line, KKW Beauty, it was noted that Kim was sporting an unusually heavy contour and a complexion that was significantly darker than seemed realistic for her Armenian background. This resulted in Twitter users criticising the 36-year old celeb for wearing blackface. "I would obviously never want to offend anyone," Kim told The New York Times on Monday. "I used an amazing photographer and a team of people. I was really tan when we shot the images, and it might be that the contrast was off. But I showed the image to many people, to many in the business. No one brought that to our attention. No one mentioned it." Kim, who has two children with the African-American singer Kanye West, said that she had learned from the concerns raised over the image. "We made necessary changes to that photo and the rest of the photos," she said. "We saw the problem and we adapted and changed right away. Definitely I have learned from it." (British Glamour)

Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna are back on again ... or at the very least getting it on again. Rob showed up at Chyna's doorstep last week and hasn't left. We showed you how they spent Father's Day ... at Disneyland with 7-month-old Dream. As we said, it didn't make a whole lot of sense for them to take an infant to a theme park she can't appreciate, so it seems liked it was more for them than the kid. Now we've found out Rob's been there every day and every night ... going on a week. They've been socializing with friends and family with BBQ's and a pool party, and they've taken hikes together. Chyna dropped a ton of cash on gifts for Father's Day, including a Louis Vuitton bag, a customized Dodgers hat, sneakers and white and blue roses emblazoned with an "R." We're told this has nothing to do with a TV show or business ... they're back into each other, at least for now. (TMZ)

"SNL" comic Michael Che gave a spirited performance at the Comedy Cellar on Friday night -- although we're not sure exactly what kind of spirits were involved or how much. Fans at the subterranean Greenwich Village comedy institution were amused to find that the "Weekend Update" anchor appeared to have had a drink or two (or more) before taking to the stage. We're told by a witness that the comedian was clutching a beer and was, "completely incomprehensible" at the beginning of his performance. But, "after about five minutes onstage he got his s-– t together and finished the set," we're told. Reps for Che didn't get back to us. Che recently rankled some Boston fans when he called their town the "most racist city" he's visited. (Page Six)

Kenya Moore's best wedding gift came from a judge, who gave her some long-term protection, a 1-year restraining order against her ex-bf Matt Jordan ... TMZ has learned. The judge granted the protective order earlier this month. Her temporary restraining order against Jordan ended back in April when she no-showed for court. At the time, she told us she'd been unable to find Matt to serve him. Per the court's order, Matt has to stay at least 200 yards away from Kenya and her family ... which now includes her new husband. Kenya posted pics from her surprise (to all of us) wedding in St. Lucia. As for the who the groom is? She ain't saying. (TMZ)

Jazz Jennings is completing what she calls the "last step" in her journey to become the person she wants to be. Speaking to Larry King on his Ora TV show, Larry King Now, the transgender YouTube star, 16, says the upcoming season of her TLC show, I Am Jazz, will focus on her bottom surgery, which she says has now become "a big part of my life." "I say, 'I'm on the search for America's Next Top Vagina,'" she jokes to King. Admitting that she is a little worried about the surgery, she nevertheless feels it's a necessary step she must take to feel more at home with herself. "With any procedure there are complications," she tells King. "I mean, I think my mom is more worried than I am." Despite her worries, she says she feels mostly excited about the transition. "I feel like this is the last step for me to complete who I am as a person," she reveals. "I know I'm a girl, but this just confirms that. I'm ready." In a trailer for the show released in March, Jazz is shown consulting a doctor about the possibility of a bottom surgery, and she is told that it's a "feasible" procedure. "I definitely want to do it," she tells the doctor with her mother by her side, admitting to cameras that she's "always dreamed about having this procedure done." I Am Jazz returns for its third season on TLC on June 28 at 9/8c. Watch Jennings' full interview on Ora TV and Hulu. (People)

Cannes Lions: Halle Berry Says Social Media Can Be a "Brand Killer" for Stars. Amid "this great divide in our country," the star will relaunch her Hallewood site, saying "it's my obligation as an artist to start providing that forum for people to talk things out." Halle Berry will relaunch her circa-2000 fan site Hallewood as a lifestyle site, she unveiled during a panel at the Cannes Lions festival of creativity on Tuesday. "In the year 2000, I had the idea of creating a fan website," she said. "I knew back then almost 18 years ago that the future for artists like myself was to find ways we could connect one-on-one with our fans. To have a real conversation for them to get to know me in a different way than the media was presenting me." That iteration of the site was a fan club because it was before the rise of social media. The site ultimately became too burdensome to run, so she shut it down after four years, the star explained. The new site will be operated in collaboration with media management company The Braintrust and contain fashion, beauty, home, parenting advice-what she termed "an inclusive world of curation"-as well as discussion groups. "What makes America great is that we have the right to have an opinion, we have the right to agree to disagree, but I think we do need a place today for people to come together and have real conversation," said Berry, who referenced how divided the U.S. has been since the presidential election. "Based on where we are now with this great divide in our country, and it's my obligation as an artist, to start providing that forum for people to talk things out and bring us a little bit closer." The site will be "very cinematic," according to Berry, who said she is "obsessed" with VR and plans to have short films that will allow fans to see inside her life on the site, as well as other shorts that she directs about issues that are important to her. Berry, who has fought legal battles with paparazzi over her children, will include them in limited ways as she has done on Instagram. She framed the site as a way to have power over her own media profile. "Social media is empowering in many ways, the part that is concerning for me, especially with my personal brand is that that power can be misused," she said, adding that fan photos lead to rumors that she is dating hundreds of men. "It can be a brand killer." "People actually have the power to affect your brand in this day and age, and I have little control over it and that's the frustrating part," she said. The site will be the way for her to control the narrative and interact with her fans "face-to-face," she added. During the panel she also referred to it as an app, but did not provide further clarifications. The panel was sponsored by MasterCard, but Berry did not say whether the site would have a commerce aspect like Gwyneth Paltrow's Goop, Reese Witherspoon's Draper James or Blake Lively's now-defunct Preserve. (Hollywood Reporter)


