On this date in 1769, Daniel Boone began exploring Kentucky. I heard he was a man... was a BIGGG man. 

In 1854, the YMCA was established nationally.
  • Over a hundred years before the dance moves. 
  • Remember, it takes people to make an organization, but it takes Village People to do the YMCA. 
  • Ironically, the first four visitors were a policeman, a construction worker, a sailor and an Indian. 

On this date in 1863, Mexico was occupied by French troops. That was also the year the ill-fated "Taco Baguette" restaurant chain opened.

In 1864, Abraham Lincoln was nominated for a second term as president. The nomination even came with a pair of theater tickets. At the time, the party thought they were doing him a favor.

On this date in 1919, New York drivers had to start taking written driving tests. The first question: "Is there one or two p's in 'flipping them off'?" The tough part was making those turns while writing.

In 1953, the very first color TV show was broadcast. Needless to say, the guy with the color TV set was thrilled.

On this date in 1955, Dwight Eisenhower became the first American president to appear on TV in color! That resulted in the famous catch phrase, "I like Ike -- but not in color!"

The VCR is said to be invented on this date in 1956. The very first Video Cassette Recorder was sold by Sony in 1971. Still 85% of Americans don't know how program one, and they're obsolete.

On this date in 1995, President Clinton vetoed his first bill. Exactly one week later, a 23-year-old school teacher visiting the White House also vetoed her first Bill.

Michael Cera, the eternal teenager, turns 29 today.

Tennis player Anna Kournikova is 36, love. Talk about a nice set!

Prince would have been 59 today.

Ken Osmond, who played Eddie Haskell on the old "Leave it to Beaver" show, turns 74 today. "You're looking very old, Mr. Osmond!" He's still quite well, Mrs. Cleaver.

Singer Tom Jones turns 77 today. He can still shake his hips like he did in the old days, but only because he saved them after the replacements.
  • However, I believe his hips are only around 3. 
  • He can still move his hips, they're just not original equipment. 
  • He can still shake his hips enough to mix a can of paint! 
  • When he was knighted by the Queen, she bestowed on him the title and a pair of the royal panties. 

People Love Picked Flowers Day -- 69% of young adults love giving and/or getting flowers. If you plan to send flowers, here's what they mean: 

  • Violets: "I return your love." 
  • Gladiolus: "You pierce my heart." 
  • Gardenia: "I love you deeply, but in secret." 
  • Apple blossom: "You are my favorite." 
  • Bachelor's button: "Single blessedness." 
  • Red carnation: "I love you." 
  • Daffodil: "Best regards." 
  • Goldenrod: "Protect me with your love." 
  • Lily of the Valley: "My happiness is returned." 
  • Petunia: "Never despair of me." 
  • Buttercup: "You are rich in all attractions." 
  • Wisteria: "I cling to you." 
  • Zinnia: "My thoughts to you absent friend." 
  • Jasmine: "Sensuality". 
  • Daisy: "I will think about it." 
  • Yellow tulip: "Hopeless love." 
  • Salvia: "I think of you always." 
  • White lily: "purity and modesty." 

Reasons Women Like to Get Flowers From Men: 

  • Temporarily covers up the smell of their dirty underwear stacking up in the corner. 
  • Thorns remind them of charming whisker stubble that men sport on weekends. 
  • It's better than chocolates, because men won't eat half of the flowers. 
  • It's the only time a delivery man comes to the door and he ain't carrying pizza. 
  • They figure if they got something red, and that something red isn't crotchless, it's gotta be a step up. 


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