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Tuesday, June 13, 2017


Men's Health suggests that you follow these rules of the road to keep your cool, enjoy the ride, and arrive alive:

  • Bentley Continental GT is considered the sexiest of sexy cars based on it's price at $182,800. 
  • 15% of people have engaged in sex acts while driving. 
  • 16,920 miles is the average distance men drive in a year. 
  • 276 miles is the number of miles "driving while lost" in a year. 
  • 15% of men make rude gestures to other drivers at least once a week. 
  • 25% of US traffic accidents result from cellphone use. 
  • 8% of men often text or tweet while driving. 
  • 71% of 2008 traffic fatalities involved men. 
  • 25% of men involved in fatal crashes were DUI. 
  • 40% of guys still insist that they are better drivers than women.

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