Foo Fighters announce new album, tour and self-curated music fest. Foo Fighters announced Tuesday that their new album, "Concrete and Gold," will be out on Roswell/RCA Records on Sept. 15 and also announced not only a lengthy tour, but a self-curated festival taking place on Oct. 7 in California featuring the group along with friends and favorites Queens of the Stone Age, Cage The Elephant, Liam Gallagher, The Kills, Royal Blood, Japandroids, Wolf Alice, Bob Mould and more. The festival, which offers camping, carnival rides, a water park, attractions, a mobile recording studio and more, takes place in San Bernardino, California and is called Cal Jam 17. The festival's name recalls the California Jam, an event held in Southern California in 1974 and 1978 that featured rock acts like Deep Purple, Black Sabbath and Emerson, Lake & Palmer (1974) and Aerosmith, Foreigner and Heart (1978) -- considering Grohl's deep rock fandom, the festival's name is no coincidence and the press release nods to "the spirit of the original California Jam" (even though he was 5 when the first one took place). Of the album, which was produced by an unexpected collaborator, Greg Kurstin (Adele, Katy Perry, Pink), Grohl said in a statement, "I wanted it to be the biggest sounding Foo Fighters record ever. To make a gigantic rock record but with Greg Kurstin's sense of melody and arrangement... Motorhead's version of "Sgt. Pepper"... or something like that. Our noise and Greg's big brain and all of his sophisticated arrangements and composition. So I think maybe Greg is the guy that we ask to be our producer because he's never made a heavy rock record before and we've never worked with a pop producer." (PageSix)

Katy Perry's Very Own Version of Britney Spears' "Passenger" Leaks Online. They both may be pop music superstars. When it comes to singing the same song, however, these ladies can each add their own twist. Fans of Britney Spears know that one of the tracks featured on her Britney Jean album was called "Passenger." The track was produced by Diplo and co-written by Katy Perry and Sia. But more than three years after the release, a new version of the song has leaked online featuring vocals from Katy herself. "The road will twist and turn but / I know that I am in good hands," the future American Idol judge sings. "I've never been a passenger no / But we'll see more without a map." If "Passenger" would have been featured on one of Katy's albums, many fans believe it would have been included in Prism that featured the massive hit single "Roar." While some music fans may find themselves comparing the tracks, both artists continue to find plenty of success in their successful careers. Britney continues her residency at The AXIS at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino in Las Vegas. While the show is scheduled to end on December 31, her manager teased that the singer's next venue "could be conceivably anywhere." As for Katy, she just released her latest album titled Witness that features "Chained to the Rhythm" and "Swish Swish." She also confirmed a spot on the judge's panel for the American Idol revival season. The show is expected to return on ABC in 2018. (Eonline)

Mad Tea Party Jam Forced to Cancel Headliner After Illness Strikes Festival-Goers & Artists. Another event at the same location in Artemis, Pennsylvania, saw similar cases of stomach sicknesses the weekend prior. The Mad Tea Party Jam in Artemis, Pennsylvania, this past weekend saw attendees, artists and staff fall ill to sicknesses that sent several people to the hospital and prevented performances. The event was held at Four Quarters Farm where WickerMan Burn was held the weekend prior from June 8-11. Similarly, that event saw a number of attendees get sick with reported stomach issues. The outbreaks have not been officially linked and no official cause of either weekend's illnesses has yet been announced. On Saturday night at the Mad Tea Party Jam, headliner Papadosio canceled their third and final performance of the weekend due to three of the band's five members falling ill. The festival announced the news with a post, saying they were "sorry to disappoint and take these health issues very seriously." According to NYS Music, Mad Tea Party also released a statement on Sunday via social media that has since been deleted: "Despite our best efforts to maintain the health safety of our patrons, people were falling ill. We ourselves are seeking any and all answers. The Pennsylvania Center of Epidemiology has been contacted by the venue in order to properly ascertain what has happened this past weekend. In order to better understand and identify the issue and better yet, how to fix this issue, we are openly asking people to report their own health issues to the Pennsylvania board of health. Please call this number in order to aid us. 1-877-PA HEALTH" Billboard has reached out to the festival for comment but did not hear back at time of publishing. One attendee who was taken to the emergency room during the festival told NYS Music she was given a dysentery diagnosis, which is a broad term for stomach viruses accompanied by bloody stools. She is reportedly still awaiting test results to further explain her sickness. A possible diagnosis that has been floated around online but has not been substantiated is norovirus, which is transmitted by food or water contaminated with fecal matter, person-to-person contact, inhaling particles carrying the virus and contamination of surfaces. Brooke Lown of Richmond, Virginia, who became ill early Saturday told NYS Music, "It's really upsetting and makes me feel like we are going to have to try hard for this to be taken seriously and be addressed. They are all trying to play it off like we don't have personal hygiene and are just some dirty hippies who are always bound to get this sick at fests." (Billboard)

