(thestir.cafemom.com) For some baffling, annoying reason, crossing the threshold from single to married seems to open a Pandora's box of weird, random, and downright ridiculous remarks and questions. Here, 16 of some of the most common, annoying, and/or completely crazy:

  • "So ... when are you having kids?" (And any variation on this, like, "When are you going to start trying?" or "Are you pulling the goalie?") 
  • "You're not hyphenating and/or taking his horrible last name, right?" 
  • "Are you still allowed to go out without him?" 
  • "Hey, you know statistics show you have less than a 50 percent chance of this working out, right?" 
  • "He'll make a great first husband!" 
  • "How's the old ball and chain?" 
  • "Congrats! Your sex life is over!" 
  • "I always thought you'd end up with (fill-in-the-blank person or type of person other than the new husband)." 
  • "Is that true what they say about marriage killing your sex life?" 
  • "You probably already miss the single life, huh?" 
  • "Does your husband let you wear THAT?" 
  • "Why bother exercising/eating right? Now that the wedding's over, you can get fat!" 
  • "Here's the card of a divorce lawyer I know in case it doesn't work out." 
  • "Welcome to the club! Now we can be miserable together." 
  • "Why are you doing your hair/makeup? You've already got 'im!" 
  • "Are you still going to work?" ... (Uh, what year is this again?!)


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