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Wednesday, June 28, 2017


"National Dodgeball League To Debut This Fall!"

Trash! Don't be silly. It's a spring sport.

"Diamond Encrusted, Gold Plated Contact Lenses Now Available!"
Truth! An optometrist at India's Shekhar Eye Research Center made them, inspired by the jewels in his wife's teeth. Creator Chandrashekhar Chawan thinks they'll be the next big thing and charges $15,000 a pair! At least the profits will go toward treating patients suffering from Stevens Johnson Syndrome, a skin disease that can lead to vision loss.

"Man Killed By Lightening While Spreading His Dead Brother's Ashes!"
Truth! In the picturesque Italian Julian Alps, 41-year-old Federico Dean was sprinkling the ashes of his younger brother who he lost in a car crash in June. He chose the location because it was his brother's favorite place to go. Yet, while he was in the process, a storm came up and Dean was struck and KILLED by lightening!

"Man Builds Bed Out of Empty Beer Cans!"
Trash! Well, he passed out on the empties. Does that count?

"Landlord Infests Apartments With Scorpions To Get Rid of Tenants!"
Truth! In Shenzhen, China, a real estate company was investigated for allegedly releasing several thousand scorpions into apartments at a residential complex to force residents to move out in order to make way for a new construction project. Witnesses saw a man holding a bucket walking out of the real estate office and pouring something from the bucket into apartment windows. Police and residents spent the whole night capturing over 100 pounds of scorpions!

"Aliens Plan Invasion Right Before Next Election!"
Trash! And how cruel would that be if they waited that long?

"Woman Eats Her Dead Husband's Ashes!"
Truth! A 26-year-old woman from Fayetteville, Tennessee, identified only as Casie, found herself eating her husband's cremated ashes as a form of comfort. Despite the ashes having a taste that Casie describes as "rotten eggs, sand, and sandpaper," she says she's now developed a taste for the death dust. Fortunately she eventually checked herself into an inpatient care facility for help, and she did not bring the ashes with her.

"Sticky Notes Cause Weight Gain!"
Trash! You're confusing them with Sticky Buns

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