Ed Sheeran Beats Katy Perry to Australia's Chart Crown. Ed Sheeran's Divide (Warner) snatches a lucky 13th week at No. 1 on Australia albums chart while Luis Fonsi & Daddy Yankee's "Despacito" (Republic/Universal) featuring Justin Bieber continues its own streak with a fifth week atop the national singles chart. Sheeran's quadruple-platinum Divide shows remarkable stamina by holding off five fast-starting new albums to clinch another ARIA chart crown. One of those new releases is Katy Perry's fourth album Witness (Capitol/EMI), which opens at No. 2 for the pop singer's third top ten appearance on the ARIA Albums Chart. Her previous album Prism hit the top in November 2013. Arriving at No. 3 this week is London Grammar's Truth Is A Beautiful Thing (Dew Process/Universal), the followup to the British trio's 2013 debut Truth Is A Beautiful Thing, which peaked at No. 2. Hillsong United's Wonder (HMA/Sony) opens its account at No. 4 for the church's eighth top 10 release, while Chicago hardcore act Rise Against complete the top 5 with Wolves (Capitol/EMI), the band's fourth top 10. Lady Antebellum just misses out on a top 5 berth with Heart Break (Capitol/EMI), which bows at No. 6. On this week's ARIA Singles Chart, "Despacito" manages to hold-off another strong performing, Bieber-feature, the David Guetta-led "2U" (Universal/Warner). It's new at No. 2 for Guetta's tenth top 5 as a lead artist on the ARIA Singles Chart, according to the trade body. Meanwhile, former One Direction singer Liam Payne hits a new peak with "Strip That Down" (Capitol/EMI) featuring Quavo, up 5-3, as DJ Khaled's mega-collab "I'm the One" (down 4-2 via Universal/Sony) and Niall Horan's "Slow Hands" (down 3-5 via Capitol/EMI) close out the top 5. (Billboard)

Royal Blood Is Lording It Over Midweek U.K. Albums Chart. Royal Blood is pumping on the midweek U.K. chart with the rockers' new album How Did We Get So Dark? (Warner Bros) while DJ Khaled's "Wild Thoughts" (Black Butter/We The Best) collaboration with Rihanna and Bryson Tiller is poised for the highest debut on the national singles survey. At the halfway point of the chart week, Royal Blood's latest LP has a 23,000 combined sales edge over the No. 2 ranked title, Ed Sheeran's Divide (Asylum), according to the Official Charts Company. Should Dark stay where it is when the Official U.K Albums Chart is published this Friday, it'll be a perfect two-for-two for the Brighton duo. Their debut self-titled set also reached the summit on its release in 2014. Others aiming high this week include Canadian rock outfit Nickelback with their ninth and most recent set Feed the Machine (BMG), which starts at No. 3 on the Official U.K. Albums Chart Update, while Lorde's second album Melodrama (Virgin) bows at No. 5. New releases from Fleet Foxes, Ride and Alison Moyet earn top 20 berths while David Bowie's Cracked Actor (Parlophone), a rare, live set taped in Los Angeles back in 1974, breaks into the midweek chart at No. 15. Cracked Actor was previously unreleased until April when it was pressed on vinyl for a special limited Record Store Day run. Its bolt up the chart is a result of its wider reissue on CD. The late, great artist is also at No. 18 on the midweek tally following the gold vinyl release of The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust. On the midweek singles survey, Luis Fonsi, Daddy Yankee and Justin Bieber's "Despacito" (Def Jam/RBMG/Republic/UMLE) is cruising to a seventh week at No. 1, while Liam Payne's "Strip That Down" (Capitol) featuring Quavo is at No. 2. Khaled's "Wild Thoughts" is just 300 downloads and streaming equivalent sales adrift of the former One Direction singer's latest track to bow at No. 3 on the Official U.K. Singles Chart Update. (Billboard)

Lorde Says Frank Ocean's 'Blonde' Inspired Her Album 'Melodrama'. In an interview with New Zealand podcast The Spinoff, Lorde explained how the music on her latest album Melodrama was inspired by Frank Ocean's 2016 LP, Blonde. "In this sort of post-Blonde landscape, we can all sort of do whatever we want in terms of instrumentation," the 20-year-old New Zealand native said. One of the songs curated with influence from Mr. Ocean is "The Louvre." "We could've just made it a big, easy single because the bonds are there," she continued. "... It won't mean as much to simplify the journey, or to force a big chorus. I just want it to feel like how that ['new love'] feels... the big, sun-soaked dumbness of falling in love." As for her next album, the Grammy-winner explains that she already has some ideas of what she'll be doing, noting that it will be "very different" than her previous two efforts. (Billboard)

