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Friday, June 2, 2017


A psychologist says the average person is keeping 13 secrets. For the record, most of them are about you.

Nike says it will continue to endorse Tiger Woods following his arrest for DUI. He'll be part of their new "Just don't do it" line.

Statistics show that 69% of people find something dirty in everything they read.

After that bloody Trump head gag, Kathy Griffin was fired from her CNN New Year's Eve gig. That's showing months from now.

Mark Merchant: It's easy to get a beach body if you aim for the kind that washes ashore.

Mark Zuckerberg supports a universal basic income. I endorse a universal expectation that you should have a job. At least we agree on the word, 'universal.'

NASA is going to send a spacecraft to explore the sun. (the old joke is, "Yeah, their plan is to fly there at night.")

From Facebook: I wish common sense was more common.

Former player now Christian minister Margaret Court says that pro tennis is full of lesbians. Well, thank God golf & basketball are safe.

Kathy Griffin was fired by CNN because of that Trump photo incident. Ironically, she was fired by the head of CNN.

The Beatles album, "Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" turned 50 this week. It's first piece of junk mail from AARP arrived yesterday.

To let you know how old I am, I remember when he was Private Pepper. He loved to pick pickled peppers.

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