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Thursday, June 22, 2017


Women's Health found the stuff that makes the average woman giddy:

61% of women say they're happy most of the time
27% of women have taken a prescription drug to improve their mood
75% of women say their weight affects how happy they are
60% of women say they would rather lose 10 pounds than get an enormous raise
Landing her dream job would make the average woman hit a happiness high
79% of women say they can be truly happy without being in love
60% of women are happy in their current relationship
60% of women say it's possible to have a happy relationship without having great sex
42% of women say they find people who smile a lot very attractive
53% of women think their smile is their best asset
Chocolate is the number one food that induces a smile 

Activities that bring on the bliss in order are: going on vacation, working out, and spending time with family
The average woman's top three happiness buzz kills in order are: a fight with her man, not fitting into her pants, and a bad day at work
Her favorite way to cheer herself up is going out for a drink with friends

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