Former "Dance Moms" star Mackenzie Ziegler is two-timing a music producer by bailing on performances and record sessions, and working with another producer on the side ... according to a lawsuit. Kismet Music is going after 13-year-old Mackenzie and her mom, Melissa Gisoni ... saying they breached their 2014 deal. In the docs, Kismet says when it signed Mackenzie -- who has more than a million YouTube followers -- she agreed to "deliver technically and commercially satisfactory records." In exchange, Kismet would try to secure a recording contract and distribution deal for her. The producers say Mackenzie and her mom didn't seem to have any issues with the contract when they were cashing checks associated with music released under the deal -- but in 2016 something changed. According to the suit, Mackenzie failed to appear at no fewer than 14 recording sessions. Maddie Ziegler's kid sister is also working with another producer -- a clear violation of her exclusivity deal with Kismet ... according to the suit. Kismet is suing for damages of at least $25k. (TMZ)

Supreme Court Rules In Favor Of The Slants In Disparaging Trademark Ruling. Simon Tam of The Slants emerges victorious in his years-long quest to register his rock band's name. Those of fiendish or mischievous mind will have an easier time registering trademarks after the Supreme Court on Monday decided to reject as unconstitutional a rule against disparaging ones. The high court's decision, authored by justice Samuel Alito, holds that a Lanham Act provision against such offensive trademarks is facially invalid under the First Amendment. "It offends a bedrock First Amendment principle," writes Alito in the opinion. "Speech may not be banned on the ground that it expresses ideas that offend." The free speech victory goes to Simon Tam, the Asian-American frontman for The Slants who attempted to register his rock band's name. He says he picked his band's moniker in an effort to reclaim a stereotype. After trademark examiners refused Tam's application, Tam brought a lawsuit, and in December 2015, he prevailed at the United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit. The Supreme Court has now affirmed the lower appeals court's opinion, which is also potentially welcome news for the NFL's Washington Redskins, whose own marks were canceled for being disparaging to Native Americans. Thanks to the development at the high court, entertainment companies can feel more comfortable picking scandalous titles with knowledge they'll be able to register trademarks to protect associated merchandise. The decision also has the potential of alleviating a great amount of confusion as the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office's response to offensive marks hasn't been particularly consistent over the years. For example, N.W.A -- the rap group also known as Niggaz Wit Attitudes -- was able to register while actor Damon Wayans couldn't obtain "Nigga" for clothing. Bravo's Queer Eye for the Straight Guy and Channel Four's Queer as Folk were fine, but not the registration from a group of lesbians who wished to sell videos of a "Dykes on Bikes" parade. Alito notes in his opinion that the "vagueness of the disparagement test and the huge volume of applications has produced a haphazard record of enforcement." Alito acknowledges that even without registration, a trademark -- a word or phrase that serves to identify the source of one's goods or services -- may still be used in commerce and enforced under state common law. But he adds that registration confers important benefits including notice to others, prima facie evidence of validity, and potential incontestability. The justice writes that a government entity often takes viewpoints when embarking on a course of action, and that free speech doesn't necessarily require "viewpoint neutrality." "But while the government-speech doctrine is important -- indeed essential -- it is a doctrine that is susceptible to dangerous misuse," he adds. "If private speech could be passed off as government speech by simply affixing a government seal of approval, government could silence or muffle the expression of disfavored viewpoints. For this reason, we must exercise great caution before extending our government-speech precedents." Alito goes on to reject the government's contention that trademarks represent in any way the government's viewpoint. He ridicules the notion that stamping approval means expressing speech. "For example, if trademarks represent government speech, what does the Government have in mind when it advises Americans to 'make.believe' (Sony), 'Think different' (Apple), 'Just do it' (Nike), or 'Have it your way' (Burger King)?" he asks. "Was the Government warning about a coming disaster when it registered the mark 'EndTime Ministries'?" He adds that when it comes to the registration of copyright -- a different form of intellectual property that covers original authorship -- accepting the government's arguments about being forced into distasteful speech has worrisome implications. "The Government attempts to distinguish copyright on the ground that it is the 'engine of free expression,' but as this case illustrates, trademarks often have an expressive content," he writes. "Companies spend huge amounts to create and publicize trademarks that convey a message. It is true that the necessary brevity of trademarks limits what they can say. But powerful messages can sometimes be conveyed in just a few words. Trademarks are private, not government, speech." After shooting down the government's argument in this regard, and another on why the government shouldn't be forced to subsidize offending commercial speech, Alito comes to an analysis on whether the Lanham Act's disparagement clause is narrowly drawn to withstand constitutional scrutiny. He concludes the clause is "far too broad," potentially interfering with those who might wish to register "Down with racists" and "Down with sexists," as examples. "There is also a deeper problem with the argument that commercial speech may be cleansed of any expression likely to cause offense," he notes. "The commercial market is well stocked with merchandise that disparages prominent figures and groups, and the line between commercial and non-commercial speech is not always clear, as this case illustrates. If affixing the commercial label permits the suppression of any speech that may lead to political or social 'volatility,' free speech would be endangered." All of the justices -- except Neil Gorsuch, who wasn't yet on the Supreme Court when the hearing was held and thus didn't participate -- agreed with the main finding in the case. In a concurring opinion, four of the justices led by Anthony Kennedy write that the ban on disparaging trademarks is "viewpoint discrimination" on the part of the government, but with perhaps an eye to ensuring that other grounds for refusing trademarks -- confusion or dilution, for instance -- don't fall by the wayside, they attempt to distinguish the Tam case and even the similar dispute concerning the Washington Redskins. Ultimately, however, the sentiment is similar that the government must be careful about interfering with free speech. "A law that can be directed against speech found offensive to some portion of the public can be turned against minority and dissenting views to the detriment of all," writes Kennedy. "The First Amendment does not entrust that power to the government's benevolence. Instead, our reliance must be on the substantial safeguards of free and open discussion in a democratic society." (Billboard)


"Wonder Woman" star Gal Gadot has a message for the studio that produced her mega-hit flick ... open your wallet -- wide. Reports have surfaced Gadot made just $300,000 for each of the 3 movies she made with the studio -- "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice," "Wonder Woman" and the yet-to-be-released "Justice League." "Wonder Woman" has become the driver of the 2017 box office, pulling in $570 million worldwide in less than 3 weeks. We're told the $300k is about right, but sources familiar with the negotiations tell TMZ she has "huge performance bonuses" for "Wonder Woman" and she will end up with many times the base salary. We're also told Gadot is planning a "major renegotiation" of her deal for sequels ... something common when relatively unknown actors make bare bones deals but then hit it big. Here's what we know about Hollywood ... she's going to be a very rich woman. (TMZ)

Uma Thurman, Jeremy Renner to Get Karlovy Vary Festival Honors. The 52nd edition of the big central European festival will open with 'The Big Sick' and close with 'Arrival.' Uma Thurman and Jeremy Renner will be honored at the 52nd edition of the Karlovy Vary film festival this year. They will get the Czech event's President's Award. The festival will open June 30 with a gala screening of Michael Showalter's unconventional romantic comedy The Big Sick and close with Denis Villeneuve's sci-fi thriller Arrival, organizers also said Tuesday. In Arrival, Renner plays a physicist leading a team of American scientists tasked with finding a way to communicate with extraterrestrial visitors. Thurman will receive the President's Award at the opening gala of the festival. The actress, who is also working as a producer, won a Golden Globe for Hysterical Blindness and was nominated for an Oscar for her role as Mia Wallace in Quentin Tarantino's Pulp Fiction. She gained worldwide fame as The Bride in Tarantino's cult double-header Kill Bill: Vols 1 and 2. Thurman, who was president of the jury for the Un Certain Regard sidebar in Cannes this year, is currently working with Robert De Niro and Christopher Walken on Tim Hill's family comedy The War With Grandpa. Renner, a two-time Oscar nominee, known for his roles in The Hurt Locker, The Avengers, Captain America and the Mission Impossible franchise, will be honored at the closing event July 8. During the festival, he also will introduce his new film Wind River, a crime thriller directed by Taylor Sheridan that screened in the Un Certain Regard lineup at Cannes last month. Other guests that will be in Karlovy Vary this year include actress, director and producer Trudie Styler. The latter, an active environmentalist, along with her husband, British singer Sting, has raised around $40 million for the Rainforest Fund, which the couple founded in 1989. She will present her directorial debut feature Freak Show as part of festival sidebar Another View. Italian actress Jasmine Trinca, who won an Un Certain Regard jury award at Cannes this year for her performance as a struggling single mother in Sergio Castellitto's Fortunata, will be in Karlovy Vary for a screening of the film. Directors, including Canada's Denis Cote, who will act as a mentor in talent development campus Future Frames, and Ukraine's Sergei Loznitsa and the U.K.'s Mark Cousins, will also be in town during the festival. The 52nd edition of the Karlovy Vary IFF runs June 30-July 8. (Hollywood Reporter)

'Blade Runner 2049' Director Says He "Made Peace" With Prospect of Failure. Stepping into the shoes of one of the world's most iconic directors for the sequel to one of the most celebrated of cult classics-and some 35 years after the original-must be a daunting task for any filmmaker, and it's one Denis Villeneuve hasn't taken lightly. But speaking to The Hollywood Reporter on the sidelines of the CineEurope trade show in Barcelona, the director revealed that he and his lead star had come to turns with the enormity of taking on the long-awaited Blade Runner sequel, Blade Runner 2049. "Ryan Gosling and I made peace with the idea that the chances of success were very narrow," he said. "I came on board because the script was very strong. But no matter what you do, no matter how good what you're doing is, the film will always be compared to the first, which is a masterpiece. So I made peace with that. And when you make peace with that you are free." Although Villenueve said he "had a lot of fun" making Blade Runner 2049- which also stars a returning Harrison Ford as Rick Deckard, plus Jared Leto, Ana de Armas, Sylvia Hoeks, Dave Bautista and Robin Wright-the director of Arrival and Sicario admitted that it was the "biggest artistic challenge" of his career to date. "To take Ridley Scott's universe and try to make it my own was a really big task for me," he said. As for Scott, the cinema legend gave Villeneuve what he described as the "biggest gift of all, which is freedom." "He said, it's your movie. I'll be there if you need me, otherwise I'll be away," the director said. "And I must say he was not there physically, but I felt his presence all the time, because I was dealing with his universe all the time. So in a way he wasn't there, but he was there a lot at the same time." Blade Runner 2049 is due for release by Warner Bros. domestically and Sony Pictures internationally on Oct. 7. (Hollywood Reporter)

Michel Hazanavicius' 'Redoubtable' to Open Jerusalem Film Festival. The latest from the director of Oscar winner 'The Artist,' about legendary French-Swiss filmmaker Jean-Luc Godard, premiered in competition in Cannes. Michel Hazanavicius' Redoubtable will open this year's Jerusalem Film Festival on July 13. For the biopic, the director of The Artist returns to the well of cinema history, looking at the life of French-Swiss New Wave legend Jean-Luc Godard, in particular his political radicalization, and the breakup of his short marriage to the much younger actress Anne Wiazemsky in 1968. Redoubtable premiered in competition in Cannes last month. Hazanavicius will attend the Jerusalem open-air premiere at the Sultan's Pool Amphitheatre. The 34th Jerusalem festival, which runs July 13-July 23, will screen more than 180 films. For the first time this year, the festival will expand beyond its central venue at the Jerusalem Cinematheque and include screening locations throughout the city, stretching from the Old City to Jaffa Road, from Safra Square to Machne Yehuda. The festival will provide cinematic inspiration along the route, with Giuseppe Tornatore's Oscar winner Cinema Paradiso unspooling from an old-time film projector at Muristan Square, video-mapping installations to be projected on the Clal and Hamashbir building facades, and experimental films screening at The Alliance House and on Muslala's roof. A new mobile projection set-up will travel throughout Jerusalem offering free public viewings of festival highlights. The Jerusalem festival will announce its full lineup in the coming weeks. (Hollywood Reporter)


The Young and the Restless, The Price Is Right Get Big Renewals From CBS. The Young and the Restless drama will never end... at least for the next three years. CBS renewed the long-running soap opera for three more seasons. The Price Is Right has also been picked up for an additional two seasons. CBS's entire daytime block, including Let's Make a Deal, The Talk and The Bold and the Beautiful, will return for the 2017-2018 season. The Bold and the Beautiful was previously picked up for a multi-year deal through the upcoming season. "CBS Daytime has never been stronger. From 30 consecutive years of being #1 in the ratings, to another year as the most honored Network at the Daytime Emmys, our lineup of talk, game shows and dramas connects with our audience like no one else," Angelica McDaniel, executive vice president of daytime programs and syndicated program development at CBS Entertainment and CBS Television Distribution, said in a statement. "All of our talent, on screen and behind the scenes, is hard at work making the upcoming season of these award-winning series even bigger and bolder," McDaniel's statement continued. The Young and the Restless is averaging nearly 5 million viewers. The Price Is Right in its dual broadcasts is averaging 4.8 million viewers and 5.5 million viewers. Drew Carey serves as host. The Talk, which his averaging 2.7 million viewers, will undergo a change. Aisha Tyler is leaving the talk show after six seasons. Tyler is currently a series regular on Criminal Minds and has several other gigs, including directing her first movie. "I'm sorry," Tyler said through tears when she announced her exit. "I just realized I had to let something go. It's been the hardest decision of my life and you guys are my family and I love being with you every day." Julie Chen, Sara Gilbert, Sharon Osbourne and Sheryl Underwood are set to remain with the series. (Eonline)

Grey's Anatomy Season 14 Will See the Return of a Familiar Face. There's about to be a familiar face roaming the halls of Grey Sloan Memorial. When Grey's Anatomy returns for season 14 this fall, the long-running ABC soap will be welcome back former series regular Kim Raver for a guest arc, E! News has confirmed. She'll be reprising her role of Dr. Teddy Altman, the former head of cardiothoracic surgery, who left the hospital in the season eight finale after her friend and former flame Owen Hunt (Kevin McKidd) fired her so she'd pursue her dream job as chief with Army Medical Command. Teddy's return to the narrative makes sense, as she'd actually been name-checked in the final weeks of seasons 13 after it was revealed that Owen's presumed-dead sister Megan had been found and was alive after all. As Owen found himself struggling to accept the news, Amelia (Caterina Scorsone) mention that Teddy had seen Megan and recognized her, marking the first time the character had been referenced since her departure. With Owen and Amelia embarking on the trip to bring Megan (played in flashback by Bridget Regan) in the final moments of the season finale, with Megan's former love (and Meredith's current flame) Nathan (Martin Henderson) hot on their trail, it's safe to say that Megan will play a big part in a handful of storylines this fall, making it the perfect time for Teddy to make her return. Deadline first reported the news. Are you looking forward to Teddy's return? Grey's Anatomy returns for season 14 this fall on ABC. (Eonline)

Famously Single Cast Promises a "Lot of Debauchery" for Season 2: "It's Going to Be Pretty Funny!" Things are about to get wild! E! News recently sat down with Famously Single cast mates Dorothy Wang, Chad Johnson and Ronnie Magro-Ortiz to get some scoop on the upcoming season season of the E! series. "You got a bunch of famous people put into a house and we're all trying to figure out why we're single. It's a fun time," Chad dished. "It's going to be pretty funny." Dorothy added, "I think the show is interesting because it takes recognizable faces and characters and TV personalities that you've maybe watched before and it puts us all in a really fish out of water type of experience. You kind of get to see us go through a lot of self-development and self-realization and also go through these exercises and these dating challenges that they put us on." Dorothy says that when you have cameras rolling 24/7 inside a house full of big personalities, "Debauchery is always gonna happen." "A lot of debauchery!" Ronnie agreed. Famously Single season 2! (Eonline)

Rachel Lindsay was brought to tears on "The Bachelorette" ... and it was mostly about her inner struggle with being the first black woman calling the shots on the long-running series. There's been A LOT of fighting and bickering among Rachel's guys this season, and that definitely was part of her breakdown -- but on Monday night's episode, she made it clear racial pressure is weighing heavy on her. Rachel insinuates she's going to catch heat from the black community for some of her rose ceremony choices. As she put it, with tears streaming down her face ... "You have no idea what it's like to be in this position." (TMZ)

Teen Mom's Amber Portwood Reacts to Latest Cheating Allegations Surrounding Matt Baier. Amber Portwood can't seem to catch a break from the tabloid headlines. On Monday night's all-new Teen Mom: OG, viewers watched as the reality star coped with new reports that Matt Baier may have cheated on her more than a year ago. "There's, like, fake f--king text messages, supposedly," Amber told a producer as cameras rolled. "They do look fake but I'm just sick and tired of this." While the conversations may have been from more than a year and a half ago, it still caused a reaction from Amber. "I just told him in the car that we need to have a break because this is getting too much," she continued. "It just keeps making me doubt everything. I need to figure out what's going on with all this s--t." To top it all off, next week's preview of the season finale shows Amber crying and being held back by a producer as she confronts Matt about the rumors. It's been a challenging couple of months for the two reality stars who most recently checked into Marriage Boot Camp. In fact, rumors circulated just two weekends ago of Amber completely ending things with Matt. Ultimately, the proud mom set the record straight in a statement to E! News. "We're working things out. We're working on our issues," Amber shared with us. "That's all that needs to be said." E! News has also learned that the pair is still living together at the house they share. In fact, the property is in both of their names. Back in May, we also confirmed that the couple's fall wedding was on hold for a variety of reasons. "For the time being, Matt and Amber's engagement is on hold," our insider shared. "They are working on their relationship. A lot has come out through the course of filming and from various online stories. That has added extra pressure and made things difficult." Our source added, "They've both been open about their personal struggles, but hasn't been easy when their lives are under such heavy scrutiny. Despite their issues, they are still living together and are hopeful things can be fixed." Teen Mom: OG airs Monday nights at 9 p.m. on MTV. (Eonline)

"Inside Amy Schumer" comedian Sam Morril is launching a new late-night sports show, called "People Talking Sports* (*and Other Stuff)" on MSG Network, Page Six has exclusively learned. "I don't want to make any guarantees, but I believe the momentum from my soon-to-be hit show will carry the Knicks into next year's playoffs," Morril modestly predicted of his latest project, which kicks off July 10. Despite the Knicks' comical misfortunes last season, he added: "I love MSG, I love the Knicks and most New York teams .?.?. I'm a native New Yorker." (Page Six)

Kevin Spacey to Get International Emmy Founders Award. The 'House of Cards' star will be honored in New York on Nov. 20. House of Cards star Kevin Spacey will be honored with the International Emmy Founders Award, presented by the International Academy of Television Arts & Sciences. Spacey, a double Oscar winner, will receive the award in person at the International Emmys in New York on Nov. 20. "Kevin Spacey is one of the great multidimensional talents in our industry," said International Emmy Academy president and CEO Bruce Paisner. "From his acting in many movies and television shows to his successful stewardship of the Old Vic theater in London and his outstanding dealmaking and acting prowess in House of Cards, he's climbed every mountain there is. We are thrilled that he will be accepting the Founders Award." Spacey will be one of the few actors to receive the Founders honor. Previous winners include directors Steven Spielberg and J.J. Abrams, Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner and former Sony CEO Howard Stringer. Uber-producer Shonda Rhimes (Grey's Anatomy, Scandal) was last year's International Emmy Founders award winner. Spacey can be seen as President Francis Underwood in Netflix's House of Cards, currently in its fifth season. In addition to his two Oscars -- a best supporting award for The Usual Suspects and a best acting honor for American Beauty -- Spacey has received 10 Emmy Award nominations over the years, eight of them for his role in House of Cards and as an executive producer on the show. In 2015, he won a best acting Golden Globe for his House of Cards performance. (Hollywood Reporter)

The Bachelorette Week 4: The Race Conversation Begins and No One Can Spell. Well, in case there were any doubts that The Bachelorette's Lee is an actual nightmare, he did his best to confirm it on the night's episode, which picked up right where the last episode left off. Lee was still intent on stirring any and all pots, and after he got done arguing with Eric, he turned his sights on Kenny and admitted to the cameras that he had no trouble making the other guys angry and doing whatever he felt he had to do to win. His "I gotta do what I gotta do" attitude and his qualification of men like Kenny and Eric as "angry men" were so off-putting and aggravating that we were close to the point of turning the episode off, or at least waiting until we could fast forward to fun times, but what Lee's horrible behavior did do was force the show and contestants to begin to address the racial aspect of this season, which hasn't really been discussed on screen so far. Dean awkwardly acknowledged Lee's racism by saying, "The only person I've seen Lee pick fights with have been not the people that he's used to seeing on a daily basis from a cultural perspective." He refused to say exactly what he meant by that, but he did correctly say we knew exactly what he meant. Rachel didn't witness a lot of the arguing first hand, but she could hear it from the other room, and she did see Lee obnoxiously interrupt her moment with Kenny. She started crying in front of the camera, lamenting the fact that there was so much pressure on her as a black woman on this show (which she didn't even want to talk about right now) and she knew that all of her decisions would be questioned. Then it came time for the rose ceremony, where we proceeded to question the f--k out of her decisions. She still gave Lee a rose, sending Diggy home (and Bryce, but who cares?)! No wonder our favorite glasses-clad sneaker lover barely got any screen time. RIP Team Diggy. It was a surprising choice, just because so far, Rachel has been pretty clear in her refusal to deal with any bulls--t. She kicked DeMario out with barely a second thought, but then after being driven to tears due to arguments, she didn't even want to take a second to figure out if there was something she could do to prevent any further arguments? It's not even like Lee was creating "fun" drama. It was uncomfortable drama, and while it did force the start of an inevitable conversation, we didn't need Lee to start that conversation. If Lee was cast on this show for that purpose, that's incredibly disappointing and disheartening, and it kind of ruins the show. Lees exist in real life, but that doesn't mean he had to exist in the mansion. Hopefully, he's gone soon. During their emotional dinner time, Dean filled Rachel in on his mother's death due to breast cancer when he was just a young teen. While it was a classic "Thank you for sharing that story" conversation, it also felt genuine (and very, very sad), and suddenly Dean and Rachel started to seem like a real possibility. Then, Dean and Rachel danced awkwardly on a platform at the concert of someone we've never heard of, and it was Bachelorette business as usual. During their emotional dinner time, Dean filled Rachel in on his mother's death due to breast cancer when he was just a young teen. While it was a classic "Thank you for sharing that story" conversation, it also felt genuine (and very, very sad), and suddenly Dean and Rachel started to seem like a real possibility. Then, Dean and Rachel danced awkwardly on a platform at the concert of someone we've never heard of, and it was Bachelorette business as usual. Josiah, whose over-confidence is super annoying, got the word "stunning," which just seems unfair. He then asked if he could use it in a sentence,. He then won by correctly spelling "polyamorous" after going on about how he'd never want to be polyamorous with Rachel and it was all just very irritating. If we were Rachel, we probably would have walked off set immediately following that bee. What an upsetting display. Up next, Rachel had some time with each of the guys, and as usual, they used it badly. Iggy tried to throw Josiah under the bus for no reason at all when Rachel asked who was the reason for the tension, and either the editing is wrong or Iggy is straight up lying, because we would have said that the tension was coming from Lee. And why did Iggy immediately go and tell Josiah what he told Rachel? What is this guy's game? Has Rachel ever had a conversation with him that wasn't about one of the other guys? Can we send Iggy home and replace him with Diggy? Then, Rachel talked to Lee, and all he could do was talk about how aggressive Kenny apparently is. Kenny then swooped in with a freestyle rap before Rachel confronted him about what Lee said. Kenny tried to defend himself, but he also worried that Rachel fully believed Lee over him. While Kenny stressed out about Lee, Lee talked himself up at the bar, and then Kenny confronted Lee at the bar. Then, of course, we got a goddamn To Be Continued. Probably this episode's only saving grace was the tag, which consisted of Will being horrified by the less-than-passable accents in which Kenny and Josiah were making Game of Thrones jokes as they drank out of the spelling bee trophy. More Game of Thrones references, less talk from racists, please! (Eonline)

The investigation into alleged sexual assault on "Bachelor in Paradise" is over ... and we're told the conclusion -- no sexual assault, TMZ has learned. TMZ broke the story ... the show was put on ice after a producer claimed Corinne Olympios was so drunk she was not capable of consenting to oral sex in a swimming pool with DeMario Jackson. Warner Bros. put the show on hold during the investigation. As we reported, multiple people who saw the video claim Corinne was "fully engaged" and lucid throughout the sexual encounter. We're told the investigation is now complete and the finding was there was no sexual assault. We're told DeMario's lawyer met with Warner Bros. lawyers Monday, reviewed the tapes and assured him he was in the clear. Our sources say filming will resume in the same location in Mexico. The show will air this summer. As for the swimming pool incident, Warner Bros. will not be released. (TMZ)

Amazon Prime Picks up Israeli Comedy Series Worldwide. The streaming giant has taken rights in some 200 territories for half-hour comedy 'The Baker and the Beauty.' Amazon Prime has picked up worldwide rights for the first two seasons of Israeli hit comedy The Baker and the Beauty. Amazon will stream the series on its premium online service in more than 200 territories worldwide. Amazon licensed the first two, 20-episode seasons of the show from Keshet International, which is handling worldwide sales for the series. Financial terms weren't disclosed. The global Amazon deal was brokered on behalf of Keshet International by senior sales manager Rose Hughes. Assi Azar created The Baker and the Beauty for Keshet Broadcasting. A local ratings hit, the series has also been successfully adapted for the Dutch market, airing on Net 5 in the Netherlands. The series follows "an impossible love story" between a simple baker and the country's most famous "It Girl" -- the beautiful daughter of an Israeli hotel magnate who is also a top model and, until her fateful meeting with the baker, half of a Hollywood power couple. Season 2 of The Baker and the Beauty is currently airing in Israel. Amazon previously picked up Keshet series The A Word for its U.S. streaming service. (Hollywood Reporter)

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